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Moonwalker / Re: HopeDiamond's Decode
« on: November 06, 2023, 03:29:54 PM »
**Would like to add that I only believe in 1 Michael and that he obviously had doubles, like a lot of celebrities.**

This decode is about Billie Jean, I decided to post my decodes here since they all connect.

*The video starts in black and white, which could indicate 1930s-1960s setting, The hitman seems dressed old timey to me signaling the enemy is old and established(The Elite)
*Cat running behind a trash can, can indicate he is being hunted as early as now(the making of the music video), I know he was abused as a child but I think this hunting is different, he is now a threat.
**I discussed cats in the Smooth Criminal decode.
*A coin is being flipped in black and white is referencing again what I discussed in Smooth Criminal that The Elite is behind the hitman hunting Michael, as they control money to control people.
**Now Smooth Criminal is obviously set in the 1930s but that still doesn't mean this is as well, as JFK in the 60s tried to bring back metal backed currency(and got assassinated for it) so you can still count the 1960s as referenced but it does look more like another 1930s referencing.
*Now we have Michael coming in walking and every thing he touches turns this glowing white light(I referenced in the Space Ship decode) which I previously said is a sign of him walking the path of the light(God)
**Also would like to note Michael is seem in color as previously it was all black and white, showing he is different to the hitman and not apart of the Elite.
*Michael is flipping the coin casually signaling that he knows they are after him and that he knows all what their trying to do.
*The singing starts and I immediately see why he chose this song even though he didn't write it, the Elite have many ways of blackmailing people whether its children activities, women, or various other crimes and the song is basically telling you to be carefully with what you do. The Elite right at that moment is trying to catch Michael doing something to blackmail him. Michael is always walking casually, seeming like he is unaware, unbeknown to them with the coin flip he does know. I believe that at this point he is working with the white hats. I recall Trump saying he was there when Michael did the moonwalk for the first time(I believe Motown 25) so they've known each other since the early 80s.
*Michael sees a homeless man so he flips his coin in his can and it glows, thus returning the power to the people is the goal.
*I'm starting to see the shops as the hitman goes by and it is giving off to me as a sign that pharma is apart of it, as you see "Ronald's Drugs" sign and a man, who looks like a mobster, smoking a cigarette on a billboard.(In the 1930s tobacco companies were paying off doctors to say cigarette's were good for you, thus pharma can be paid off)
*With the way the hitman and Michael are dressed leans more to referencing the 1930s(I mean look at Michaels shoes) as well as the pharma diss.
*This song I know Michael did not write but I do feel it is 100% what he has been doing, being careful what he does so they can't catch him and trap him. I'm starting to wonder if the white hats knew Michael wanted nothing to do with the Elite before Thriller came out, whether they contacted him shortly after Thriller came out, with Trump at Motown 25 when Michael did the moonwalk or before, they had to have known Michael was against the Elite as there are many interviews where it was told Michael was unruly as a child.
*Random cat change from housecat to tiger could reference "hunters become the hunted" as the time the video was released they were not attacking Michael as much as they would in later years.
*The hitman tries to grab Michael and a polaroid is taken, but Michael is not there. I believe after Thriller, The Elite really tried to get blackmail on Michael but he was warned ahead of time as he was already fully with the white hats and maybe get therapy or something for the abuse he received as a child(who knows what hidden medical stuff they have not yet released)
*So the hitman grabs a cloth that is designed in tiger print which makes me think I was right in that the cats changing is a reference to them thinking they are chasing Michael when in reality they are being chased and he is dangerous to them.
*He is grabbing his right bicep and I know Michael always had a armband on his right bicep so I believe that whenever he started wearing the armband was when he was with the white hats, I'm just not sure when he started wearing it. He grabs his right bicep again, so there is significance so I'm sticking to my theory that the armband start appearing when he was in contact with white hats.
*Michael sneaking up the steps, I believe is more of him acting in public to everyone pretending he is naive(tricking everyone) but he does it to an older lady in the window acting that he is being followed and to not tell where he is going, he is well aware that the hitman is on him, but he continues up the stairs to the bedroom where I guess a woman is, who's sleeping. If you look at his face, he knows it is a trap, then you cut to the hitman going up the stairs after him and you see the way Michael interacted with the older lady, she sees the hitman and calls the police, which just proves Michael is already protected at this point and is actually trapping the elite and not the other way around, so should check all his interactions in public if he really is stupid or is he acting and catching people(similar to Trump trapping Epstein).. Michael gets in bed with the woman and the hitman "finally" gets what he wants, or so he thinks but in reality it is fake and Michael is not there and you see the police go up the stairs to catch the hitman --I am of the belief that they never got blackmail on Michael, similar to Trump, or they would have used it at his trials to put him away, and they never will as the white hats always stop them. The police arrest the hitman and Michael is safe. As they take the hitman away he drops the tiger cloth and it turns into the tiger thus this music video is symbolized as "the hunters become the hunted"

