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« on: December 29, 2009, 09:34:15 PM »
I find this is so bad-tasted...What are they playing ?
Missyb...I would guess that your own photoshop pic's is the left one !

I never tought about that "road"before
I tought about maybe March because of the dates of the concert,
I know it's stupid but what I tought at first was : " the concert was supposed to begin July(right ?) and end in March(maybe I'm wrong ?)so that must be the
time he is gone and when come March he comes back ! Well that was simple thinking but apparently others theories lead to March/Spring too ! So
I'm "quite" happy altough we could be wrong...nothing is sure at all...

Hoax Videos / Re: Great evidence that DD is MJ
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:47:09 PM »
We can't be sure 100% but the minute I saw him on LKS I had a strange feeling about this !
That video and Chappie's comparaisons as well are quite convincing to me !
I've show the Larry King's video to my "sceptikal" friend
He said that he is hearing Michael but he found that the voice sounded a little strange,he heard a can I say it in english correctly..
He tought that the voice was the same with a little mechanical-kind of sound to it
What do you think ?
By the way,Leeza's show that you're/the uploader of the video is talking about is 9 years old ?Dave Dave has a soft voice as well,don't you think so too ?
That's why he must have been a perfect choice of a disguise,he has complicated face features (as he is burned) and he has quite a soft voice...

Introduce yourself / Re: Hi ! From France
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:09:17 PM »
Thank you very much !
It's kinda nice to know that there is so many that think that he is also alive !
Please take care of me from now ^^

Let me join too tough I'm new
I guess we have to make that change right ?

Introduce yourself / Hi ! From France
« on: December 29, 2009, 06:29:54 AM »
Hello everyone !
I came across Souza and Mo's blog some time ago and they totally convinced me..or rather they confirmed right my suspicions.

Let's begin with a little introduction.
I'm from France,PACA.
Michael is one of the fews americans artist that I admire(no offense intented but I'm a Japanese fanatic usually)

In June when I saw the report of his death at first I just stayed shocked and I felt empty and something didn't ring right...I saw the photo "in the ambulance"
and I said to myself "wow he look so young and fine,he just look like he is sleeping,that's strange, later he didn't look like that !"
I just tought it was my imagination and that I just couldn't accept it but
Seeing the memorial(7/7)I felt bizarre.Because I didn't cry,it just didn't convinced me.
At that point I believed I was going crazy and that no one could believe me anyway.
Your website/blog/forum just gave me hope !
I think that your work is convincing because I told about several things you mentionned to my 2 best friend(wich by the way aren't particulary interested in Michael,they just like his music)and are sceptical people.And they changed their usual " no way , impossible ! he is dead you just don't want to believe it" to --->
"that's weird,maybe you're right."
I showed to one of them Dave Dave's video and he said that he tought it could be Michael's voice but that he heard weird mechanical sounds to it

Sorry for the long Post ! Anyway I hope I'm welcome and I can be any help
Thank you for your hard work so far ! It really gave me hope

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