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Others / Pheonix, author of Michael Jackson: The Lie Becomes the Truth
« on: September 08, 2014, 08:28:59 PM »

I read an article about this new book and decided to research the author, Pheonix.  I had no idea who this person was. 

He also wrote the book, "Touched By the Jacksons."  Back in 2003, Pheonix promoted this book on TV even though it was published in 1998 (according to Amazon).  My first thought is that he promoted the book in 2003 after the child abuse allegations that year to obviously make money while MJ was on the news.  (However, he defended Michael on the Today Show that year).

Coincidentally, Pheonix is promoting his new book, "Michael Jackson: The Lie Becomes the Truth" after the Robson/Safechuck charges have been made.  If he is just trying to make money off of his book, why didn't he write this in 2009 after MJ had 'died'?  With all the media attention, he would have made a lot.  I think it's strange that he waited 5 years.

The twitter account, You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, has been promoting this book.  I have not read the book, but judging from the promo trailers it seems he's attacking the Jackson family the most.  The tweets have been directed at Randy especially about the Jacksons performing on stage again.  Has anyone read this book?  I know most probably don't want to.  But, to me, it just seems he's trying to expose how the Jackson family have been exploiting MJ.

Interesting enough, I've been obsessed with researching the Nation of Islam lately, and saw that this twitter account is being followed by Blueprint Supporters@ecoblue48.  The Economic Blueprint is a NOI-backed campaign to help end poverty among their followers.  When I visit this twitter account it has approx. 40,000 followers.  One would think that this is the official twitter account for the campaign.  It's odd that the account would also follow an anonymous person promoting a book about MJ.  Even more interesting is that an account for Michael Amir also follows Blueprint Supporters. 

Other Odd Things / Re: Was MJ at his own bday celebration on 8/29/14?!!!
« on: September 08, 2014, 07:25:43 PM »
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does seem interesting to me that jacksons must own or have some influence over the neighboring houses as there are posters in the windows and the houses look somewhat ummm uniform in fencing and such.

I was there on August 30th.  Unfortunately, the Jackson family had just left right before I got there.  But, someone told me that the family bought the house next door sometime after 2009 and fixed it up.  They also put the same type of fence around it.  I think it's kind of funny to have all of those posters hanging on the windows, though. haha. Supposedly, they also bought two additional houses on the street that they plan to fix up as well.

For anyone unfamiliar with this's pretty depressed.  I always thought that I live in a pretty bad neighborhood, but this is much worse.  Half of the homes on the street were boarded up.  So, I'm glad that they bought some of the homes.  I'm hoping they give it to a family that would need a nice home to live in.  It's right next to a school, too. 

I noticed that security were still hanging around the house even though the family wasn't there.  I thought maybe to keep the house secure since people were still walking around.  I didn't even think to look for MJ in disguise!! I mean he could have been walking around people watching the entire time and I didn't even know.  I guess I was just in awe that I was standing near MJs birthplace. 

« on: September 07, 2014, 11:30:57 PM »
Wow.  It definitely looks like him.  Especially compared with the picture  on the right.  This could explain why he failed to show up for a contempt hearing. I linked an article about this below:

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This article also states that the judge ordered him to appear on November 29th when they were going to sentence Conrad.  Does anyone know if   he actually showed up? 

This mugshot was taken in October 2011, but the judge didn't issue a warrant for his arrest until November when he missed the hearing, so I don't think this picture is related to the  CM trial.  I wonder what he was arrested for.

It doesn't surprise me that he may have a shady past.  There was something strange going on with the other attorneys too especially between J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Hess. 

On another note, I found an pretty interesting video as I researched the defense team more.  This video is supposedly from a documentary they created:

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Notice how Flanagan says to Chernoff: "You don't see the issue.  He's got it all mapped out for you, and you're missing it."

Does Flanagan know something?? Hmmm...

References & Similarities / Re: Crazy NOI Connections to MJ
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:58:18 PM »
I just can't stop thinking of MJ when I watch them dance in this video.  It could just be this video alone.  Did you see how one of them was wearing white socks when they jumped into the pool?  I love that reference. 

I'm sure the group is also trying to include their own style while also showing influences of both Motown and MJ. Perhaps that's why it may not be the same Motown standard from back then. 

