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well, i think that if he comes back together with the whole family beside in a press conference, people would believe him. like katherine can't open her mouth and say that is michael while he isn't. you see where i'm getting at? a mother's love for her child can't be faked for sure.

i think that's her way of saying that michael is alive but she can't really say it upfront. keep it coming la toya  /bravo/

Hoax Pictures / Re: Photo Used In Trial - MJ At The Hospital
« on: October 06, 2011, 12:45:22 AM »
can someone please post a picture of when they showed the room where they were trying to "revive" michael for 1hr and 13 mins? i remember when the prosecutors showed a picture of the room and equipment used to revive michael. i swear the stretcher looked very different.

TMZ Articles / Re: Conrad Murray Jurors The Low Down
« on: October 04, 2011, 04:43:35 AM »
for the people who think that michael could be disguised as one of the jurors there could be a HUGE possibility. if anyone who watches HLN, would noticed that there's a lady who observes what the family does in the court. she has been talking about janet in the court lately and how janet is consistently sitting very close to the jurors afraid/. she always said that the jurors always look at janet because she demands attention and of course she is beautiful. this got me thinking, maybe who knows michael is one of the jurors. just like janet looked at the hatman/blonde lady at the memorial.  OMG!

this is just madness /scream/ /pull hair/. the media is being played from day one. michael has got to be the most smartest man i've come across /bravo/ respect/ michael-jackson/ mj_bad/ mj_dance/ moonwalk_/. did anyone catch HLN put on their screen one day about someone wrote on their blog online, thinking michael's alive? i was like  WTF?? i forgot what that day was. i'm sure this trial and murray's story have cross a few journalists minds if this trial is real or not. even that, they will still doubt it because they think that michael is so "crazy" that he would do something like this /overreacting/. one of the journalist said michael wanted to drown himself into coma  WTF??  /overreacting/. she is lucky she was on tv and not infront of me. i'm laughing at all of them who are falling into the whole "michael drank propofol" bullshit. even my mom thinks it's  ridiculous, although she believes that he's dead.

half of the family is also having fun on the immortal tour/tribute concert. i personally believe that the family is very very media conscious. they all might have agreed on doing the tribute show but they fear that if they all go to the tribute, people and the media would start raising eyebrows. so to make things look a bit realistic, they have members disagreeing and agreeing. la toya, la toya, la toya. she dresses like  this trial is like a red carpet event  lolol/. she dressed far more formal in the molestation trial than this one. oh wait, how can i forget the memorial?

one more thing, my guts tells me that dr. drew is onto something. his shows and interviews has been very weird and different from the others. he even talked about the inconsistencies in the court this monday.

i agree Snoopy71. the live feed is very questionable because when you watch from tmz, they are like 10 to 30 seconds ahead  :roll:  and of course they are always ahead in everything michael jackson related. that might mean nothing but something aint right about the "live" feed. but it could be really live cuz there are other journalists in the courtroom observing things so....

it's funny because Dr. Drew atleast has noticed the inconsistencies so far. /bravo/  he is gonna do a show about it on monday at 9 pm et on HLN channel. yeah obviously this is a hoax and alvarez and the emts forgot their line. the non-believers are saying on twitter that they must have forgotten because it's been two years :roll:  since his death. this is a hot mess. if and if michael is really dead then, it's gotta be the most bizarre case i've ever come across in my life. but i truly believe that he is alive so moonwalk_/

so i am watching HLN and a lady said that the voice could have been slowed down to sound like that so therefore they need to do a scientific examination of that recording.

Hoax Pictures / Re: Photo Used In Trial - MJ At The Hospital
« on: September 27, 2011, 06:04:18 PM »
this is not even him. it even looks like he has make up on. and why is his hair look straighten?  WTF?? his legs looks way too short. remember guys, michael has long legs lolol/

Michael's Impersonators / Re: Was just wondering?
« on: August 09, 2011, 09:54:48 PM »
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IMDb E. Casanova Evans. he only has picture of June 28/2009 nothing else.. it does not say  his birthdate nor his death date.
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I found also a facebook page of e casanova and the contact info his location is Cardiff, United Kingdom.. Doesn't this sound familiar? Aren't Michael's family throwing him a tribute in CARDIFF??
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I also found this an announcement from E Casanova, Was he really sick and died? Was he the one Michael took care of, and died at his place? There is really no clues to find out, I searched everywhere. This is the only thing I have found.

who knows you do have a point. so was he suppose to perform in 2009 September? or....

Michael Jackson News / Re: Latoya Jackson on Piers Morgan tonight!
« on: June 22, 2011, 07:05:14 PM »
[glow=red:1151a823]i watched the piers morgan show and i gotta say that she used the present tense a couple of times. when piers asked her if michael had ever told his dad that he loved him, la toya responded "yes he has"  :lol: . it's funny how piers tweeted something that la toya said in present tense again when she said " michael is an angel". also when piers asked her that if we would ever know the truth, she said very soon beerchug or something of that sort. when she was talking about how she heard the death of her brother, her eyes were all over the place  :roll: . she couldn't even have a consistent eye contact with piers morgan.[/glow:1151a823]

Michael Jackson News / Real Star Stories: The Jackson 5
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:15:50 PM »
So there was a tribute show tonight of the Jackson 5 on CNN. It will are again on 7:30 pm. Tito Jackson was interviewed and he used the present tense a lot. hoping it would be on youtube soon. michael-jackson/  mj_bad/

I know this is suppose to be in the twitter forum but i figured it would appropriate to post in here since people have been curious if Jermaine is behind all this. i think that this answers the question. and i don't get how the interview is a tribute. anyway...

And also I remember that Latoya is/was also a cop. I was watching Celebrity Big Brother UK 2009, and she was on the show six months before Michael "passed". She was asked by her housemates on the show about being a cop and she said that she has arressted like over 200 people and even has a badge  afraid/ . I was really surprised that she arrested that much people. My point is that since she is a cop at that time (don't know if she still is now), she does have connections to police and even the FBI. I believe that the hoax idea could have been suggested/help from Latoya and Michael together as well. Notice how since Michael's "death", she is one of the family members that strongly keeps stating that Michael was murdered but nothing else.

Quote from: "Kristina4LOVE"
Quote from: "iLOVEMJBeLIEve"
shamone! michael-jackson/

That made me laugh so hard!  :lol:  :lol: Thank you! bearhug

You see, i need help  lolol/ or just do this  crash/

 lolol/ no problem. and you shouldn't be scared. i'm usually a person that gives up hope but for whatever reason, i've stuck to my guts and i really really believe that teddy riley is genuine and truthful. keep the faith honey.

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