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Introduce yourself / Re: Hello to all
« on: September 06, 2013, 04:49:48 AM »
Hi Souza, Hi Sehf, Hi everyone!
It's been quite a long time since I've been on the forum... It's really hard for me to say this, and my intentions are definitely not to hurt anyone of you, but I am deeply saddened and torn apart with everything that has happened lately.
People who used to be friends, united in a common goal to spread MJ's msg of LOVE, got separated, got into fighting, spewing hate over others. Before you ban me Souza, pls let me tell you that I am not a crazed fan, I'm not obsessing over MJ or Front, I love MJ for who he is as a human-being and artist. Likewise, i love Front for what he stands for, and frankly I don't get it: if he lately changed his behavior a little, does that mean he's no longer on our side? Does that make him a fraud?
I'm just saying ... if there's any CONCLUSIVE evidence which supports the idea that Front isn't who he says he is [though he never stated he'd be any one other than himself!], if you think Front's just pretending to be MJ, playing with our minds by posting all those snippets, then why don't you guys come and show it to us? Do you like to see us living in confusion? Otherwise, I can see no reason as to why you wouldn't bring that evidence. Unless there is...NONE.
See..? It's so easy to break people apart, to create more confusion, to make them hate each other for no reason, only to gain a few more members on the forum. Pls forgive me Souza, but that's what I feel you are doing now. If you think that I'm wrong, pls correct me, showing REAL evidence though [not like the Paul-Mo thing - we all saw it's a lie]. If you think banning me or any other person who believes in Front - is the right solution - go ahead and do it. But it's only gonna show me and others that everything happening inside the MJDHI forum is, unfortunately, a lie.
This whole thing really saddened me and made me feel sorry that I ever signed up on this forum, in the first place.
If all the evidence gathered by a lot of MJDHI's former or even existent members who validated Front,as well as the fact that Forum Front IS twitter Front -isn't enough for you, then I frankly don't know what is, and I rest my case.
This seems to me like a game, like a very child-like behavior on this forum's moderators' part. And it's very sad, because you're playing with people's minds and hearts, you're hurting them. We used to be united... regardless of who we thought Front was.
You know something? Even if Front were to be a fraud, [well, there's something called REAL EVIDENCE, which shows he isn't], but absurdly speaking, even if he were, he does something that you don't: he spreads kindness and love, not hate. Which, for a true MJ fan, is what matters the most.
Thank you and I apologize if I ever hurt anyone with my above words.
But truth can hurt sometimes. Just like lies...

Introduce yourself / Re: A newbie is here (:
« on: June 18, 2013, 12:24:24 PM »
Hi Ametista, and welcome to the hoax family!
Enjoy the journey, cause it's a beautiful one!
Hugs <3

TMZ Articles / Re: Paris Jackson possible suicide attempt
« on: June 05, 2013, 03:32:26 PM »
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I can't believe that Paris wouldn't want to be here to see her Mom's brand new foal grow up. Wouldn't that be a 15 year olds dream come true?  Nope...not buying it. Too much to live for and enjoy doing it.
Katie here! :)
Well, this is all just too confusing... :omg:
If it is real [which I don't believe] - then I am sad to hear that and pray to God to enlighten her mind and heart. Teenage years are indeed difficult...
But on the other hand...
twitter Front has written a poem last night>
that girl playing those strings 
that bliss when she sings 
interrupted by a chord gone wrong
but nothing can change this beautiful song

- now we might think it has nothing 2 do with Paris's situation [and maybe it doesn't... :icon_e_confused:], but when Front posted it, somehow my 1st thought went to Paris - she loves playing [or still learning to] play the guitar. Still, the poem seems metaphorical, and we may presume that the "chord gone wrong" has just happened today, interrupting Paris's normal daily life, but all in all, nothing can change this beautiful song, this beautiful adventure that we're in, and that she's in, too...It may be nothing, but it is just my interpretation of the poem. After reading this poem last night, I swear I was expecting something related to Paris today. I admit - a suicide attempt was NOT what I had in mind, not by far...but it seems that something did happen today, and is related to Paris, and that makes me believe more that it is not for real.

Moreover, I'm gonna have to go with MrBigShot on this one...

