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I don't know if you saw this before Sim, but it's funny  :thjajaja121:   :thjajaja121:

0:27 Hope and constipation


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is it a coincidence ?


look at the top of the tree it seems like a number 177 or 137 ? and the color is different. photoshoped? ?

what do you think?

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: June 18, 2012, 06:46:41 AM »
MJonline  :icon_lol: said

Leaving his London hotel and heading out to watch the musical Oliver, playing at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, on March 7, 09.

I don't think this was accidental on his part.

The story would have especially appealed to MJ because it was a story about children being abused and then rescued, and about good triumphing over evil. In a way it was the story of the world, how evil elite of this world (call them Illuminati or whatever) have been taking advantage of the masses. In the end Oliver finds his rightful heritage, value and love. Michael has said he wants to bring healing to the planet, defeat evil, and bring L.O.V.E. 

the movie OLIVER TWIST 2005  the man who played FAGIN  his real name is KRISHNA ( i thought krishna for female  :icon_lol:  ) You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
and oliver twist born 25 june Barney Clark
am i over hoaxed  :icon_lol:

TMZ Articles / Re: Dr. Conrad Murray, Help, I'm Dying in Jail!!!
« on: June 18, 2012, 06:25:27 AM »
Murray's lawyer tells TMZ, he wants to serve out his time in the big house because he's being treated like filth in L.A. County jail -- getting fresh air once a month, and fresh underwear once a WEEK.

OMG  :thjajaja121:  :thjajaja121:  :thjajaja121:

we're told Murray's health is failing -- his hair, nails, and skin are gnarly  ... and he's been suffering from a constant headache over the last few weeks.

Murray says he's never gotten headaches in the past -- and is worried it might be a brain tumor.

First diarrhea and now this ^^ I guess TMZ next post: CM is DEAD. a real circus  :icon_lol:

oh i love tmz

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: Happy Father's Day Michael
« on: June 18, 2012, 06:18:26 AM »
Happy fathers day michael  and  all the fathers  :)

TMZ Articles / Re: Elvis Presley's Crypt -- UP FOR AUCTION!!
« on: May 30, 2012, 08:52:30 AM »
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why are you putting my words into every ones mouth here??

you changed my name to AKH''I like Hitler''TONI well like  you want

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isn't good what he did ^^ ( 3:55 to end). sorry but our leaders never think of us.

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4:50 and 5:54 ^^  like what michael said in this is it.

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login hope jfk is not antisimitic too?

why did mike said hitler was genuis? sure not his evil side.or just he could have made him change . most of hitler speeches are wht's happening now ( change jews by zionists or illuminati if you want ). I am not defending him or saying he is all good.just take a look on youtube and decide.

@sim thanks for the advice i appreciate it  :bearhug: i will watch the vidéos that you posted later thanks. yes and every thing is "what if" in this world.

@ mjonmind yes, I am from a muslim country.

@scream stop attacking the members and admins here because of what i said i think i said "I" and don't take it like an apportunity.


TIAI ~ 2012 / Re: TIAI May 27
« on: May 29, 2012, 10:03:56 AM »
glad you are back TS

thanks  :)

my name is all over scream posts what happened to you?

AKHTONI'S post is very clear, you can't say things like "the jews killed each others and they called it holocaust and put the whole blame on hitler" or "I like adolf hitler"

did I say which side I like in hitler or you just choose the evil side of him?I think he is genius and there is something fascinating (good) in him. or maybe i am evil i like his evil side? and it's not your bussiness if someone say I like a man and because you don't like him means I am wrong and you are right ok.

the "whole blame" he didn't do it alone the jews are included we are not stupid to believe it. and it's not your bussiness to make me believe what you want

