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TMZ Articles / Re: Maids say Neverland mansion laced with pee and poop
« on: August 10, 2014, 03:14:43 PM »
 just unbelievable to see these kind of storys, they getting crazier by the minute.. it's just SO! Absurd...

@ it's her,....From what source do you get your information ??

Neverland / Re: Colony Capital to sell Neverland
« on: August 01, 2014, 05:04:09 AM »

Neverland / Re: Colony Capital to sell Neverland
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:15:09 AM »
link from Twitter account Troot research:

to me, this came to my mind #ParisInterview--->
Permalink voor ingesloten afbeelding
[img]http://to me, this came to my mind #ParisInterview--->

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Again i tried to add the actual text, but failed again, maybe someone can. :)

Neverland / Re: Colony Capital to sell Neverland
« on: July 31, 2014, 03:59:28 PM »
my thought were that Mj is living in the encino house. because the reports said MJ did not want to return to Neverland anymore. Although it could be a distraction, also..
Neverland is really a paradise on earth,  And a great hideout!

 HI Michaelslady,

 Do is also a Fan or admirer of MJ, we all are,  maybe i am also not  allowed to say anything because i don't post for long times either. i have been a member from 2010 and i read almost everyday, tho there were times i felt out/ not accepted. so i didnt say anything for some time, finally i have the feeling things are different now. so i tried to post again, but remember i never left, like many of us.
And i do like the debate, and i do believe ,we all are entiltled to say what we want as long it's done in a respectfull way to other members as well  towards MJ, and to me DO did that..

BACK! is it you??  :LolLolLolLol:

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Hi Shy,
Yes I scanned through the link you put up (thank you for that, it was a reeaaal long one, I have to read it again more carefully right now!) and indeed it IS all highly suspicious, however I would like to wait and hear what will happen in October, that's when a court hearing is scheduled if I remember it correctly.

Yes Do, :) it is a very long post, but the longer the more detailed, imo

Hi Do,

Have you read the link i put inhere Do? vindicate MJ (what the hell is wrong with Wade Robson) ?, to me it's obvious Wade it's not telling the truth. I saw him saying that he did knew it all this time that MJ had molested him. still he was at MJ's funeral crying,  still he praised MJ and saying he felt compasion towards MJ , when the reporter asked him him how he felt towards MJ , and this was  after he acused MJ  , He gave tributes to a man who he claimed molested him fo 7 years.
He claimed it was his kid who remind him of what happened to him, still he said in that same interview he knew it all this time. He does contradict himself imo. ëxperts people who have been molested in their childhood, would nod what happend to them. But he said he did know all this time he was molested
when he did testify he was a little boy, in 2011 he wasent a little boy anymore, and the timing is very suspicious to me, he didn't get any work from the estate, infact he was replaced for another choreographer. I am not sure about this but ,wasen't he bankrupt?

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Money, money always money....  >:(


Want your pot of gold
Need the Midas touch
Bet you sell your soul
Cuz your God is such
You don't care
You kill for the money

I have read the trials transcripts, it gave me a good  and very clear vision  of how they tryed to frame MJ. And how the acussers have lied. it was always about the money in everything. I  have read in transcripts and other  sources. and yeah i know MJ did pay out , there  was in the clausule, that  MJ never admitted he had abused or touched that Kid. Both parties had signed that, ask yourself would you do the same if it was  son?  , i know i would not, if someone would touch or abuse my son, he would be dragged to court, there would be no money in the world that could pay of someone touching my son.

Remember MJ had his trial, and there was a jury,   MJ was acquitted of all charges.
Everyone knows the minorty of people all over the world were feeding by press/media, we know the media has made him look guilty before the trial had even started. So i bet even jury members were some sort of indoctrinated by the media, i have read or saw an interview with one of the jury members, who said they would have found him guilty if he was, but there were no grounds to find him guilty, to me it felt like they were even eager to say he was guilty, but there was nothing to condemn MJ.. Nothing!

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yeah mine is slow also, but especially when i write things down, i really have to push the buttons hard while typing. And sometimes when i reread my own post letters are missing, i have to reread very carfully, but mostly i am in a hurry....
For me,... i think it's my PC who is not the youngest anymore..

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