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The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) / Re: FBI File 591 pages?
« on: December 11, 2009, 11:57:07 PM »
Michael Petrelis is a gay rights activist.

Here is the FBI's response to his request for the file on Michael Jackson:

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Here's the link to Michael Petrelis's blog:  

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What this all means who knows.  I would be interested in seeing the file. But I also wish people wouldn't keep digging into all of this.  I guess it is inevitable though.  John Lennon had a huge FBI file too.

From where I stand, there never was an autopsy, so none of the "autopsy results." are real.  To me it makes no difference which one contradicts which other one.  They are all fake.  And It doesn't matter which drug they say they found.  There was no body, so it doesn't matter to me what they say killed him, because nothing killed him.  I think propofol was chosen as the "overdose" drug of choice for the hoax because it is so ridiculous...There is no way that the Michael we saw in This is It had been using propofol regularly.  I have had it for a procedure and I was wiped out for more than a day afterwards.  By all accounts, MJ was a great father and spent a lot of time with his children...I know I couldn't possibly spend quality time with anyone if I were constantly recovering from the effects of last night's propofol.  Though traces of the drug exit the body quickly, the "hangover" from it is fairly severe.    Also, in my opinion, Murray hasn't been arrested because no one died, and he went back to work because he needs the money.  I know this has all been said before, but sometimes we need to be reminded of our core beliefs, developed after many months of many smart people studying every minute detail of this case.

i am sorry indeed...godbless my akward english...and she scared me to death...
then i will never post here to show my terrible english...thank you and other friends here, i reconsiderate the post she sent, and i doubt i am the stupist mj fan in the world...mj forgive me~~~you cant image how much i love you~~~[/quote]

Please don't be so sad, and do come back to visit.  No one is mad at you personally.  You are just reporting something you saw on a fan website that scared you, and I probably would have felt the same way.  You seem like a nice person to me, so please don't be so hard on yourself.  I think that fan is making things up...Michael could not have had propofol in his system after so long.    I don't believe true autopsy results would be leaked in such a manner on a fan website.  If anything the fan should have gone to the media if she had any proof. I don't believe her for a second.  I will read her link though just to find inconsistencies.  I am sure it is another false worry.   Also no one is criticizing you for your language difficulties.  There are lots of people here from various countries for whom Engish is not their first language.  And don't think you are the supidest MJ fan.  Obviously you care about him.

Hoax Videos / Re: This is his last Mistake
« on: December 09, 2009, 10:23:25 PM »
2012 is itself a hoax.  True, time is running short to save the earth, but it's not because 2012 is some kind of magical end of the world year.  I agree, it's BS.  But MJ saying that we have four years to get it right is something I would really like to understand.  I have considered the idea that parts of the movie, for example that part, were filmed earlier than we are led to think.  When do the 4 years begin and end. He is implying that we have 4 years to save the planet...from climate change, environmental disaster, nuclear war, world war, etc.  Four years from, say, May 2009 would be May 2013, which doesn't seem like a significant date to me.  Also, IMO he wasn't referring to 2012 as in the year the world ends. Could he have been talking about O'bama's term?  Elections were held in November 2008.  Four years from then would be election day in November 2012.  (The first thing that did come to my mind when he made that statement was that 4 years is the term of office for the U.S. President.)  If that is the case, which seems logical to me, he would have made the statement sometime between November 08 (election day) and January 09 (inauguration day) in which case that part of the movie was filmed very early this year or late last year.  Just a thought.

Quote from: "itsmagic"
Either the folks at Heal The World have lost their damn minds...or Michael DID do it for the money. And the attention. And the redemption of his name.
So he could save the world.

I'm speechless.

References & Similarities / Re: Michael said goodbye
« on: December 05, 2009, 11:13:34 PM »
Quote from: "Lorrie"
I hate reading these, too, hope. But here's my thoughts on posts like these: You can analyze and try to explain what you think Michael would do until your eyes and ears bleed. But if you didn't know the man personally, you have no idea whatsoever what he would do.

Every stranger's opinion about his actual or hypothetical actions are just speculation, and speculation will get you nowhere when it comes to trying to figure out a complicated person like Michael, who had an even more complicated life. The facts and reality are what matter most. Unfortunately, we believers don't have access to the facts we need, and probably never will.

I don't know if Michael is coming back or not, and I'm not going to spend any time trying to predict whether or not he's coming back. However, I truly hope he does because I don't believe he's dead and I also think life will eventually be much better for him if he returns (really, I do).

But if he doesn't return, that won't necessarily change my opinion about him still being with us. Of course, if I had known him personally before June 25, I might be singing an entirely different tune. But I didn't. So, all I can do is wait, see what happens, and keep my fingers crossed that we see him again someday when the world is prepared to be kinder to him. And I do still think that's a possibility.