I know Paris is a teenager, and I don't want to begin to downplay this by any means, however, what could provoke paris to initiate such an act when I truly believe that she has a lot to look forward to in her life. She has been raised by a remarkable human being and comes from an relentlessly strong family. Her family has such profound convictions and they see life from a very optimistic perspective. What could have prompted any of the jackson, let alone paris, to even entertain the thought of possibly departing from this world?

this is only the beginning of the shocker...

I think this is the indicator that something even more complex is on the horizon.

Paris might be a lil' rebellious, but SHE HAS HAD AN AMAZING EDUCATION, GUYS! In the very few videos we were allowed to see on Michael's private life, which include moments spent with his children, one can CLEARLY see the kind of father that he was, how beautiful he raised them, how much he COMMUNICATED with them - which are essential aspects of a child's future development. I don't see nor find any logic in Paris's attempting 2 commit suicide, even with all the teenager-issues, self -discovering etc...We might call /label it "repressed memory/pain" - and find her father's sudden "death" as a the root-cause of what happened 2day, but we all know it's not the case. At least, i believe /hope it's not...

Our friend Jadz reminded me of this:
Remember Ellen DeGeneres show, back in 2011, if my memory serves me right... When  Ellen asked her if there were any memorable things her father told her, Paris’s answer was the following:

"He said, 'If I die tomorrow, always remember what I told you.' I took his advice, and I remembered everything he told me," she said.

I choose to believe she took her dad's advice, which was surely not:"Dear Paris, whenever u'll feel sad, misunderstood, alone and mad @ everyone, consider committing suicide, ok?"...

Like I said, just my personal thoughts on the matter.
IF she DID DO that, then I'm sad and pray for her to find her inner peace, harmony and strength as soon as possible!

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Pearl is all about making $...nothing else IMO.  The things she hypes are ridiculous and extraordinarily self-centered.  She claims to be all about Michael but not too many years ago (while promoting another project of hers) ranted on in an interview about how she'd never respect or support a black man who had white wives/girlfriends.  One can only assume that she made an exception because there's money to be made on ANYTHING Michael...and/or...she's nothing more that a glorified fangirl with a huge crush and trying to get his  I do watch her vids sometimes for amusement...that's of course after muting the intro because it grates on my nerves in a huge way.  They are usually good for a laugh or two at what she thinks is relevant...oh and of course how it ALWAYS ties to her personally.  SMDH

OMG I do that too, that blooming intro music.... i makes me want to slap her silly face haha sorry im being aggressive...... >:(

I just wish people could look at things without such self interest and self importance. I think she (and a lot of other people) need to realize that the world does not revolve around themselves - there are billions of others out there....
In addition.... I doubt MJ sat down and thought "wow that crazy ass stalker fan Pearl is the one I want to lead people to the answers of the hoax.... I better make sure I aim clues at her!!" More like "oh dear Lord.... it's that woman again..... RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!"   :screaming-7365:
This makes me laugh and be sad at the same time.
Laugh because of what Charlotte just said at the end of her post, =)) [lol @ Run for the hills!] and sad because so many MJ fans are tricked into paying attention to this woman, whose only interest is gaining $$$ and publicity. It's not my intention to judge, but we here are trying to at least see both sides of every story, weigh in every possibility before stating something as being 100% real, whereas people who follow her are like hypnotized, they blindly believe anything she would say, and she keeps on doing that because she sees it's working and it has the effect she's been wanting to. Just because she smiles, winks all the time and says "keep Michaeling", that doesn't make her neither true nor honest...
And I couldn't agree more with what you said!
For long time I've kept wondering if she was somehow a part of the hoax, like an insider...but as the time passes, I'm more convinced it's the exact opposite...

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@Girl in the mirror, it's the date of Front's first post on the forum: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
wow, Curls, thank you very much !!!  :bearhug:
I have to admit: being newer is tricky sometimes :( Even though I went back and checked all Front's messages, I didn't recall the date of Front's first post here :(

« on: May 31, 2013, 01:06:47 AM »
Agree with MJonmind, but also:

I can't stop myself from remembering the time when Britney and Justin broke up, only to realize later [Britney almost admitted that herself] - that is was Wade Robson the one she cheated Justin with.
Funny how a former sexually-molested kid can turn into "the other guy", and we're talking about 2002/2003, so before Michael's 2005 trial, where he could have testified.
This is too insane! To live 22 years in silence, trying to repress the memory of what had happened to you, yet have no problem in having an affair with a woman, who, to top it off, is involved in another relationship - just sounds UNREAL, FAKE...
Here's a quote of one of the articles that state that:
"It’s been known for years that Justin’s hit song was about Britney, 31, and how she allegedly cheated on him with choreographer Wade Robson."
Link: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