"when a jew say yes ,I say NO I can't trust them they don't do what they say"

it's clear from a muslim to a jew . and it's me. what's antisimitic here

That is also the reason why it is so important to remember, so saying the Holocaust is just used for political benefits these days is wrong. It happened, if we forget, it's bound to happen again,

like @MissG said it's happennig now in palestine iraq afghanistan and happened before in bosnia. or maybe it's not a holocaust? because they are not jews? they are christians and muslims and don't worry nothing will happen to the jews again since you are controling the world

but you also know that AKHTONI could never post what he or she posted on a German forum. Not because there is no free speech, but because this kind of hate speech is against our laws

and you are controling the media too

Like they blame all Jews for what Isreal does (I don't agree with a lot that Isreal does, but it's a country first and I don't care that most of the people living there are Jews

the real jews (that i said it's hard to find them) or judaism reject a state to the jews they are not allowed. but you said i don't agree with "alot" what israel does. but you are with israel. means you are not a real jew

what I meant was actually that they don't react with disgust to AKHTONI'S post but instead attack me and just talk about Zionists and the Holocaust industry. Instead of thinking for one moment how a Jew reading AKHTONI'S post must feel.

I like the way you want to put all the members here against me because yi am dangerous . and you the king here. it's the same thing they are using if someone is not good for them he must be banned turn him off
that's how they tried to do to michael with false allegations

most of the people in this thread don't even speak out against hate speech.

 :WTF: whene someone talk about the jews means it' antisimitics?

one more thing if you think that i will say sorry for what i said you are dreaming

I will continue later.


AHA yesterday it was locked good that you reopened it

I will respond this scream .he think himself something  >:(

it's a joke

first they were tchatching with each others ,not on michael, and than suddenly they found michael alive
the woman said look it's michael jackson and the man said no he is dead
she said but it's him look. they runaway.
game over

that's all. and seriously they are very lucky they found him alive and not in disguise  :icon_lol:  :icon_lol:  ??

 :WTF:  is it anti semitic if someone denied the holocaust or liked adolf hitler . I like adolf hitler and what's the problem?( since ariel sharon is good and man of peace ( palestine)and GBush (iraq and afgha masacres) .....)

 the jews killed each others and they called it holocaust and put the whole blame on hitler.

the next step they convinced the world that they suffered from injustice and and.... so they must have a state to defend themselves.

the UN  divided palestine between arabs and jews and they(jews) were sure that usa and england with them ( cause they have hands there ). as you can see now the arabs lost their land and the jews are taking care of it
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And from israel, the jews give orders and commanding the world ( binky and brain) ( actually they are everywhere after the alleged holocaust they started immigration . even to north pole  )....... and the history is long ,you know

so the holocaust is political weapon

So you support the belief in a Jewish world conspiracy?

Yes I did and I doubt this holocaust and wait they did a conspiracies before they are known as prophets killers right?if they did this with prophets how about normal human being

they control almost the whole  world and when they reach 100% it's  the EOW (armagedon)
and I believe they wanted to destroy michael.(TDCAU)

What? You are telling me that Jews just use "anti-Semitism" to their advantage or do sometimes? That, unfortunately, is an anti-Semitic comment in itself. And it denies that anti-Semitism is very real.

so we must say that the jews are good. and all the kind words? no one can say no or it's antisimitic or maybe they are the choosen one . sorry I've never talked positively about them cause it's hard to find the good side.

when a jew say yes ,I say NO I can't trust them they don't do what they say .and call it antisimitic if you want

ps: don't tell me that you are confusing zionists and jews cause it's hard to find jews now


General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ AMONG US?
« on: May 24, 2012, 09:16:39 AM »
 he can be front, TS or nobody here


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Sorry, I think that was my fault :smiley-vault-misc-150: didn't think about people who hasn't watched it yet.

Take care

 :omg: hope you didn't take this seriously I was just kidding I don't even watch dr house  :)


General Hoax Talk / Re: BAM!!
« on: May 22, 2012, 12:41:37 PM »
no one gonna take off the title of craziness from me if he will not come back  :over-react-smiley:
I believe in BAMMMMMM  :bowdown:

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