Thank you so much for writing this, because you put my own thoughts into words.  I just want to take your post, copy it, and paste it to my monitor.  I really and truly feel for people who think it is time to let go, and who think that Michael is either dead or he will never return.  I can feel their pain.  I would go there too, but it doesn't feel right, for me.  I feel so good about everything, really everything, after seeing the movie.  I do think the world is already prepared to be kinder to him, and I do think life will be much better for him if he does return.  Like you, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we see him again some day.  I don't believe Michael said goodbye.  I don't know exactly what he was getting at at the O2 announcement, but I hope I find out.

Other Odd Things / Re: Possible MJ Reveal Date!
« on: December 05, 2009, 10:08:22 PM »
All I have to say is that he will breathe in his own time.  It's all for love, l.o.v.e. love.  As to the possibility of there being major financial fraud going on if Michael faked his death..all I can say is that he has really, really good lawyers and I am sure that if he did fake his death, and I believe he did, then he has thought this through very carefully and knows everything there is to know about the law when it comes to death hoaxes.

 I also believe he made a very good move.  My opinion only..but I think he looked way too thin in the movie.  I can't see him wanting to do 50 shows.  I can easily see him thinking that he couldn't possibly do 50 shows.  He plainly wasn't in top condition. I saw the movie four times and he stole my heart over and over and over again.  I thought he was amazing...mesmerizing...and he came across as an incredibly beautiful, loving, kind, and generous soul.  I don't see him as a beaten, destroyed and completely done-for person. I see him as a spectacular survivor. I do, however, think he was very, very thin.  So I think he made a good move faking his death.  Now he can get better and contemplate his next move. I personally don't think it's a witness protection thing....although of course I could be wrong.  I am content not to know for sure right now...This is all so obviously orchestrated and there is so much intentional humor involved in various aspects of the hoax that I find it hard to believe that his intention is just to go away and never return.  If he doesn't come back, I believe he will at least continue to to keep us on our toes with crazy incongruities for as long as he lives.

To all the general negativity and pessimism swirling around here and everywhere else from time to time, all I can say is "so what, who cares." I am sticking with l.o.v.e. love. I think Michael's reputation has been restored already.  I haven't heard one negative word about him in months.  Not in the media, not anywhere.  (Except on the internet where people can anonymously hate just for the hell of it.) To the contrary, I see a lot of love, compassion, admiration, appreciation and respect for him.  So I wouldn't be so quick to assume that the name calling would start again. I can't imagine anyone in the mainstream media being that hateful after all we have been through collectively over the last 5 months.  I know I could be criticized for being naive, but I think a lot of people who previously condemned him are dealing with some heavy guilt and remorse. So anyway, I don't focus on the negativity.  I see the best in people wherever I can.  My imagination is running the show for me right now...and I can imagine Michael Jackson doing whatever the hell he wants to do.  He is wildly, supernaturally intelligent.  He is infinitely creative.  He has a heart of purest gold.  And he has some very smart people on the payroll.  Michael Jackson can find a way to do whatever he puts his mind to, whatever anyone has to say about it.  

Our opinions and conclusions can take us all over the place..but the bottom line is that Michael is doing what he is doing and we don't know what that is.  So I am focusing on the love.  I am just letting it simmer for a while.  Letting it bathe in the moonlight.  My life has changed since June 25th.  I have gone through a major psychological shift. A spiritual awakening possibly.  I feel the love.  I feel the hope.  And I feel that no matter what happens on this seemingly god-forsaken earth, love will endure forever.  Michael made that happen for me.  So thank you Michael.  I love you so much.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given me and all that you continue to give, every minute of every day.  Let it sizzle Michael.  Let it burn.  Go for infinity.  Anything you need, I'm there.  I'm all over it.  8-)

