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Other Odd Things / Re: LAX on June 25th...
« on: February 24, 2010, 05:04:41 PM »
In This is It he sings part of Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu with really any reason. I was surprised that he remembered all of it since it was recorded so long ago. His pronunciation is impeccable so maybe he has been speaking Spanish a lot. Kenny Ortega seems surprised at his Spanish as well. I have often wondered if he was telling us something then. I'm assuming it was the same words as the song....someone who speaks Spanish really well may want to go back and listen to it. Could be a clue.

Believe 777 - I think you're right. I'm not sure that he thought they would accuse of him a horrible crime that could possibly put him in prison away from his children. I think that really did scare him and Mesereau gave him good advice, to leave the country.

But I do think that he had planned some sort of "way out" or way to expose these people for some time...he had to do it for his children and for the Jackson name. Anyone who is a parent understands that. There's no sacrifice too great for your kids. I am understanding of how far the Jackson family had to come and how much pride their Dad instilled in them and the Jackson name. I think his Dad has a large part in all of this and will be critical in getting the truth revealed, i.e. the medical reports, the will being contested, etc. I am one of 11 and it's difficult to explain how a large family works. While each of us has their own unique personality which can result in conflict, in the end we all stand as one. I think that's what the Jacksons are doing for Michael. The Jacksons are fighters. I think Sony underestimated that.

When Michael succeeds (not if) truth and love will win and we will all be partakers in the victory.

But ditching the catalog would not have been Michael Jackson. I think in all of our investigating we have been extremely naive. I have lived long enough and seen enough to know that money controls and rules the world. Michael didn't just buy a catalog of music....he bought himself a "place at the table." Something no other African American entertainer had been able to do. His talent was not only entertainment but he made himself into a corporation. The money he was capable of making both with his own music and the catalog was in the billions. There is a despicable history in our country of using Black entertainers for their talent and dedication and not giving them a fair percent of the money. Michael was in a position to change all of that. He was truly a threat. I think Michael was naieve at the extremes that Sony would take to gain total control. Not because he was not intelligent, but because someone with his capacity to love can't possibly conceive of their evilness.

I truly want him to succeed...this would go down in history as a great accomplishment...for good to triumph over evil.

When I think of Michael and what he has been through, I can only quote the following:

"All if takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." We all need to pray. This is not over yet.

But we have discussed many times about all of it being about the money. Latoya said that as's always been about the catalog. Sony has attempted to put Michael in a financial position where he has to sell the catalog many times. That's the reason for Sony refusing to support his Invincible album. The whole set up for the child molestation charges was to destroy him as well as destroy his ability to make money and force him into selling the catalog. I believe Thome is involved because he "helped" him save Neverland from being sold. But now Michael owes his "soul" to these people. I think Michael is trying to tell us this with the letter released today by TMZ related to his firing his CPA firm. I believe there's a connection  with this CPA firm to the people who are after his catalog. Do you not think it's strange that Michael owed so many people when he was also so generous to everyone? Who was in control of his money? Obviously, not him. Who perpetrated the rumors that he was near bankruptcy? Who had the most to gain from those lies?

I think this is the beginning of the unraveling of what has taken place with Michael and the entourage around him since he bought the catalog. He is giving us clues so that the "Bam Day" will make sense to everyone. He had no other choice. His father will play a huge part in restoring Michael's integrity. We need to listen carefully to everything that TMZ is releasing. They are all clues. Eventually the main media will pick up on the story...and then Michael can return...with honor and in truth.

TMZ Articles / Re: Again TMZ?
« on: February 19, 2010, 05:12:05 PM »
I think this may be a big clue as to why this hoax took place. We have all thought there were money issues involved. Why would Michael fire his CPA's or hire someone else to do his tax return? Was his suspicious that this group was involved with any of the people that we think were stealing from Michael? Is he trying to lead us to who were accomplices? I think we need to find out everything we can about Bernstein, Fox and Whitman.

Other Odd Things / Re: Guess who smokes???AND IT LOOKS LIKE HE HAS VITILIGO
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:52:18 PM »
Thanks for the honesty from both of you. I understand how if you have a family member that suffers from some kind of illness, that in essence you suffer as well. My brother has down syndrome...which is nothing like vitiligo except that when we were kids and not much was known about down syndrome, people would stare and laugh at him. He's not high functioning but enough that he understood. I was only 3 years older than him and I hated it. Sometimes I cried. Sometimes I wanted to yell at them. I can still remember when I was small and kneeling by the side of the bed and asking God to make him "normal." I so hated the pain for both him and me. When I was a teenager and heard other teens call someone a "retard" I had the same reaction. I finally had the courage to tell them about my brother and that the way they were using the word was very painful to me. Ironically, now we are both adults and since I'm the last family member still in our hometown, my brother spends one weekend a month and the holidays with me. How different it is now. One day when we were at Target, a little girl asked her mother what was wrong with my brother. She said , "He's a very special person." I wanted to cry and hug her. I attribute the change to education and especially the Kennedys and the Special Olympic. Because of MJ, I have made an effort to understand vitiligo and only recently learned that the wife of a good friend at work has it. It came about when were talking about MJ. I think he was relieved to have someone to talk to about it. One of the many small ways MJ's life has changed my own.

Other Odd Things / Re: Guess who smokes???AND IT LOOKS LIKE HE HAS VITILIGO
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:03:06 PM »
Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience and your brother's. I have often wondered why Michael, who seemed to be so compassionate, didn't do more for vitiligo in terms of educating people...or even starting a foundation for research. I guess there still isn't much in terms of understanding how to control it or treat it. I didn't understand why he just didn't let it go instead of bleaching his skin in an attempt to "even out the tone." I guess he thought the public would never accept that. Or maybe that's what others told him to do.