**(Edit) I forgot to add the Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal could be connected with Michael doing the silver coin flip in both

Moonwalker / Re: HopeDiamond's Decode
« on: November 06, 2023, 12:43:59 AM »
**Would like to add that I only believe in 1 Michael and that he obviously had doubles, like a lot of celebrities.**

This is going to be about the Moonwalker Space Ship ending.
*Katie being revealed with Mr.Big with bright lights while being abused shows to me 'The Elite' abusing children(although they abused them in more ways than one but of course this is a movie)
*I believe he chose the needle, other than being easier to show for the moviegoers, but to all point the finger at vaccines and big pharma being dangerous and that they start the abuse young, with newborns(newborns get a lot of vaccines now) I mean in order to get in public schools in the U.S you have to get your kids shot up with double digit amount of vaccines.
*The shooting star is his rise to stardom that The Elite were not prepared for as he shot up quite fast with the Thriller album.
*He turns into the robot space ship with his glowing white eyes and the robot face design glowing white weirdly enough I immediately thought of the Billie Jean music video, which I haven't seen in years, but I remember him walking on glowing white stones so i'll go back and watch it again to see what I get now.
*I see the robot as sort of an armor of God reference(Transformers came out in the 80s so you can add that) as he chose to fight for God and the children so they don't get abused as he did growing up in Hollywood, I probably have more on this when I watch Billie Jean, so I'll leave it at that.
*The space ship being destroyed but coming back including the ending scene I think is the most obviously sign of the death hoax and coming back to defeat The Elite once and for all.

Billie Jean will be next possibly.

