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TIAI & TS Discussions / Re:
« on: November 25, 2009, 12:52:00 PM »
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This pic is so interesting. We need to find good pics of the shirt before the 777 was put on there. I think this shirt is from the Ed Hardy clothing line. I thought I remembered a tribal looking dragon design? Which made me remember this line from my post above

“Michael the Archangel is the Almighty's Champion. He ousted the one named Serpent and Dragon out of Heaven."

Also remember the bonus info we found after the credits in the THIS IS IT movie? MJ comes back out, he messes with his jacket opening and closing it and says some like

I'll open and close my jacket...

Oh dang, I can't remember his words exactly and I don't want to quote him wrong...ya'll know the little speech I'm talking about...where at the end he says "BAM". Anyway, that was a clue to look at his shirt...was he wearing these clothes in that last message?

So I guess what I'm saying is now the shirt has the 777's on top of the dragon? I just found this info

Properties of the number 777


      This number joins together the principles of the man, 700, the cosmic plans, 70, and their image in the Archetype, 7, according to R. Allendy. It is the universal organization, 7 + 7 + 7 = 21, the general evolution.

      Represent the celestial perfection, 7, on the 3 plans of the manifestation: matter, astral (mental or soul) and spirit.

      It is the number of the sacred work of the sons of God for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the Earth, mainly for the period of the seventh millennium after Adam where it is written that Satan will be chained for thousand years.

      In esotericism, 777 means that virgin spirits (those to which God gave the life with the mission to rise towards the Creator, until to absorb themselves again in Him) will know 777 incarnations during seven revolutions that the wave of life accomplishes around the seven globes of the seven world periods. The symbolism of this number is therefore the ascension of the soul through the physical body.

      According to the tradition of Himalayan masters, 777 is the number of the celestial man and symbolizes the transmutation which takes place at the time where the man becomes conscious of the necessity to cover the path of initiation, and that he perceives, even of an elementary manner, that the goal is in God.

      The purity - does not father and is not fathered.

 :D  :D  :D Touched By An Angel

TIAI & TS Discussions / Re:
« on: November 25, 2009, 11:36:24 AM »
I am reposting this from the old forum. It was a post started by my friend Neo.

Greetings everyone,

I have just joined this forum, following my partner, Lacey5842, I became disheartened with these forums on the grounds of so much negativity, and people not wanting to listen to others point of view, and opinion. Since watching Lacey today, it would seem this has its differences, so would like to try to add my version of how i see and understand things.

Firstly I am 45 years old, and have followed Michael since i can remember, that's not to say i followed the Jacksons though, because i will be perfectly honest, i did not like a lot of what the band did, but loved everything Michael did, from day one. I am not religious in any way, I am like Michael a very spiritual person, choosing to believe in the power of the human collective conciousness and that of the space and life around and within us. That said, here is what i have found, and found it to be of some interest, though not sure how much, but would love others to offer their opinions on it to.

some of my investigations:

I have found some information that reads, “Michael's name in Hebrew means "Perfect One of God." That to me would mean the god of your or anyone’s religion or belief, I am not religious so to me it doesn’t mean much at all, but taking Michael’s spiritual feelings in to consideration it has meaning to him. It went on to say that “Michael Ashel ("Michael of Fire") is stationed in the South. Michael is often visualized as a masculine archangel dressed in robes or armour of red and green, He stands in the attitude of a warrior amid flames. Bearing either a sword or a spear, Michael is the guardian against evil and the protector of humanity”.

So some of Michaels outfits are very military like, right down to the red jacket he wore in the Beat it video, when performing Michael will hold a microphone stand or the microphone, which is his sword or spear, and when he performs on stage he is more often than not surrounded by the flames and fire of the pyrotechnics going off around the stage as part of the light show. To me the similarities are to close.

Ok it goes on to say “Michael the Archangel is the Almighty's Champion. He ousted the one named Serpent and Dragon out of Heaven. He is the 'only' Archangel (hint being Arch or keystone), no others are named as he is also the only begotten son of God but so named Michael when defending Gods name”. (not quite sure what that bit means)

“Saint Michael was one of the SEVEN (7) archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible. In the Book of Revelation in the new testament he is portrayed as the leader of heaven's armies, and thus is considered the patron saint of soldiers”, which may explain why he dresses in military outfits, and in his videos surrounds himself with military scenes, like in the moon walker movie, and the history album, as well as many more.

