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I just read on the MJJ Fan club site that the kids spent Christmas & the new year with Nanny Grace & "family friends " ?? :shock:  It was rumored that they were in New York with Janet ,but according to the article ,that was a diversion !! This sounds odd to me that they did not spend Xmas with the rest of the family .The excuse was that Katherine ,due to her religion ,dose not celebrate Xmas .But ,I am certain that I heard she was going to make an exception ,because she knew they were used to celebrating XMas . Sounds fishy to me  :D !! HEE HEE You can read the whole article on the MJJ Fanclub site under" News " Also  they have news about  a MLK celebration that will be featuring MJ's Music . They have 7 {there's that # again } clips of the DVD & the news of MJ getting a postumous Humanitarian award in Germany . Like I said ,You can see all this news on the MJJ Fan club site .I don't know how to post the link But if some one else can ,that would be cool . Yeah ! I thought this was exciting news I dont think anyone else has posted this .If they did I did not see it .

Other Odd Things / MJ's sperm
« on: January 18, 2010, 06:28:31 AM »
You know what I found very strange was that they put on the autopsy report that he was actively producing sperm ,how is that relevant to the case? And I have not heard of anyone really saying to much about it .Is it normal procedure for them to check a male murder victims fertility ? I don't know for sure ,but I don't think it is . Why would the coroner care wether Michael was fertile or not ? I can see how his family might care {or MJ } considering all of the nasty rumors going on about who fathered the kids .But would they {the family}     have control over what the coroner put in his report ? I think not . Unless it is a fake report . And if the report was fake then someone ,maybe was trying to quell the rumors about who fathered Mj's kids {I am certain they are all his BTW} Like , well if he was actively producing sperm ,then why would he need other men's sperm so therefore ,they are his . I don't know but this is something that really bothers me . I am not a man .But if I were ,& I was Michael ,wouldn't it be a good way to Quell some of the rumors ,to put out a fake coroners report saying u were producing sperm ? does Anybody know ? Is it common practice to test a murder victims fertility ?

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