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Her reaction to the question about whether time has helped her get over Michael's death was very interesting.  She said, time has's a process.  Something one is learning to live with.  She averted her eyes, her hands fisted. It was very interesting, indeed.  No wonder her marriage is in trouble- mine would be too, if, after 2 1/2 years I was still obviously struggling with the "death" of my exhusband. 

My brain always runs Michael-centric, so much of what she said reminded my of Michael...from Elvis' closet, to his "amazing  clothes," to the golfcart. 

Interesting that she chose a picture of Michael and her in Budapest.  He also chose footage from that trip to that hospital in his homemovies.  Must have been a favored memory by both of them.

To be honest, I was blown away that she mentioned Michael at all.  And even more so, that she included a picture of them in the exhibit.

Thanks for pointing out the footprint parallel- had not thought about that!

Back/Front discussions / Re: Say HI to Mickey Mouse! (What's he up to?)
« on: February 03, 2012, 07:26:09 AM »
Wow- what a very cool thread. I have been wondering about the Mickey connection as well.
Do you guys know about PeterPanPYT?  I didn't until recently- but anyway- some think he is either Michael (sigh...we have an army of Michaels by now, seems like)- or a close connection.  Anyway- he signed off twitter this week and closed his youtube account- and when he signed off he did so with a Mickey Mouse outline made of dollar signs. 

As for Lisa's son Ben... There were rumors before that Lisa had a DNA test run on Ben when she was pregnant (since there were rumor of Lisa and Michael being more than friends much sooner than publicly admitted...). Rumors, that's all. Also, Ben's middle name is Storm.  Lisa's new album will be titled Storm and Grace.  Which could mean a number of things (Grace is the obvious connection to Graceland, but also a state of Grace...the term also reminded me of 'Sturm and Drang'- as in rebellious phase, named after the German literary movement young Goethe and Schiller belonged to)- but since you mentioned "that" Ben- it made me think of it again. I leave it to all your amazing minds to see if any puzzle pieces fit.

There is a Ben in the Bible- he was Jospeph's youngest Brother.  (remember Joseph- sold by his brothers into slavery- made it rich in Egypt, then in the end forgave his brothers- the twelve original tribes of Israel)

The release of All In Your Name has always reminded me of the Lightman being revealed bit by bit by bit.... First we got the small glimpses, then the song was release on Michael's Birthday or right before. Now, right before Christmas- the video.  It was amazing to watch. I could just sit there for HOURS and watch Michael work. Wow!

Other Odd Things / Re: Shocking PROOF MICHAEL WAS ON XFACTOR !
« on: December 02, 2011, 09:56:25 PM »
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I used to love doing these back in the day... all I did was copy the eyes from "hatman" and paste on the MJ photo from the video.

Oh wow- that was amazing, Seeing Clues! Thank you for the eye-comparisons- they were eyeopening indeed.... As I said- something about this guy captivated me instantly. Glad I wasn't alone. Feels lonely in my rubber cell at times... :)

Other Odd Things / Re: Shocking PROOF MICHAEL WAS ON XFACTOR !
« on: December 02, 2011, 08:06:01 AM »
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Check out the shirt pattern..  credit to Kingdom52 for the screen shot of the hatman.
Nice catch!

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI NOVEMBER 30
« on: December 02, 2011, 07:44:16 AM »
In all this, maybe we don't see that it is quite possible that we might never get answers. For myself, I have to say that after the verdict and the sentencing, I thought it was time to re-think things. I had always assumed that this was for a greater good or a reason beyond Michael indulging how great an entertainer he is and want to produce the Greatest Show ever. After all the pain all the fans have been through, believers and non-believers alike, I think it would be quite an ego-trip to have us go through all this for a movie or a game. Even if it is the greatest game or movie, ever. I thought, if a movie is mixed in, it is still only part of the puzzle.
Anyway...I had decided it was healthier for my own sanity to move on, stop looking for clues etc.
I did watch X-Factor and I do find the guy in the hat suspicious. 
I TOTALLY understand the frustration expressed by Bec and Souza. Yes, we have been dissembling clues, pictures, images... And we never got to the "now what"- they "so why did it happen." We have just about proven THAT it did happen and even gotten possibly close to HOW. They WHY and the NOW WHAT are the fuzzy parts.
However, what if "hatman" and "TMZ articles" are not clues at all?  What if this hatman is Michael- but he is Michael in disguise and that is all we will get. This is it- this is the BAM- to give us believers a nod that yes, I am alive, but I am not returning.
My question to myself has always been, is believing about Michael being alive or about expecting he will come back. I did think, just going by his personality profile, that he would return. Now, I am not so sure. Maybe it's enough to know he is alive... Maybe it has to be enough.
I do understand that this would leave Souza and all the admins who have poured their lives and hearts as well as those of us along for the ride with the question of what to do now? Maybe the investigation is done. 
I don't have the answer, and I hope there is more to come. But I don't know. All I know it is exhausting and painful at times- and like Souza, I can take it, if I think it is all for a greater reason than "fun."
My personal deadline is the timeline stated by TS. I guess we all have to decide for ourselves where we are...