If you take this information which as most if not all of you will know, is available all over the internet search google for the meaning of Michael the 7 angels. He just may have seen himself as having to take on the role of being the saviour of humanity in light of what the illuminati are doing or trying to do, and he knew about it. With his heart as big as it is, he would have wanted nothing more than to protect and save the people of the earth, and nothing less would have been good enough for him, even though that put him in incredible danger. The illuminati in turn would have seen Michael as being a threat to their campaign of control and global domination, and hence would have gone all out to stop him, however I believe he knew that and made his plans to prevent their evil doings toward him and his family before they got there. Now in hiding till the time is right for him to reveal the truth and stop the illuminai before its too late. If this is right he will be relying on all of us to back him up and stand by him no matter what. So are you prepared to do that?

Once again, thanks for this forum, I am so sorry there is so much reading but you understand that this would have been spread out over a period of time had I got here at the beginning so to speak, I have posted this in other forums, but with little or not interest which is why after looking at the way some of you work, through your comments on Lacey's posts seemed a good idea. I also apologise if some of this had been said before, i am a lazy bugger and don always read everything, bad habit i know. So i look forward to saying hi to people and seeing some of your thoughts on this subject, Neo :0)

Be kind and be safe

TIAI & TS Discussions / Re:
« on: November 24, 2009, 11:45:53 PM »
How about this, they both have 7's facing each other.

TIAI & TS Discussions / Re:
« on: November 24, 2009, 11:07:41 PM »
This image seventy seven 77 looks like MJ's has two seven's facing each other too

TIAI & TS Discussions / Re:
« on: November 24, 2009, 04:55:52 PM »
Quote from: "SPAKKLE29FUL"
Touched by an angel did you notice the 2nd song     OVERPRESCRIBED :!:

Yes I did! I also heard a song about angels....I'm all over this site! The clues are coming fast and furious now  :D

TIAI & TS Discussions / Re:
« on: November 24, 2009, 04:32:51 PM »
Quote from: "XspeechlessX"

take off the first and last letter . .>


GOOD FIND! This is going to be the biggest event ever! THIS IS IT!

TIAI & TS Discussions / Re:
« on: November 24, 2009, 04:30:46 PM »
Pammy, this is a great find! You mentioned a site called
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I went to the site and under projects I watched this video called REEL 77. Click the link that says launch application to watch it in bigger size. As you watch the video have your finger on pause button so you catch the messages. Some are






I think this site is FULL of clues! Also notice the player at the top...there are three symbols, click the middle symbol and music files play, LISTEN to some of them.

I'm so excited and I haven't scratched the surface yet!!!

Love and Peace to ALL
Touched By An Angel

TIAI & TS Discussions / THE ANSWER
« on: November 24, 2009, 09:52:05 AM »
I am putting this post up to try to help everyone with all the links from the thisisalsoit website. It is extremely long and will require dedication and time to thoroughly evaluate it and form an informed opinion. I hope that there is at least a few who will put in the effort to try to understand what Michael is telling us with these clues. Good luck, you just may find the answer!

1. Michael Jackson Hoax Death Forum

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It first directs back to the MJHD keep people searching about the fact that his death is a hoax. This helps the fans to relieve their pain, because if you research you really see all the discrepancies in the "death" story and believe he could be alive. I KNOW he is alive and so do many others.

2. Official movie site and trailer for Michael Jackson's This Is It

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3. Movie 2012 (trailer)

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This movie is about the possible end of the world. At the end of the trailer for this
movie it says "No matter what you believe, one date will unite us all!" In MJ's
This Is It, he says WE have 4 years to fix the problems...don't look to the government to fix it.

4. Movie V for Vendetta

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Read this entire page, then go rent the movie and listen to every word! This movie reflects what is going on in our world today, and is also an important message from Michael about how to overcome all the problems we see. It demonstrates the fact that when you overcome your fear you are FREE. I believe Michael is playing the part of V in real life now with this hoax. WATCH THE MOVIE, you will see what I'm talking about. It shows how we ALL need to stand beside Michael, support him, and HEAL THE WORLD! Also pay attention in the movie to where V puts his signature mark. It is on a sign that reads "Strength in Unity, Unity In Faith.

Here is a link to watch V for Vendetta free online.

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5. EndGame (movie trailer)

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This link was given for a very important reason. It explains how the New World Order has come about and what they have planned for us all. Unfortunately the trailer doesn't give enough information to convince some people of the entire picture. The link below is to a playlist on YouTube that has the entire movie Endgame. It will play all 13 parts of the movie, one after another. We were told to look at this for a reason!

