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Joe Jackson / Re: Joe is asking for Michaels medical records
« on: January 07, 2010, 04:14:56 PM »
Quote from: "mmz"
can this news be the beginning of the reveiling of the hoax?
What about if the UCLA medical reports show that the dead guy is not real Michael? And family has been "fooled"?...or make believe they have been fooled...
or everybody (UCLA doctors included)make believe they have been fooled by genius Michael!!!
It is going to be a good january.
Maybe Joe is just helping Michael in the hoax!

The family has every right to the medical records.  When my mother died I was given a copy of the full set of hospital records, which contained her medical history and the full autopy report.  There were no forms to sign.  This is in the US also, where HIPAA laws are strongly enforced and this was a good hospital.  We had many questions as to the cause of death (hospital and/or prior medical negligence, or natural consequences of her illness).  That is why we requested, and were given, her full medical records, without the need for a subpoena.  I don't see why the Estate would argue against this.  That is what really bothers me, unless the Estate has something to hide.  I have no problem with the family getting the complete reports.  The whole family supports the request.  Either the reports will show that no one died at UCLA, that someone other than Michael died there, or that Michael really did die at UCLA for whatever reason (autopsy would show this).  I am thinking that either the family believes something is fishy, or it is the beginning of the reveal.  If the report doesn't exist, then we will have proof that Michael did not die at UCLA.  The family also has it's own autopsy reports so they must either know that Michael died, or their autopsy was a fake, or the autopsy was done on someone else. I hope that whatever the case, the real records are given to the public by the family and that some accurate reporting is done.  I am more suspicious of the Estate for trying to block what the family has a right to than I am suspicious of Joe. Bottom line is I hope the family gets the records.  It's their right, no matter what Joe decides to do with what the information.  LOL Sorry for rambling.  I am just thinking out loud.  Whatever the case, this is good news because we will have more information.  I hope the Estate is not succesful in blocking Joe's request.  This is exciting!  I am hoping that it's the beginning of the reveal!

Michael Jackson News / Re: Significance of this Friday, Jan 8th 2010
« on: January 06, 2010, 09:27:28 PM »
You can watch it all unfold on

Hoax Videos / Re: Maura's Video Part 30
« on: January 05, 2010, 11:11:09 PM »
Quote from: "ksrbw"
I for one have believed all along it is MJ in that video or he had it put out, to me it looks authentic

I hate to admit it, but I get that MJ feeling when I watch that vid. ;)

I love your post browneyedgirl and I love your name.  I want to believe.  If you were to continue to follow the line of your thoughts, could you address what you think Michael will do when he comes back, and how he will execute the BAM?  8-)

Hoax Pictures / Re: Blond Lady
« on: January 02, 2010, 11:18:20 PM »
Does anyone have the link to the original analysis of the photo of the blonde woman?  It was originally discussed at length on the old forum (mjkit), but I can't find it.  Someone (it might have been Maura) posted a profile photo of MJ next to the main profile picture of the blonde woman.  She then photoshopped the photo of MJ, putting the blonde hair on him.  The result was uncanny.  If someone could link me to these original photo comparisons I would greatly appreciate it.  Those photos and the work that person did in analyzing them convinced me right away that the the Blonde is MJ and I have never waivered in that opinion.

The thread that I am referring to was lengthy and very I am pretty much obsessed with finding it.  

Hoax Videos / Re: quite intresting vids
« on: January 02, 2010, 12:27:24 AM »
This is very interesting...and the other ones are interesting too.  This person makes a very good point about how the media uses major events coverage to mask other things that would potentially raise red flags with the public.  Whenever there is news that totally blankets the media I have always wondered if there was really a cover-up happening.  If we are all distracted by something that completely blots out all other news we are effectively being manipulated...not necessarily by the media, although that happens too, but by whomever is creating the event that gets the media coverage.  If this is the case, it could relate to the that the "death of Michael Jackson," being of major world-wide interest could have been orchestrated in order to distract us from other more sinister things going on in the world.  The video you linked is making the argument that the funeral took place on that particular day in order to create blanket media coverage that distracted us from the fact that the Pope on that day made his statements about the need for a world economic authority/aka New World Order.   Very thought provoking.

« on: December 26, 2009, 06:16:27 PM »
Quote from: "lauren09"
You people have totally gone off the deep end!  I mean really. Elvis died in his bathroom, drugged out of his mind!  Period. He's doctor went to trial. Elvis died!  He had an open casket.

Michael died too,'s the facts. You can swing this all you want. It happened, it's horrible but it's true.

I think this is an interesting thread. I always thought there was a possibility that Elvis hoaxed his death. Lauren, why aren't you posting on a tribute/bereavement site instead?   You would find people there who think as you do and I am sure you would be more comfortable.  This forum is for people who are investigating Michael's hoaxed death.

« on: December 22, 2009, 09:59:50 PM »
The files were released as the result of a Freedom of Information Request by US Media. Which isn't to say that they won't clear Michael's name.  It's just that since the "death" there have been requests made under the US Freedom of Information law for them to be released.  So the FBI is required to release them. All the files,although redacted in many places, are online now on the FBI's website.

Michael Jackson News / Re: FBI docs
« on: December 22, 2009, 09:44:35 PM »
The writing captured in the screenshot is not Michael's.  I am sure it must be the handwriting of the crazy guy who threatened to kill the president and also stalked Michael (and Janet). The FBI has that in it's files because they investigated the case.

Quote from: "rag doll"
Quote from: "mjboogie"
Finally, Geraldo is questioning what role LAPD has in this!!! Because in his opinion they are not on the job!!!

Lol, does Geraldo know this picture?
(posted in another topic here by liberiangirl)

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Does anyone know anything about this picture?  pretty please

Quote from: "rag doll"
Quote from: "mjboogie"
Finally, Geraldo is questioning what role LAPD has in this!!! Because in his opinion they are not on the job!!!

Lol, does Geraldo know this picture?
(posted in another topic here by liberiangirl)

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Can someone refresh my memory on this photo?  I haven't seen it before.  I think that if Geraldo is on the case there is more to come.  Once he gets hold of something he doesn't let go...and as he was a big MJ advocate I am really interested to see if and how this develops.  Can someone also refresh my memory about Etok and Oxman.  I am in a haze this morning and can't think straight.  Thanks.

Hoax Videos / Re: New Video 24
« on: December 19, 2009, 10:42:49 PM »
I loved your comment about feeling MJ's staring eyes behind the Blonde Woman's sunglasses.  Strikes me the same way.  And I thought your take on Paris' speech was insightful.  Your analysis makes sense to me.

Hoax Videos / Re: New Video 24
« on: December 19, 2009, 09:36:01 PM »
I can't wait to see #25.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) / Re: FBI File 591 pages?
« on: December 12, 2009, 12:27:15 AM »
Quote from: "Freeze Frame"
Here's the answer:

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The feds received another request from me in the summer when closeted gay singer Michael Jackson died, and in response the FBI said it had 600 pages on him, but didn't say when that file would be released.

I can't find this statement in his it at the end of the thread you linked.  I went all the way to the bottom and still couldn't find it.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) / Re: FBI File 591 pages?
« on: December 12, 2009, 12:01:46 AM »
Quote from: "Jade Jackson"
But I also wish people wouldn't keep digging into all of this.  I guess it is inevitable though.  John Lennon had a huge FBI file too.

I don't mean WE shouldn't dig into anything and everything...we are the official investigators lol...

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