Moonwalker / HopeDiamond's Decode
« on: November 02, 2023, 01:26:04 AM »
Ok so I'm doing my first little decode, so I would love feedback, if anyone ever comes across this and has their own ideas. I would also like to add a disclaimer that SA abuse will be mentioned.
First is going to be on Smooth Criminal:
*Smooth Criminal in my opinion is in reference to the globalist elite slyly gaining control through lies and manipulation. That many are just now seeing.
*Now before Smooth Criminal starts, Michael has this weird sequence of him turning into a futuristic car, I immediately thought of Batman, a billionaire superhero from a well to do family who was left orphaned after his parents were murdered. President Trump has been referred to as Batman more recently.
*Club 30s could be in reference to the 1930s(obv) so I dug a little into who was President and OH MY MIRRORS!
*The President during the 1930s was Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933-1945. He is the longest serving President serving FOUR terms(mirror noted: some people say Biden is Trump's actually second term so everything can fall on him, thus Trump is running for his third term, and Trump has hinted to something fishy going on)
**FDR was President during The Great Depression and World War 2
**FDR implementing "The New Deal" (mirror noted: The Green New Deal the elite are currently pushing) The New Deal took us off the Gold Standard for a time(fully off was later)and gave us the stupid work unions that basically just launder money to the democrats. Obviously there is more to it but not useful to decode right now.
*Now watching Moonwalker, Michael controls the people when he takes out a silver coin and puts it in the jukebox, thus the ones who control the money control the people. He also has references money with a scene where dollar bills are on the ground and he steals one and slips it in his coat pocket, -- "The Smooth Criminal(elite) robbing people of their money and controlling them in the 30s Thus the name of the bar 'Club 30s'."--
**Obviously more control was taken due to Great Depression and WWII but moving on
Now going into the lyrics because to me it tells an elite story but more darker and some might not know about Jessie Czeboter(Jessie C) but she is a satanic ritual abuse survivor that was forced into as a child by a family member you can find her online giving interviews, but if you don't know about it might be a little confusing fyi.
*Now Jessie C talks about "Hunt Parties" where adults would hunt children(outdoor hunts for be for killing/torturing and indoor hunts were for SA(assault and rape)
*What I found interesting is if you look at the description box on Youtube on Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal music video it says it was inspired by "Girl Hunt Ballet" in the film The Bandwagon and I almost lost my shit because it actually went with my theory. Now I'm new to Michaels hints and clues so idk if he ever hinted at this dark of stuff but I just found it interesting to note the inspiration to the video and my theory on the lyrics.
*Now my theory is that Annie is a little girl, not a woman. My reasoning is in the line "she ran underneath the table, he could see she was unable, so she ran into the bedroom, she was struck down, it was her doom
**My reasoning is that a grown woman would not hide under a table, it'd take to long and instinct she would climb the table or throw a chair at the criminal, but a little girl would immediately go under a table because she would see that she is small and the adult would not be able to get to her.
*Now the chorus also got me "Annie are you okay?" To me that means Annie is not dead. She was caught, thus the "bloodstain on the carpet" line is from the SA, I don't think I have to tell you in detail how a child could bleed from such assault.
*Another point that stuck out to me was Michael's singing, during the 2nd chorus, he starts RESPONDING to the question at a higher octave imo imitating a female in this instance. Now the chorus is "Annie are you okay.....I DON"T KNOW" she is disassociating and mindsplitting that Jessie C has talked about that they do to control the next generation of the elite. Also you have Left bloodstains on the carpet....I don't know why, BABY" and "And then you ran into the bedroom.....HELP ME" lastly "You were struck down, it was your doom....(angry voice Michael) DAG GONE IT" So when I got to the 2nd chorus where he responds the first thing that popped in my head is interrogation, they are interrogating Annie.
**Now Jessie C said some kids don't make it so that would make the lines "mouth to mouth resuscitation.....sounding heartbeats...intimidation more clear and they would intimidate anyone into silence with their power.
*Now the name Annie is interesting and might not be randomly chosen as President FDR has a daughter named Anna, then I looked on Wikipedia and saw the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt(FDR's wife) first name was actually Anna as well! It runs in the family 5 times!
*Anna Hall-Roosevelt is First Lady Eleanor's mother, she was gentry as she descended from Livingston Family , of Scottish nobility from what I gathered. A Livingston signed the Declaration  of Independence and The Constitution. The descendants include the Astor family and The Presidental Bush family and suffragist Elizabeth Cady Staton
*Anna#2 First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was known to have a unhappy childhood because her parents and brother died when she was young. She was a very active First Lady and seems more of a Hilary Clinton type where she was basically running the show imo.
*Anna#3 Anna Dall was FDR's daughter worked in public relations and advised her father during WW2(mirror notedIvanka Trump advised her father President Trump during his term as President). Also I noticed that she worked under President John F Kennedy as vice-chairman of President's Commission for the Observance of Human Rights(Michael had JFK and MLKJR clips on Moonwalker)
*Anna#4 Anna Seagraves was known as "Sistie" during her grandparents tenure at the White House by the press. Her parents divorced in 1933, so she moved to the White House with her sibling. She does Democrat functions.
*Anna#5 Anna Fierst born 1955. She is active in the Eleanor Roosevelt Center and does Democrat functions.
So there might be why Annie was chosen, Anna #5 was born before Michael so the name already was established as Roosevelt.
*Now what randomly bothered me was the little girl always had a teddy bear and I thought she was to old to be attached to a teddy, then with the Roosevelt connection First Lady Eleanor's uncle was President Theodore Roosevelt, whom was gifted a teddy bear and it is rumored to be named after him.
*President Teddy Roosevelt was in office from 1901-1909. He took office when President McKinley was assassinated while he was serving as Vice President.
**President McKinley was the President that gained control of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, and Cuba. Rejected the Federal Reserve and kept the gold standard(probably why he was killed) He was also the last president to serve in the Civil War.
*President Teddy Roosevelt wanted to create the Federal Reserve again and he also was very progressive(Democrat in Republican clothes) He started the conservation BS and created national parks(which Jessie C said they do a bunch of bad crap in, look at all the missing people from national parks)
*Mirror note Teddy Roosevelt split the Republican party and screwed President Taft's reelection because Taft wouldn't be his bitch and create the Federal Reserve and actually wanted to help the people. So we got the Woodrow Wilson as President. Alot of people want President Trump to start his own party as they worry the Republican's will screw him. And we saw RFKJR recently go independent so he possibly split the democrat vote for election 2024(if we even get one)
*President Woodrow Wilson was President during WW1. He imposed segregation and was against women's rights. He kicked black people from federal posts and would regularly be protested by women. He was the one that gave Teddy Roosevelt his dream of Federal Reserve System thus enslaving the American people ever since.
*So Michael having multiple references to money in Smooth Criminal could bring attention to trash Roosevelts(whom the media and elite want us to believe are one of the greatest Presidents) as well as the name Annie.
**I would also like to add the random cat in the bar could be a reference to cats being known as terrific hunters and Michael I know is either pictured with a cat or transforms into cat, thus Michael is hunting the elite.

Now that is what I have so far, is there any other decodes I should look at like the robot Michael at the end that reminded me of Billie Jean. I'm not sure what music videos might have decodes :)

**Would also like to add that I only believe in 1 Michael and that he obviously had doubles, like a lot of celebrities.

MJDHI Live Streams / Re: MJDHI Live October 28th, 2023 | Moonwalker 35
« on: November 01, 2023, 07:12:23 AM »
Never watched Moonwalker, so going to have fun trying to decode it! Is there a specific thread to post theories on Moonwalker?

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