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Hi Everyone, it's been awhile.  Just wanted to add my two cents worth.  I was disappointed in the hologram performance, don't get me wrong it was great to watch but to me looked like an impersonater.   My husband and I first thought "Michael" looked different because it was a hologram, but Tupac didn't look different.  Just makes your head spin...

Hi RK!  I have been waiting for October 28th also, I am trying not to get my hopes up but I can't help it, it just seems right!  I am trying to stay grounded and calm.........

Other Odd Things / Re: Four years later, how do you feel?
« on: August 11, 2013, 08:31:11 PM »
Hi Bec:  Did I ever tell you my family operated a "dude" ranch in the Berkshires of Massachusetts a very long thyme ago?  I could saddle 10 horses in 25 minutes, learned to ride like a crazy fool complete with barrel racing, rodeo and learned how to play pool for money????  Ahh to be young an foolish again..... On that note, I know how you feel.  I am feeling all kinds of "feelings" about the hoax.  Some like you and some a bit different.  I don't think things are over, just quiet.  Although I didn't contribute like you, I still depended on the hoax everyday and enjoyed the friendships, stories and debates.  I never put 100% of my heart into TS or Front.....Just because I wanted to protect my feelings....but looked forward to them in everyway.  I remember when we first started hearing from TS, I would get up in the morning and race to the computer....even  before I made my coffee to see if there was a redirect.  I even remember when you first joined, I thought wow, this woman is wicked smart!  Those were the days....Can't go back, must go forward, that's what I keep telling myself.   I am sure there will be something lurking around the corner in some shape or form.  What, I don't know, but I don't think this is over yet. But what a ride this has all been!  Lots of love to you Bec and everyone else out there in hoax land  :bearhug:

Back/Front discussions / Re: Front on Twitter
« on: July 15, 2013, 07:40:38 PM »
Gee Wiz!  I posted my congrats to Souza and SEHF this morning, the post was there, there, there and then gone.  So very sad, left out in the cold, my happy post has seem to have flown out the window.  I dislike computers at thymes!  Sending you, Souza and SEHF my best.  Sorry for the off topic stuff:) 

Back/Front discussions / Re: Front on Twitter
« on: June 28, 2013, 06:33:12 AM »
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Maybe he chose Twitter this time around to gather a new/different audience. Charissa, I don't agree that MJ wants the world to believe he's dead, I think the opposite - he's been challenging people to doubt and question, to look beyond the headlines and, helped by his clues and hints and whispers, arrive at the conclusion that he's not at all dead!  This could be what Twitter Front is all about - widening MJ's audience. Or, as you suggest, he simply misses the spotlight and the adulation of 'fans' and is getting this via 'Front'.

Hi Everyone:)  Curls I agree with you.  Michael wants people to follow their own path to the truth, he is teaching people to do this.  I think the twitter idea is a good one.  :)

Michael Jackson News / Re: I know this doesn't belong here...however
« on: March 23, 2013, 06:17:12 AM »
Great post Mr.Big, I enjoyed your post very much you have a nice way with words.  I also have to agree with Curls as this has been a very lonely experience.  I feel the coin has to sides, a good  feeling of knowing something that others do not and knowing something that no one knows can be a lonely feeling.  But the perfect ending will make this all tie in nicely.  But like dear Wishy said just enjoy the adventure.  Happy Saturday everyone! Lots of Love:)

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: January 01, 2013, 12:36:58 PM »
Hi Everyone - I know it's been a tough day for some but I just wanted to say this, whatever happens Bam or no Bam today or whenever isn't really amazing the friendships that were made here all because of Michael.  Just think we would have never have met, laughed, fought, complained and down right acted really silly at thymes.  Sounds like a family to me, can't be all that bad when you think about it.  Let's face it, we never know what's around the corner.  It's not over anyway you look at it.  Happy New Year my FAMILY  :bearhug:

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: December 14, 2012, 11:50:25 PM »
Hi Everyone - I will join all of you.  I am very sad and shocked by this, I just can't stop thinking about the children and adults that losts their lives and their families.  I am in shock.  We need to pray.

