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Other Odd Things / Other Hoaxes
« on: March 22, 2014, 09:00:43 PM »
I'm certain that we have been seeing death hoaxes and other hoaxes that have appeared newsworthy throughout the past almost five years. Hopefully, the last biggest hoax was fulfilled March 2014. These hoaxes have played out well, and I'm just sorry that more people don't realize that much of what they have seen and heard on the news as of late is not real.

Other Theories / Re: Comeback?
« on: January 10, 2013, 03:26:59 PM »
Liberian Girl Part 2. See you in July.

Others / Celebrity deaths this year.
« on: August 09, 2012, 08:12:20 PM »
I think that several celebrities that have supposedly "died" are in on this hoax. I may be stretching a bit, but I find it odd that TMZ had Sherman Hemsley's post mortem documents. If you look at the county of El Paso seal on the top of the document, the seal is different than the actual El Paso county seal. Reminds me of the seal differences in the courtroom. Just my opinion. Btw, Sherman Hemsley was also in the "Liberian Girl" video.

I love  Gladys. She is in on the hoax.

The Movie Theory / Info From The 80s
« on: June 03, 2012, 09:18:13 AM »
I found an old Michael Jackson book in my attic that I bought in the 1980s. The release date is 1984 to be exact. I found a few interesting things in it, and I quote, " At the same time the Jacksons prepare for their long-awaited reunion tour with Jermaine, Michael is also moving ahead on another front-films. In 30 or 40 years, he sees himself "Doing writing and films, directing, and stuff like that."  In addition, there is his recently-released mini-movie, Thriller. With the runaway success he has enjoyed in music, Michael sees film as the next challenge-the next dragon to slay. He says he's being extremely cautious as he plans his moves in this new arena. "I get all kinds of different offers all the time, from specials to my own series, all kinds of things," he reveals. "I'm mainly concerned with doing movies right now. That's what I'm interested in. Something really different and exciting, something that hasn't been seen before. It's like Star Wars was to the picture industry; all of a sudden, it was a whole 'nother type of of movie making, creatures that walk in space instead of on earth. It's kind of taken it to a whole 'nother wave." For Michael the problem is simple: he has established a new plateau. People now have expectations of him-and all other artists-that they didn't have before Thriller. There are new heights to aspire to now, and he is under constant pressure, as a creator, to better his best.

In my opinion, I'm thinking that this hoax began during the Bad era. Michael had changed so much during this time, perhaps he was playing a role then. It would be great after this hoax is over to see some video of the planning stages of this whole thing.

TMZ Articles / Re: Whitney Houston Dead at 48
« on: February 13, 2012, 03:31:54 PM »
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God forgive me, but I didn't believe in the Whitney dead news since second 1.

Call me crazy or hoax-fried but I believe this is all part of MJ's hoax-scenario!
If they announce later on that she also died of a heart attack , then it's gonna be clear as daylight to me!

The only possible way that this isn't true and that they are all dead, is that this is someone else's scenario! (read TPTB/Illuminati), otherwise... I can't explain all these similarities and coincidences!! this is all crazy!!  :shock:

I believe that this is all part of the hoax as well.

TMZ Articles / Re: CONRAD MURRAY Appeals Manslaughter Conviction
« on: December 03, 2011, 08:32:34 PM »
Thank you everlastinglove_MJ.

Other Odd Things / Re: Shocking PROOF MICHAEL WAS ON XFACTOR !
« on: December 03, 2011, 09:10:43 AM »
The guy sitting behind Katherine on The X Factor could remind me more of this guy than anybody else. Minus the gray wig of course.

TMZ Articles / Re: CONRAD MURRAY Appeals Manslaughter Conviction
« on: December 02, 2011, 10:04:39 PM »
The ending to this journey will come with the appeal trial. Murray will be vindicated after serving his sentence by showing via the surveillance tape, that he did not hurt Michael. The world will see that even though the prosecution put on a much better case than the crappy defense team, that an innocent man went to jail even though he looked guilty. The discussions and changes that will ensue after that will be big, and hopefully wake people up to stop believing everything they hear from the media about a person, and hopefully it will halt the media on trying individuals in the court of public opinion.

I really like this album. Thankfully there's even more to come.

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During my few years of working in a hospital, I know for a fact that some interns and residen doctors did give themselves propofol and a few other drugs to get a quick nap and wake up refreshed when they were on 48 to 72 hour call schedules.  Sorry to burst any bubbles, but it did happen and probably still does.

True. I have several medical professionals in my family and they have heard of the same

Crocked Doc Won't Say If He Gave Drugs To Jax
Wednesday, February 09, 2000
An upper East Side doctor who shot himself up with morphine while treating patients said yesterday that he was pop star Michael Jackson's tour doctor in 1997.

Dr. Neil Ratner, testifying yesterday in the insurance fraud trial of high-profile infertility expert Dr. Niels Lauersen, was evasive when asked if he had administered drugs to the Gloved One.

"Would you give Michael Jackson drugs?" Lauersen's demanded attorney, Theodore Wells.

"I'm not going to discuss a patient's personal medical condition," Ratner replied.

In a telephone interview from Los Angeles, Jackson's attorney, Brian Wolf, said the singer "denies that Dr. Ratner ever prescribed any inappropriate medications or treatments."

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Wolf insisted that any medical treatment is confidential and said Ratner was correct not to disclose it.

Ratner, a 49-year-old ex-rock 'n' roll drummer and manager of Peter Frampton and Edgar Winter, has been on the stand for days, admitting he repeatedly took drugs while caring for patients during the 1980s.

In May 1989, he collapsed after shooting himself up with a paralytic agent during cosmetic surgery on the upper East Side.

Ratner, who still practices in Manhattan, pleaded guilty to insurance fraud and is cooperating with Manhattan U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White in the case against Lauersen in hopes of reducing his prison sentence.

Lauersen is accused of lying to insurers to make them pay for $2.2 million in infertility treatments the companies traditionally don't cover. Ratner was Lauersen's chief anesthesiologist for the past decade.

Ratner, who graduated from a medical school in Mexico and cut his ponytail two weeks before trial, said he traveled with Jackson as paid tour doctor during the African leg of the singer's 1997 world tour.

When Wells pressed Ratner about giving drugs to Jackson, prosecutor Christine Chung asked to discuss the matter outside the presence of the jury.

At Manhattan Federal Judge William Pauley's bench, Wells insisted that Ratner had, in fact, given Jackson unnamed drugs.

"I want to explore the implication, and I think what he is doing is illegal," Wells added.

But prosecutor Chung argued that the mention of Jackson was distracting jurors from the case at hand. Pauley warned Wells to avoid further references to the Gloved One.

During cross-examination, Ratner then repeatedly dodged Wells' questions about whether he administered drugs to anyone on the tour.

"In the course of performing your job as tour doctor, did you have occasion to administer narcotics to persons on the tour?" Wells asked.

Ratner: "No."

Wells: "Drugs?"

Ratner: "What is your definition of drugs?"

Wells fired back, "You're the anesthesiologist, you define it."

Pauley instructed the jury to ignore Wells' comment.

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This video seems to indicate the Michael may have be doing Propofol as early as 1997. If you listen carefully around the 2:36 mark, it suggests that a doctor was with Michael when he woke up.



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