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The Hoax Mentioned In The Media / Sightings Website- Debunked or Real?
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:45:15 AM »

It's been a long time since I posted here, but in spite of terrible episodes of emotional insecurity and doubt, my beliefs have not changed-- mostly because after five years, the MJ situation has not really changed either. The 'weird things' are still weird, questions have not been answered (are they even supposed to be?), and it seems things are only getting weirder (as in, in our favor).

Came across this website the other night: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Has this been discussed yet?
My first impression was "oh God they've started comparing us to people who actually think they saw Elvis Presley in London or something", and that this is clearly a lot of fakery...
But I DO wonder sometimes. That blurry photo could be an easy-peasy Photoshop job of an old pic with a new date stamped on it (especially considering all 3 photos of a 'dead' MJ in existence are clearly Photoshop work).

But I am curious as to what you all think... :-\

Call me a party p00per but this kind of thing seriously makes me ill.

In the eyes of the public, and 'normal' people, we are being chucked into the same category as people who swear they saw Elvis Presley alive here there and everywhere.

Publicity like this -- in the form of random "MJ is not dead!" songs that are most likely not meant to be taken seriously -- sort of dumbs down the mystery and shock of the fact(s) Michael is alive and well somewhere.

I hate to think that with the presence of music like this, and books, and random websites and people reporting "I saw MJ alive!!"... one day this hoax will just be a big joke.


This is plausible. Conrad had to know a LOT- the basis of it - the legalities - but there must have been some things Michael needed to keep to himself (and to his kids, who I am positive are 100% in on this - they would be the first to know every single detail after all).

But then... there goes my theory of MJ being Conrad (sometimes, e.g., for phone interviews such as Anderson Cooper)?!  :icon_e_geek:

That right there is why I always had my doubts as to people citing 'hoax!!!' from how people at MJ's memorial and funeral services seemed "happy, almost giddy."

Perhaps we caught people there exchanging funny stories/memories about MJ, and we thought they were not grieving at all.

So does that debunk anything on how we viewed the reactions of people at MJ's funeral services?

"Not really," said Murray. "[Joan] seemed to have received about 300 milligrams of propofol within one minute, and I think that that would not be correct."

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All this tells me is of course he knows giving 300 mg of propofol in a minute is wrong-- because he never administered a propofol overdose to MJ in the first place. (as is the reality I hope for)

So could this represent anything for the hoax or as to Murray's REAL role  on 6/25? idk. My brain is scanning this, reading between each word (maybe trying too hard?)...

Info for new members / Re: List of questions about the past 4+ years
« on: November 10, 2014, 12:21:23 AM »
1.   What is your username and has it always been the same?
Jujubii. Hasn't changed since I joined.

2.   What made you look into the hoax and when?
After 5 weeks of despair following 6/25/09, I somehow found this site.
I know it sounds strange, but I can not remember for the life of me HOW I found this forum...but I am so, SO glad I did. It absolutely made my Christmas, and a happy new year of 2010, upon discovering the forum, watching videos and ESPECIALLY watching that Dave Dave interview that promised me Michael was STILL ALIVE somewhere.
Oddly enough, on June 25th as soon as I heard the news and before the crying began, the very first words out of my mouth regarding Michael's being gone was: "It's a hoax!"

3.   What do you think is his reason to hoax his death?
Inability to take the life he'd been living for about 40 years. At some point before June 2009, probably as far back as 2007, Michael most likely felt his spirit was completely destroyed after the 2005 trial and everywhere he went he risked the crushing emotional blow of someone calling him a freak and a child molestor and a fake - no matter how many fans knew the truth.
Yes, he's wanted to live a normal life with privacy for forever-- but he did not want to give his identity up. His name- his family... but giving up the fame would be just fine.
Had Michael /Joseph/ Jackson died, Michael /Joe/ Jackson -- living somewhere in peace -- could successfully raise his children, watch them grow up AND witness them finally have the normal life he wants for them... (a clue of this was his finally going out with his kids WITHOUT their masks on in earlier June 09)
...with no distractions such as death threats (he apparently feared for his life a LOT) or tabloids or media/paparazzi/particularly crazed fans bothering him anymore. (he loves us, I'm positive of that, but we have to be honest and take the "Billie Jean" types as a reality, too).

4.   Who do you think are 100% in on the hoax?
His kids. There is NO WAY he would deceive them and leave the emotional trauma of their father dying and leaving them all alone in the world and watch them suffer. I believe they know more than anyone else.
Katherine also seems to know (remember her going out to buy sleeping bags THE SAME DAY (if not the next) her son 'died'?). Lawyers should. FBI must if this is indeed a witness protection thing, which I feel strongly it IS. Also, Kenny Orteg Conrad Murray. Joe Jackson (I still remember his weird... non-caring attitude in the days immediately after Michael 'passed' 'About what, Larry [King]?").

