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Michael Jackson News / Re: This could also be a major clue....
« on: February 06, 2010, 12:12:47 PM »
Quote from: "Doctor Death"
Correct me if I am wrong but didnt the family ban the media from the funeral, but instead had the funeral filmed in HD by the same documentarians who had filmed This IS IT?

Was the footage used in the Jack5ons reality show? I dont know because I dont get to see it here in India......If they didnt then why did they film it?

Film  funeral in HD? ....What for? The Kids maybe? :lol:

You've got to be kidding me. :lol:

Yeah, to me that was a big WTH? They were banning TII in the first place but same people organised memorial and burial and filmed it in HD. I wonder why people didn't get 3D glasses for burial 8-) would've been too obvious :lol:

Michael Jackson News / Re: Well....DOA, we gave it a good shot! Cheer up!
« on: February 06, 2010, 12:00:40 PM »
I think there are more people that should suffer in their lives because they caused MJ so much pain. Let's see:
Tom Sneddon (I don't hate people but I sure do hate him)
Jenet Arvizo/Jackson
Gavin Arvizo
Martin Bashir
Diane Diamond
Jordan Chandler
Tommy Mottola?

Help me with the list of devils :evil:

« on: February 06, 2010, 11:51:18 AM »
Quote from: "the arabian nights"
Quote from: "Michaelangela"
Is there any picture of CM being in FL? I mean we can't believe everything that has been written, right?
 But if CM really visited FL that could be a big clue, maybe he was trying to resuscitate MJ :lol:
thing is that if mike is dead then all these terrible mishaps have happened and no one is in control

I didn't quite understand what were you trying to say, english not my language :oops:

« on: February 06, 2010, 10:39:57 AM »
Thanx for the link, I haven't seen this TMZ picture before.

What is funny about this headline :CM visits MJ's tomb

Under the picture it says: Murray was seen outside the mausoleum, but not inside.
Where exactly is MJ's tomb :?:

« on: February 06, 2010, 10:18:45 AM »
Is there any picture of CM being in FL? I mean we can't believe everything that has been written, right?
 But if CM really visited FL that could be a big clue, maybe he was trying to resuscitate MJ :lol:

Quote from: "Dancing_Machine"
He's the brother of his mother. So why does he have the same lastname as Conrad Murray?
Man, this Murray story is getting confusing every single day  :lol:

I was just thinking the same, how can they have the same last name.  And the picture on the right is Murray after being for 10 years in prison. The media is going to show us this picture  :lol: and comment look, this is what prison did to him :lol: .

I think we read and believe too much that is written. I don't believe any crap, I know how it works.
I remember in our country when they made a publicity stunt to see if reporters and journalists are checking any information planted out, not at all, they just write, judge or just copy from wiki.....sometimes they don' t even translate the way they should.
 After June 25th every magazine wrote about life of MJ, you know : skin bleaching, elephant bones, pedophilia...whatever, and so this journalist made a comment about MJ being condemned for child molestation, so I wrote him an e-mail to let him know  that he needs a translator, in our language  accused and condemned are very similiar words. I directed him to look into MJ's interviews and see what the man has to say for himself. I got mail back and he apologized, he said they are going to make special issue about MJ and this time they will get it right.
I always fight for people that cannot fight for themselfs.

DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY WRITE OR SAY; THEY ONLY NEED STORIES AND MJ IS A HELL OF A STORY TO SELL. Sometimes I even think that we aren't part of MJ's game but just media's game  sadly, but keep the faith.

Quote from: "SoundOfCrescendo"
Hahah. This fits in with my dream of him performing Billie Jean at the 2010 Grammys. xD

I would love that, that would be amasing....

Michael Jackson News / Re: Clue?
« on: January 25, 2010, 07:10:08 AM »
:shock:  :shock:  :shock:

From Thriller era....I wonder if there are any other issues?

Other Odd Things / Re: Losing Hope.....again....
« on: January 25, 2010, 06:40:21 AM »
Okay guys, I wanna tell you why I'm here. When I was a little girl I was a big fan of MJ, that was Thriller era. I wanted to know everything about him. I loved his music. After years I was still his music fan but never really cared with his private life. I always hated media and never took anything about any celebrity or politician seriously. I even saw MJ on the airport and all I could think of him was:'' oh, my god, he looks like a hunted deer with his big brown eyes''. His skin was whiter then mine although I am very pale. That didn't disturb me as I read about his skin condition, but everybody I knew thought he was bleaching his skin. I've always tried to convice everybody, he wasn't bleaching his skin.
The thing is that people are too judgemental, they don't make an effort to find out the truth, it's just easier to judge.
What I wanted to say is that I've never watched his interviews before, nor his concerts, never read his books but I always bought his albums. I never even saw his Ghost video before.....When he passed away (?) my sister called me and asked me how I feel. I was like:'' Well I guess he wasn't very healthy, I don't know?!''
After three days, something hit me like a train and woke me from my sleep just the same hit as when I woke up years ago being sure I'm gonna give birth to a boy, but was only two weeks pregnant (weird,I know) it's intuition. My thought was, Michael Jackson is not dead, he faked it, he was under pressure and all. After that I started surfing internet and found many people feeling the same. And all the clues, and Murrey weird.
With all my searching and reading I found out this man is  greater then life. His weight
is equivalent to the weight  of his heart, he is really something. I watched all his videos and interviews, my son just loves his music and is so cute that MJ has new generation of fans, he even made presentation of MJ at school and his was the best, he taught others to moonwalk and they have the whole party going on.

