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References & Similarities / Re: Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: March 06, 2012, 10:45:54 AM »
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I think what TS (Michael?) said is to be taken 100% in figurative/metaphorical way!

No one has to literally DIE for anything!

Not even Michael "died" to save this world, he just faked his death!

The whole hoax is a METAPHOR for life & death, good and bad, truth and lies, beLIEf and disbelief, reality world versus virtual world, fake or true, divine vs. evil, etc....

You got it there ^^
It's not what we see. It's deeper and it's meaningful. Cross the borders of nothing and look beyond and you'll see.

And also, don't think I am crazy bcoz what I said about the poem "breaking free", I just wanted to tell that its the way we should thinks, not what everybody sees.

I am sure Michael needs fans' support. But he haven't given any TASK or and MISSION to prove the fans' worth. And that leads me to think Michael has something ELSE before he makes sure that the fans are with him. Which means, if that 'something else' is not done correctly, there is no use of fans support. 'something' first and, after that is done, he can move on to fans' support.
What in the earth is 'something else' than all the fans' support?
Probably, someone with the power like V in the movie.. Power to make a change, power to change the world, power to start a reVolution....

"In accepting yourself completely, trust becomes complete"
Accept what your heart says and share it here, so we all can know.


References & Similarities / Re: Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: March 03, 2012, 04:32:22 AM »
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IMHO, Michael's plan includes us, BUT there MUST be someone else who takes the weight. I am hoping to post, little by little, the facts that lead me to this conclusion.
I'd like to know what are the reasons that make you believe it's gonna be ONE person.

Maybe Souza is the chosen one?

Maybe its Souza, maybe its YOU. Maybe its ME... no, not me.
But could be anyone.
You see, Michael Jackson's some clues are very hard to understand. He was in a higher dimension than us. And I am happy to see, how the 'mistery', unfolds piece by piece, until it is completely visible.

Breaking Free
What we have conceptualized we have created

All those loved, all those hated
Where is the beginning, where's the end

Time's arrow, so difficult to bend

We see according to our first concept. That is the first line. If we think this is regarding Illuminati, we will try to link every clue to the Illuminati. If our concept is Dr.Conrad Murray, we will link everything to him. Same with Elvis and LaToya, Janet and all.
I guess we should look at this is a wider range, an open mind. All we love and hate are created by us, and we have no clear proof.
Look for the beginning, and continue the research,  OR Look for the end, and come backwards to get the whole story.
But time is time. Maybe we are running out of it.

I know what you guys think about me now...->  WTF??

wish you Victory!

References & Similarities / Re: Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:01:43 PM »
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I find this interesting....I think we are all chosen for this great adventure, somehow we are ! Something happened on that day with us all, something that opened our mind and heart, our imagination .I feel sad that we are divided and non- believers still don't wanna understand the true meaning of Michael's message.I hope this is coming to an end soon.....I miss Michael too much

We are all chosen. But we all cannot be 'Michael's or 'V's... it takes a lot to bring yourself to that position.
Remember, in the movie, there was a lot who helped V in the mission. If they were not there, V couldn't have done it, but it V was not there, the people won't be able to do it.
@SimPattyK:  Maybe, Michael Jackson, has taken a risk.. and MAYBE, that risk is Mankind's hope..
Just imagine what happens, if, in the movie, after all he (mr.V) did, if people refused to fight with him??

IMHO, Michael's plan includes us, BUT there MUST be someone else who takes the weight. I am hoping to post, little by little, the facts that lead me to this conclusion.

"I am that child, but so are you
You've just forgotten.."

This is it!
wish you Victory!

References & Similarities / Re: Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: February 23, 2012, 08:50:35 AM »
And about that Facebook link someone posted, http:\\\misteryvirads   /bravo/
That is me.

And I think the chances are less, that it will be a girl/woman.
And if Michael Jackson saw the Noah's Ark story, he will be very hurt. For I am sure that if he has to build one, he will make it enough to get all of us inside.  respect/

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I don't want to be a party pooper, but I don't think the OP was having a potential Mrs. Jackson in mind with the 'chosen one'. I don't think that the hoax forums are dating sites in disguise for Michael, lol! With his intelligence and testing ability, I am sure he is able to find someone in a less extreme way. Plus when I look at my own priorities at the moment, I am far too busy with everything that this hoax has set in motion in my life which for me is more important at this moment than finding myself a loving husband that can help me create my own soccer team of adorable kids. And I am just a spectator, just imagine what his main priority is.