5.   Do you think he will come back and if yes; why, when and how? If not, why do you think he will not return?
I want him to. I miss the days when he was actively AROUND, but then I remember his deep loneliness and suffering and I go... "no. You know what, Michael? Go be happy. Just show me a sign that you are ALIVE AND WELL. PLEASE."
Although Michael's words once of wanting to "shock the world" echo in my head, and his clear attitude of wanting to do something incredible with his artistry/showmanship was very obvious in TII and throughout his career, I can not imagine him faking his death and then returning all "o hai i'm back". He is too intelligent and considerate all at once -- what he did, I believe he did for his life.
But I also trust his creativity and knowledge, so if he wants to return, he WILL find a way that will make sense, will not come off as a soulless publicity stunt, and may perhaps reveal something particularly disturbing about the media and its brainwashing effects on us that make us believe celebrities are not human beings with souls. So, Michael... if it does not risk your safety and your well-deserved privacy/obscurity...  COME. BACK. "In your own time", of course.

6.   Do you believe MJ reads the forum and do you think he posts. If yes, do you have a suspect?
I have heard things about how MJ is incredibly technology/internet-savvy and loves lurking around, and then I'll read something (e.g., from his bodyguards' stories in some new book of theirs) that says he avoided the internet entirely. In this modern world it is impossible to live without internet knowledge, so I'm leaning more towards... yes, Michael is present here, possibly as a guest. Posting... maybe not, depends on how brave he's feeling and if he has some very important message for us to understand through his anonymity.

7.   How long do you think this hoax was in the planning? Please explain why.
As I mentioned earlier, definitely sometime after 2005. A lot of people here, as I read through this topic, think he planned this as far back as in the 80s - I doubt it, seeing as he was on top of the world back then. Post-1993, however, I can believe, as his instincts to take drastic measures to go hide and start his life over started kicking in at that time. My gut feeling, however, tells me: AFTER the 2005 trial. The drained, tired, frail, broken yet still beautiful man I saw leaving court for the last time that day-- his appearance answers this question for me without words. He was desperate. The gears may have started turning in his head at this time, seeing as very soon after this he went M.I.A. pretty much somewhere on the other side of the world.

8.   Do you think we have overlooked something or haven’t examined enough and if so, what?
BeLIEvers are called into question, or crazy, because of the lack of answers for questions such as 'why would Michael do this', 'would he really do this to his children/fans/family', 'how can he pull off something so huge without getting caught/arrested', and especially 'if he's coming back, does he REALLY think the world will accept him after he has faked his death, no matter how valid his reasons may be? Come off it. Michael is human and he died like a human, he would not even begin to think of HOW to do this or see reason to.'
These questions NEED to be addressed more. At least in my opinion. :>

9.   Which part of the hoax do you like less?
The murder theories, the Vegas-like comeback theories, the Illuminati stories, the numerology, the Bibllical stuff. No offense meant at all to anyone who holds these theories to be absolutely true, but the importance in understanding all the events since June 25th is in observing and thinking, not creating (stories in our heads). Read between the lines, find the grey areas between black and white, and discover all the holes in this Swiss cheese of a 'death'. The more we pay attention to what has already happened, the better we can understand what REALLY happened behind the dramatic scenes, what could be happening right now, and also, what may happen in the future.

10.   What do you think is the best hoax video / YouTube channel?
All of them. They each serve a great purpose in ways of opening our minds to different interpretations, and our eyes to seeing all the sequences of events from 6/25 onward in a new way we missed before. ESPECIALLY if you're a non-beLIEver.

11.   Do you think O2 guy was MJ?
Yes. It was Michael, but behaving sliiiightly differently. And he had his reasons to do that, even though I can't say I understand them well yet.

12.   What old topic should be discussed again you think?
A question my own mom wonders about to this day: "WHO was filming the ambulance leaving?". The validity of the video where it looks like Michael, or SOMEONE under that sheet is sitting up as he's being carried into UCLA (?). Did ANYONE working at UCLA - other doctors, nurses, paramedics - see Michael there that day. Why LAX closed for 2 hours on 6/25 and only one private jet left... the death certificate should seriously be revisited and torn apart like the fabrication that it is right to the last detail.

13.   If you would have to make a non-believer reconsider and you could pick 3 things to make your point, which 3 things will that be?
The funeral, and memorial service. The surfboard-looking, flat, bodyless gurney. The young, healthy MJ lying in the ambulance and HOW THE HECK WAS THAT PICTURE TAKEN when the only windows in that ambulance were TINTED BLACK for privacy.

14.   Is there anything you believe about the hoax/MJ that you rather not say because you think people will think you are crazy? If yes, please share! Hahahaha.
I haven't told a soul beyond like, one friend that I feel strongly that MJ is very much alive, and I don't plan on telling anyone the one thing I believe that would make me look crazy: that Michael did this because he feared for his life and the safety of his children... not to mention how I STILL feel Conrad Murray IS MICHAEL in disguise. That guy's voice, his SINGING voice, his weird Michael-ish mannerisms and his hands... seriously, am I the only one who sees this?

15.   What made you laugh the hardest the past 4 years?
[color]Laughing about this has not been easy for me, no matter how obvious the fact is becoming that Michael did not die... but I remember giggling once when I believe someone called Forest Lawn to ascertain as to whether Michael was there or not, and the person at Forest Lawn said "no" or something to this effect![/color]

16.   Anything else you want to share or questions you think should be added?
Not at this time, other than sorry I've been gone for ages, and I honestly hope nothing has happened to render this hoax non-existant and this is all in our imagination. ;.;

Other Odd Things / Re: Four years later, how do you feel?
« on: June 25, 2013, 10:50:49 PM »
I... feel very confused.