This whole thing with Wade not asking much money is crazy too. It's like creating more confusion. Nevertheless, I cant stop myself from thinking that it might be exactly like u said, MJonmind: They are trying to make it look like he's not doing it for money, but for "the truth"......
I can see no other explanation. I really wanted to think and hoped it is H-related, but Front clearly stated that sadly it is not :(

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If that's so, @scorpionchik , How was he been able (Michael) to oversee this and save his life?
I mean, IF AEG wanted to kill MJ, he must have heard something and pulled the plug himself.
Was the fall guy (Murray) working on both sides maybe? IDK

 Jos, it's just my point of view on hoax is  different. I don't accept theory of long time hoax preparation plan in the first place; then I have said IF there is a hoax, Michael HAD to fake his death to save life rather than for entertainment purpose and  prove someone something; thus,  either he figured out or heard/ learned about danger and escaped, or Murray played 2 side role: warned MJ and helped him to escape; or MJ escaped feeling he could noct pull concerts, or MJ is  is dead. In either case there was a murder involved.

Still doubting Michael being alive Scorpion?

As always. it started 10-90, then become 15-85, then 20- 80, and so on, based on how facts have been progressing. Are there people who at all times 100% sure that Michael is alive?
I guess we all had moments like that throughout the hoax... ;) some of us have been here since Day 1, some of us joined later, but the common belief is that Michael is alive, and I for one think there's quite some evidence to prove it.
Everytime I have one of these moments, I remember Front's words: "DOUBT EVERYTHING, that's how you'll know it's a Hoax, in the first place", and that keeps me going on.
By the way, might be slightly off-topic [pls dont block me for that:p] but Front's latest tweet says to re-lapse back to June 1st 2011. To my shame, I am not completely sure of what he's referring to, given that I didnt't join the forum in 2011, but later. :(
Can you guys pls figure out? Thank u

Hi there, beautiful hoax family! Katie here :)
Well, I couldn't agree more!
Your words are so true, MJonmind, u cannot imagine how often I thought about that, that every man could learn so much from Michael!
And your Akon quote, Blankie... wow!
No wonder Dr. Wayne Dyer called Mike a "transcendent human being" and "the man with the heart as big as the sky". Those words are still imprinted in my heart...:)
And yes Loveyoumore, we're gonna defend Michael to the bone, that's for sure!  :-* :bearhug:

Introduce yourself / Re: Hoax updates ?
« on: May 29, 2013, 05:20:22 AM »
Hey there Somebodys Watching Me, and welcome to the hoax family!
Enjoy the ride! :)
Well, each day, new things happen, especially with the AEG Trial, Wade Robson's accusations, etc.
Feel free to search new information on the forum's threads, and keep an eye on any update :) :P


Introduce yourself / Re: hi i'm new but old believer
« on: May 27, 2013, 12:38:22 AM »
Wow, I' ve been missing for a few weeks again, with my moving into a new apartment and all that stuff that comes with it...
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers, Everlasting, MJonmind, mjj4ever777, and everyone. :)
I have been very much active on Twitter though, since it was easier for me to use internet on the phone, during this quite stressful period in my life, under the name of  @katie_ross29.
I've already followed a lot of MJDHI members there, if you have twitter accounts, I'd be glad 2 follow you.

Since things have been slowly coming back to normal, I would like to re-join you, this time for real:p [not dissapear like last time :p].
PS: @ MJonmind, I'm gonna be happy no matter the gender of the baby, but I do admit I would like to have a boy someday, to name him Michael, in honor of my favorite artist and human being, and also, in honor of my grandpa :)

Lots of L.O.V.E.
Girl in the Mirror :bearhug:

Introduce yourself / Re: hi i'm new but old believer
« on: May 08, 2013, 05:45:55 AM »
Hi there Mjsupporter and welcome!  :bearhug:
Though I shouldn't be the one telling you that, :p since I myself haven't been on the forum for a month or so.