I'm not a huge Bruno Mars fan, so I had to look up some of his performances online.  From what I saw, I don't feel he actually dances (at least not in a choreographed manner like these guys).  Probably because he plays the guitar a lot while he's performing and his band is usually standing with him.  I mean, I've seen him do the James Brown and/or thrust his pelvis and that's about it. 

References & Similarities / Re: Crazy NOI Connections to MJ
« on: September 04, 2014, 06:33:59 PM »
I think it's interesting that Security Measures was registered on that website in October 2006....just a couple of months before MJ returned from Ireland.  Hmmm....

I definitely believe Alberto Alvarez is NOI.  I found another article from the Final Call with him pictured in Mexico on some kind of Mayan Cultural Expedition in early 2006.  I linked the article below, although I have to warn you there's a paragraph in the article that may be interpreted as anti-semitic.  So, now we know that Alberto traveled to Mexico both in 2006 and 2008 (I'm assuming since that is when his testimony of the Sedona Retreat was published in the newsletter).  I find it odd that he would take up a temporary position as a security guard.  It doesn't seem that this is his line of work.  I think he might be some kind of missionary or representative for the NOI that travels back and forth to Mexico.   BTW, didn't we suspect a place departing LAX to Mexico on June 25th, 2009???

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If you study the picture in the article again, you'll notice a guy listed as Steven X.  I'm wondering if this is Steven Koholr that's listed as President of Security Measures.  I learned that when people convert to NOI, they replace their surname with the letter 'X' while they await for a new surname given to them by the NOI.  That's why so many NOI members have Islamic last names.  I'm wondering if maybe this is the same guy. 

I have the hardest time finding anything on Faheem Muhammad.  I've only found a Twitter account that follows both Farrakhan and Michael Amir, but that's about it.  I can't even prove if these accounts are even real.  I believe he is also NOI, just by association. 

Weren't there other security guards from the night-shift that never went to trial?  I'd like to research more about them.

References & Similarities / Crazy NOI Connections to MJ
« on: September 04, 2014, 12:19:24 AM »
Check this video out of the music group, AKNU:

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In my opinion, they are definitely channeling MJ in their singing, dancing, and even the songwriting.  Check out their Youtube page and you'll see they are definitely inspired by MJ and Motown.

Earlier this year, AKNU performed at the Saviours Day Concert, which is an annual convention and holiday celebrated by the Nation of Islam (NOI).

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During this convention, they also screened a documentary titled, "Let's Change the World," which chronicles the life of Louis Farrakhan's (current leader of NOI) life through music.  It just so happens that the documentary was directed by Michael Amir, who was MJ's personal assistant before his 'death.'

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This doesn't directly connect MJ to the NOI.  But, I found an interesting connection between AKNU and the NOI. When you watch their music video, you'll see that it was directed by Thirsty Guerilla Films.  This production company also directed a commercial for the NOI (link below):

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And, I think Michael Amir appears in this at 1:05 but I'm not entirely sure it's him. 

MJ has had a long history with the Nation of Islam, using them for security and even as advisors (Louis Farrakhan's son-in-law, Leonard Muhammad, had briefly advised MJ at the end of 2003 to the beginning of 2004).

I've always had a hunch that if MJ is alive, he is with the NOI.  After following NOI-related social media accounts I find a lot of their followers are also musicians, especially hip hop and R&B artists (most not at all famous, though).  I just find this connection interesting.  A part of me feels that MJ may be behind this group AKNU.

Other Odd Things / Re: A clue from bodyguards book?
« on: August 25, 2014, 03:01:42 PM »
I watched the trailer...very interesting.  I'd actually like to see it.  I think USC is a great film program and judging from the trailer I think it might be pretty compelling to watch.  I read that Farrakhan used to be a singer and had several Top 100 Billboard hits (Wikipedia- so probably not the best source).  But, he gave it up to focus more on his role with the NOI. 

Other interesting things about Farrakhan:
1. His son-in-law, Leonard Muhammed, was Michael's advisor in late 2003.  After Santa Barbara raided Neverland in November 2003,  the Nation of Islam suddenly took over MJ's security, supposedly giving legal advice, overseeing accounting, making the 60 minuntes interview deal for MJ, and even controlling the entire Jackson camp.  They apparently scared the shit out of everyone before MJ decided not to use them anymore.  I hear so many negative crap about the NOI, but I think at this time MJ was trying to dis-associate himself from Marc Schaffel and Deiter Weiser and I think the NOI effectively pushed them away for the time being.  I kind of suspect they were still advising MJ, but from a distance until his 'death.'