Other Odd Things / Re: The x factor
« on: December 02, 2011, 07:04:11 AM »
I think the picture with Prince and the earphone is very interesting for many reasons- one, yes the earphones. I doubt you can hear music very well in a studio where a live show is being taped. Phonecalls also seem out... Hm
Then, let's look at the guy again- he is bent forward and very interested in what Prince has to say. Everyone is as well- but compare their bodies to this man's. Those of you who are parents recognize it, I am sure: it's the tension filled moment when your kid is on stage or in the spotlight. Everyone else seems more relaxed, smiling, listening- this person seems to have a special interest.
Here is a youtube clip morphing the image of hat guy and Michael.
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Other Odd Things / Re: Shocking PROOF MICHAEL WAS ON XFACTOR !
« on: December 02, 2011, 06:34:59 AM »
I'm so happy someone made this thread- I posted about this guy Wednesday in the X-factor thread- as soon as I saw him, I got excited. I knew some of you could pull up better shots and do comparisons. I just saw a youtube clip from Serenity Dreams someone had on twitter where she morphes the faces.
In the bad shots I had, the chin didn't stand out as much, but this shot is really good re chin. I think the chin, the neck, the ears...and with this pic the eyes are very close. I know we've been down the road of staring at pics before, but this one is one of the ones that jumped out.

Other Odd Things / Re: The x factor
« on: November 30, 2011, 10:50:59 PM »
And one more with Blanket looking over.

Other Odd Things / Re: The x factor
« on: November 30, 2011, 10:49:15 PM »
Hope you can make out something. I need to look at ears later. THe nose looks fake...but it could be wishful thinking.

Other Odd Things / Re: The x factor
« on: November 30, 2011, 10:07:54 PM »
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I posted this in the TMZ X Factor thread... it's a screenshot of hatman:

Thanks for posting it, but he does not look like the hatman of the funeral..

That is the one I was talking about. I just named him hatman when I talked about him as he wore a hat- I didn't mean it was the same as the funeral hatman (or was he- only different looking....).
Maybe we call this one hatman.version1.1

Other Odd Things / Re: The x factor
« on: November 30, 2011, 10:06:19 PM »
Here is a link to one of the hatman tweets taken off my tv:
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And one closer:
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I was looking at the ear and the adams apple

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I did not see a hatman.. I saw the show tonight. I haven't seen anything conspicuous. The pictures you have posted I do not see any hatman in back of Katherine, I only see a bald man, drinking a bottle of water..

What I find bizzare, Chris Rene said that his grandfather was a producer of the motown, and they produced Michael Jackson song when he was a child. I was wondering why he always shows his tatoo BELIEVE   maybe he may know something. I am thinking out loud.. 

You can't see him from that angle. He as only fully visible at the end of Earth Song, after the  camera panned to the family. If facing the tv, he was sitting to the right behind Katherine. He was partially visible in some other shots, but only fully in that last one. I kept wanting to push the nephew out of the way to get a better view. The world should work like a touch screen... :)

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI NOVEMBER 30
« on: November 30, 2011, 09:37:07 PM »
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X Factor is Michael Jackson night... Katherine, MJ's Kids, Tito, Marlon & Jackie are all there.

I don't know why and I do not have a logical reason right now, but it feels as if something significant happened on X-factor. The way the brothers came out- and introduced Katherine and the children- there was so much energy and excitements. Paris' tweets were interesting during the show. And as I posted in xfactor thread- there was this odd man with hat and dark shades behind K (he was covered up most of the time by the nephew- but there was one clear shot at the end of Earth Song). It was all odd in a way. Idk- could be nothing. But I read this thread after I saw the show and I felt that it could very well be a piece of the puzzle.

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Yeah well they should show a pic of the Hatman sitting behind Katherine then.
I  am SOOOO glad you also noticed hatman!!!!! I thought I was going nuts!

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