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Omer Bhatti / Re: Omer's new video- Life is a movie
« on: September 07, 2011, 04:30:09 PM »
Hello everyone,
may be the Message is.

You are not alone, I just can't stop loving you.

I just can't stop loving you was the sole Song that wasn't pieced together in TII and Michael wore this Jacket.

I believe the Lyric Part "Let us reveal a few good types" is meant how it was said.
I mean look at his so called " Friends"

Dr. Klein had nothing better to do as to sell his stories to the Tabloids.
Rabbi Shmuley had nothing better to do as to sell his recordings to the Tabloids and to write a Book.
The Recordings took place between August 2000 and April 2001. He could have published his Book in 2001, 2002
in Summer 2003, in 2006, 2007, 2008, or in Spring 2009 but he didn't. So I don't believe him that he had the permission.
That is only the Tip of the Iceberg I could go on and on, but I won't do that. With such "Friends" you don't need enemies.
When I would have such Friends I would send them straight to the Moon and there they could learn how to moonwalk.
Now after his "death" Michael knows for sure who is really a Friend and who isn't, and I believe that is very important for
him to know.

Much Peace and Love to everyone.

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: September 01, 2011, 05:10:21 PM »
Hello everyone,
when I think an Michael and the Flintstones this Video comes to my Mind. (Not sure if that means anything or if that is hoax
relatet) Sorry for my bad english bad I am from Germany.

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Much Peace and Love to everyone.

Hello everyone
Did La Toya have a slip-up again here?


Twitter ~ Not verified but (probably) real / Re: Arnold Klein Twitter
« on: August 20, 2011, 11:55:20 AM »
Hello MJonMind,
I believe they are Friends. They know each other since the early 80. I read some where that Michael  fired Branca in 2003, because Marc Schaeffel said that Branca would betray him. Michael hired a Company to investigating Branca, but the Company couldnt find any wrongdoing on Branca's Site. They worked together till 2006. Than Branca left Michael. When this whole Thing
is a Hoax, than Michael would need someone he can trust beyond a shadow of a Doubt. He would need someone who knows
the Law very well. Why do you think the Deadcertif., the Autopsiereport and other Documents say Joseph and not Joe. Maybe
it is because a Person who isn't exist, can't die so it wouldn't be a crime. And at least Michael would need someone who knows
the Musicbusiness very good and how to make great Deals. And Branca can do all of this.

Maybe there is a Reason for all of this.
I believe that TMZ is somehow involved in this Hoax. Did you know that on Youtube is a Parody about Michael Jackson and KISS.
it is called "Michael Jackson vs KISS". When you don't like Parodies about Michael you better don't watch it. The interesting Part
starts at 3.11.

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