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TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: October 08, 2011, 05:10:04 PM »
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About the state of the room this is what Murray said in the police interview:

Dr. Murray: That would be the room where I would typically see him. No one was allowed to go into the other room to the left.

Detective Martinez: Oh.

Dr. Murray: I asked him about that, and typically wherever he lived, he always had two sites. First of all, he does not trust people coming into his room, because he said he had lost things before. And his room is always in a bad state, and not even the cleaners would be allowed to go in there. So I never went into that room.

So Michael being busy that would explain why it wasn't perfectly ordered geek/, that is if he lived there in the first place. I'm just going along the script.

I'm also having a hard time believing that Michael actually lived in that house ???/
@PureLove, i think that we were told that the room was warm and we thought it was needed to keep the corpse warm. I think that you made a little mistake ;)). By the way, i didn't hear paramedics say it in court, or did i miss it?  :oops:
Clearly Michael is the only person who could turn on the fireplace, as no one else was allowed into his room. The last time Michael could have been in his room before he "died" was either before rehearsal on June 24th, which would be around 5:00pm or after that on June 25th at around 1:00 am. But i don't see a reason for him to turn on a fireplace in his room at 1:00 am when he was going to sleep in another room.   So supposedly he lit the fireplace at 5:00pm (regularly people don't do this, but supposedly it happened) on June 24th and went to a rehearsal, then he came back and forgot to turn it off, then he went to sleep and "died". Investigators arrived to the house at around 4:00 pm on June 25th, so the fireplace was on for at least 23 hours. From what i know, it seems to be very unlikely. Do we have a fireplace and burning wood experts here? fresse/

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: October 08, 2011, 01:58:01 PM »
Hello everyone! I am watching trial everyday, but unfortunately i don't have enough time to spend on the forum. I am moving to a new house, which is by the way villa #7 and i'm moving there tomorrow on October 9th, isn't it just perfect!!! ;D TS you are more than welcome to visit :lol:

The trial is great and the more i watch it, the more i see how CM reflects Michael in 2005. Of course he is an innocent black man, who is being bashed by the media. And also look how there are people coming into the court saying how great and kind CM is. That he is a wonderful doctor. And we also have others, someone like Alberto Alvarez saying that CM asked him if he knew how to do a CPR. So they are suggesting that CM was NOT a good doctor and it makes some people think if he is a real doctor after all. Which is exactly what happened to Michael in 2005. We had his supporters who were coming to the court and saying that Michael had done nothing bad to a child and that he is a wonderful loving person. And we also had others, who were claiming that Michael did those horrible things to a "child" (the guy was 13 years old, so it's hard for me to call him a child).

You guys are just great, all the clues you found in the court are great: the seal, the timing of fire alarm going off ect.  /bravo/

I just wanted to upload a picture of another elephant in the courtroom. Sorry if it's been already posted

Also, did you see the pictures of Michael's bedroom? Man is it messy?! :lol: I wonder if it has some meaning to the hoax or it's just showing us that Michael is a real man?
The fire place and TV is on, who did it. If Michael was supposedly in another room the whole night and no one else was ever allowed into his room. The coroners got chilly and bored???

Twitter ~ Verified Accounts / Re: LaToya Jackson - @latoyajackson (Verified)
« on: September 29, 2011, 06:11:12 PM »
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What a great msg. Thank you LaToya!  bearhug
And she is using A LOT of "N"s in her tweets. If she is replacing words "and" and "in" with letter "n", why is she capitalizing it all the time?
Is that for us to see it better? I think so! ;D

Makes me think of Front,
This is from Purelove, not me:

"First Front wrote "CHA_GE" in one of his posts and the next day MJ's Facebook official page asked for the signboard where MJ throws the bottle on in You Rock My World video. Go and watch the video. You will see the writing on the signboard is NO FIGHTI_G with a missing N letter.  The next day MJ's official book wrote the answer and told that it is No Fighti_g with a missing N letter. "

I noticed this too though about LaToya, she's always capitalizing N instead of "in" or just "n".  ;)

Thank you for your post! :)
I forgot to mention that "N"s remind me of Front too. ;))

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One of the comments there

"she (Janet)  & her family sacrificed Michael cuz he was worth more dead than alive "

 pale/ I've never heard this theory before pale/

Gina where did you see this horrible msg?
Please do not put this garbage in your head, do not listen to FAKE FANS. How can they even say that? They are so heartless and stupid.