2.  Have you seen Farrakhan's speech about Michael jackson in 2009?  Very powerful.
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I definiately feel Michael Amir and the NOI have a role in the Hoax. If closed mouths indeed reveal the depths of loyalty, then they have proven to be very loyal because I haven't heard anything from them after MJ's 'death.'

Other Odd Things / Re: A clue from bodyguards book?
« on: August 24, 2014, 03:55:33 PM »
I had the same kind of reservations.  It seemed like they were portraying MJ as a complete loner too oblivious and naive to everything going on in his life.  But, I didn't feel like they were completely trashing him in their book, either.  There were moments they described that really showed how caring and kind he was to everyone.

I agree that they took advantage of not signing confidentiality agreements, but I felt that they chose not to sign it because a) it was supposedly never given to them to sign when they first started working for MJ and b) they didn't like the new Jackson camp that came in and took over after them.  I don't feel they did so with the intent to write a book someday. 

Also, I agree that paying the bodyguards in cash would have been considered "under the table" and illegal but would it have really mattered?  One of the bodyguards mentioned a time they had to take a commercial flight and he was stopped at airport security when they discovered a carry-on luggage with hundreds of thousands of cash inside.  The airport security told him he had to claim this, but eventually let him through once one of MJ's people told them who he was travelling with.  I would assume that was totally illegal. 

Michael Jackson News / Wade Robson Seeking $1.6 billion????
« on: August 24, 2014, 12:50:28 PM »
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I don't know if there's any truth in the amount of money that Wade Robson is seeking.  But, isn't this the current value of the Sony/ATV catalog? Or at least was at one point (could be more now)?  Does anyone else think it's odd that Robson is seeking this much money?  Especially since Chandler only got $20 million. 

Other Odd Things / Re: A clue from bodyguards book?
« on: August 24, 2014, 12:17:02 PM »
I found that part interesting also.

In addition, I found a lot of interesting things in this book. 

1. I didn't know that Michael Amir Williams was a film student at USC.  The bodyguard mentions that Michael Amir first met MJ in LA after MJ returned from Japan (early 2007?).  And then Michael Amir had visited MJ in Virginia 4 or 5 times (summer 2007) working on film projects.  And this was all before Michael Amir officially became his personal assistant.  It makes me wonder how long Michael Amir had known MJ prior to him returning to the States. 

I also wonder what kind of film projects they had worked on.  According to the book, while in Virginia, Michael bought a whole bunch of film equipment to work on projects with Michael Amir.  When he left Virginia, the bodyguards put everything in a storage unit.  But then had everything sent to LA in early 2009 after MJ had inquired about it and requested the equipment to be shipped to him.  It was never stated why MJ would need his film equipment.  Could it be that he was working on more film projects with MIchael Amir? Could this have been the Conrad Murray videos???

Also, the bodyguards didn't mention anything about Michael Amir being at the Ebony photoshoots.  They said it was just them and MJ.  I could have sworn I saw a video teaser for the Last Photoshoot Documentary and Michael Amir was definitely there.

2.  They said that MJ read the Wall Street Journal the most.  So, it surprises me that his whole financial state was the way it was in the end.  Of all newspapers, he's been reading the one that is founded on business and financial news.  You'd think he'd come away with knowledge on how to handle finances and business deals?  Perhaps MJ had a financial plan this whole time?

3. The bodyguards complained through most of the book that they had to go through months without pay.  They said they felt it was because Raymone Bain was mismanaging MJ's funds and trying to weed the bodyguards out of MJ's life so she can have her own security in place.  MJ would get angry with Raymone and demand that she pay them. But, MJ had kept suitcases full of thousands of dollars with him at home and the bodyguards had wondered why MJ couldn't just pay them in cash.   

But, during the Conrad Murray trial, we learned that MJ would offer cash to Conrad after he learned that AEG wasn't paying him.  Why this sudden change? Why was it important to offer Conrad cash rather than calling AEG and demanding that they pay him?  Why did the bodyguards have to wait months before they were paid?  Something about this doesn't add up.  I'm not sure how this fits into the hoax, but it's definitely something to consider. 

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