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I also think this is an excellent video, and I love the way things were investigated.
However, what bothers me is that the first guy still said that some hospitals might still be using the old it doesnt make it completely impossible that Michae'ls bed belongs to the old series. And also, when the manager is being asked if they still use the old series, would it give a nice picture of his hospital if he would answer with a yes, in case they do still use old series? I mean, he doesn't know who is on the phone, and he'd rather "sell" his hospital as an hospital as modern as possible... and not as one using old beds! Or am I being negative?
WHATEVER, I still think that this video shows a very good point and that the chances are not big so that uCLA medical center have let MICHAEL JACKSON laying on a old bed, and also, is it supposed to be again a coincidence that the bad serie is called Renaissance????? I guess not /woohoo/

TMZ Articles / Re: Michael Jackson's Kids We're Boycotting the Trial
« on: October 01, 2011, 05:38:40 PM »
But maybe the family feels that it's their duty to leave some doubts, not tu hurt us, but just to keep the legacy alive... That's why I can't really take the kid's behaviors or the family's reactions (like Latoya who tweeted recetly that his middle name was Joe) for obvious clues. I must say I am feeling  quite nervous, the past days, because of the trial... I still believe it's a hoax, but I haven't seen any big evidence that it was a joke. Do we know when exactky the trial will end, and when exactly Murray will be pronounced guilty or non guilty? I pray so that this roller coaster comes to an end, it's not funny anymore, we need to know the truth NOW.
Mike, if you're reading... STOP PLAYING AND COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! This is about time, really...

Pictures & Videos of Michael / Re: Michael Jackson was behind 9-11
« on: September 04, 2011, 06:14:32 AM »
It's evidence for me that Michael knew that something so horrible would probably happen. But did he know exactly how and when? I dont know. But the cover of "blood on the dance floor" was discussed many times ( with the twin towers in the background). I also heard this video of prince during one of his concert where he mentions something about this terror attack, and another interview where he undermeans that Michael knows a lot of things we don't. Some of you might wonder why he didn't help what happen, but what was he supposed to do? Giving interviews and saying what was about to happen? He would have been murdered right away, nobody would have believed him and called him crazy, as always, and the illuminati's would have found another way anyway to create something similar. I believe Michael couldn't do anything but shut his mouth and that's probably when he started elaborating his death hoax and planned to reveal who these evils are. If he wants credibility, I believe he cant just come on tv and say smth. his death hoax and the way I understand it is the best way he could find to get the credibility he needs, and the first step is probably to proove to the whole world how the medias can fool you (then, he will have prooved it thru his death hoax). I would be very disappointed if he remains hidden for ever and if he created this hoax just to save his own life. Just like Elvis and Tupac might have done ( we will never know if they just escaped or were murdered).


maybe some of you already knew that but I was quite SHOCKED as i came across this video this morning: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
It is supposed to be Amy's last interview and she clearly says in her own words that she refused joining this evil's circle. Also, I heard on Tv that no drugs had been found in her dead bodies. Could she really be another victim of them?

Omer Bhatti / Re: Omer's new video- Life is a movie
« on: August 29, 2011, 05:24:29 AM »
ok...if you say so... I ve watched the video only once and not until the end, and also, before watching your comments, and when i saw him picking up this white thing I though "gosh, this is V mask". It was instinctively my thought. I didnt watch it again to see if it really was it or not, but even if thats his hat, maybe they ve filmed this moment like this on purpose to make it look like the v mask. However: I DONT KNOW. I cant wait for MJ to come back, thats all I know!!!! mj_dance/

Omer Bhatti / Re: Omer's new video- Life is a movie
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:35:26 AM »
Hey Gina, I hope my post doesn't sound rude or mean :roll: Just wanted to share my opinion on THIS video elvis_/ Since we don't know the real aim of it (if it's for the hoax or if it's the beginning for his singing career), im still giving him the chance to convince  ::P But right now I must admit that I prefer this penguin  penguin/ than Omer in his new video  :lol:

Omer Bhatti / Re: Omer's new video- Life is a movie
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:24:59 AM »
I just watched the video and well, it seems like I am the only one who don't like it at all!! To me, this video sounds very much like a joke: the lyrics are...not the best, his dressing style is just...well, nothing fits together...and the way he dances...well, just like a kid trying to show his MJ mooves. IM really tired of all these wannabe_MJ. I can understand that MJ has a very strong aura and that being around him makes you act a bit like him, but when you're an artist, you're supposed to use your influences to create your own universe and style!! I mean there is not one single moment in this video where you can see or feel the own style or personnality of Omer, it's ALL michael: the jacket, the mooves, the video (presence of the sun evreywhere, the stage of you are not alone and some other stuff I just forgot)...I really don't know what to make with it. If the song is on purpose related to the hoax  (if Michael is making a moovie out of all this, maybe this song will be part of the soundtrack who knows?), then ok, I understand, but if this is something serious and that Omer is trying to hit the world with this...poeple are gonne laugh at him. But thats just my opinion. I dont see any talent in such a video. And im sure if I would show this video to 10 persons around me, not one would ask me to copy the song for them, or would be like wow. If Omer wants to sing, then i cant wait to see what he has else to offer!!!
BTW, I also recognized the V mask. Maybe this video is really a soundtrack for something to come related to the hoax.

