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TMZ Articles / She Was Truly Loved By A Real Man
« on: March 13, 2012, 02:19:29 PM »
G'day Mates,

Guys and Gals have you all not been researching Whitney & Kev.  I posted on YouTube (Kev’s speech has almost 1.5 million views) the below.

“Kevin is Brilliant.  He made 2 movies.  Rachel/Frank & Whitney/Kev.  He asked for her for the role in 1988 when he first read script.  Here, (in speech) he mentions the songs first.  Latest quotes from him = I STILL have “IWALY” as my Ringtone.  I wear it as a BADGE OF HONOR & I don’t care who mocks me for it.”  He said, “She was my ONE TRUE LOVE.”  Wake up people!  They were in L.O.V.E.  Why has he had that song as his ringtone since STILL?  That was their song.  Watch the movie again, and the Memories (From 2004 DVD) and Behind the Scenes.”

Wow!  I thought MJ was Brilliant.  But if you research Kevin, he equals MJ as it pertains to their respective areas/fields/careers/gifts.  MJ’s with Music and Kevin with Movies.  MJ was a prodigy of course, but Kev probably was too.  He is from SO-CAL, graduated from Fullerton, and was a year behind me in high school, so I know he was and is still Hip and smooth.  He’s been around and was around when many of us were aware and awakening.  He was 8 years and 7 months older than Whitney.

I go on with some more stuff, but end it with. 

“God Bless Kev Costner.”  Both of these human beings have BEAUTIFUL AND PURE SOULS.  If some of us can see it and feel it about them, couldn’t/wouldn’t they have?  They gave a lot to the world by the way they showed human love and compassion.  Period!  They spent a lot of time together, and more so that they did with their spouses then.  They gazed into each other’s eyes for days on set.  The eyes are the Window to the SOUL.  Their SOULS matched.”

"Finally, they hesitated at times before they looked into each other’s eyes, because they knew when they did, it was over.  They knew that they would fall every time.  I wonder how their goodbye was after filming.  Sweet Dreams Kevin.”

Word!  Please get the 2004 DVD and watch the Memories documentary.  Kevin begins and ends the narration.  He ends it with.  “I am really proud of that movie, and I was proud to introduce Whitney to movies and show her that not only was she my friend, but was also my colleague.  I mean, I Will Always Love Her.”  Awwwww!

Please keep an open mind, because they were not Soul Mates like we may perceive the meaning.  They were TWIN FLAMES.  That is that Multi-Dimensional Soul mirroring.  Like someone posted on the Wall Street Journal Blog, I think it was.  “The Bodyguard was just the beginning.  Thanks for the Dream.”  People are speaking and researching these two all over the Internet.  His speech woke us up.  It made up remember the MAGIC from almost 20 years ago.

I had to shake my head about this, but how about Jermaine Jackson’s old tired butt as it pertains to his co-signing, along with his sisters that he and Whitney had an affair.  He dishonored three women with that admission (even if thru someone else).  His ex wife, Hazel Gordy, whom has never been in the public eye, his present wife and Whitney, just to prove a point to Kevin that Whitney wanted him to leave his then wife for her.  He was calling Whitney a home wrecker.  He said, “I told her, maybe, one day.”  LMAO, if it wasn’t so pitiful.  He must have been (along with Bobby “scrub” Brown and other black men from then and now, jealous of Kevin Costner).  So, it comes out that Whitney was actually singing – ‘Saving All My Love for You’ to Jermaine, and that she has a Jermaine look-a-like in the video.  LOL!  PLEASE man, you treated her as a booty call – and you two barely gazed into each other’s eyes in the dark.  Kevin Costner ain’t worried about your arse.  Your brother Michael is the Brilliant and Gifted one, not you.  Kevin is the Brilliant and Gifted one, not you.

Kevin did a FEATURE FILM with his One True Love - for the entire world to see and connect with.  He looked into her eyes for days.  He recognized, saw and claimed her Soul on a daily basis for six months.  Like she sang – “I can’t run from myself.  There is nowhere to hide.  Your love I remember forever.”  And the WORLD REMEMBERS.  She sang four songs in the movie for Kevin.  Her Soundtrack holds six.  It’s the biggest selling and most loved Soundtrack eva! What you got Jermaine?  LOL!  Your proof that she loved you to pieces consists of a couple of videos where you and she stood there and sang together?  Kevin had her Running to him in a gorgeous flimsy white sheer brilliant thingy, and she was surrounded by Clouds (ironically now in retrospect).  He shared that piece with the world, but don’t get it twisted, for it was and STILL belongs to him.  There is no Frank Farmer.  He is the third producer on the movie.  He is half of the whole of co-stars, and he probably put up some money for the film.  They put up $25M and made $410M.  Wowser!  He could care less about an Academy Award.  Whitney was his Academy Award and vise versa.  LOL!

So sit your jealous self down Jermaine.  You can’t touch Kevin and his accomplishments.  Plus, he was 7 years after you and she did the splits.  It’s like Jermaine threw down the gauntlet to Kevin by declaring that Whitney was in love with him first, and loved him until her passing.  OK, keep thinking she never got over you boy.  Kevin begs to differ.  He knew what they shared.  It lasts an eternity. 

Just like MJ had a black belt, he probably could use a sword also.  Let’s not forget how Kevin threw down in The Bodyguard. He could throw knives, knew Kung-Fu, Kickboxing and Karate – and he had seen that Sumeri movie 62 times – and had swords.  LOL!

You should read some of the comments about these two from all over the net. One person made me laugh by stating – “Move over Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.  Kevin and Whitney are the Best Love Duo ever.”  No one else could have played Frank Farmer but Kevin (Richard Gere & Robert DeNiro may haps in his day).  I don’t care what Kevin said at the funeral about a lot of guys could have played his role, but NOT.  He made that role work.  He was a strong, solid, hard working, sensitive, kind, and brilliant and some more adjectives as a REAL man (Google Whitney interview from Ebony magazine from back then – she gushes about Kevin). 

Back in 1975, Steve McQueen and Diana Ross may have been good in it, but the technology wasn’t there then.  These two were Magic because of Destiny in my most humbled opinion.

Of course, I’m a Romantic at heart, no question.  There is no way that Kevin considered Whitney as his One True Love unless it was reciprocated, balanced and mutual.  The Love itself is what was/is TRUE, because they blended their Soul Energies, and it was reflected in the movie – as it turned out to be a Masterpiece.  They seemed to become one in the energy of Source and Spirit.  Their love for each other included and is reflected by the Unconditional Love of the Divine Essence.  They are then truly the God and Goddess united in the service of the Flame of Divine Unconditional love and its manifestation on the Planet earth.  This is what these two were sent down here to do.  I truly feel that Kevin knows this.  He also knows about the Mind Rape of Whitney, and there was nothing he could do about it.  He mentions the word ANGER soon in his speech.  He knew. 

Anyway, move over MJ.  Kevin Costner is another, “Who’s Bad?”  He gave soooooooo many clues in the 2004 DVD Memories feature, and he was speaking to Whitney throughout the entire thing.  He was quoted back then stating – “There was a method to my madness.”  I guess so.  He said that he fell in love with Whitney back then (1985 – 1988) from watching her videos.  He admitted that a lot of men were in love with her then.  They say even Tupac wanted to get with her – and Princess Diana wanted to do the Bodyguard II. 
ALL HISTORY is a Current Event after all. 

L.O.V.E. will always Conquer – separation, hate, time, space and death.

The Bible References / Re: New blog: For we walk by faith, not by sight
« on: February 14, 2012, 03:38:37 PM »
Happy New Year Everyone,

Souza, God bless you for not deleting my account.  Thank you for that.  This BLOG is outstanding.  God is love and I'm so glad you've come around.  Hopefully, one day soon, there won't be a need for organized religion, just as there is not a need for it now, but if it helps people to know and LOVE God, then I'm all for it.

To be honest, I hadn't accessed this site since right after 11-11-11.  Of course, with the passing of Whitney, I had to check in.  You all do come up with the info.  And may she rest in PEACE - as she is an IMMORTAL SOUL. 

Below is a link I found after reading about the MIND RAPE of Whitney Houston that someone posted on here the other day (thanks to said one).  The link didn't work - so I found it from the Godlike Production website after goggling "Was Whitney murdered?"

The below info is the author's take, which said one has a right to said opinions.  I know in my heart that Michael escaped them.  The author thinks he was killed/murdered.  Many people think that, and some think that he is one of them.  I can see how there would be differing of opinions on this subject, no question. 

What I love about this writer though is that he stresses over and over that, ALTHOUGH MJ WAS MIND CONTROLLED and some more evil stuff, HE STILL SPOKE TRUTH TO POWER AND HE RESISTED.  Ah!  This is why I think he escaped.  He knows what is happening.  The final battle between God and Satan is raging.  MJ knows it, as he has been in the midst of it for decades.  I'm positive he's on God's side (not Lucifer’s).

BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING IN THE END TIMES.  POINT BLANK - PERIOD.  Between reading this person's website over the weekend, my heart became heavy.  I couldn't let it get to me though - as I know I have to stay strong and detached, because I believe in and am praying for ASCENSION, a NEW REALITY, based on UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.  WORD!

Remember, I believe in some things that others don't.

1.  MJ put the video montage for his Memorial together because in it, he was teaching Omer to dance.
2.  MJ on Larry King

And of course some more stuff, but here lately.

3.  Paris tweeting about 11-11-11.
4.  Prince having Alien as his Avatar on his twitter.
5.  Omer and Donte both tweeted the word ASCENSION.
6.  Diana Ross changed into a "Shimmering Cosmic Display, like two galaxies colliding", per reviewer of her concert in Rochester, NY on 9-27.11, the first day of Murray's trial.

In my most humble opinion, they know that the only way out of this hell-hole is Ascension, per Dr. Stankov.  Why would anyone (so-called elites thing that it would be heavenly to dwell underground, as some people think and write about them?)  These would be some real slow-pokes to believe in such arrogance.  First of all, if they all run underground to escape nuclear fall-out, then when will the devils get to come back on top of the earth?  Rolls eyes.  Keep selecting next page on the link, because he starts talking about these sleeping and lost Hip-Hoppers (Lil' Wayne and etc).  He points out that if they think they are going with the elites, and then they are sorely mistaken, because only the Aryans race will be able to venture underground to bases and buildings, grocery stores and malls.  LMAO.  Now, if it was the Inner Earth that would be blissful.  God ain't going to let those sorry devils anywhere near the Inner Earth and that Paradise and Promise like Land.

Anyways, I had to touch bases with you all and especially Souza.  I know some will take it that MJ is really dead.  And if they do, then just give him a shout-out, because he is an IMMORTAL SOUL.  HE IS ALIVE AND WILL LIVE FOREVER (like his Memorial had) LOL!  His tour is called that and his 4-Disc CD = IMMORTAL. 

See the thing is, MJ, Diana and them know the real deal and that is that a RICH man can't get into heaven.  That's where they want to go and dwell and not in no darn underground.  No money or materialism in the 5th Dimension.  They know that, and MJ knows that money is a tool, and as long as he dwells in his physical body on this TOXIC Planet, he will use it for the good and to maintain (live) of course.

Take it easy.

It's Her; I love your latest also.

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If link don't work, google the title and the MJ/DOC Murray stuff is on first page.

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I mean no harm, but some seem to still be at square one.

Is the trial over?  ‘Who Is It’ – that’s up next for the murder of MJ?  Are some still looking for who killed MJ on a hoax site?  Where are some folk’s imaginations?  Why is it so hard for some to believe that MJ is the executive producer and director of a movie?  When one comes from that place, everything else falls into place.

MJ approached Kline, Branca, Dileo, Berry Gordy, et al and told them of his plans.  The same plans he discussed with Geraldo in 2005 as it pertained to his desire in taking film to another level (and some of us know that is anyone could do it – he could).   Why don’t some just fess up and admit that they don’t think MJ is capable of doing what he promised to do?  We have seen him behind the camera so much – even up thru This Is It.  Why don’t some admit that they don’t think MJ is smart enough to pull this thing off just because they can’t imagine it?  They forget how public buildings and such are used in movies ALL OF THE TIME.

He said he had a few surprises.  In 2002, he is on video ranting about Sony, but at the end he says “The best is yet to come.”  In This Is It, he does a scene where he ESCAPES and comes back to life. I mean on and on.

I'd bet big bucks that he had little help in writing the script, since it seems he has planned this for a long time.  I seriously feel as if he planned to hoax his death – NOT BECAUSE HE FEARED FOR HIS LIFE – but because he wanted to take film to a new level – plus he knows that by 12-21-12, many folks will be living on another timeline and in a different reality.  He wants to take the lead in that new reality. He is an AHM.

MJ was not living in that prop house.  He was not taking drugs.  He was planning his movie.  He is not afraid of anyone.  He is Christ Protected.  He is his own ultimate judge.  He knows that he is not hurting anyone as it pertains to him becoming an illusionist thru film.  We live an illusion, as that is what life is.  They could have killed him whilst he was on trial, after the trial, in Ireland, Bahrain and on and on.  After his acquittal, it was game over. 

I believe and know that MJ is the Godfather in ALL things having to do with his name.  See, if some came from that place, they wouldn’t be suspicious of his family members.  Never, never.  He is in charge.  Everything is cleared thru him.  HE IS THE PUPPETMASTER.  And this means that he is controlling Kline, Branca, et al as it pertains to his name and his Estate.  He is paying them to perform in his movie.

MJ is happy folks.  He is not living in hiding.  HIDING FROM WHOM FOR GOD’S sake?  Yes, at one time he feared for his life, but that was BEFORE his trial.  I think it was 2good2betrue that came up with the similarities between MJ’s 2005 trial and This Is It as it pertains to some of the folks that were in the documentary of MJ’s 2005 trial as actors.  MJ thought to himself, ok they are going to do a doc on my 2005 trial, so I’m going to write a script and call it the Doctor Conrad Murray Documentary.  And I’m going to direct it, after all I sing about the doc in my Smooth Criminal video.

MJ has a lot of power.  It is estimated that the Beatles catalog alone is worth in the high billions.  Some wanted his catalog years ago – and still hate that he has it, but he is Christ protected – and he fears no one.  Plus, he is working with rich Arabs on some things – like the EMI purchase.  If he was in danger, his children and family would be too.  He is probably the one negotiating getting Paris on Ellen and acting bits.  Some think for sure that he is responsible for Evan Ross being in the movie industry.  He is NO LONGER afraid for his life.  All of the crime related elements to this story/hoax have been written and planted by MJ.

Some of the ones that are just waking up to MJ being alive are better rounded than many on this website that have been here since the beginning.  And that is a shame.  Bec is one of the main ones that never wonder about things that matter not, because she knows that it all stems from MJ. Most articles that are controversial come from him.  Mentioning the missing handprints is his story. 
Where is SoldierofLove I’ve wondered?  I’ve missed her.  She was one sharp cookie – and of course, Souza is sharp as a razor blade.  Imagine sliding down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol.  LOL!

In other words, although no one can explain why MJ sings about Doc Murray in the Moonwalker Smooth Criminal Video, and why the lady that showed up with Murray at beach was with Blanket and them in Hawaii is the same ACTRESS – and explain away the other 133 plus clues, some still think that nefarious things happened to him.  He had to die of something.  And not only did he wish to highlight how many deaths of those in the entertainment industry (since the twenties and thirties) have been caused by drugs (and other suspicious methods), going wayyyyyyyyyy back, he also wants to highlight what he has always maintained and sang about in Tabloid Junkie – and that is that just because you see it on TV or read it in a magazine – and so on……………. 

I mean, he has had and will continue to have the last laugh at a lot of (punked) people.  Remember, he did not hoax his death for hoaxers.  He did what he did for himself – because he is and has always been – A MASTER OF HIS OWN REALITY AND HAS ALWAYS LIVED IN THE NOW BY CREATING.  He has professed more that once that he loved creating.  He also did it because he felt he was owed it because of how he was MISTREATED BY THOSE IN POWER, I.E, THE COURT SYSTEM, DA’S OFFICE, POLICE DEPARTMENTS – et al. 

Omer was home at Neverland for pity’s sake when over 100 or so police and sheriffs raided his home and destroyed and tore up stuff.  That house was not a mansion.  It was modest, and it was dear to MJ’s and his children’s and family’s hearts – and look what some evil doers did to it.  Omer probably still has nightmares behind that raid.  MJ was praying that he and his friends would come out of that hellish experience ALIVE – and they made it out, but those living quarters would never be welcoming again.  Tsk-tsk!

What I ultimately think he is doing is – keeping his name in the news, because he wants to prove that it matters not how certain people tainted, tarnished and slandered his name, it is still relevant, a money-maker, is related to the uplifting of humanity, peace and love – and always will be.  His growth financially was stunted here in the US because of the false charges.  They tried to send him to prison.  He is still in pay back mode by showing how amazing his gifts were and still are.  Wow – what a glorious day it will be when everyone wakes up and realizes that he is still alive and kicking – and that it was he that graced the stage with Jermaine to announce his own death.  LMBO!  Another GAME OVER moment. rr/

Like the young men (Cali Swag) that remixed – “I Wanna Be Where You Are” stated – “It’s a movie.”  Plain and simple.  If MJ is TS or looks in on this board, he sees that there are not that many of this board that play this game with their imaginations, belief in him, and play it by keeping the dots connected.  He is probably shaking his head.  He is thinking that all of the blatant clues he’s given (like his jumping out of coroners van) are so easily forgotten by the ones that profess to have figured it out.  The Memorial held clues, the staged funeral.  What happens to it all?