Hoax Videos / Re: New From TheTruthAboutMJJ great
« on: February 12, 2010, 05:03:41 PM »
This is excellent. But if you remember, the real "Wizard of Oz" was not at all what Dorothy expected...a disappointment in fact. Not at all the all-knowing and powerful character she expected. Maybe that's the message as well, the knowledge and answers reside in ourselves...not in any wizards.

Anyway, we surely are not in Kansas anymore! What a great adventure. Thanks to all of you for your great insights.

Does anybody remember the EMT guys saying that they didn't realize it was Michael Jackson...they didn't recognize him. I think they said he looked like a frail old man.

I don't know if I can find it or not. It was reported very soon after his death.

Michael Jackson News / Re: our dear kind Michael must be gone
« on: February 08, 2010, 07:08:56 PM »
I have to remember why and how I came here almost 7 months ago. I wasn't a huge Michael Jackson fan but for some reason  I felt spiritually driven to find the truth.  I don't believe I have that yet.

With the help of all of you,  I have come to know an incredibly loving and giving human being. I understand what you are all experiencing. But I'm staying until I know the truth has been resolved. Michael stood by James Brown's casket for 5 hours out of respect. I can do this for him.

"But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint."

Isaiah 40:31

Stay the course!

Michael Jackson News / Re: Stunning NEW Revelation About Dr Murray
« on: February 07, 2010, 04:22:08 PM »
This is not new. This was reported on some months ago.

These are the contradictions that I have had in this whole story long before his supposedly "death" on June 25.

Anyone who has ever been around anybody with an addiction, know that you CAN'T have a relationship with an addict. Their relationship is with the addiction and every waking hour and resource they have is spent on their addiction. There is NO other relationship.

So how could he have such well behaved and obviously confident children? The one undisputed fact from everyone is that his children are intelligent and well behaved and that Michael took an active role in their parenting. That is not like any addict I have ever been around.

I never took Michael for a quitter or a coward. After all, this is the only child who stood up to their Dad's abuse (per the Jackson movie) and said he wouldn't sing if he hit him again. This is the same man who publicly criticized Motolla. If truly the LAPD, Sneddon, Motolla, et al were behind the child molestation charge, I never believed he would let that alone.

Most of all, I never believed there could really be a "Michael Jackson comeback" unless some of the maliciousness by the press were addressed. I don't believe he would allow that legacy to be left for his children. Whatever his father's parenting skills or lack of, he wanted his family to have respect and dignity, not to be handcuffed and booked. Jermaine talked about this very painfully in the last interview. I think you have to understand where they had come from and what they had seen to understand how painful that is.

Maybe I believe in fairy tales, but I want Michael Jackson to be truly restored, in every sense as he justly deserves. I think he will entertain again. But the whole package has to come together. The child molestation allegations took away not only his livelihood but his dignity and integrity. We his fans lost 10 years of his music. That's a huge debt.

I believe.

You are brilliant! This is It!

BTW do you any of you remember when Murray did his video that all of the media compared it to when Michael had done a video asking for a fair trial? It wasn't anymore successful than Murray's was. I'll try to see if I can find it. The whole connection to MLK now makes sense...what a triumph for all of us.

Michael Jackson News / Re: DATELINE TONIGHT!
« on: February 05, 2010, 09:30:43 PM »
Let's think about something else. NBC was the original network that air the Martin Bashir documentary that led to the charges against Michael.

So, I have 2 possible theories:

1)  Michael has had very good publicity over the last month (especially at the Grammy's and his Heal the World song." Does NBC think it's necessary to do their own form of defense to remind all of us of how "crazy" and "eccentric" Michael was?

2) We know that Michael "planted" information. Most of the information is from Tamburelli's book and he even admits in the book he had very little personal contact with Michael. Most of it was from his other informants. So it this just another part of Michael's plan to make the media look stupid? Even they keep saying that it doesn't make sense. Someone indicated that every time we see Forest Lawn, the focus shifts. Maybe now it's the media's turn...thus, all of the postponements of the Murray surrender over the last 3 days. Every station has had to retract the announcement several times.

One other point about does not give rest or sleep (REM). It merely "puts you out." So if Michael was suffering from insomnia, he would still be physically exhausted. The This Is It documentary clearly doesn't indicate that. I don't believe Michael was ever on propofol.

I think this is a really intelligent conversation about the consequences of Michael's return. I'm 99.99% sure he's alive. I have been for several months. But I have serious concerns about how or if he will return. I never felt like Michael could really make a true "comeback" as long as the child molestation rhetoric still existed. My hope has been that in some way he knows how to not only prove his innocence once and for all but implicate the people who (at least I think) set him up. Doing so, may require the protection of the federal government or others. If he doesn't, that legacy will be passed on to his children regardless of their achievements.  Even today, I heard "Jacko" and other remarks still being made by the media even while talking about his message of "love." We are an unkind and cruel society for some.

I don't pretend to know all of Michael's character, but a quitter he wasn't. In his last interview with Geraldo, he talked about how he and his father were alike in many of those was that they were both warriors. My hope is that during these last 10 years, he has been doing his own investigation and at some point be ready to clear his name. It had to be painful for his parents, especially his father, who took them out of Gary for a better life, only to see his son in handcuffs and accused of the most hideous crime of all. Michael believed in justice....I hope he believed in it enough for himself as well. Ironically, Michael was born when the civil rights movement was just getting started....maybe there is something to be said about karma.

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