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TMZ Articles / Re: Real obvious clues, clues, loose clues or bullshit?
« on: November 16, 2016, 10:15:52 AM »
Is there something to be warned for? I'm just coming with possibilities. You can't evolve without questioning everything.

It has been 7.5 years since his 'death'. I'm not a fan of Michaels siblings especially Latoya. Hate that bitch. He probably does not have contact with most of them. And Jermaine has done very dumb things in the past but we don't know anything about Michaels current relationship with Jermaine. Jermaine was the one who would fly Michael to Bahrain if he would be send to prison in 2005.

If you think it sounds ridiculous to think Peter might be Michael, some people here actually believe there are 2 Michael Jacksons. lmao. 

Also there is this new guy on the internet named 'Raven' who claims to be Michael's former butler and claims to know Michael is alive. He writes these articles on this website and says Michael knows about it.

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I think that is Michael. He also has a little ponytail which is too much of a coincidence I think. Michael had the same hair as the guy in blue and a ponytail, see the this is it rehearsals.

TMZ Articles / Re: Real obvious clues, clues, loose clues or bullshit?
« on: November 15, 2016, 07:38:28 AM »
I thought Peter was not Michael but something very strange happened yesterday.  :icon_e_confused: :icon_e_confused: :icon_e_confused: He was doing a live video on facebook and around 150 people were listening, first he talked, read the comments and then someone said they wanted a concert and he started to sing MJ songs. I compared his voice to MJ interviews and songs and all this time he sounded 100% like MJ but that's what we already know. The strange thing is, he was singing a song and in the middle of the song he stopped and yelled 'Jermaine!' and someone who sounded 100% like Jermaine yelled back from another room 'What!?' and I swear to god that was Jermaines voice. I don't say this because I want Peter to be Michael, I just immediately recognized Jermaine's voice! Then Peter goes: 'Jermaine come here!' and Jermaine yells back from the other room again with 'what?' BUT THEN. Then instantly the video got stuck so I immediately picked up my laptop rushed to a room in my house with better wifi and I reloaded the page, but then could not find the video anywhere!!  :WTF: Normally when you do live video's on facebook, they get saved as a normal video and you can watch them back when you stop the video, but Peter had actually deleted the entire video!! Why did he do that? There was nothing wrong with the video, except for the weird part with Jermaine! And I wish I would link the video so you could listen for yourself that was absolutely Jermaine's voice, but I can't because there is no video anymore!   :over-react-smiley:

TMZ Articles / Re: Real obvious clues, clues, loose clues or bullshit?
« on: November 07, 2016, 08:00:49 AM »
Peter Midani is 100% NOT Michael Jackson nor is Sofugofromashes. You can come to that conclusion by doing 2 things: 1: Listen carefully to his voice, he sounds more like someone who TRIES to sound like Michael rather than being Michael himself, and 2; look at the things he posts and uploads. Look at his photo albums and the extremely random and weird video's he uploads. He is not as smart as someone who is playing the greatest prank of human history. In fact he uploads pretty dumb things. He says he works for Ebay, which is probably where he gets all that stuff. AND also; it is proven that he actually steals most of these pictures and their explanations from the internet.

Same goes for sofurgofromashes, if you look at the list of video's he has uploaded you will just see he is just a fan and not MJ. He has recorded some of Michaels poems from the book 'dancing the dream' with his own deep manly voice with a Spanish accent. And guess what sofurgofromashes is PABLO which is a Spanish name.

I'm sorry I wish they were MJ.

TMZ Articles / Real obvious clues, clues, loose clues or bullshit?
« on: November 03, 2016, 04:18:11 PM »
I'm getting more and more confused on what could be a real clue, a loose clue or bullshit. Everyone seems to have their own theory, some dive into numerology (and by dive I mean hardcore all the way down which makes it sound absolutely ridiculous), others claim that Michael constantly disguises himself and put the dumbest video's online with the title MICHAEL SEEN ALIVE blabla,  then people think sofurgofromashes aka peterpanpyt aka Peter Midani is Michael, but Peter Midani seems to have no intellectual capacity whatsoever and acts like the dumbest troll there could be and then they say Michael does that on purpose , Then there are people who say they think they get clues from Michael himself and show "evidence" which could be made by themself as well. Especially Pearljr, she claims to use facts and evidence only but somehow when I watch her videos nothing makes sense, she uses Chris Tucker talking about hot chocolate in Michaels house and Peter Midani posting a picture of hot chocolate as evidence of Michael being alive, my ass. But after watching toooo many of these kinds of video's I got really really confused and even don't think he is alive anymore because this shit is getting too ridiculous. All the time I'm like: Should I believe this person or not? Would the real Michael Jackson really do this or not? Is this a clue or coincidence? Is this pure evidence or also coincidence? WHERE do you guys advanced believers draw these lines? I'm really new to this thing and want to become and advanced believer but not by believing in bullshit

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