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6. Joey Skaggs-The Final Curtain

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"Multimedia artist Joey Skaggs has been called everything from the World's Greatest Hoaxer to a royal pain in the @ss. He's been threatened, assaulted, summonsed, subpoenaed, arrested, deposed, dismissed, trivialized, maligned, even thanked and praised. In fact, Skaggs is America's most notorious socio-political satirist, media activist, culture jammer, hoaxer, and dedicated proponent of independent thinking and media literacy."

Do some reading on the two sites below that belong to Mr. Joey Skaggs. You will quickly see how easy it can be to pull off a really good hoax. Michael Jackson is using this elaborate death hoax as a means to deliver his most urgent and important message to the world

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7. Video clip Liberian Girl

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We were sent to this video because it tells us Michael is the one behind the camera "directing" it all. It also reminds us that we saw his famous Liberian Girl pic at both his Memorial and Funeral services. There are millions of beautiful pictures of Michael, yet this particular image is selected. Why? To tell us once again, he's alive and behind this hoax which is like a "game". Pay attention!

8. Alternate Reality Game (ARG) Year Zero

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Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails said Year Zero is an ARG based on a concept album of the same name. He said "could be about the end of the world", and marked a "shift in direction"...

"I really wanted to focus on something that was at the forefront of my consciousness which is, as an American, I'm appalled by the behavior of our government, the direction that it has taken and the direction that it's taken everyone else in the world and its arrogance... I decided to write an essay about where the world might be if we continue down the path that we're on with a neo-con-esque government doing whatever it pleases..."

The plot of the game is below, sound familiar?! (V for Vendetta, Endgame,..NWO/Illuminati?)

The story takes place in the United States in the year 2022, which has been termed "Year 0", by the American government, being the year that America was reborn. The U.S. had suffered several major terrorist attacks, apparently by Islamic fundamentalists, including attacks on Los Angeles and Seattle.
In response, the government granted itself emergency powers and seized absolute control on the country.
The U.S. government is now a Christian fundamentalist theocracy, maintaining control of the populace through institutions like the Bureau of Morality and the First Evangelical Church of Plano. Americans must get licenses to marry, bear children, etc. Subversive activities can result in these licenses being revoked. Dissenters regularly disappear from their homes in the night, and are detained in federal detainment centers and sanitariums, if not executed.

The government corporation Cedocore distributes the drug Parepin through the water supply, making Americans who drink the water apathetic and carefree. There are several underground rebel groups, mainly operating online, most notably Art is Resistance and Solutions Backwards Initiative. The First Evangelical Church of Plano is a fundamentalist Protestant Christian church which is favored by the neo-conservative government. The Church has a "neighborhood cleansing program" for vigilante church members. Feeding the evangelical fundamentalism is a phenomenon known as The Presence, a huge, paranormal hand that descends from the sky. According to the website, I Am Trying To Believe, The Presence is a mass hallucination brought on by Parepin.

According to the ARG, the corporate, government and subversive websites were transported back in time to the present by a group of scientists who were against the authoritarian government, and sent these Year Zero websites to the year 2007 to warn the American people of 2007 of the impending dystopian future, to prevent it from ever forming in the first place. Indeed, Art Is Resistance is a presently active online group dedicated to preventing the dystopian future depicted in the ARG.

9. A YouTube video titled 9/11 Truth vs Mainstream Media

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The key here is to question the media...TRUTH vs the Mainstream Media.

A recent poll showed over 70% of Americans have serious questions as to what really happened September 11, 2001. Investigate this for yourself, there are many questioning the story that the media has fed to us! Here's a few links.

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As a reminder here's part of MJ's Tabloid Junkie lyrics...

"Speculate to break the one you hate
Circulate the lie you confiscate
Assassinate and mutilate
As the hounding media in hysteria
Who's the next for you to resurrect
JFK exposed the CIA
Truth be told the grassy knoll
As the blackmail story in all your glory

It's slander
You say it's not a sword
But with your pen you torture men
You'd crucify the Lord
And you don't have to read it, read it
And you don't have to eat it, eat it
To buy it is to feed it, feed it
So why do we keep foolin' ourselves

Just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen
Don't make it factual
Though everybody wants to
read all about it"

10. ART Is Resistance flyer

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This is artwork that went with the Year Zero game. Interesting what it says...You Have a Voice, Speak The Truth, You Will Be Heard, Art Is Action Without Violence, Here Is One Thing the Government Want's You To Forget...You Can Act!

11. Wikipedia Faked Death

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Faking or hoaxing your death has been done by many people for a variety of reasons. Michael is hoaxing his death to use it as a platform to spread the most important message of all! When people realize the message and stand united with him there will be NO legal charges! He is exposing the corruption in the world to help us Heal The World. Michael is delivering his message to the world in a unique way, showing that Art can be Resistance.