Anyway, in other words: I think this thread is a little off topic.
^^ just what I said. Not a girl, probably. And this should be a little more into the topic, this is a theory, but maybe THIS is the REAL THING. Who knows?

Thanks for all positive (and not-so-positive) responds.
Hope to hear more.

wishing you Victory,
~Virads ~

References & Similarities / Re: Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: February 23, 2012, 07:08:51 AM »
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If so, where is that man? (or woman)

It's me, it's me !!!!  bounce/ bounce/ bounce/ /woohoo/ :lol: :lol: :lol:

On a serious note, I would like to ask Michael why he doesn't love women :(?
He was alone for so long that it seems quite unusual/difficult to understand to  me. And I don't think it's for privacy reasons that we know nothing.

He loves women very, very much. You might say - most of them didn't want to be HARASSED by the paparazzi!
Even Debbi Rowe couldn't take it, right?

Think about it: what woman in her right mind, wants to be shown off like a freakin' side show in a circus!
At private parties, he was with women, where cameras were NOT abound.  rr/

100% agree Tink. The person who decides to expend his/her life with a famous "wanted" one should be very careful when comes to fanatics as well as having a polite way of expression to be able to tell the media and harassers to phuck off.

Michael was followed most of the time, lately, by the same group of young women. He was very patient. I would be scared.

Me too, MissG! But then - that's what a bomb-proof, bullet-proof car is for, along with security, and decoys, I suppose.
Just hard to imagine what it would be like, to be living inside a gilded-cage, with every skeleton in your closet scrutinized!!

I got the impression this person knows who she is - but, didn't like the idea of all of that. Ergo, his faking his death was to protect HER.

Indications perhaps, is a contribution to ahem, the real reason why Lisa Marie and he really divorced - if I may be so bold. Delve into photos, etc., anything of someone who may be at the same place, same time as him, no matter how trivial, who didn't want to be examined to such a nightmarish level.

Strongly feel there was someone between her and Debbie...just a hunch, from what psychic and others said. Michael believed in marriage for sex. He may have been forced into marrying Debbie instead of this girl, who'd stolen his heart!?

Is that when his world was turned upside down? Looking at time-tables...he just stopped looking, and pining.

But I am sure that Michael Jackson did not do this for a single woman. Let's see (or try, depending on your desire, determination, devotion and plan)  the whole picture. I think Michael Jackson did it for all the human race.
But still, I maintain my 'theory', Michael Jackson waits/waited for someone.

"Two Birds" from Michael Jackson's "Dancing the Dream"..I guess this shows something:

Two Birds

It's hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven't ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they ever understand your mystery? Let's give them a clue:

Two birds sit in a tree. One eats cherries, while the other looks on. Two birds fly through the air. One's song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two birds wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility.

It's easy to guess which bird I am, but they'll never find you. Unless...

Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond, that breathes free in the invisible air. Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine?

Oh, that is a day I hunger for!


wish you Victory!
~Virads Aventura Mistery~

Well, if you are looking for similarites, there is the biggest and the simplest one. LOL
V in the movie changes the nation, likewise Michael in reality will change/saVe the 'human' nation.  :lol:

Wonder who is gonna be Mike's Evey.....  beerchug

References & Similarities / Re: Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: January 22, 2012, 08:04:44 AM »
Yes you all have your opinions, but I am 100% sure that, when Michael returns, it will be a shock to all of us. We haven't seen the whole picture yet, and when we see  it, its going to be different. Totally different. The chosen one is there already, Michael will do it.
And we'll help, of course.
But, its still going to be a surprise!
THAT, I am sure..

References & Similarities / Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: November 13, 2011, 07:21:14 AM »
First of all please be kind to me regarding my theory because this is my first post.  ;D
Ok, here it is:

Well, It is clear from all the clues that Michael has been planning a big 'mission' from a long time.
So, why more waiting..there are a lot of people believing the story.
MY theory is that to complete whatever he is doing, he needs help. Not just faith.
And, its not a normal person's help..I may be waiting for someone.(just like in some movies where someone happens to be at the wrong place in the wrong time and he suddenly discovers that he was destined to do some task, fullfiling a prophecy..etc)
Michael maybe waiting for someone to support him.
If so, where is that man? (or woman)
Maybe that's also Michael's problem.

Its just a theory I thought, there are no proof to prove it. It is possible that Michael has got everything ready for that single person (maybe for a team, who knows?), and now he maybe waiting for that 'chosen one' to stand the side of L.O.V.E.....

Its only a theory, but remember...."Life is full of surprises!"

As this is my first post, please tell me what you think about this!
 michael-jackson/ moonwalk_/ michael-jackson/

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