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I also think that these articles were deliberately shared with us months before his escape. I mean, how many coincidences until it becomes statistically impossible :P ? TMZ knew about MJ being "dead" even before the official announcement, during a live show they said they know his middle name is Joe, during the years after 2009 they kept posting clue-ish articles, interviews with Murray and many others.

Hi Shanny, thank you for the perfect overview of the documentary! I always advice my followers on Instagram to watch it, because it is SOOO staged  :D I personally think that MJ created it and I think he chose this format on purpose: to look like a reality show. This way the people can hopefully realize how absurd it is. I mean, usually a reality show is for fun and not for the truth, right. And if the same actors participate both in this absurd reality AND in the court trial case, logically the credibility of the latter also goes down.
What I`m trying to say is that whoever has watched the whole trial has (hopefully) seen that it`s only a circus show (inconsistencies, plenty of animals, etc.). But for those who haven`t, if they watch the reality show documentary, they can get to the same conclusion about the trial. The documentary is just a summarized way to show what`s going on and has to be watched by everybody who doesn`t have the time to watch all the ~24 days of trial.

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