12. Wikipedia Performance Art

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Performance art is a term usually reserved to refer to a kind of usually avant garde or conceptual art which grew out of the visual arts. Oftentimes, there exists a hierarchy between viewer and artist. With participation art, this wall is broken down and the work of art is now judged by the reaction of the viewer. In other words, the reaction is the deciding factor of the art.

If you watched the movie V for Vendetta, did you notice several times a curtain was pulled back to show a brick wall? As more people awakened to V's message, each time the curtain was then pulled back, you saw the brick wall coming down!

13. Forum Death Hoax investigation

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Now why would we be directed to this page? It is a particular page, in a particular forum thread about all the clues (at that point) that everyone following the redirects from You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login were discussing. What info is there that the person/people behind the website wanted everybody to see. Read and decide.

14. Lawrence Weiner Conceptual Art

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This art is a brick wall with the words "Bits and Pieces Put Together To Present A Semblance Of A Whole".

Conceptual art also reacted against the commodification of art; it attempted a subversion of the gallery or museum as the location and determiner of art, and the art market as the owner and distributor of art. Lawrence Weiner said: "Once you know about a work of mine you own it. There's no way I can climb inside somebody's head and remove it." Many conceptual artists' work can therefore only be known about through documentation which is manifested by it, e.g. photographs, written texts or displayed objects, which some might argue are not in themselves the art. It is sometimes reduced to a set of written instructions describing a work, but stopping short of actually making it—emphasising that the idea is more important than the artifact.

So perhaps as we put the clues (bits and pieces) together, we will see the big picture as the brick wall comes down. (Remember V for Vendetta?)

15.Yellow brick road /Wizard of Oz

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A great post by MsInsignificant explains the hidden meanings behind the movie.

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16. Another forum thread about movie 2012

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So we are to look at this movie again for clues and MJ parallels.
This movie is about the dire circumstances our planet could face
very soon, if people don't unite to fix it's problems. The lead character's
name in the movie is Jackson. By the end of the movie it is Jackson that actually plays the biggest part in uniting everybody and saving the world. Coincidence? By now I doubt anyone who has researched all of the above could say that. We know that Mr. Michael Jackson spent his entire life trying to tell us to Keep The Faith, told us we can Heal The World, to look at the Man In The Mirror, and make that change!

Michael Jackson is alive and using this hoax to deliver all the messages from the links we have been given. He said in his movie, This Is It, I do this for the awareness, awakening, and to give hope.

17. Bible Passage

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John 14:29 (New King James Version)

29 “And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe."

This clue seems pretty self explanatory. Michael is desperately trying to warn us!


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This is a thread I felt compelled to put together for everyone to be able to examine the links and clues we have been directed to from Shortly after I posted this new thread topic it became the next redirect from TIAI. For myself, this was intense and joyful confirmation that I was on the right track. It appears to be helping many people come together and understand Michael's message to the world.

19. Love image

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This is a beautiful image telling us once again that this is all for LOVE. Notice MJ in the picture with his arms up in a V shape? Is this a sign of V for Victory...or V for Vendetta...perhaps both?! This image also has a website address at the bottom.

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The image is also hosted on this website

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20. Kenny Ortega Interview on

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A reporter from Omelet, which covers video games, movies, and music, interviews Kenny Ortega about Michael Jackson's This Is It. Kenny says that the dvd/blu-ray will be out early next year and will be the movie in it's original format, plus 2-3 hours of bonus material. MJ's father, Joe, at the BET awards just days after Michael's "death" was promoting his new business venture Ranch Records. Joe's friend also said that blu-ray was HIS next step.I think he was referring to Michael not Joe. Michael was the one investing in new technology.

21. Michael Jackson Doctor Investigation Will Go into 2010

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I think this link is to try to get everyone to settle down about Dr. Murray not being arrested yet. First off, MJ is alive and this is all a hoax remember? Nobody died and nobody will get arrested. This is a stall tactic for the general public to believe that the LAPD is doing a full investigation. This "game" that MJ is using to get his message out to the world needs to play out a little longer so everybody figures out the message behind it.

22. DVD Easter eggs- Hidden features on DVDs and other media

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This site is hinting about finding clues in media...particularly dvds. The clues are usually found in the bonus or extras found in the dvd. While I think that there will be clues in the upcoming TII dvd, I believe there could be "easter eggs" in the movie V for Vendetta. Possibly other places too, other forms of media.