Again, and I promise that This Is It for me trying to reach some – IF YOU COME FROM A PLACE THAT MJ IS DIRECTING ALL THINGS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HIM AND HIS NAME & HOAX – THEN EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE.  He is showing how brilliant and masterful he is, and that he knows that time as we know it is running out.  He already lives simultaneously. 

The powers that be know that MJ is alive and is making a movie.  Trust.

I found the video I think below about the Talented Actors.  Bless all of their hearts. 

P.S. - Sorry, but I can't space in between.  Wrote too mcu I guess.


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Well then conclusivemj, you should have posted your last post here right?

It makes no sense to ask you to even look at the 133 clues and then.

One of the greatest posts ever made on here is about a thread of ACTORS.  Someone on here posted a thread over a year ago that showed that practically everyone that was shown at the preliminary hearing up and thru this MOVIE and fake trial are listed in the IMDB (credits) - to include Frank Dileo.

Someone must know waht I'm talking about.  I think there are acouple of videos about it.  I'll have to search for it.

This is an ongoing movie.  The city of LA allowed for the Circus to proceed the Memorial, and they allowed a lot more, because this is a movie.  MJ has been paying a lot of people.

So for those that are trying to tell us knowers to move on.  How dare you?  Just because you are shortsighted with zero imagination and zilch pull and wherewithal on the scale of Michael Jackson to pull this thing off, is your problem.  You move on.


TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI NOVEMBER 30
« on: November 30, 2011, 03:57:09 PM »
IT'S A MOVIE.  A B C. Easy as 1, 2, 3, so simple as Do-Re-Me.  ABC, 123, Life Is a Movie.
Again, look at how many movies have been made.  Why can this one not be a MOVIE? 

I understand some waiting on TS's every word, because I think MJ is performing an ARG, but really.  From the old board, many of us understood this.  What happened?  Why are some still trying to figure out if the man is even alive?  It blows my mind.  I don’t want to try to figure out if the body moved in ambulance, but I’m not knocking TS or the ones that don’t mind it.  I just am on a different level.  As I said before, Omer & Diana convinced me even more that MJ was still kicking and sooooooooooooooooo much more until it is not even funny.

Berry Gordy recently confirmed that he, Smokey and Diana were going to take the lead in getting the STORY of MOTOWN produced as a BROADWAY MUSICAL.  Say what?  This is MJ all the way.  Mr. Gordy was more or less confirming that “yes, my other son – Michael Jackson and Sony Corp are acquiring all of my old Motown songs back under OUR (his, MJ’s, Diana’s, Smokey’s, Stevie’s, et al’ roof), so we can use them in our musical.  WOW!  See what I mean.  This is one is a huge BAM, and Berry and all of them have known since the beginning what MJ has planned.

Some on here and out there are the ones that wish to make it more sinister.  Some just can’t wrap their brains around the fact that hundreds of people can make movies that in some aspects appear real, but not Michael Joe Jackson, one of the most brilliant minds in the last 200 years.  I don’t get it.  Some give him credit for music and art – but not for being a great storyteller, writer, director and producer.  Even though, he has told us out of his own mouth what he is capable of and what he wanted to do in film. 

I suppose some think that we all should just give up, because MJ doesn’t have the next five years to do what he has done.  He said ‘We have four years to get it right.”  Expect him back before 12-21-12, please, because that is what he meant.  He is doing his movie now.  He is buying back Motown’s property now.  Like Omer rapped in - All Around the World – “I’m in it, to win it, I can’t wait.”  MJ didn’t/doesn’t have forever to be about his business bamming as we speak, and always have.  I do understand that when some speak about “Bam” they mean to see him show up in the flesh and shock the world, and I get that.  But MJ’s bamming is also about; His is letting his middle children experience school now.  He has had his older son SHOW PEOPLE THRU VIDEO – WHICH MJ PROBALY DIRECTED – TELL US THAT NOT ONLY IS LIFE A MOVEI, BUT THE ASPECTS OF HIS LIFE AS MJ’S ILLEGITIMATE SON (no abortion) and his LONGLASTING LOVE FOR DIANS ROSS (Ms. Ross – The Boss) also plays out in this Script called life, as it is a dream, an illusion and a game.  GAME OVER@
MJ is a brilliant man with POWER (African King - crowned under a SACRED TREE - which symbolized -THE ESSENCE OF POWER).  Plus he is CHRIST PROTECTED.  TRUST.  He has the wherewithal to see this thru.  Off the top of my head - how about the way the ACTORS were trying to hide MJ with a coat at UCLA?  This is just one DOT.  What happened to it?  Why would folks be trying to hide a due that MJ knew some would pick up and tie it to a HOAX?  His hoax.
It's sad that some are still trying to figure out if Michael is alive.  I think it is a waste of energy.  Those are coming from their negative energy flow.  It saps believer’s energy to keep having to read such things, and this is why I don't read as much anymore on this website.  Not to slight Souza or anyone else.  I appreciate a lot of what is being discussed and certain posters, but others are a drag.  To me, this hurts the UNITY consciousness of the KNOWERS' energy fields.

The reason I say this is that, some things gets lost in the translation.  I don't mean to sound high and mighty or state that I am much more evolved in this thing, and no one else's theory or opinions matter.  On the contrary.  To each its own.  What I'm trying to convey is that, it just rubs me the wrong way to have to wade thru some of the non-believer's dribble.
I love what Souza did on yesterday when shutting down a thread because someone was going on about how MJ had passed and we'd better face it.  LOL!  HA!  HEE-HEE!  I scoff at such theories.  I find it hilarious, so I just told a story, and I'm sorry.  I don't all the time find it sad.  I sometimes find it funny.   I posted in the Guest forum about how important a sense of humor is.
Souza has the patience of Job.  TS does too - although he can afford to.  Souza not only keeps the forum running smoothly, never asks for donations and what not - but still has to babysit grown adults.  I couldn't do it. 
Let me add, that I would be shocked if MJ showed his face today or tomorrow.  I expect him to come back as an Ascended Human Master.  I don't think it is time for him to appear soon, unless.............
Thome-Thome was MJ and was on stage w/big bro Jermaine when he made fake death announcement.  What a coup!  The mysterious T-T.  LMBO about his one.  Why didn't the Jacksons call for his head?  Did he and Jermaine kill off MJ?  I'll bet anyone $500.00 that MJ was Thome-Thome.
 MJ didn't live in that house.  It is a PROP house – and not his style.  Diana moved into a new HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE house a few years ago after moving to LA from Connecticut.   MJ (MAN-HAT-TAN - old man disguise) is probably hiding out there for the most part - and travels at will.  They may be married. That house is too big for just Diana.  Omer allowed a tweet where someone told people that they should watch the Dirty Diana video.

Anyway, I knew to look up the name Omer/Omar two years ago, but kept forgetting to look.
1.    Omer is a derivative name from Omar. 
2.   In Arabic Omar means – (you guessed it) FIRST SON.  MOST HIGH.
There is a video on YouTube about it, but I couldn’t find it, as I am rushing.
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Michael Jackson News / WHO'S BAD! - GAME OVER!
« on: November 18, 2011, 03:37:15 PM »
MJ is the ESTATE.   moonwalk_/

This was a MJ move.  Period!  This is the greatest thing that has happened to him this millennium; other than the fact that because of the HOAX, he could restructure his estate and ensure he holds on to his assets until the 5th World.  LOL!

This Is It!  This is huge.  You wanna know why?  Well, Berry Gordy sold Jobete Publishing to EMI in 1997 (part of it anyway).  MJ almost put in a bid for the 4 straight number 1 hits the Jackson 5 had in a row and his songs as a solo artist, but it didn't pan out.  Of course, the astute amongst us know that it bothered him that he was unable to get those bad boys - so I suspect, he made a vow to himself that one day, he'll be in a position to not only get them, but around 100 Number One Motown Hits (to include everrrrrbody - Diana's, Supremes', et al) - and he claimed/willed it and IT happened.  /bravo/

The man is brilliant, and he prayed that he would bring the Motown hits and songs back HOME. Remember in the movie The Wiz, Diana sings about a place called HOME.  Motown is their family.  MJ's two nephews and a niece by Jermaine are Berry Gordy's grandchildren.  MJ has known and been close to Diana before her oldest child was born, and on the set of the movie the Wiz, he played with her children and watched them and what not.  They love him.  He is like their Stepfather. 

