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Hoax Videos / Michael speaking on his birthday (45th)
« on: April 01, 2011, 06:01:53 PM »
Don't know where to put this,  so i thought i'd just leave it here!

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anybody see this video of him yet, i can't really make out what hes saying, other than the fact that hes very humble and thankful, and his fans are his family and children.

Michael Jackson News / Michael Is Alive april fools joke?
« on: April 01, 2011, 09:55:45 AM »
I'm anticipating some kind of april "fools" joke coming out somewhere along the lines of saying that michael is alive and in hiding.  :D

well..maybe not. but hey, this day is dedicated to be tricked and deceived with illusions!


uploaded just a couple days ago, not sure if it is or not,  but interesting nevertheless.

General Hoax Talk / Argumentative Essay ideas?
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:53:36 AM »
So I've been assigned a paper for college that requires me to take a stance on a position and argue about it. so I was thinking of doing something like Is it appropriate for a high profiled celebrity to fake their own death if they feel their own life is in danger? I initially thought that I was going to argue whether MJ was alive, which would be a really heated argument to make, but I don't think that would be too fitting as I might be looked as crazy by my teacher and she might end up failing me for having outlandish theories becuase we all know michael is CLEARLY dead and which is why we are on this Death Realization board, to remind us of how not alive he is.  :lol: (i apologize for the sarcasm!) but anyway, ideas would be lovely. thank you!

EDIT: oops could someone move this thread? I didnt realize i made the post in breaking news!

Michael Jackson News / Michael Faked A collapse in 1995?
« on: February 26, 2011, 02:33:39 AM »
I came across to very interesting articles which stated MJ performed a similar act prior to June 25th. in 1995, he was rehearsing and "collapsed" and was even reportedly have been rushed to a hospital.

Jacko pulled a similar stunt when he was getting ready for his big HBO special in ‘95 when he “collapsed” at rehearsal! He was dragging his heels on that just like his upcoming 50 date London residency at the 02 Arena, of which he already postponed the first few dates!!! Either he’s lying or making himself sick, but we’re curious to see if he’s able to go on!!! Get your money back, ticket holders!!!!”

Don't know if this actually occurred or not, but if so this is quite interesting.

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Jason Malachi / What happened to Jason Malachi's myspace?
« on: February 20, 2011, 11:58:55 PM »
It was available a couple months ago, but now it's completely eliminated from the myspace site. To me it seems rather strange, anyone else thinking the same? why would he delete his myspace page that had his music on it? as far as I know, myspace is a good source to get your music to an audience out there.

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Michael Jackson News / media hoax: obama as ted williams?
« on: January 05, 2011, 06:22:06 PM »
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I took a look at this video and was really happy for the man dubbed as an overnight sensation after settling on hard times for years. But is it possible that the famed sensation who saved his life with a talented voice...could be obama? I thought of it as a joke at first, but you never really know...

Michael Jackson News / Gregory Peck's tomb strickingly similar to MJ's
« on: January 03, 2011, 06:05:58 PM »
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Is it just me, or is this very similar to MJ's tomb? For those of you who don't know, Michael Jackson helped to plan the funeral service of Gregory Peck when he passed away in June of 2003. Maybe it's just me though..

The Short Films & Music Videos / Michael's music videos..
« on: January 02, 2011, 01:28:29 PM »
So I had a thought.  Couldn't Michael, if he felt the need to, release music videos and claim that they were never released before and  couldn't find the time to release them accordingly? Because I'm beginning to think that if Michael wanted to show his fans even more clues he could easily create a music video and have his estate issue a statement about a new music video claiming it to be  "unreleased?" I could even see the estate making videos of michael "before" his death and send messages to warn us more about the music industry and to believe in the truth. what do you think about this?

General Hoax Talk / never before seen pic?
« on: December 29, 2010, 10:57:04 AM »

MJ looks a little thin in this picture, kind of interesting that I haven't seen this one before. does anyone know where this was taken and the year? I think it's 2006 but I'm not quite sure.