My opinion is that he is around. Remember 9/11, that was also planned but with so many holes so people started getting suspicious, and they started researching, brainstorming and this is what we do.What do you think about 9/11 today? With MJ ''death'' we all noticed something fishy even people that don't really care about MJ think the same. I feel like we are all part of Alternate reality game.

I think MJ is very happy that he has fans like this, they never give up. And now, that I know him better through these forums, I know he will makes us happy too :P
Let's have's all for love ;)

Quote from: "SomethingReal"
I PM'd you on youtube, MJAlive999.  I'm going to briefly re-state what I said in the message, because I feel it is important.  

Obviously, many people here feel that Mike is sending a message to the world for the "sheeple" to wake up and see how the world is changing, and not in a positive way.  Many folks believe in concepts called the New World Order, the Illuminati, etc.  And they feel that Michael is trying to warn us of the evil intentions of the NWO plan -- some even believe that the antichrist or the devil is directly involved in the nwo.  They believe that Mike is trying to tell us that a huge change is coming fast -- I personally feel that after Obama was elected, this country started moving in a direction that most people thought was going to be a very positive and fresh new approach.  Now many are starting to realize, even those who voted for him, that the country is actually moving in a very scary direction...towards socialism and maybe even worse! (police state, communism, nwo, etc).  I see that with my own eyes and it scares the living daylights out of me.  I don't want my country, the FREE country that I grew up in, to change in that direction.  I don't want the government having control over my life.  

Maybe that's what Michael means by the greatest demonstration of FREEDOM in the history of our nation/the world.  We must prevent the current world leaders from taking away our freedom (because that is the inevitable result of socialism, communism, facism, etc).  

PLEASE, hoax believers, tell me if you think I am on the right track here...  Because if I'm not, I'll keep my mouth shut.  My theories about the hoax enter into the political landscape; and that is often a dangerous place to go.  I usually keep my politics to myself.  For example, many countries around the world hate the USA because we are a FREE society.  We don't believe that the gov't should put everyone on the same playing field (socialism); because that is not real freedom.   Was Michael Jackson a socialist?  A capitalist? Does his message have ANYTHING to do with politics at all?  

Anyway, I'm digressing a bit.  Unfortunately, I do see a few serious problems with what I think is Michael's message, imo.  First of all, so many people don't even believe that he is still alive, so I am afraid the message will never reach enough people.  Second, very few of the hoax believers are in any kind of position to actually go out there and try to change something as vast as the nwo, if it really exists.  Many members are young, and don't even understand yet the way the world works from the much of what we see (from the media) is an illusion, etc.  Btw, does anyone know if Michael was a fan of the movie, "The Matrix"? If so, then I think Michael is trying to tell us to:

TAKE THE RED PILL!!!!!!!  NOW!!!!!!  

Anyway, another problem I've seen with this hoax is how cryptic the clues are/were.  Again, for those of us who are paying attention, it makes the whole thing seem like just a game.  (sorry Michael, I'm just attempting to get into the minds of those who are confused/frustrated over all of this). Maybe it's just me, but a message as SERIOUS as "Watch out for the nwo, illuminati, communism/facism, the antichrist, etc.", imo, maybe shouldn't be presented to us like the game CLUE .  But then again, maybe dropping clues was the only way Michael could have done this safely.

I DO feel that people, now, are MORE concerned with WHAT Michael is trying to tell us as opposed to "When will he make his big comeback"?  Personally, as I said to MJAlive999 on youtube, I don't concern myself with a comeback at all.  We all have enough fantastic Jackson music from the pop genre to last a lifetime.  And to be fair to those who DO keep asking about the comeback -- I think most of them TRULY just want to know that he is alive & well, more so than when he will be back to entertain us again.  If he was  murdered by powerful people who DON'T want the sheeple to wake up, well...that still fits in to the whole "Michael has a message for us" theory, too.

What troubles me the most is the media.  Many feel that LKL, TMZ, AEG, CAngel, etc are all in on this hoax.  Certain things were staged, etc.  It looked like Michael needed the cooperation of MANY in the entertainment industry to pull this off.  But if you look at the videos of a youtuber named EsotericKitten, she believes that the whole entertainment industry and media is CONTROLLED by the Illuminati.  Why would MJ enlist the help/assistance of the media if he knew that they are already under the spell of the very EVIL institution that he is trying to warn us about????  Hmm...