On the Oprah show, I'd bet big money that Diana and her five children were singing 'I Love You' (song she had written for MJ) to MJ and not Oprah.  I mean really!  The children were in the video with Diana - and the boys/sons were not singing.  That would have been too mushy for the boys to be singing to Mike, but I bet them all being in the video was to show love to/for MJ.  The ladies/daughters and Diana were laughing and having fun singing the song.  Out of all of the songs that Diana could have sung to Oprah, why did she choose that one?  Notice that she didn't sing the entire song - because some of the parts wouldn't have fit.  "When you love - you don't count", and so on.  LOL!  They were singing to MJ.

Sony/ATV is MJ.  He could care less about the original recordings to any of the 1.3 million songs they'll pick up to add to the already 750k that Sony/ATV has in its stash.  He wanted the PUBLISHING.  It/publishing should come back over here across the pond to their rightful owners.  WHAT A COUP. 

I know that this woke up and shook up the entire music industry.  Look how far that boy has come from when back in 2002, he was calling Tommy Matolla a devil for how they were trying to put the squeeze on him by not promoting his latest album/CD 'Invincible', which he was so proud of and anxious to put out.  They made him release 'Rock My World' first and so on, and he didn't want to do it, etc.

So again, I LOVE IT!  This is not an Estate move unless one counts MJ as the estate.  MJ is the ONLY ONE that wanted this to happen as it pertains to those Motown songs.  Darn Skippy, this move is a complete TAKEOVER as it pertains to Music Publishing.  This a way, Biopics can be made that would shock the world.  Songs by the original artists would be used with no problems.  Anyone wish to use said songs in commercials, movies, etc would have to pay licensing fees to Sony Music/MJ.  MJ is getting paid all the way round, over and over again.  Again, this move was not about leaving 50% of Sony/ATV to MJ's children (and Diana if something happened - God forbid to Mama Kate).  Those children would never be able to spend all of the money they're estimated to get now, let alone the additional funds this move would make.

This is part of MJ's Master Plan.  This is part of his GAME OVER plan, as it pertains to the Big Payback.  Remember, MJ was pissed about how they/haters/controllers ruined his reputation here in the US especially, and in some quarters, All Around the World.  He hated that people were told filthy lies about him.  Being as astute and brilliant as he is, he knew that hearing and reading such negative things about him would hurt his appeal to the masses as it pertained to his music/art and his legacy.  He is paying folks back for funking up his life in this a way, thereby almost tainting his children's name.  michael-jackson/




GAME OVER!!!!!!! - Now homie has almost revved it up to 1st gear.  Who's BAD?! mj_bad/

"I'm the King of the world.  I feel grand."  That'll do it.  He's been so-called BAMMING all along,, and this one is huge.  TRUST!

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: November 08, 2011, 03:51:07 PM »
Well -well.  See!  LOL that Murray will be locked up away from other prisoners.   lolol/

I refuse to watch any TV coverage.  When I want to catch up, I come here.  I can't even go to Lipstick Alley and other boards - because those people just don't get it.  Great points made by a lot of you.  Sadly, there are a few laggards that are still trying to figure out of MJ is alive or not for God sakes.  'What Will It Take?'  For those ones even if MJ came back, they'd need a dna test. 

DOC Murray was acting like the character in “To Kill a Mockingbird” = MJ.  He represents MJ and all other black mean that were falsely accused and the hundreds that were hung from trees.  No one knows if that is truly a real person’s face.  Let’s not forget “Ghosts.”  MJ played the Mayor and no one knew it until…………………………..  I say this to say that the pics we have seen of Murray were planted, and he could be made up so that MJ can also be made up with the same face.  MJ is an expert now on make-up and masks compared to when he did Ghosts. 

Remember the young lady that was with him on the beach is the same one (actress) that was with Blanket and them last summer in so-called Hawaii (Wonderland)?  LOL!  So in other words, this man – DOC Murray was probably made up – and at times it is MJ himself.  Just because we’re shown pics of Murray walking down the street doesn’t means that it was happening in real time.  Most of the video we got of Murray was taken by NPG/TMZ.  They are the only ones that can swear by dates and times – and they can be manipulated. 

This means that MJ could have been made up to look like Murray and was seen walking around wearing stilts – and especially that day that he was walking – and the way he was swinging his arms reminded some of MJ.  Does anyone remember the video of Murray walking and swinging his arms just like MJ used to do?  I knew then that if that wasn’t MJ in stilts.  Not only that though, but with certain cameras and shots, one can surely make the person captured appear to be taller – no?
MJ also sang about DOC Murray in his Moonwalker Smooth Criminal video and song.  What are the odds?  One should read up on Serenitys_Dream take about this fact.

I love the below video.  When MJ jumped on that SUV, I was like – you go boy.  He seemed very strong.  So when I want him to touch my heart I watch it.  The Nancy Graces of the world hated him for this.  Many folks cracked on him for doing this.  Too bad!  MJ knew he was innocent – and I truly believe God and/or his Angel informed him that he was not going to be found guilty.  These rabid and evil haters wanted to lock him up, thrown away the key and to steal his fortune to include Neverland that is rumored to have oil on premises.

Let me give one of my insights right here.  MJ could care less about material goods in the long run.  He knows, like I hope we all do that – we can’t take them with us when we pass on.  The thing is many of us won’t be passing on thru death but thru Ascension.  There it’ll be the same thing.  No materialism.  No money.  No this and no that will be in the 5th World – 5th Dimension.  MICHAEL JACKSON COULD CARE LESS ABOUT MATERIAL GOODS.  He knows what is up.  He has already given up all of his worldly goods in his mind because HE THINKS MULTIDEMISIONALLY.  He doesn’t’ think like most human beings.  He already knows the truth as his children and loved ones know the truth.  Paris - tweeting about 11/11 Prince - Avatar = Alien on Twitter page.  Omer - one word in CAPS = ASCENSION.  Donte - Tumblr page (My God) & Diana wearing a (Shimmering - word used by writer) Cosmic gown that looked like two galaxies colliding at a recent concert.  Why who told her to wear that I wonder?  Who did she ask to sew it up for her?  LOL!  Pretty significant to me.  Pretty telling.  Pretty interesting.  Pretty spot on - and on and on.  No coincidences. 
I figured that MJ had gathered them all (different times I’m sure) to include, Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson (Motown Family - he loves very much) - and a few others that spoke at his Memorial.  MJ paid for David Ruffin's and Marvin Gaye's funerals.  He's met them at nine years old.  I remember Eddie Kendrick (Temptations) once wrote about how Michael used to ask him questions, and one day he was playing something on the piano - and then he said Mike was like - "oh I see, move over."  Eddie said MJ knew what came next and just took over.  He said MJ was super quick when it came to things like that.  He just knew.  It was like he didn't have to study.  I think he is an Old Soul.  Many of the Motown people referred to him as such.  He was always a knower.  He had SWAG too at ten years old to see the way he was macking on Diana back then.  LOL!  He had more swag than Jackie did back then.
This is another reason I used to and sort of still shake my head at some people (and I don’t mean only on here) when they made out like the Jacksons were going after MJ’s fortune and that is all they wanted.  Hello.  Wake up!  The Jacksons also know what is up – and that there is no materialism in the 5th world.  Heck, please read Dr. Stankov’s book The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction – and you’ll learn that the hell planet B (remaining planet after the spilt) will be hell on earth in more ways than one.  No communication folks.  No phones.  No internet.  No TVs.  No infrastructure.  The density of the remaining planer B won’t be able to supply such things because the remaining earth grid will change and so on.  So what will even left for the ones remaining on the catastrophic earth?  Nothing, but evil and further decay and debasement.  People killing and eating each other to survive and so on.  Surely, some don’t want to read such things – but you must wake up and take off those rose colored glasses.  Those days are over.  This is what Michael wanted us to learn.  He wants us to wake up, be alert and aware and choose wisely.  Paradise or hell (like all religious books inferred when speaking about Heaven and hell). 

I think he is an Ascended Human Master (even if only in spirit)  – and he will be in the first group of AHMs to come before humanity to explains to us what is up and what was up for the last umpteen thousand years.  He is going to live up to his calling – no question – and he’ll help to guide us to the light.  We’ll see him again.  Give him time.  Wow – if one were to believe Stankov – the MOON WAS TAKEN OVER BY THE FORCES OF LIGHT TWO YEARS AGO.  Say what?!!!!!!!!  Hmmmmmmm.  MJ had to have a reason to have called his book Moonwalker.  You been walking on the moon MJ?  Omer/Obee sung in Red Nikes – “No one is close to him.  He’s on another planet.”  I’m open to believing in anything that sounds true to me – although I’m not saying that I believe everything.  I just store it in my computer brain and pull it back up for reference/fact/truth or speculation as needed.  I could also add wonderment, supposition and a bunch of more adjectives.  All I know is that I fell in love with MJ when he was 9 years old because of his angel voice and his charm.  I’ve prayed a lot lately that he is still in love with God – and it seems that all my dreams are still true.
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P.S. – I love the below piece – and the excerpts below stand out and remind me of what MJ has always tried to do and that was to wake and guide us to the LIGHT.  INFORMATION = LIGHT.  LIGHT = TRUTH.  TRUTH = GOD.  GOD = LOVE. 
FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.  That’s what this trial and MJ’S in 2005 was ALL about.  It was incredulous that those people/clowns brought such falsified evidence up against MJ and made it appear real.  We knew it could be done, but the evil minds that ensured they did it were just……………. 
I remember Donte posted something along the lines that we should not hate the ones that commit evil.  (Of course, I’ve known that all along, but it is so refreshing to see the young ones MJ’s relatives – lol – they may be good old Star Seeds) say as much.  He said that - one should just be glad that one’s not like that.  And while it sounds nice to say that we should love everyone, no one deserves our love unconditionally on 3-D earth.   We have been too busy learning the lesson that we need to love and forgive ourselves unconditionally before that can be afforded anyone else, and so be it and “Let it Be”, it’ll be par for the course in 5-D. 
Below is a great piece by an Apache Shaman from the 1920s.  The below quotes from Part II could easily be applied to Michael.