Michael Jackson News / Michael Jackson hoax?
« on: December 16, 2010, 09:50:06 AM »

interesting video i found. this was apparently made in 2007. wonder if michael ever saw this?

NOTE: michael is called a freak in this video, so please be aware of this. this is not the point. The point is that They got th eMEDIA to believe it was michael.

Michael Jackson News / more proof that MJ is alive?
« on: December 12, 2010, 01:30:51 PM »
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Not sure how reliable this site is, but I noticed this earlier today. Pretty interesting, indeed.

Jermaine Jackson / Happy Birthday Jermaine!
« on: December 11, 2010, 02:48:54 PM »
I hope today means more clues and hints!  :D I'm expecting him to say something like, "Oh my birthday is wonderful today...Michael was here and we partied heavily...I mean here in spirit of course" Anyway, Happy Birthday Jermaine and god bless you!

P.S. It's my mom's 51st birthday today as well!

Look at the first statement posted. Michael has posted his ENTIRE album online.

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Akeem Shabazz

1) stated that he was trying to convince Michael Jackson to release his forthcoming album online, and to use social networking sites like to promote his music. Perhaps not coincidentally, Jason Malachi's album is ONLY available online, and can only be purchased on Jason's myspace page in the Nimbit music store. announced that he was working with Michael in October of 2006, and Jason Malachi's album dropped on May 31, 2008. That is more than enough time to record a hit album. Here is a link to the story.....You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

2) On Jason Malachi's myspace page, he lists Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, James Brown, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole as inspirations. Haven't we all heard Michael Jackson list these SAME people as influences?

3) There are NO tour dates, album credits, MTV promotion, or any kind of publicity. Hell, there isn't even a wikipedia article on this guy!! Trust me, if there was someone out there who sounded identical to Michael Jackson the way that "Jason Malachi" does, he'd definitely have 15 or 30 minutes of fame. And somehow, the ONLY information you can dig up on Jason Malachi is from his myspace page. This whole thing is WAY to quiet.

4) Some people say that Jason's songs are not quite good enough to be Michael Jackson songs. They say the production is the digitalized, and that Malachi's vocals aren't as great as Michael Jackson. Well, Jason Malachi's songs are really Michael Jackson DEMOs. Michael Jackson's demos are only blueprints, people. If you listen to the demos for "Don't stop til you get enough," "Billie Jean," etc, you'll see that the music sounds stripped down and the vocals are no where near as great as the finished version. Michael NEVER gives his best vocals on his demos, nor is the music at its best quality. Michael Jackson has released these demos to the public to get a reaction, and he'll hit us with a major release a little later. To hear an example of a Michael Jackson demo, click here. This is the "Don't stop til you get enough" demo. Notice how it sounds worlds away from the finished version that made the "Off the Wall" album. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

5) Michael Jackson is STILL under contract for Sony Records. I doubt he can even release songs under the name "Michael Jackson." He has to wait until his contract expires. He can't release a new album from Sony. Why do you think we keep getting re-releases like Thriller 25 and such? Until the contract expires, Mike can't do too much. It's the same thing Prince went through. That's the reason why Prince changed his name to that stupid symbol; his record company owned him. He couldn't release new material under the name Prince while still under contract with Warner Bros. Michael Jackson is undergoing the same battle with Sony. Remember that before he released Dangerous back in 1991, Michael signed a $1 Billion Contract with Sony Entertainment, and to this day, he still owes them more albums.

6) Michael Jackson apparently went to Prince for career advice in the summer of 2007. Prince is notorious for using different names and aliases during his battle with his former label, Warner Bros. ( He used the names Paisley Park, NPG, Camille, The Artist, and several others.) Likewise, Prince released several albums that are only available online. It's highly plausible that Prince gave MJ the idea to release music under an alias to avoid any kind of lawsuit from Sony Music. Here is a link to the story.......You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

7) This "Jason Malachi" character has released videos of himself singing acapella on youtube. Don't buy it, people. Tell me how can he sound like an impersonator on that clip, but somehow sound JUST LIKE Michael Jackson on the songs? The voice serenading us on youtube, and the voice on the Jason Malachi songs are obviously different voices. The voice on the songs is obviously the King of Pop. Also, the lighting on the video of "Jason Malachi" singing acapella is so dim, we cannot see his mouth clearly. He may have been lip synching. Never trust the internet, people.