I'll take this opportunity to re-introduce myself, if you please allow me.
I have been missing for a month, due to some health issues, which stopped me from having a baby ... I never had health issues until now, but things like that happen.
Fortunately, I'm undergoing treatment and everything is back to normal. Hopefully in less than 2-3 months, I'm gonna be pregnant, and if it's gonna be a boy, you can already guess his name :P :)
I am really sorry that I've missed so many important things, but now I'm trying to catch up on everything, and do my own research and be helpful on this forum! :*
Hope you can take me back, guys!
Sincereley yours,
Girl in The Mirror

Introduce yourself / Re: Better late then never!
« on: April 05, 2013, 01:33:33 AM »
Hey there Mark and welcome aboard! :)

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Sweetsunset ...definite link, and more intriguing is 'hang in there' message.

Last night she deleted this tweet 20min later but I thought the lyrics to this song interesting.

Paris Jacksoη (@ParisJackson)
2013-04-01 9:52 PM
anyone know how to get the tab for Limelight by Rush on drums

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Living in a fisheye lens,
Caught in the camera eye.
I have no heart to lie,
I can't pretend a stranger
Is a long-awaited friend.

All the world's indeed a stage,
And we are merely players,
Performers and portrayers,
Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage.
Wow, those lyrics say it all!!! ...
Somehow I didn't get to see this particular tweet, she must have already deleted it, when I went to her Twitter page. Or maybe I didn't even see it.  :icon_e_sad:
Guess I was too focused on her latest tweet that says: "Karma".

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Murray's song about the little boy who santa forgot reminds me of us. Remember how hyped up we were around Christmas time? Such big expectations then followed by much despondency and disappointment as we wandered back to play with last years broken toys [ revisiting older threads].  All we wanted was some soldiers and a drum [and a leader whose been MIA least visually] so the army of LOVE could kick some elite type ass.

True... :icon_cry:
The laughter and the joy
they find in each brand new toy (post).
OMG, I've read everything you guys wrote, unfortunately I didn't have the time to watch the link to the CM interview, but I can barely wait to see it. Anyway, reading what you all wrote, I cannot help but wondering about all the singing stuff, who is actually Santa Clause supposed to be, even though I agree with Adi on the expectations around Christmas time...and that in a way, the little boy could be us.
But it's not fair for me to talk when I haven't even seen the interview. So I'm gonna watch it first :p
I couldn't help myself though, from expressing both my surprise and my...confusion.

« on: April 03, 2013, 02:05:37 AM »
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I'm curious as to exactly who these people are that "knew" Michael was always doctor shopping.  I think it more likely that Michael started these rumors himself, with foresight of his hoax - creating the back story, as it were.  I just don't think he is or ever was an addict - but appearing to be one could've been a defense mechanism so no one (enemies - TPTB?) would know how strong and capable he really is.  Especially knowing as he did that there was a plot against him.  If "they" considered him to be a drug addict then he would not be viewed as a huge threat, and controllable.  So maybe that's why the "drug addict" label has followed Michael around for years?

Michael Jackson's intense and decades-long addiction to powerful prescription drugs will be front and center in his family's wrongful death trial ... which kicks off today.

TMZ said front! LOL, I know that's reaching but with the picture of all the propofol bottles, MJ's "ghost" in the fore..uh..front and the forum colors of their clothing....remember this from Front?

Michael: {standing alone…shakes his head…and breaks out into a rendition of 99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall} 99 bottles of Propofol… 99 bottles of Propofol… take 1 down, pass it around--oops! where did it go?….. 98 bottles of Propofol………


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haha @Andrea!......the "ghost" of MJ, all those Propofol bottles, front, the family in the Forum it.

Also I agree Andrea - MJ probably made it appear that he was a drug addict for the purposes of the upcoming faked death so he could seem controllable and weak to TPTB.

I too agree with you, Andrea and Adi! This was the best way for him to organize, in time, this hoax ... by making everyone believe they can control him, when in fact he was/is the one in control! :) I never once believed that he was weak and totally controllable. It was enough to see him in an interview, to realize that this man's logic and emotional intelligence are actually above average and that he knows what he's doing. It was his intelligence that made him seem weak and naive, because only a very intelligent person could pretend being weak, while totally being in control...

Anyways, so many new interesting and surprising facts are happening these days, that I just hope to be able to keep my logic straight :p

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