"If a man could make the right choices," he said, "then he could significantly alter the course of the possible future. No man, then, should feel insignificant, for it only takes one man to alter the consciousness of mankind through the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things. In essence, one thought influences another, then another, until the thought is made manifest throughout all of Creation. It is the same thought, the same force, that causes an entire flock of birds to change course, as the flock then has one mind."

Grandfather then spoke. "Who are these people; who is this boy? What did they work for and what were their hopes, dreams and visions? Did they just work physically or did they work for the things beyond the flesh, for a grander purpose? Certainly they affected the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things, but did they really work to the best of their ability to make things better for the future of their grandchildren, or did they do nothing other than to perpetuate the myth of society? Were they happy, joyous and filled with spiritual rapture, or did they just lead lives of labour and mediocrity? And did this boy live close to the Earth and the Creator, or did he just give up his youth, his sense of adventure, to toil, as did his parents and their parents before them? This boy was exactly your age, and I suspect he had hopes and dreams much like yours. But this is his legacy, lying in a forgotten grave."

"But, Grandfather," I said, "isn't it enough just to be happy and live your life fully?

After a long moment of silence, Grandfather answered. "It is not enough that man be just happy in the flesh, but he must also be happy and joyous in spirit. For without spiritual happiness and rapture, life is shallow. Without seeking the things of the Spirit, life is half lived and empty. And by spiritual life I do not mean just setting aside one hour of one day of one week for worship, but to seek the things of the spirit every moment of every day. I ask you, then: What did these people do to seek spiritual enlightenment and rapture? Did they just give in to a life that was little more than work? They were given a choice every day of their lives-as you will be given a choice to seek the rapture of the Spirit or to resign yourselves to a life of meaningless work. The end result is always the same: forgotten graves and forgotten dreams of forgotten people. It is not important that anyone notice or remember, but that you work to touch God and affect in a positive way the consciousness of the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things, thus bringing the consciousness of man closer to the Creator."

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Everyone, I know MJ has been cited for calling propofol his Jesus Juice (something he put out there evidently), but below is what it probably truly is related to.  Remember, this story is fake.  MJ had to die of something, and he knew that the more outrageous the story (or any story) relating to him was, would be the most believable to some.  They thought him a freak, eccentric, looney toons et al.
He was amazed that people would believe all of those tabloid stories about him without any fact checking/researching.  He couldn't conceive it.  And how the media lied on him during the 2005 trial was appalling and a crying shame (and some more adjectives).  On some levels it bothered him, but at some point, he decided that he would use it for fodder/background to tell several unbelivable stories about and attributed to himself.  He is the writer/author, director, executive producer, victim and some more stuff having to do with this Michael Jackson story. 
The more outrageous the stories/lies about him were/are - the better, because that was the way folks identified with him.  So he said, I show them - and that is what he is doing now.  He planted a lot of these stories about himslf thru some of the so-called shady characters that have been quoted in the press, written about in the press and now with the witnesses and such in this farce of a trial.  LOL!
By the way, Diana was dressed in garb that looked like two galaxies colliding on a recent tour stop which IMO has to do with the below.  Matter of fact, there are a lot of things MJ was about in This Is It - since then and back in the past that was very COSMIC.
Please delete if duplicate posts.
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TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: It's A Movie
« on: October 20, 2011, 03:27:16 PM »
Everyone, my thing is to me, this still reads and rings just like a movie.  Just think about the thousands of movies that have been produced.  Even TV shows, i.e., weekly dramas, as they have a script that tells a story.  It has a beginning, middle and ending, unless the end keeps people hanging.  Most are fiction based.

This one may end up being "like a dream sequence" like the TV show Dallas ended up doing when the viewers/fans wanted Bobby back.  Jermaine claimed a dream he kept having about MJ took him and his bros to Forest Glen/Lawn at the end of the Jackson Family Dynasty show.  LOL!

Now since this is a movie/DOC/ARG/expose type of thing, a script can easily be explained by the scripter.  Only said one has all of the answers.  Most movies are fiction, and of course some are based on true stories.  I find this one to be based on such - and it has its humorous side.  MJ is doing/creating many things with thisun'.  He's got it covered, because he is so brilliant, special and some more stuff.

I haven't been watching the trial or any of the after shows.  I wished I would give the Nancy Grace's of the world the time of day.  I do appreciate catching up here with what some are conveying.  Thanks for this thread.  Souza always thinks of everything.  I think TS = The Source.  I thought it back on old board.  Where are we all from?  THE SOURCE.

By the way, I agree with Souza and the like that wondered that since this is a movie (The Conrad Murray Documentary - Director Michael Jackson - remember this was how it was listed in the IMDB at one time), then there sure doesn't have to be a real jury.  And please, if MJ had really passed Mrs. Jackson wouldn't have missed a couple of days to go to a tribute.  LOL!  That doesn't even make sense.  Diana Ross wouldn't have been able to perform either.  Smokey reads her letter about Michael at the Memorial - and she says - "Michael was a personal love of mine.  I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jackson for sharing Michael with the world and with me."  Huh?  With me?  She should have just said - sharing him with the world.  You're part of the world Diana.  LOL!  So, DOC Murray on trial for killing her baby - and she can still stand and sing strong on the 1st day of trial - and the rest of week.  I don't think so!  Omer would have taken his little short karate kicking self down there to that courtroom too for some REVENGE.  LOL!  I tell ya!  I said all of this to say that, they know where MJ is and he is not in no tomb.

Now this may be farfetched, but remember when they showed MJ's parents for this bogus trial wearing the same clothes (blue suit Mama Jackson and Papa Joe also wearing the same clothes) from five years ago?  How do we not know that we weren't being fed the same video from 5 years ago?  With today's technology (we are all holograms by the way - and supposedly on the New Earth we'll be avatars) anything is possible.  MJ was ready, willing and able and had the wherewithal to pull this thing off.  Wouldn't that be something? 

Because his parents are older, they would just look like his parents and not like five years older.  Most wouldn't have been paying attention to them like some of us that did follow the 2005 trial (and I did).  In other words, MJ and others could have been spliced out of the manipulated video from 2005 - and he could have fed it to us like it was his parents in real time.  Matter-of-fact, a lot of this could have already been recorded just like this and the other day.  LOL!  Also, Murray could be computer generated at times, just like anyone else could, and faces could be superimposed, etc.  I mean, there is so much innovated technology out there until it is not even funny, and I probably am not explaining it right - but some get where I'm coming from. 

I still say that the four years to get it right (when he said it - it probably was in 2008) is our Redemption - which is Ascension.  MJ and the Blue Eye pic = the Blue Star (Eye of God) Kachina according to the Hopi.  I think those pics are recent.  Seeing MJ is alive (but can ascend at anytime), why wouldn't he take some up to date pics (for message and hoax purposes)?

Here's my thing, when someone is filming a picture/movie, said one can take so many liberties - as it is said one's vision.  We know that MJ is a Visionary that won't quit, and so since in the fifth dimension, there is only "NOW", then that means that what one imagines will be realized immediately.  Doesn't this sound like MJ?  He has always been like that, because he is so gifted and talented.  He admitted that he is obsessed with creating.  He's always known that he was the Master of his OWN REALITY - and that that is how it will be for all that are AWAKE in the near and not so distant future.  Of course, for some, they got it like that now.  Namely, Michael J. Jackson.

I won't get hung up on anything concerning this trial, and especially for the things that don't add up.  I chalk it all up to it being a movie (and some MJ magic) - and therefore just like everyday life, "it's all an illusion."  "Fame - fortune, they are all illusions."  (MJ/Scarecrow (garbage in - garbage out) from the movie - The Wiz)

'Cause who is to say that that so-called doctor that claimed he gave MJ propofol back in the nineties is for real.  Are you kidding me?  That is bull crapola.  That man could have gotten paid for selling that sorry story - but because MJ paid him to say it, it's all good.  MJ is paying a lot of people/actors/actresses, et al.  I think that many are doing it because they are in awe of him and his creativity.  They can see and feel his light and aura. 

