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Other Odd Things / Re: MJ Returns.....Then What???
« on: January 18, 2010, 09:48:38 AM »
It is all about awakening ,of what is going on in the world politically , protesting the wars ,protesting the lies that the Govt. & the media feeds you . Breaking out of the glass bubble we are living in ! see the post " Stop the Insanity " video !

Other Odd Things / Re: NEW CLUES!!!
« on: January 18, 2010, 09:24:47 AM »
I hate to tell yall this but these files were released 2 or 3 weeks ago ,why TMZ just posted it today ,I don't know ,but ABC reported this long ago it is all over the internet .Just type MJ FBI files ,it is old news .

Other Odd Things / Re: MJ's sperm
« on: January 18, 2010, 08:44:12 AM »
well ,awesome 1 why would the coroner do that ? The LA DA "s hated MJ ,why would they care who fathered his kids ? That dose not concern them & it is not in their job discription ,this I am sure of .Their job was to determine cause of death ,not to determine wether he was fertile or not . It just dose not make sense !

Other Odd Things / Re: I'm tired of open-ended clues.
« on: January 18, 2010, 08:35:46 AM »
I feel the same way .My main thing is ,why would someone fake their own death ,just to turn around & come back ? The whole point is to Xscape ,right ? I think that even if he did fake his death ,we will never know . It is hard to believe he would do this for Performance art . If he faked his death I think he did it because someone was threatening his life ,& have you heard the part in the shumuley tapes where he talks about "disappearing ? If he did it, he did it for himself and his kids ,not for the fans or Art .I personally think that he would go thru all this for performance art is ridiculous notion .Has it ever occurred to anyone that he could have been leaving clues as to who was threatening him ,who was conspiring against him ? I saw a documentary on HULU about BIGGIE & TUPAC { it is still avaiable to watch & according to them The FBI killed them both & that half of the LA police dept was working for Suge nite ,who is in prison and was a bigtime criminal and that the same time some of them were undercover FBI !!!! according to this docu. the LA police dept is totally corrupt .I think that it is more likely that the LA police would help cover-up MJ's murder then try to help him with a death hoax .They have never found out who killed Biggie & tupac to this day & they made it look like Black on black crime . And you know Biggie did some songs with Mike . And who 's body did they perform an autopsy on ? And if they checked his sperm they probably checked his DNA .And remember Joe J. said he thought Murray was the "Fall guy " there was a fall guy in the assasination of JFK , and John lennon . ???? I read that the FBI had a file on John lennon because of his protest against the war and the Govt .I would be willing to bet that the rest of the MJ FBI files have to do with this {protesting the war } why are these files being permanately classified ? ?? the Cia / FBI /I think they {FBI } loved to trash MJ so if those files contained info about child molestation they would have released it . So why else would they be investigating him ? Because they were afraid he would start a REVOLUTION !!!! That's what I am thinking { HIstory Intro } Anyways ,these are a few of mt thoughts .I will probably get cussed out .some other person was on here saying that if you did not believe  the hoax ,you were not a "true fan " I set them strait ,I hope because a have been a fan for over 40 yrs. Longer than most people on this site have been alive . I am a fan till death and then I hope I get to live on the same block as Michael in Heaven .If he is not dead ,he's going to go eventually . I am still not convinced that he is dead .Maybe someone should put as much effort into proving he is dead ,you know flip it around . some folks will not even entertain the idea that he may have died and that is narrow minded . They may find more answers that way .

Other Odd Things / MJ's sperm
« on: January 18, 2010, 06:28:31 AM »
You know what I found very strange was that they put on the autopsy report that he was actively producing sperm ,how is that relevant to the case? And I have not heard of anyone really saying to much about it .Is it normal procedure for them to check a male murder victims fertility ? I don't know for sure ,but I don't think it is . Why would the coroner care wether Michael was fertile or not ? I can see how his family might care {or MJ } considering all of the nasty rumors going on about who fathered the kids .But would they {the family}     have control over what the coroner put in his report ? I think not . Unless it is a fake report . And if the report was fake then someone ,maybe was trying to quell the rumors about who fathered Mj's kids {I am certain they are all his BTW} Like , well if he was actively producing sperm ,then why would he need other men's sperm so therefore ,they are his . I don't know but this is something that really bothers me . I am not a man .But if I were ,& I was Michael ,wouldn't it be a good way to Quell some of the rumors ,to put out a fake coroners report saying u were producing sperm ? does Anybody know ? Is it common practice to test a murder victims fertility ?

Michael Jackson News / Re: BAM! HE IS 'BACK'!
« on: January 17, 2010, 08:23:52 AM »
Is it really appropriate for you to say if someone dose not believe the same thing you believe, to accuse them of not being a TRUE fan .I have been a MJ fan for more than 40 yrs . And I am still on the fence about what I believe or not believe .It is pretty immature & narrow minded of you to say that, print it, & think that way .I am sure that I was a fan before you were even born .I would be willing to bet on it . I would also be willing to bet that most people on this site were not fans until he died . I really enjoy SOME of the info on here and clearly ,if I or others were not fans it is unlikely we would take the time to even look at this site . Michael did not like narrow-minded people .It's like MJ racism or something ,like some folks {for example } don't believe in Jesus & some do ,so it I choose not to believe in Jesus that makes me less Faithful to GOD ? NOOO ! {and I am a Christian BTW} Stop causing DIVISION !!

Michael Jackson News / Re: Follower of MJJ_2010
« on: January 17, 2010, 08:01:25 AM »
I don't know about the French girl ,but I saw a video of Jessie Jackson telling people not to commit suicide & that 7 people killed them selves ,after the passing of Mj . I would say it is true .  2 people committed suicide after Kurt Cobain killed himself .

Others / Re: Nanny Grace.. you guys know this?
« on: January 13, 2010, 05:25:03 PM »
You guys are confused ! MJ "s nanny's name Is Grace Rhawahna ,not Nancy Grace . Nancy Grace has a show on CNN & she totally trashed MJ all the time .

Michael Jackson News / Re:
« on: January 09, 2010, 11:52:53 PM »
Michael started working on the Opus before he died

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