One more thing.  It's possible (I've heard this from others), that Mike's message may be entirely religious in nature.  i.e. The return, the resurrection, "soon very soon, we are going to see the King", etc.  To be perfectly honest, THAT is a heavy, HEAVY concept to ponder; and I am very doubtful that many people would ever accept the possibility of Michael being a supernatural being (Jesus Christ or an angel sent to warn us of Jesus' return).   This kind of ties in with the whole 2012, endtimes, or spiritual transformation theme.  If THIS is the "red pill" we are supposed to swallow, it surely is the biggest, hardest pill I, personally, will ever have to swallow in my life!! it would be for many others too.  I was reading on some other forum not too long ago -- these were MJ fans who felt that he is indeed dead (from drugs/murder); and they were commenting on how sorry they felt for us hoax believers who have gone so far as to say that MJ's death has a Biblical/spiritual purpose.  They laughed at our "delusion".  And I gotta admit, as much as I am desperately trying to look at any and all possibilities for the hoax, I think this one is really hard to believe...

Also, other theories are still out there and have been discussed a Ba-Zillion times...i.e. Michael's efforts to expose the Hollywood DrFeelGood's, etc...  How do we come to the right conclusions?

Two final points: 1) I get a little frustrated at those who keep telling us to "open our eyes", the "evidence is right in front of you!", "wake up!", etc. (Sorry moderators!)  This frustrates me for several reasons: A) the evidence, although YES, is there...the clues are everywhere...they are still quite cryptic & sometimes vague, sometimes hard to believe (especially if you are more scientific in the way your brain is wired and are not prone to believing in things you cannot experience with your 5 senses, conspiracies, the Bible, etc).  B) as I mentioned before, and I mean no disrespect here, but I think as you get older, it gets harder to believe in things like this as your brain becomes more practical, more hardened, more cynical; and thus it's more likely I personally would hear a comment like, "Oh that is all so ridiculous! Michael is dead! Grow up! A conspiracy?! HaHa! Take off your tin foil hat!" from my peers (I'm in my 40's, older than probably most folks here).  So, WILL his message reach ENOUGH people!?!?  Maybe he's just targeting the younger generations, because they are the ones in the best position to actually CHANGE things for the better?

                          2) I've decided that the "message" must be one of the following things: a) stop the nwo;  b) get right with God because Jesus is nearer than we think;  c) or something as simple and plain as 'love one another, be kind to one another, be charitable, stop being such a materialistic, superficial, self centered society and give of yourself to others.  Would he fake his death for any of these messages?

Whew!  That's my final answer and I'm sticking to it.  Am I on the right track or WAY off base?  Please give me your insights; I respect everyone's opinion here!!!  :)

Dear SomethingReal,

Reading your post made me realize that we are from such different worlds and everything that bonds us is media and english language. Your knowledge of socialism is different then mine, you've been told different. Socialism has nothing to do with NWO, NWO is more like imperialism ???, and socialism is something for people, nation, they own everything, everyone is taken care of... you probably think and asociate socialism with something bad because they told you that in your country....believe's not like that. It's hard to create the system that is good for everyone, but the best one is the one that is good for people and environment, capitalism is good for few and is bad for environment. US media created and made other systems look bad on the other hand I would never live in the US...and SomethingReal, can please pm me so we can talk about communism/fascism....if you want  ;)
We are all feeling that MJ is sending us message about something, my biggest thought is MEDIA, they can create everything and control everything it's like making a movie. We have to be careful, we have to spread love, don't judge something you don't know anything about, just because they told us so.....We have to love each other, respect each other and fight against  media brainwashing. All we can do for MJ is to boycot tabloids, TMZ (they are making money from his name as well), try and wash his name, at least for his children.
SoemthingReal it's all for L.O.V.E., that's why I posted this

Michael Jackson News / Re: The escapist:Rumor
« on: January 12, 2010, 03:25:36 AM »
I don't read comments either. People write staff they don't know about, so I just don't want to make myself sad and mad. I believe in karma, I think when you judge people before you know them or what might happened that could happen to you the exact way.

So we have a rumor and rumors aren't the accurate information so it doesn't have to be computer game like SEGA, this site only heard rumor. I think our planet is ready for new kind of entertainment....I think we are all pretty busy with this hoax, we are using our brain to figure out things, this could really be the game different game and MJ might be the pioneer for this ......hope so

Yes, the date really caught my eye....

Michael Jackson News / The escapist:Rumor
« on: January 11, 2010, 04:44:06 AM »
Hi, I'm new on this forum, I've been on MJHD before, now I'm joining you so I can post something that I came across on the web.

Hopefully this hasn't been posted before on any other thread. What I find interesting about this rumor is the date that it was posted and the mystery game. Didn't MJ talked about escapism in TII. Let me know what you think.

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