Let's not forget that MJ is also punking those that have always believed the worse of him because it was in print or on one of those talkin' head shows.  Those folks aren't journalists.  I mean really!  MJ read thousands of books they say - and had a library at his home for thousands of more.  Yet these folks are more intellectual than him?  NOT!

Please don't ever forget that MJ is/was not doing (all he has ever done) this just for hoaxers.  "Let's Get Serious."  Many people (fans and non-fans alike) watched 'This Is It.’ Newsflash to some - but he didn't make that movie ONLY for hoaxers.  He was trying to reach a more global audience.  He knew he had the pull/essence to do so.  He wants the global community to wake up so that they can experience Ascension.  No one can convince me otherwise.  Plus he wanted us to "discover the man we never knew" and some more stuff - like connecting back with Mother Earth (GAIA) and The Source - God.

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No problem Don'twalkaway.  Sharing is one of the reasons we are here.  I love this MAN'S LAUGHTER trial.  Good one Souza.

"Let the sunshine (Light) in - deed."

I think Michael has known of a lot of future events that some of us have recently started learning about.  For instance, in my opinion when he sang about "making the world a better place by healing it (Earth)", I think he meant as it pertained to this one and the next one.

Interesting piece below.

[blink]Why the Moon Must be Removed[/blink]

"I have left one very important aspect of the magnetic pole shift for the end. The moon, as some may know, is an artificial satellite and has been placed by the Anunnaki in orbit as to create dark negative energies and increase the density of our planet. It has a very negative overall impact on the human ethereal fields and influence to a large extent the functioning of the three lower chakras, which are responsible for the human sexual, carnal, and other compulsive actions. Most of the human karma on this planet has been engendered by the three lower chakras of the incarnated entities. All wars, atrocities, and other crimes are driven by the energies of the lower human chakras.

In the past, the Orion Empire had huge bases on the moon, from where it controlled earth and humanity. These bases were taken over by the Forces of Light two years ago, as I have written in my essay "Why the Many Delays in the Ascension Scenario"   For this reason, the moon must be removed from the earth's orbit, when the magnetic pole shift has taken place. This artificial satellite of the Dark Forces no longer comply with the harmonious high frequency energies from the 4th and 5th dimensions that will flood earth after the shift. This operation is also necessary, as otherwise the new vertical position of the planet's axis with respect to the sun`s plane could not be established and maintained.

Now, brethren, all these deep surgical and cosmetic operations of the earth`s crust of truly cosmic proportions will take place in the course of this year. If you were so emotionally stirred by the small comet Elenin and its association with one of the many mother ships of the GF that are positioned around our planet, how would your react to these apocalyptic news?

Therefore I ask you to join my opinion that, notwithstanding these cataclysmic events, the First Wave of Ascended human Masters will be the actual key event for humanity that  will show the way how to overcome the physical calamities and proceed indomitably on the way to mass Ascension. And please do not commence to ponder and quarrel about which changes will come first, and what part of the globe will be more devastated, as you have done extensively with such trivialities as the comet Elenin. Think instead about your redemption, which is Ascension."

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P.S. - Diane Ross is performing (touring) all over the US here lately.  Last week she sang her heart out the night of the first day of the trial.  NOT!  Anyway, one writer reviewed her concert and mentioned that her last costume change was very Cosmic, as it simulated two galaxies colliding.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  MANHATTAN huh?


Wow Souza, I hear 'ya.  Great going.  I agree with some of what you explore.  There is so much that could be said about MJ.  I think it is simple though, and I mentioned it when I posted under the guest forum and will reiterate below.  MJ wants us to become an ascended, fully conscious Being of Light.  He was telling us over the years that it (LOVE) was always within us.

In my estimation, MJ has ASCENDED.  He knows what it is like.  He is enlightened.  He is gifted - for sure.  I think he decided to stay on earth to guide others to the "LIGHT."  This is why I've always called him Brilliant.  His light has always shined - and in many instances has outshined others.  This is one of the reasons I've always spoken up for his family members.  They know that he is gifted - and that he has always been.  He is a part of them.  They are his root.  Others came in and tried to sever that root for all times - but it didn't work.  I remember Papa Joe declaring that Mrs. Jackson was like Michael (God loving and fearing) on a TV shows earlier this year.  MJ said himself that he wanted to be Christlike.  I think he got his ultimate wish and gift.  And he still walks among us.

I like the piece below - because like many believe Jesus/Esu (he is known by a few names) is an Ascended Master and faked his death.  I think that is what MJ is.  Think Teddy Riley.  Think GAME OVER (MASTER).  Think Obee rapping that he was on another planet in Red Nikes.  MJ can go there, but again, I think he is still here.  They just happen to know that he can ascend at any time.  They love him so much for sticking around.

When some say that he is Archangel Michael - I think what they are really saying is that he is Jesus like.  He's ascended and has seen a light that most of us haven't yet seen.  MJ is trying to wake us up so that we won't miss that ride on the Mothership when those not living in fear will arrive in the same light that he can see and visit at any time.  I said it before, thus the four years to get it right.  Omer recently posted the word - ASCENSION - in capital letters.  It is the secret to immortality.  Some know how I feel about him.  That gives me even more hope for MJ and all of our futures.  I love him even more.  Thanks Omer/Obee.  This lets me know that he is telling the world that that word is the key - or will be in the very near future.  Finally!  Wow! 

I still say that MJ got all of his family members together and they all are enlightened to the above and on some of the below.  We have read and viewed some examples by some of his relatives.

P.S. - I see MJ is walking in full stride like only he can with this REVEALING/HOAX/DOC/ARG/MOVIE.  Hee!  See, not only is 'Life Is A Movie' - because of the illusion and duality whilst living on earth - but it is proven to be so if for no other reason that that there is such a thing as Time Travel.  For instance, one can be teleported back to the 1800s for an example - and one would actually be seeing how it was in real time for them back then.  If that doesn't prove that everything (HIStory) has already been written for this script/book/movie of a thing called life for over 25,500 years, then I don't know what will.  What MJ and them know what's up and has shared is that "Soon, very soon, we're going to see the King" and a new REALITY (Film) of living in the now with US and the UNIVERSE and GOD.

Starrgram 23
Jesus formed an Earth plane projection on November 16th, translated calendar time. Jesus was a Scorpio in astrophysical frequency.

Every Solar System which has reached development has a family of twelve Planets. Not all Planets have an ordinary Matter Substance outer projection. Every Planet has a fifth dimensional administration and population. Some Planets also have the responsibility of root races evolving within their fifth dimension.

On only a very few, and only very occasionally, some also have had the responsibility of a time line precipitated within their third and fourth dimensional matrixes. On only a relatively small number of those has a higher consciousness also projected into the time line.

At a point in the history of every fifth dimensional Planetary root race evolution, a Paradisiacal Christ Being enters the evolutionary ranks to reveal to the current root race their true status as eternal Christed beings. The Christ bestower is known as their Christ and teaches and exemplifies what they are to become and how to become it.

This is the point at which an Ascendant evolution is made aware of their true heritage as Christed Beings in preparation for their next stage of advancement to the seventh dimension in order to fulfill it.

The Christ bestowal is always in the fifth dimension and is always for the full term of a properly conducted nine hundred to a thousand years avatar incarnation period as related to your Earth example.

In one and only one bestowal within the entire history of a Local Universe, the Local Universe Creative Son/Daughter does the bestowal, an integral part and parcel of his/her own experiential expansion.

On Earth, the bestowal was undertaken by Christ Michael Him/Herself as part of His/Herself's experiential learning and for things to come in the new Creation. The Earth bestowal was also unusual in that it was conducted not in the Planetary fifth dimension but in the Planetary time line as that was where you were at the time. The first such bestowal ever undertaken in all of Creation.

During the bestowal, the Son aspect was given the Earth name Jesus of Nazareth. The Daughter aspect was given the Earth name Mary Magdalene.

Jesus and Mary were the joined one hundred and ninety ninth Male/Female Ovarian Soul Atom/Atum of Christ Michael, walking as a Soul Mate pair within the third dimension. Who had undergone special preparations for their responsibility starting two hundred and fifty million years ago. The Taikoteans were the first of the twelve root races to undergo evolution in Earth's fifth dimension. Jesus/Mary were the first of the Taikoteans to complete the evolution.

During the bestowal, as the single Ovarian Atom which can represent the Whole Soul Atom, the entirety of Christ Michael's seventh dimensional Whole Soul consciousness as his/her Local Universe's Creator Son/Daughter was embodied within the combined consciousnesses of their Jesus and Mary projections.  Jesus carried all of the outer aspects of the bestowal responsibility. Mary carried mainly an inner responsibility.