Other Odd Things / Re: Possible MJ Reveal Date!
« on: December 05, 2009, 12:09:31 AM »
First off, I do not believe MJ would necessarily be trashed by the media if he were to come back.  The media will look very stupid if he does come back.  And I think they will stand to make a lot of money for their coverage of such an earth shattering event. I think all the people who so earnestly believed all the lies surrounding this "death" would be in a state of shock. I've talked to people who aren't even fans about the possibility that Michael faked his death and not one person has said anything mean or hateful.  One person said "He did it for the money." Another said "He did it for his restore his reputation."  Another said "He did it to get out of the spotlight." Another said "He did it to get out of the concerts." Another said "He went into rehab." Another said "He did it to get back at the media."  Not one person said "There goes that freaky Michael Jackson again" or anything like that. I think a lot of people think Michael got screwed over by the media throughout his adult life, and especially during the trial..and a lot of people...a LOT of people would be very happy to see the media get what they gave.  Not to be totally off-track, though....I know this is a thread about the "Reveal Date."  I keep visualizing a TV appearance..a serious one in which he addresses the world as to why he did the hoax.  I imagine it would be a really big, global BAM and that he would use that BAM to get people stirred up about the sorry state of our world.  And use that BAM to wake people up to the "garbage" they are fed everyday from the media, which is where all of us get our (fake) information.  I do think MJ had a real affinity for Christ so I don't think it would be unlikely for him to come back at Easter...although some may think so.  I would like for it not only to be a ressurection but a second coming.  We need a second coming...we are on a path of self-destruction on a global scale.  MJ is the most famous person in the world...he is known in every who better to get people's attention.  I also think that he would get a lot of respect.  I don't think people/media would dare disrespect a man who slammed them on their asses so hard.  Maybe this is all just wishful thinking.  Some days I don't think he will be back...and other days I remember all the funny stuff in this whole saga. The 2 shoot ambo videos, the crazy Murray lawyers, the goofy memorial, hat man and blonde woman, the fake pharmacy, the bloody blouse, the fake 911 call where the dispatcher hangs up..there is a lot of funny stuff...the sitting up in the helicopter...and that makes me think MJ is egging us on.  Remember he died of "cardiac arrest."  And remember, he said "I'll breathe in my own time."  Well I am holding my breath because I do think it is possible that he could come back.

"All said, the question can be posed: "Who is like Michael Jackson?" The answer? No one on this earth. And likely no one in this lifetime. Enough said. Amen." (from the article you just linked above)

To me Michael Jackson is much larger than life.  I even think of him as a saint, a magical person who has reached heights of sublime ecstasy most of us cannot even imagine.  His gift is so great that I often feel in awestruck when I hear him sing or watch him perform and at times feel closer to god than I ever have in a I am glad you brought this up..I have been thinking along the same lines.  A risky thing to say and something I wouldn't say to most people.  That is just the way I feel about it.

The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: WTH Is This?
« on: November 30, 2009, 10:18:59 PM »
Here is a short review of the book:

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The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: WTH Is This?
« on: November 30, 2009, 10:10:13 PM »
But WTF is this?  Check out this thread from MJHD.  There is now a book out about the autopsy.  I need to find a review of it.  We are going to have to debunk this one is just so creepy that someone would write a book like this..and that someone would publish it.

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I know MJ is alive..but how do people get away with selling false information..isn't that against the law?

The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: WTH Is This?
« on: November 30, 2009, 08:54:47 AM »
You investigators are amazing.  Thank you so much!

The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: WTH Is This?
« on: November 29, 2009, 10:47:05 PM » friend, who is an MJ photo expert and even has a blog devoted to MJ photos, and who also is a huge fan and not a hoax believer (although she does have an open mind) says this photo is definitely not, in her opinion, a current picture of MJ, therefore it cannot be an autopsy photo.  She mentions the chin cleft not being there and also says the eyebrows are not thick enough.  She is a very reasonable balanced person  and if she says it's not an autopsy photo, then it's not.

The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: WTH Is This?
« on: November 29, 2009, 10:39:08 PM »
Quote from: "icy55"
How about this? MJ has swollen lips here =(

I couldn't click on your link.  Could you please try posting it again?

The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: WTH Is This?
« on: November 29, 2009, 10:09:40 PM »
Quote from: "Missyb007"

Right picture is "autopsy" picture.. left is from S.I.M. does look alike.. not entierly the same but I bet there are other pictures on the net of the making off stranger in moscow, the swollen lip can be made with photoshop ;).. just copy and paste a part of the upperlip and tadaa ;)

This is SO not a dead person.  I have seen a dead person, unfortunately, and when the life force leaves a person they look nothing like they looked in life...maybe once they are prettied up by a mortician....but not post or even pre-autopsy.  Maybe Michael did have a slightly swollen lip at one time..he did get injections in his lips didn't he..or at least I would think he did.  During the so-called medical emergency I don't recall reading that MJ was said to have been intubated...Also, I don't believe the mouth is open in an autopsy...I think the lips are often sewn shut at some point.

Anyway, I am really glad the picture was posted here because I was really afraid to look.  Now that I have seen it, I am totally convinced it is NOT an autopsy photo.  For one thing, I can still see life force energy in the photo,  I am sure that it is of course MJ, but definitely not a dead MJ so no one should have any worries at all.  It could, however, be a sleeping MJ.  I am going to have a photo expert look at it...she is a fan, so I hope it doesn't freak her out.

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