Talking about Janet. I'M GOING TO HER CONCERT IN ABU DHABI ON OCTOBER 13th. Just wanted to share my happiness with you guys!  bounce/

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What is up with all of the blue shirts and blue ties being worn to the trial? It's not the eye, for sure, but the light blue color has caught my eye.

Great find either way. Blessings.

Blue color generally represents calmness
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Blue is a calming, soothing color which radiates peace and tranquility. If you are going into a hostile meeting with tense parties, then Blue is an excellent color choice.

But just because blue is peaceful, does not mean it is a weak color, it is persistent and everlasting, like waves upon the shore.

Twitter ~ Verified Accounts / Re: LaToya Jackson - @latoyajackson (Verified)
« on: September 29, 2011, 04:48:24 PM »
What a great msg. Thank you LaToya!  bearhug
And she is using A LOT of "N"s in her tweets. If she is replacing words "and" and "in" with letter "n", why is she capitalizing it all the time?
Is that for us to see it better? I think so! ;D

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: September 28, 2011, 04:59:32 PM »
uhmm, PureLove..... "fans" that spread hate to Michael's family--believers or NOT--are FAKE fans. PERIOD!! A TRUE fan would never do that. EVER!!!!!

Here is a tweet from Taj Jackson, which totally supports your words Front.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginTaj Jackson

So sad that at a time like this we still have "fans" making personal attacks against our family. Really pathetic. :-(

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: September 28, 2011, 03:20:40 PM »
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I've never seen a brown elephant before only grey. It also looks like a piece of bs... :lol:
Souza, the forum is working great today, thanks a million! /bravo/
I got to watch pretty much everything so far, and really felt like the witnesses were not following any script but their own knowledge. But the questions were about all the legal contract issues signing on Murray, and Michael Amir Williams time-line and security details. Again they were ignoring the "elephant" in the room, other inconsistancies showing it is all a hoax. I believe MJ set up EVERY conceivable situation detail so that their testimony would be as real as possible. MAW's emotion on the 25th seems real with all the little panicy phonecalls.
Just 2 things kinda caught my attention. MAW said everything was normal at midnight when they returned to the house after rehearsal and they carried in a bunch of gifts from fans. But according to LoToya she said fans said MJ didn't chat with fans like normal and there were extra bodygaurds than normal. Someone's lying there.
The other thing is that MAW recorded Murray's call to him while he was at his residence in down town Los Angeles at 12:00 noon or so the next day and Murray had simply said that Michael had had a bad reaction and to come right away. But why would MAW record something so innocent because there's no hint that he would die of that, like he would need it for evidence in court in the future. That seemed off to me.

MAW didn't record that. You see CM called MAW on June 25 at 12:13 pm and left him a voice msg,(he said, "please call me back, thank you")because MAW didn't pick up the phone. It's a very common thing in Iphones. Then MAW called him back and they talked for about 35 seconds. So then he recorded this voice msg on camera to prove to the Police that it WAS actually a msg from his iphone. But the weird thing is that WHY would police ask him to record the VIDEO of this msg, when MAW could simply show the police his phone, without any videos. 

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: September 28, 2011, 03:13:01 PM »
Did anyone tried calling the numbers they showed in court today?
I did  ;D, but only on one number, the CM's mobile number 702-809-3747 and a very pissed off lady picked up the phone. She scared me  :?, so i hang up. I wish i was not that shy and i wish i would be able to ask WHY she is piking up this phone? If CM changed his phone number, then i would ask her how she got it. But i am such a coward  :oops. Maybe one of you guys, can call her and talk to her.
The trial looks so staged to me, why would they show all these phone numbers on TV? i mean normally they would cover up information like that. Remember the FBI files, because they are real, they were blacking out all the names, which we did not need to know and all the other personal information.