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: December 10, 2012, 06:03:23 AM »
SimPattyK  :bearhug: Here's one for everyone else too  :bearhug: Happy Monday everyone!

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:40:06 PM »
Sweetsunset!  Thanks for posting that PICTURE, what a lovely way to end a long day!  I would like more of that please:) YIKES!  :icon_bounce: :icon_bounce: :icon_bounce:       

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: December 04, 2012, 03:33:01 PM »
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@ sandy thyme wondered where you had been. Hope things are ok.
Many of us have had a trialsome 2012. Sending you love


Thanks Aussie, sending love right back to you also. I am here, just in the back ground these days.   You are right 2012 has been a toughy.  I guess the only way to get through tough thymes is to go right through them.  A friend has a favorite expression "Everyday is a great day, some are just better than others".  I try to keep this in mind and just keep riding the waves of life:)  Lots of love to you   :bearhug:

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:10:40 AM »
Hi Everyone - I am having a tough thyme keeping up these days due to life its self.  So, just a quick thought and forgive me if I am off base, you can take a book and everyone that reads it reads it different.  Everyone sees something different in each sentence, each word.  We all come to a different conclusion.  If I say the word Bam we all have our own idea of what it means.  This book is just another example of this.  Some people see good, some people see bad.  I thought TM was acting a bit off when prompting the book, I laughed everythyme he reached off and grabbed the book to show us the cover.  Something just isn't sitting well with me on this.  Maybe this is a test to see if people who care about Michael learned anything in these 3 plus years?  I also believe at this point there are people who care, and people who care but were unsure of the events in Michael's life care enough to now know it was BS.  You can have the most perfect person in the world and people will still not like that person, make up stories and so on.  So Michael will probably not have a clean and shiney slate with the whole world, but he will to the people who matter most, the ones who care and believed in him since the beginning and the ones who cared enough to learn more and jumped on board.  Just me thinking out loud, lots of love to all of you  :bearhug:

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI November 11 (11-11-11)
« on: November 30, 2012, 11:05:02 AM »
Oh.....I am not getting anything done today!  My head is spinning.  I need popcorn!     :icon_bounce: :icon_bounce: :icon_bounce:

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI November 11 (11-11-11)
« on: November 30, 2012, 07:29:14 AM »
My mind is cluttered with life!  I have to calm down and take all of this in!  WOW!  I feel very nervous, I can tell I am not going to  get anything done today!  Thanks TS, Front and everyone else, this is definitely the greatest show on earth!  :bearhug:

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: November 10, 2012, 06:46:40 AM »
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TY guys for the luv on my new project. Where you been Aussie? I miss seeing that pretty face posting all kind of craziness!!!! :)

Just a crappy year YM. That's why I have been on and off at the forum. 3 deaths in family plus 3 friends passed away, incl. a 1 yr old child. All in 6 months, 6 funerals. SO  yeah, 2012 not a good year for me. But hopefully the worst is over. We are just pulling together as a family and being supportive and praying to God for strength.

I could really use a BAM right about now  :michael-jackson:

I will be here more often.. Im glad ya missed me! Ha  :icon_e_biggrin:

Hey Aussie:  I am sorry for all you been going through.  This has been a very difficult year to say the least for me as well, I understand what you are experiencing.  I lost 3 of the dearst friends in the past year.  Two of which were not just friends, they were my inner strength, it's hard to regain your momentum and the beat of your life when part of your soul is empty with loss.  God always helps us find the way.  As I get older, I more now than ever value each day and moment with family, friends, life.  Take care, and lots of love to you and everyone here, there and everywhere:)

Young Mack  I want to say You Go!  I find you kind, caring and fun!  Good Luck with this project and here's to many many more!

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