Messages to Michael / Re: Happy Birthday Michael
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:07:31 AM »
Sending you all the best wishes from France!!! JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE MICHAEL!!!!!!  party/So many poeple love you here...just like in the rest of the're so special...I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!! cant wait to meet you, I love you!!!! bearhug

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: A strange thing about Paris
« on: August 26, 2011, 06:32:03 AM »
Hmmm... I dont think it would be safer, since as we all know, they keep giving us clues or acting in ways that proove us that MJ isn't dead. They keep their speeches and acts contradictory on purpose, to leave the doubt alive (also to keep michael safe regarding all the dangerous ones who are after him). Why would they drive to FL on purpose to make poeple believe that he is really dead? They have other ways to do that.

Michael Jackson News / Re: MJ to be killed on 09/11...truth or rumor?
« on: August 15, 2011, 02:26:50 AM »
That's why I've always believed that there were two possibilities: either he escaped or they murdered him. But what keeps me hoping is that 1. as someone said, God seems to be on Michael's side...he should have died sept 11 and he didn't!!!!! elvis_/ 2. Michael was TOTALLY aware of this conspiracy against him, and that's a big thing that plays for him. Even if he might have felt trapped, I'm sure he had long hours all by himself to think about a plan to turn the conspiracy against them...with the help of his closest relatives, and knowing all the support he would get from us all. 3. All the clues and hints we have been observing since the begining are showing us that he really hoaxed his death in order to escape.
All'loveAndBelieve: of course the government is under the Illuminati's influence...the government IS Illuminati's!!!! Im also SICK of all these lies. Economic crisis? Of course they are behind it. They've created it and are keeping it in shape. Maybe this crisis isn't even real!!! Either they started it or they simply make everybody believe that times are taugh right now and they just raise all the prices without any real issues behind! This is a sick sick world. I'm scared of 2012, I am wondering what they have for us. They give so much importance to numerology and also, since 2012 is supposed to represent a new "cosmic" start (or whatever it is, didn't really get it), Im sure they will use this year to clearly take the power over us. The world is going down down down, and Im sure we can expect real bad surprises for next year. Michael, where are you???????????????????

Michael Jackson News / Re: MJ to be killed on 09/11...truth or rumor?
« on: August 14, 2011, 02:51:12 PM »
Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted. So it wasn't just rumors and La Toya is really mentionning it in her book...WOW. This is a big deal. I knew the conspiracy was real but this is like another proof.

Michael Jackson News / MJ to be killed on 09/11...truth or rumor?
« on: August 14, 2011, 07:11:59 AM »
I'm not sure where I should post this thread but I keep wondering about this: is it true that Michael had an appointment on 09/11 on the last floor of the World Trade Center, but that he decided not to go because he was too tired? I've heard this many times before but it seemed to me too "big" to believe, so i just thoguht it was just a rumor...also because i had not read it anywhere "officially". Recently, the "rumor" came up again and I've read on forums that La Toya would have confirmed it. So is it true or not? Do you have some links we could trust with official statements (from the family or else) that this is really what was planned? If this is true, do you realize what it means??? It should be number one in all the news, it would mean that the same persons behind 09/11 would also be the one after Michael...which makes it kinda clear who it is!!!! Not Bin Laden....

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Put it this way. If Michael really died, I'm pretty sure that everyone (family, friends, fans, media) would want to find out who killed him. So, them taking their sweet time with the trial is proof enough that Michael is alive. I've been thinking that Michael will come back before the trial ends....... ;D

That's for sure since the trial will never end  ;D lolol/

Hi to you all,
I am still convinced that he lives but I am not hoping so much for a return anymore. I mean come on...this is all getting so ridiculous. We are acting like the Elvis s fans now, who are still seing clues and hoping for a return of the King 30 years after he passed... I don't wanna end up like that. Look how many BAM days were supposed to happen already...we have intuitions, we are convinced, then the D-Day comes, nothing happens and we 're all like "oh but anyway I was more going for this other day..." I am so mad at Michael right now for playing with us like this. One of you said that he was entertaining us, I am sorry but which one of you is really having fun with all this now? It was entertaining and fun at the baginning, but not anymore, now it's getting heavy and frustrating. And you know what crossed my mind lately? that maybe he was not coming back because of us. Maybe that, as long as he will read us posting, trying to find out clues and all that...he will take his time and wont feel in a rush because he knows, he still has our attention.
The other stuff that crossed my mind, is that maybe, he really hoaxed his death to save his life and protect his family, and that all the "follow the yellow brick road" things are only there to "educate" our minds and to let us know that he still love us and is still among us.
2012 dosent make sense at all, just because he has been talking about 4 Years in this is it...he was probably just refering to the new world order thing, same as in the maya s calendar...he is also supposed to have writen" see you in july 2011" and he is not showing all doesnt make sense to me anymore...

Hoax Videos / Re: What DID happen after the trial? part 1
« on: July 10, 2011, 06:08:40 AM »
I agree with the previous post. The best way to protect ourselves and fight against it is to be aware of it, and not to let them manipulate us. And their manipulation goes behind the medias ! Look at facebook, twitter etc, they have created a world where they have "us" totally under control, it's so scary!
I also think that they are a lot of morons and sheeps out there who just believe the medias and take all what they say for a general truth so a lot of idiots are still thinking that Michael was a child molester...but thank god, I know more and more poeple who truly feel respect for Michael and who just can FEEL that what happened to him with all these accusations was sooooo unfair. Just  looking at him during his trials should break anybody's heart, his wole body, soul, aura seemed to be so much in pain:(

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