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: September 28, 2011, 10:12:33 AM »
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In order to prove a sting court you would have to prove that someone were acting differently because they believe MJ is dead then they would if he were alive.

The non-believer fans are greatly the ones being caught in the trap that is visible thus far. They are acting differently by believing the media reports about Michael, calling for the prosecution of a man due to a visceral reaction fueled by reports they heard on the news but never looked into with an open mind, they are blaming any inconsistencies in logic presented in the media on greed and selfishness displayed by the Jackson Family rather then giving them the benefit of the doubt.

What I see all the time and I need to say this is- it's not the media alone, it's almost the whole Jackson family who said repeatedly Michael was murdered, he's dead. If only media lies, then why does the family repeatedly say he was murdered? It's NOT the media. The family says this. If it's to prove that media lies, then why also the family? The media has to be exposed as liars, not the family. And so far the family says he was murdered. Even if you don't read a single paper or don't have a TV in your home, you read La Toya and Jermaine's books where they say he was murdered.
People say all the time that they believe what media tells them. But in fact it's the Jackson family who says he's dead and was murdered all the time. If you can find a logical and possible explanation please tell me, because the problem is not about the media for me. But the FAMILY.
The non-believers don't believe the media, but the family.

Anna if you believe that Family is the one to blame for the lies, then why media didn't report what family was saying in 2005? Family was screaming that Michael is innocent. Did media listen to it? NO! They would only say, well yes the family says he is innocent just because it's his family. You still think that family is the one to blame? Remember how much disgusting and humiliating things they were saying about Michael during that difficult time for him. How they were making fun of him and some of them still do.
Now it's all just an act, it's an illusion! I was very saddened to see that you are blaming family for all of this. Please think things over and see a bigger picture, as i believe that you are a very bright person. 

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: September 28, 2011, 09:51:32 AM »
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@bec I am hoping we will get more of this type of scenario, but I don't really think that if we do it will be as blatant. Not to start with anyway!

Thanks go to TNZ on twitter

According to Pearl Jr there was a toy elephant in the courtroom...wonder where it was?

   You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login Pearljr             There is a toy elephant in the courtroom   6 hours ago   Favorite   Retweet  Reply

The elephant was on the lady's desk, the one who was saying to the witnesses :"Raise your right hand and swear to tell truth and nothing but the truth". It was a stuffed brown elephant which was showing his BACK to the camera. I saw it.

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: September 28, 2011, 09:44:02 AM »
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Is it just me or did the body language of Paul Gongaware seem a little off? A lot of hand gestures and strange facial expressions that didn't seem to fit with his words.

Totally! Way to much of hand gestures, it was very destructing! So he was either lying or, which means that he is a very bad actor or it's just the way he talks. Because some hand gestures are very specific to some people, so we must know how he talks in real life first.

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: September 27, 2011, 07:36:16 PM »
What a night! :)
I still don't know whether it's a staged court or a sting court, but i have a lot of observations to share with you my friends.
Was this a pic that the police took? Is this really the pic shown in court because I could barely see it on my TV
Yes Im_convinceedmjalive, they actually showed it on TV. The prosecution used this as a background picture almost for the entire presentation of their opening statement. And now we have the TMZ article about this pic. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Which states that "It appears the photo is NOT the original pic -- because now it includes a tattered border, a morgue-esque green hue ... and the word "Homicide" printed over MJ's body in a grainy, police-style font."
The picture looks very unrealistic to me, the wrist is soooooo tiny, legs are short, hair is straight, but he looks like MJ, why paramedics couldn't recognize him will remain a mystery to me. 

During the lunch break Taj Jackson made a rather interesting tweet, which goes along with the agenda of Front, against fake fans.
So sad that at a time like this we still have "fans" making personal attacks against our family. Really pathetic. :-(
Another tweet for LaToya was very confusing, for me personally
I am appalled by the lies I have heard so far.....@#Hln @CNN#mjfam
Is she saying that she is appalled by their lies or she appalled by other lies and she is asking HLN to see those lies?
She is also asking for help from these media outlets to get justice for Michael. Which is kinda twisted. Jackson family perfectly knows how stupid and unfair media is, why ask them for help?
[/quote][color=rgb(0, 10, 153) !important]You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login[/color]
La Toya Jackson[/color]
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginYou are not allowed to view links. Register or Login Michael worked his entire life for his children. Please help us get justice! Dr. Murray is a very small piece of the puzzle.