23. An image/logo of two 7's facing each other...called seventy seven

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These two 7's facing each other look like MJ's logo

There are many times that the number seven, or multiples of 7 like 77 or 777 come up regarding MJ. Another "investigator" on this forum, Pammy, found the following link. This site is about digital media presentation. Both the music and the projects listed on this site may have clues. I noticed Reel and pause to catch text messages. Look for more clues on this site, I have a feeling there are many.
Notice at the top of browser window it says "seventy-seven:resurrection
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24. Another Bible quote

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4 Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

Serenitys_Dream provided this full quote on another post, I'm also adding it here.

Psalm 30 (King James Version)
Psalm 30
1 I will extol thee, O LORD; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me. 2O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. 3 O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit. 4 Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. 5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. 6 And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved. 7 LORD, by thy favour thou hast made my mountain to stand strong: thou didst hide thy face, and I was troubled. 8 I cried to thee, O LORD; and unto the LORD I made supplication. 9 What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? shall it declare thy truth? 10 Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, be thou my helper. 11 Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness; 12 To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.

LilWendy Has an excellent page that goes into this verse and meaning even more.

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25. YouTube video clip of Thriller performance from This Is It movie

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Unfortunately this video didn't last long, YouTube pulled it because of copyright claim by Columbia Pictures. I quote here part of a very informative post made my Serenitys_Dream which I think helps to decipher the meaning of the video.

Quote from: "Serenitys_Dream"

First off The word Thriller is backwards. Maybe from death to life?

Next, he seems to be miming, using his body to convey a message. I have no idea what he is trying to say

The Spider - Weaver of Fate, Symbolic of Creation, Creativity and Linking Past and Future. The body is shaped like a figure eight, which, on its side, represents eternity. She has links to the past, future, birth and creation. The Greeks associated her with the Fates; Asian Indians with Maya, weaver of illusion and the Scandinavians, with the Norns, women who wove the threads of life. Many Native Americans believed that Spider wove the first alphabet, the dream of the world become manifest. Spider’s web signifies the tapestry of life.
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Michael is inside the Spider, he is in the grasp of death, possible died and he emerges from this Spider alive...a literal RESURRECTION!

Then we have the zombies rising from there graves and the dead falling from their the sky...resurrection of those who have previously passed being returned to the earth.

The Resurrection of the Dead
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The word adventure which Michael says during 'This Is It' has it's root in the following:

The etymology of adventure lies in the Latin word "advenire," which means "to happen to." The English root word is "advent," meaning "the coming or arrival."

26. Another Bible Passage

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login rch=Acts%2014:20&version=NKJV

Acts 14:20 (New King James Version)

20 However, when the disciples gathered around him, he rose up and went into the city. And the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe.

Again, I will quote another, LilWendy, with coming up with a very plausible meaning to this bible quote and how it relates to Michael. Read below for what she wrote.

Ok so first off, NEVER read a bible verse without looking into the context of it.

So the disciples have been visiting many places and spreading the Gospel message.  It has been causing dissension and caused Paul and Barnabas to flee.

They visit two places in Acts 14, Lystra and Derbe, where the two are mistaken for pagan gods.

Some people have followed these two through their travels to hinder their work.  Just before verse 20, these people succeed in turning the crowds against Paul and Barnabas.

Paul is stoned and left for dead.

But he revives and continues preaching.

Verse 20 is about how Paul persevered.  When he was knocked down and left for dead, he rose again and continued on his mission.


I get knocked down, but I get up again You nay ever gonna keep me down….

Paul is very similar to MJ here.  MJ had a message he was spreading and many people sought out to take him down… conspiracy.

They tried to turn the masses against MJ and unfortunately to a large extent, they succeeded.

It’s very hard for a leader like MJ.  Many will “hero-worship” you and you can be on top of the world in the masses eyes one minute and then when you show your humanness, they will feel betrayed and hate you the next.

However, MJ, like the energizer bunny…keeps going and going and going… he is staying true to his mission.

I am really starting to believe that MJ is redirecting people back to what is all for… what everything we live for is… why we’ve been created….


The above was quoted from
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LilWendy also has another page which goes into this further, check it out.

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27. A collage image on wikimedia about community, love, and support

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For a short while on the day this link was posted, the image was interactive. While it was interactive you could mouse over the small images and view messages. Someone spotted the Santa Claus and said this text popped up "I love Christmas. Santa Claus will bring my gift? Peace and love."

Unfortunately, this page did not stay interactive for long and many, including myself, did not see this message. Was it a message from Michael?

So I ask you all, has Michael made this urgent message crystal clear?
I hope so because he has definitely sent out a BIG WAKE UP CALL!

Let's all have faith in ourselves and work together to "Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race!"

Blessed to have been,
Touched By An Angel

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