One of the main outer related tasks before Jesus was to translate your Mentallized Illusion precepts about death.

Death in the animal kingdom is a given part of the animal matrixes of life. There is not a Soul Atom component. The life animus of the animal kingdom is carried through their inner matrix by impulse from the Planet Celestials, just as your outer ego awareness is from your outer matrix by impulse from your Soul Atom self in residence.

Life for you on the other hand is in no way contingent upon death. You experience rude death in your present predicament only as a consequence of the lesser conditions you inherited from the animal kingdom which you inadvertently took on when going in there. It continues only because you continue to accept death as inevitable.

Make no mistake about it, Christ went to great moment two thousand years ago to make it absolutely clear that death is not the death of your incarnating Soul Atom. Just the discontinuing of your Soul Atom's current outer plane projection. Once brought forth from Alpha and Omega, Soul Atoms are forever.

You experience three crosses of relevancy. A 'Cross of Power', a 'Cross of Shame', and a version of the Cross of Power perverted by the Romans into a 'Cross of Death'.

A properly configured Cross of Power implies a properly configured outer projection. A properly configured outer projection implies living nine hundred to a thousand years. At the end of the incarnation period your outer projection is gracefully discarded. The Cross of Power represents life.

If you die instead of conventional old age, then clearly you did not come into proper alignment with your Cross of Power during your lifetime. If such a death, you wear your shame bare faced upon your sleeve. What you think typically as death is called, death upon the 'Cross of Shame'.

The 'Cross of Death' was a perverted version of the 'Cross of Power', used as a malpractice death instrument by the Romans for forcing your Soul Atom out of your projection before its time. The same is true for Earth plane capital punishments of today. They are a severe malpractice and not sanctioned.

During the many years of his youth, Jesus's whereabouts were completely unknown to family and friends. In actuality his time was spent journeying through the Arab countries of the Middle East, the countries ringing the Mediterranean, and through India. He traveled to investigate the understandings of the regions, make contacts, and undergo his outer consciousness purgings.

When Jesus finally cleared his carnality in the Temple of the Hieroglyph in the Great Pyramid, which had been prepared for the purpose nearly ten thousand years earlier by the positive Sons of the Solitude during Atlantis, he re-appeared at the age of thirty in Bethlehem ready to implement the outer portion of his bestowal responsibility.

Jesus gathered his twelve Brides of Christ and twelve Male Disciples. The twelve males and twelve females respectively held the fields for the twelve astrophysical frequencies in both male and female mode at the higher frequencies. The fields surrounded the entourage as they moved about to help in the translation of the masses. Jesus taught for three years before undergoing transfiguration on the mount at the age of thirty three.

Because he had become properly aligned, Jesus could have remained in his projection for a thousand years as the Planetary Christ. To show the fact of the death illusion in a surely demonstrative way however, Jesus had agreed that he would instead undergo an untimely death on the Cross of Shame even though he in no way otherwise needed to.

He was to have died around the age of ninety-five. He was to have resurrected after three days. He was then to have walked among you as your Dispensary Christ for the next nine hundred years. The death lie revealed would have been self destroyed once and for all. The Adamic race at large would have been introduced to the principles of Christ, which they are just beginning to now.

Coming into the time of the Crucifixion, Christ had become the distrust of the Pharisees because he did not purvey in the manner of the self appointed administers of spiritual truth at the time. It is only religious precept which views spiritual leadership as sombre robes speaking in sombre tones.

Jesus was an unrelenting Christ firebrand who was very positive in his expression and very loud about it. Which is why so many people had so much trouble accepting his Divinity at the time. Who expected someone with piety dripping from their pores.

The Caesar side was similarly concerned about tax issues surrounding his ministry. An awareness of plots to engineer a crucifixion had begun to emerge through the inner dimensional factors being monitored from on high.

When the plots against him began to become a serious possibility, Jesus agreed that should it come to pass he would undergo the much more unsavory death of crucifixion upon the Cross of Death instead. He would still resurrect anyway, the job still done from all other points of view.

If so however, you would become the sorry loser for incurring the extremely negative backlash imbalances such an unharmonious ejection from his outer projection would impose upon his massive connections upstairs.

As the continuing Local Universe's Creator Son/Daughter life line during the incarnation as their Whole Soul Atom's proxy in their projection, the whole of their Local Universe's life stream had been passing through Jesus and Mary Magdalene's consciousness as they walked about. Another part of the miracle of their birth, all done to lay the foundation stone for the greater things to come in the new Creation.

The original plan could not be continued if Jesus were to die by force. Given the high magnitude of Jesus' and Mary's connections to the mammoth links upstairs, the links would collapse leaving the rest of their Local Universe cut off from its lifestream.

Therefore, if rudely ejected from his projection, Jesus would not be able to remain for the duration of his nine hundred year planetary walk and all potential losses and consequences would befall there from upon you.

From the cosmic point of view Jesus had already accomplished nearly all things on his plate in the greater picture once he had transfigured.

He had taken away the sins of the world by giving three simple laws to live by in the living of which sin would be unknown. Namely, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', 'Love your Father and Your Mother with all your heart and all your might', and 'Love one another and serve one another as I have loved and served you'.

He had also brought to an official end Lucifer's self will rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus by decree on the mount. Stating, 'Satan get thee behind me'. An edict which went out across the thousand galaxies of the Local Universe. All the more telling because it came from his simple Earth plane projection and not from his seat on high.

Jesus had also qualified as test driver the sanctified Human bodies introduced into the Earth plane evolutionary time line by Adam and Eve twenty four thousand years earlier. Not only by having successfully established an earth plane projection at birth capable of withstanding the unprecedented pressures of bringing into its upper matrix all of his Triune Being capabilities as dispensary Christ, but also by maintaining his full functioning consciousness as the Creator Son of his whole Local Universe while in the lower dimensional outer mode projection. And also by successfully achieving the re-alignment called transfiguration.

Most importantly, at the beginning of the Piscean dispensation, he had successfully anchored into Earth's dimensional matrixes the higher Energy interdimensional factors for the great Cosmic Plan of the Creators to come such that both the Planet and evolution would be able to handle the extraordinarily intense high frequency inductional Energies starting to come in now.

From your point of view, whichever way Christ chose to demonstrate the fact of resurrection would have been the same difference. Except that in the case of death forced upon him, you would no longer have a Dispensary Christ in your midst for the next nine hundred years.

You would also call rude death upon your heads in unprecedented number through the colossal Nplus static which would result in your consciousnesses when the great frequency links to Michael's seat in the seventh dimension would gyrate and backlash in the effort to keep him higher connected through the appallingly abrupt lower frequency disconnections.

Which you did, and which did occur. And which rude death you have had over the last two thousand years in the hundreds and hundreds of millions through wars, pestilence, and genocide. You were the fashioner of your own ill fate.

It is also to your undying shame that they are the only recipient in all of Creation to have ever crucified your Christ. The Planetary Soul Atom/Atum also bears the shame and the Universe knows its travail.

Just before the Crucifixion, an effort was made by the higher powers to try and reverse the negative flow of static which was rising as a tide of resentment against Christ. Through his Reality Atom, Judas Iscariot was asked to betray Christ.

Jesus was arranged to meet the Romans in The Garden of Gethsemane. The Garden was surrounded by a protective shield. When Jesus was to be pointed out to the Roman guards, he was to have stepped forward into their custody. The higher energies would have flowed from him and his group to the guards through their rod/staff extensions, and through the guards into the masses through their rod/staff extensions in a continuing positive direction.

Peter was part of the group in the gathering. Peter's acceptance in consciousness that Jesus was indeed the Christ of prophecy was the rock upon which the kingdom was founded. Peter the guy was not the rock. Peter was the first of all to truly believe in his heart that Jesus was the true Christ of prophesy. No small feat given the fears, pre-conceptions, and congested states of consciousness at the time.

Though well cued in advance that undo fussings might ensue, Peter succumbed to ire and smote a guard's ear. The action breached the field and Jesus was seized in anger instead. The flow through the group's rods became  reversed and remained negative.

Pontius Pilot could have reversed the flow back to positive by exonerating Jesus. He chose instead to beg neutrality, allowing the flow to continue unabated and to magnify. Because free will cannot be usurped no matter the consequence, Jesus' fate was accepted.

Jesus did not die on the cross. He was still alive when they took him down. The authorities said nothing else it would have revealed his greater nature who had expected him to die within the first half day or so. Jesus officially left his projection in the cave later in preparation for undergoing his resurrection into a fully configured fifth dimensional Being of Morontia Substance through frequency assistance from Mary Magdalene. Who remained outside the cave throughout the three day proceedings.

