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I'm sure people might know more than me and some of my questions will frustrate some people,but as I sit and think of mike different things go through my mind...the security that told latoya mike is in the havenyurst house,does he live in the house?or is the house his now?I find it so amazing that he can say mikes spirit is there on tv haha as if he can see the image of mike

The hoax was really planned for 25 years???

That's really true,but 4 a real funeral people would pay respects for the last so I'm sure they also know something,but If they do how can every person keep it a secret for so long?

Why do people lock your threads its so frustrating I didn't even get to my point and they locked it

I'm fighting with mike for a better world and freedom on a website!*angry*

The Memorial / what you looking at?
« on: April 23, 2013, 10:12:48 AM »
I always wondered why they all look up.whats so interesting?mike looks awesome!
if i has makeup on like the ladies and it was my loved ones funeral by the end i would look like a zombie.even for a 'funeral' they look so glamorous[

i cant add images please help]

it says that Diana ross will be second guardian so howcome tj jackson is taking care of them?could it be that once diana heard of mikes fake death that she cut all ties to the family?regardless of if the will is real or not becuase i heard she was not at the funeral.

please someone reply.i see this topic has not been seen to in 120 days i do not want to start a new one because they refer me to old topics

Latoya Jackson / Re: La Toya and a physic
« on: April 23, 2013, 07:47:54 AM »
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Yes that's why I mentioned all those quetions.I should of been more clear---if he was really dead his spirit would of spoken to the physic that was my point sorry about that

thats providing one actually believes in that jargon...


lol sorry about the confusion ;D

that pic with la toya wearing the scarf,who is the other person.the finger reminds me of dave daves fingers on larry king(and they say that dave dave was mike) :)

how does the security know mike is there?is he also a physic?(sarcasm)
Latoya says she wants to see a physic so she can move on with her life,so isn't life with latoya a form of moving on with her life?i mean hello you have a tv show after mikes death you did move on!jacksons think we dont pay attention to what they

if mike is in havenyurst howcome his at the physic reading la toya mmm?

if this guy is not acting im sure he realised that michael and drugs related to michael jackson and obviously he would of known this is someone mike knew so theres no need for a disguise or change of voice in my opinion

"he wants to be alive today" he is dead to most of the world so maybe he wants to come out of this guy crying or what :thjajaja121:

"I want to believe his still here" "he wants to let you know his gone" so howcome his spirit came through if his gone?wouldnt it mean no contact with mike at all
if his crossed over?

if mike was really there in spirit he would of let her know what happened to him during his 'death' so she can move on (my opinion)

if mike was really dead im sure there would be more than enough tears to show his really gone and dearly missed.i think i cry more knowing that we cant see mike and he didnt even know me! :o

@mjonmind don't worry about it as long as you merged it so we in one group.thanks!

Hey I will check out the videos tonight.thank you so with la toya isn't in my country:(and I wanted to watch just for mike but thanks for posting those links!

I think its just acting.I'm sure there are people out there who really can talk to spirits,but I don't think mike would be here in also sounds odd for a spirit to be here four years later.its very hard for me to believe this.if you watch these programmes on tv where the physic channels a deceased person they can actually see how the person died.funny how la toya is still hurting because she doesn't know what happend to mike.then I really have no idea why she spoke to a physic!lol

Info for new members / Re: The Weird List
« on: April 21, 2013, 11:23:09 AM »
@ sweetsunset thank you so much will check it out

Info for new members / Re: The Weird List
« on: April 21, 2013, 08:59:20 AM »
I typed in memoriam list in music 2009 in the youtube showed me emmys memoriam and so I opened their they had mainly actors,directors,writers,farah fawcett and mike!isn't it weird that he was put in the emmys memoriam?isn't that based in actors-i know he done a few roles like man in black but it was like an appearance.funny how they show it in their but not in the music memoriam or am I wrong

I hate the media!and all those people who ever took advantage of mike.his too soft.I don't know what it has to do with the world if his going to shower or go for a walk.I hope they leave him alone.hope mike gets payback:)

Sorry about your loved one.we also miss mike.without seen him on tv or in the magazine that his ok its upsetting.I never loved a celeb so much lol

Latoya Jackson / Re: La Toya and a physic
« on: April 20, 2013, 12:56:46 PM »
Yes that's why I mentioned all those quetions.I should of been more clear---if he was really dead his spirit would of spoken to the physic that was my point sorry about that

You have a good point.after all he was the 1 who planned everything

I noticed his nipples(not in a bad way)at first I thought its also not there then I looked close but still can't see the belly.mike did not have a small belly so howcome it so hard to see?maybe coz the pics stretched?yes I also thought he looked very very skinny.if you look at the neck it looks glossy like a manicum or those wax dolls!.you think its his real body?

@bec lol thanks for the reminder haha.hope we see mike soon!

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