8) Jason Malachi sounds similar to Michael Jackson. The only letter missing is the "K". I think Michael might as well have used the anagram of "Jason Jackson." It's really obvious.

9) Jason Malachi's album cover is him leaning against a red brick wall. This is identical to the "Off the wall" album cover. Look closer, and you'll see that Jason's body is positoned EXACTLY the same as Michael's body is positioned on the Bad album cover. Likewise, Jason is dressed in all black, just like MJ is on the album cover. Mike is sending us plenty of hints.

10) Why don't we ever see Jason sing live? If he could sing "Biggerman" or "You don't have to go" live and in person, I'd believe him. But in the few videos of him dancing and performing online, he's always lip synching. (We know why.)

11) Malachi is a biblical name that means “The messenger”. This was one of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament, the author of the Book of Malachi, which some claim foretells the coming of Christ. The coming, in a biblical standpoint also refers to the return, like the second coming and whatnot. Michael Jackson was brought up to be, and probably still is a very religiously inclined person. The quote on Jason Malachi's MySpace is "Prepare for Malachi", so if you translate Malachi it would mean "prepare for the return."

12) announced that he was working with Michael Jackson in late 2006. In the late summer of 2007, this unknown "Jason Malachi" pops up, who has no previous credentials or work. On the same note, Malachi pops up AFTER MJ had a meeting with Prince (who is known for his fake names and symbols) and only released his music online through a social networking site. (Which is EXACTLYwhat instructed MJ to do.)

13) Last, but not least, this benefits Michael Jackson. His reputation and image have been horribly damaged by scandals. If Michael Jackson came out and said, "OK, I'm releasing an album," some people wouldn't budge. After all, people are more caught up in his personal life than his great, legendary music. However, if some young guy out there happened to sound JUST LIKE Michael Jackson, people would be intrigued by the music only. They would enjoy the music, and listen with an open mind.

This is Akeem Shabazz, As-Salaam-Alaikum My Brothers...

Michael Jackson News / Knaan's version of "Man In the Mirror"
« on: November 29, 2010, 11:30:07 AM »
Just thought I'd like to share a great song with you all! The Lyrics are powerful, and it makes me think that this could be the hiphop equivalent to MJ's "man in the mirror"

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How did Mandela get the will to surpass the everyday
when injustice had him caged and trapped in every way?
How did Gandhi ever withstand the hunger-strikes at all?
Didn't do it to gain power or money if I recall. It's the gift,
I guess I'll pass it on, mother thinks it'll lift the stress of Babylon
my mother knows, my mother she suffered blows
I don't know how we survived such violent episodes
I was so worried, it hurt to see you bleed,
but as soons as you came out the hospital you gave me sweets yea,
they tried to take you from me, but you still only gave 'em some prayers and sympathy
Dear Mama, you helped me write this
by showing me to give is priceless

And any man who knows a thing
knows he knows not a damn, damn thing at all
And every time I felt the hurtin'
I felt the givin' gettin' me up off the wall
I'm just gonna take a minute to let it ride
I'm just gonna take a minute and let it breathe
I'm just gonna take a minute to let it ride
I'm just gonna take a minute and let it breathe

All I can say is, the worst is over now
we can serve the hard times, divorce is over now
They try to keep us out, but they doors is open now
my nigga Akon is gettin' awards and covers now
This K'naan, and still reppin' the S
Comin' out of Muqdisho and still draped in the mess
And no matter how we strong homie
It ain't easy comin' out of where we from homie
and it's the reason why I can never play phony
"Tell 'em the truth" is what my dead homies told me, ooh yeah
I take inspiration from the most heinous of situations
Creatin' medication out my own tribulations
Dear Africa, you helped me write this
by showin' me to give is pricless


Nothin' is perfect man, that's what the world is
all I know is
I'm enjoyin' today, you know
'cause it ain't every day that you get to give

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