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Introduce yourself / Hello!
« on: September 07, 2012, 06:38:12 AM »
Hello everyone!
I was visiting your website being just a silent reader but now I registered to just say that I do appreciate not even your work here but that feeling of a magical possibility that my favorite singer of all time can be still walking this Earth..
I am not a fully hoax believer and I hope you won't be mad at me for saying this but when I read people's posts here it fills up my heart with sense of some undescrible gladness, I feel like I live in Wonderland being here, where nothing is real and all is possible. Those are amazing feelings and often, when I close the page down, the feeling won't leave me for long hours and disappear only after I see the devastating "Rip MJ" written somewhere that always brings me back to the sad reality and then I need a new fresh dose of the wonderful feelings that you all give people here.
I want all of you to be right so badly that Michael really faked his death for whatever reason and that we will see him again one day. So, let me please be with you in your Wonderland and share those feelings that keep me away from the real world.
Again, thank you all so much for giving people such positive emotions!

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