It is a point to remember that the onus of blame should not be put on Pilot, Peter, members of the Sanhedrin, or anyone else individually. Judas Iscariot should not be scapegoat for only doing what he was asked to do in Reality. He did not suspect there could be a crucifixion, he thought he was turning Jesus over to the tax collectors.

The point to remember also is that no one had any more blame for what happened than anybody else. Your non-acceptance in your mass consciousness of the full Christ frequency Jesus was carrying was the problem. Which provided optimum conduit for the negative intelligences in the background to interfere, who did not want to see Christ's successes end their illusionary 'fools in paradise' existence once and for all.

Peter could have chosen a less temperate action to be sure. Pontius Pilot could have shown more jurisprudence. You could have paid a lot closer attention to the mighty urgings of your inner Realities, which had been raising up a cacophony of attention in the presence of the Christ opportunity before you.

Your outer consciousness conditions had not yet been properly cleared enough though, given the very short time in which Jesus had been working with the Apostles and in that these things take time, even for the most ardent. It was your general non acceptance of Jesus as Christ in your midst which provided the conduit for the negatives. Not anything anyone in particular did or did not do.

The inner action of Christ's bestowal was all but fully successful. In the outer action of the bestowal, the original hope had been to at least gain a toe hold against the prevailing negative conditions, which it had. So in the end result the crucifixion was allowed to go ahead.

Following the crucifixion, Jesus successfully resurrected, proving to finality your mentallized illusions about death and proving to finality the capability of the new outer projection physical body to handle the full transmutation of ordinary Matter Substance into the higher frequencies of Morontia. A miracle of miracles in its own right and such capability to become ingredient in the things to come in the new Creation.

Following the crucifixion and after the resurrection, Jesus continued to work for nearly forty years in the fifth dimension while his mammoth disrupted frequency links quietly underwent re-configuration to back upstairs. He projected in visibility from time to time to your third dimensional awareness in places all around the Planet by lowering his frequency of visibility to the third dimensional band of light.

Throughout the bestowal, including the forty years following the resurrection, the full Triune capacity of the Creators was upheld by a triune hook up of John the Divine who stood at the right side of Christ, John the Baptist who stood at the left side of Christ, and Jesus and Mary themselves as Christ in the middle.

John the Divine upheld the Intelligence factor of the Father, John the Baptist upheld the Substance factor of the Mother, and Jesus and Mary stood together as the Christ Energy Factor of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. After the death of John the Baptist, James the brother of Jesus stood in as proxy.

John the Divine was asked to incarnate a century later as the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurilius to try and help steer Rome into a more positive direction. Through his inner action he is regarded as one of the greatest emperors in Roman history and is numbered among the five good emperors.

He also stands out as one of the greatest intellectual rulers in Western Civilization. He was impressed with a firm desire for peace which manifested itself in prolific philosophic and poetic writings which he quietly handed out to trusted friends and allies within the Roman Senate.

In his domestic policy, he was a champion of the poor for whom he founded schools, orphanages, hospitals, and alleviated the burden of taxes. He also tried to humanize criminal laws and the treatment of slaves by their masters. He was also particularly concerned with public welfare and even sold off most of his personal possessions to try and lessen the effects of famine and plague in the empire.

Through outer consciousness acquired conditions of the Roman State on the other hand, John the Divine, who had been undergoing grooming to become a positive Son of  the Solitude in Atlantis before being taken out of his outer projection by an untimely archaeological mishap, had been forced to hide his spirituality for the most part at the risk of instant death. Who came to relish the coliseum and did not dispose well towards Christians.

Such are the risks undertaken by you anytime in an incarnation within Earth's current turbulent time line conditions regardless of past, present, or Soul Atom attributions. Once a Saint always a Saint only works in the higher dimensions. And until the last of the vestige lesser conditions on Earth are finally translated away once and for all and all of you are working back again in the total Christ glory of the Triune Beings by which you were brought into Creation as Children of the Creators, so it will remain.   
Continued  -  Starrgram 24
By the way, the home page is littered with interesting pieces.

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Twitter ~ Verified Accounts / Re: Paris Jackson Twitter @ParisJackson
« on: September 12, 2011, 03:46:01 PM »
Hello Everyone,
That is Ms. Paris.  She is an Aries.  They can have an edge.  I had best friends from around 14 from back in the day that had her wit and sense of humor.  They can hold their own in a fight too.  People born under that sign are very independent. She is hipped.  She is schooled.  She is learned.  She is close to Donte, so that should tell us something.
One thing I thought of a while back and meant to mention was that MJ is such a MASTER for so many reasons.  Didn't he go to the school Paris and Prince go to?  I know Tito's boys went there, as one went with Kim Kardasian - and another brother went with her sister, Kourtney.
Well anyway, MJ is such a mess that he decides that if his children need/want to go to private schooh, then it would have to be the one he and his family went to and are very familar with.  I'm talking about the early seventies when they weren't being tutored on the road.  LOL!  He knows what that school is about.  It'lll do for a King's children.  Iffin it was good enough for him and all of that. 
MJ knows that his children can handle that institution.  He made it happen just like that.  Talkin' 'bout killing more than one bird with one stone.  LOL!
Hi Souza.  I changed cable companies, so I'll be sending you a new email address soon.  Danke.
Pair Katherine Michael Jackosn is a very aware young lady. 

References & Similarities / Re: The 9th Wave is Here
« on: August 24, 2011, 03:36:39 PM »
The below is what people all over the world are awakening to.  It's all related.
Paris might have meant the time 11:11 on 12-21-2012.  Some have written that at that time, the shift will happen.  Of course, she also knows about 11-11-11.
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The Resistance / Power To the People
« on: August 15, 2011, 03:28:34 PM »
Great website.  I absolutely love it!

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Everyone, here's the thing.  Here's what gets me about some comments.  If you are coming from a place that MJ is DEAD - then maybe that's why this or that doesn't make sense to you - eva.  For the ones of us that feel/know that he is ALIVE - it makes perfect sense, because it's not always supposed to make sense, because we are dealing with a brilliant mind.  An awakened individual.  A man that blew up the word HYPE.  A one of a kind thriller of a gentleman.  A man that has pulled off THE GREATEST SHOW ALIVE.
Again, if you think he is gone, you don't seem to be in the right place.  You want to separate him from HIS ESTATE, his children, the loves of his life, et al.  MJ is the estate.  Everything flows and comes from him.  It's his script.  It's his fingers to snap.  It's his hoax.  It's his movie.  So ultimately, it is his TRIBUTE.  He is putting it together to keep HIS and THE music alive.  No one can come close to MJ.  He sees and speaks to his family all of the time.  Why wouldn't he?  He is flesh and bones and blood.
Kelly Rowland sells 200,00 units - and that is the top of the Billboard charts.  That's big news.  But to us that know what MJ has put out and still put outs, that figure is a drop in the bucket.  MJ knows that.  In the song A Toast - Jae-R sings - "I thought we all were amazing (from back in the day).  But I find that it was just ME that was amazing."  Something along those lines.  MJ is saying that back since Off The Wall - it's always been about him.  He sounds a little conceited there - but again - he sings it because it is the truth.  It is an artificial industry now, and he wants to help it.  They manufacture artists these days almost like cars on an assembly line.
MJ is putting together the so-called heavy weights in the industry now.  They know they can't top his records or videos. He knows that these are the ones that are popular now.  He knows what's up.  He has teenagers.  He knows what they have to pick and choose thru to see what they like or not as it pertains to today's music.  He is trying to do a tribute show to show off his songs/music and to bring people together. 
The problem I see with some here is that - you love to come from a negative place and look for the negative in all things.  What about coming from a positive place?  What about ALWAYS coming from a place of LOVE?  Why not try to find the perfection in all things - even things that look dark and gloomy?  That's what MJ is about.  He is about the positive, light and love.  Even in his darkest hour - he has always walked in the LIGHT.  Still does.  He has always found the silver lining.  He loves to create.  He couldn't help it.  It was pre-ordained that he do so by God.
All I'm saying is, if you truly BELIEVE that MJ is alive - then you would instantly know that he is behind this all.  You truly are telling on yourself when you say things like has been said on this thread.  The family is money hungry and other such lies.  Prove it.  Show where MJ's family is money hungry as it pertains to this hoax.  You must believe MJ is dead.  Because if you didn't, you'd know that MJ is DIRECTING his family, his estate and some paid actors and friends/acquaintances.  It really is that simple to me.  Let's stay positive and rise above.  Let him do things his way.
Talking about whishy-washy.  That's like when some bemoaned the fact that because of Latoya's book - he must be dead.  Is it her place to say he is alive just because she signed the fake death certificate?  LOL!  It is not anyone's place to say that MJ is alive, so stop looking for anyone to do it.  It would defeat the purpose.  Please let him out himself.
He is on his own Holographic time.  LOL!  He is a mess - I tell you.

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