Now the weird list.
1) CM ordered 15.5 litters of propofol during April 28th to June 10th and supposedly he used almost all of it on Michael.
2)If my vision has not been compromised, i think i saw am elephant on the desk next to the lady who was saying to witnesses "I swear to tell truth and nothing but the truth"
3)Please correct me if i'm wrong, but i've never herd before that Kenny Ortega would say that Michael was ill or not well before his "death". Now he says that Michael was not well, not right, he was cold on June 19th and Kenny had to put blanket around him and rub his feet. Ok now, what's the deal with EVERYBODY touching Michael's feet? I just don't get it, why they ALL have to do that?
4)As said by Paul Gongaware there were 31 concerts originally contracted. NOT 10 as everybody's saying. They sold 10 first shows just to see how people are gonna response, it was kind of promotional tool. After the success they sold the rest of  the shows and only after that another 19 were added.
5) Shows were supposed to happen in the period of 9 months. 50 shows in 9 month i don't think that it's too much for Michael. And he wouldn't die from it.
6) People are saying that "oh they were so focused on getting this show done that they didn't care about Michael and didn't see that he was ill and needed help". Well if you are producing a show, THE FIRST THING YOU CARE ABOUT IS THE ARTIST. Because he is the main figure of the show, without him you can't do the show.
7) The voice recording from CM's iphone.  WTF?? Was that? Just like bec said, what kind of evidence is that? It doesn't prove anything. I could play around and record with a similar voice, does it prove that i was drugged? NO.  Plus as far as i know, when people are coming out of anesthesia, they talk nonsense, they ask stupid questions and say very odd things. Because their brain can't function properly. No way they can talk about something as deep as what Michael was talking about on that tape. JMO By the way, the recording was made at 9:05 am. 9+5=14=77
 8) there were 7s all over the place. They had 2.5ml, 2.5 ml, 2.5 ml on the screen at some point. So here are your 777.

I am full of energy and i am so ready for this trial. Can't wait till tomorrow to hear next witnesses.

L.O.V.E to all! bearhug 


Thank you for this video finfin! :)
So Jermain were this shirt on 2 interviews in a row?

Jermaine Jackson / Re: Another Jermaine Slip-Up
« on: September 23, 2011, 02:37:39 AM »
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Hey Front, You're not Michael are ya? ;)

Why he doesn't answer  /pull hair/ /scream/ /overreacting/ ?!?!?!?

I don't think that he will. Maybe only after BAMsday ;D

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Fans: {looking hard with scrutinizing, hoaxy eyes  suspicious//  spinning like pinwheels} Nah…it's not him. It's just some dude in an MJ disguise underneath that clown/Pink Panther suit.

{fans turn and walk away, fraught with disappointment}

Front - maybe there will be a lot of fans that do as you say but not us beLIEvers...we don't give up that easy. We will stand there and visually measure MJ's height and then discuss whether he's 5'9" or 5'11". Someone will undoubtedly have a tape measure or will take a picture with their phone that they can upload to their computer for visuals.

Or the beLIEvers will look at MJ's feet. Is he an 8, 9, 10 or 11 shoe? Of course there are the beautiful eyes, the infectious smile, and of course the long arms and big hands.

Then we'll discuss MJ's stage presence and whether he's comfortable or uncomfortable. We'll discuss MJ's walk, his talk, and his smell.

And by then MJ will walk away because we'll all be split in decision. LOL

Voice and Front I am literally rolling on the floor now! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I think that when Michael comes back, he will make sure that the whole world will believe that it's really him! I have no doubt about it! People might say that it's not him, but they will say it only because they were wrong this whole time and people usually don't like to admit it.

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