My heart goes "Chill, he's fine- alive and well."

But the nagging voice in my head (that powerfully affects my heart, too) is telling me...maybe not.
What with Paris' suicide-attempt (missing her dad way too much? understandable) recently, this AEG trial mes, all kinds of other stuff going on that I don't even care to learn details of...

The last time I felt confident was when Conrad Murray was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper- and what a strange interview that was.
I kept hearing Michael's voice coming from Conrad. Michael.
With some odd accent he put to his voice to disguise it. Michael.
Talking about the oddest things, breaking randomly into song, in that familiar soft voice....

But now I'm just back into uncertainty when I remember his kids and how they're getting along in their own lives.
Somewhat clearly lacking Michael's presence.

All I want is to know the truth again, to remember, and to learn everything, starting from right now.
I don't want to feel that awful pain of doubt, or like I'm just a fool looking through rose-tinted glasses, ever again.
Especially with how the 1 or 2 people I've told that I believe MJ is alive thinks I'm absolutely crazy and stupid. (and..maybe I am.. x.x)

I'll never give up on Michael, but I'm afraid of being wrong again.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Other Odd Things / Re: Back cover of Bad 25
« on: October 24, 2012, 07:33:00 PM »
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Same I'm desperate to get the DVD. Just got the cd yesterday and have listened to it only once so far. All I will say, IMHO, these tracks weren't recorded in the 80's. Some of the tracks sound like bad album stle music, but others Have a current musical sound. Also Some of the vocals, I agree, sound like a mature MJ. It's incredibly exciting and I haven't even looked into the lyrics deeply. I am sure once I do that especially with hoaxy eyes, I'm going to be absolutely spinning about it all.

Ah MJ you're a gift that keeps on giving. I can not tell you how good it was driving in my car listening to new MJ...

Felt soooo powerful and special. Possibly because of my involvement here, it feels extra special rather than if I never learned of the hoax. Non believers are missing out on the full MJ experience, big time!!

Love you MJ - Love you all x


I feel like I AM having the full-on experience and adventure of being an MJ fan.
Not just leaving Michael behind as a happy memory of my kittenish past (at ANY time, but especially after 2009), but persisting in following him, 'cause part of me keeps believing not only is he way too intelligent to die such a frankly puzzling death, but also, like seeing him with a child's eyes, that he is some sort of immortal and just... can't die. (Especially not a death so common, not-very-wise celebrities.)

No, I chose not to just forget about him and assume he's gone.
Because where he goes, my heart goes too.

And my heart says... "yeah, he's still here. You can't just...stop loving him like that."

And then I'm just shocked yet delighted that he has more to offer me than his music, his art, his soul- no, he's got me along on his JOURNEY.
How many artists/singers can you say DOES that to you?  You go from listening to his music and just going, "oh, he's awesome", to "...whoa. Is he part of my life, or has he made me a part of his?"

A journey that only the Love he's taught me can accept as true, understand, and follow, via his clues he's left just for us to understand...

And find him...

And I feel just so, so blessed right now.

You guys, and Michael, are so awesome that I have no more words. <3

Other Odd Things / Re: Statues returning to Neverland!
« on: October 24, 2012, 07:15:16 PM »
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I really have the feeling that MJ was very much into holistic health, and though pharma doctors had tried to use their methodology on him countless times, he is LIVING testimony that their ways and their doctors lead to DEATH—mind/body/soul.   MJ is opening up a whole new window or a mirror to living, that will change our world.  He had a greater part in the healing of hundreds of children that came to him at Neverland, using such as practices as hands on prayer, love, and visualizing--telling the child to imagine pacman eating the cancer cells.


VERY true, I can tell you!
As someone who's lived her whole life holistically, and is physically, spiritually AND emotionally in top shape (hopefully! XD), I absolutely can see what Michael sees in this treatment for children who need healing.

He would strive for healing that's not just a bandaid, not just a drug to take the pain away for a little while before they get sick again, but for a complete healing of their HEART. Their emotions. Their soul.

And what greater healing of the soul can happen anywhere else but at Neverland?
Fun, laughter, animals, Nature, other kids to hang out with, games, and being around such a purely AMAZING individual that everyone young and old would give ANYTHING to spend even 5 minutes with?

That stays with you your whole life.
I still sort of... have that dream of meeting Michael one day. Call me crazy, but I still hope and pray to live my pretty much life-long dream of seeing Michael face to face, if he ever decides to come back...  ;.;

If this is what Michael always had in mind for a children's retreat/hospital at Neverland, then doubtless, he is putting it into action right now with all his 'free time' finally away from the press and media... <3 aah, I'm dreaming already... ;u;

I don't know if this is BS or not but.....
A) Is it true that we were able to find many clues in TII? YES.
B) Is it true that the clues were found in MJ's dance moves, song selection, answers to interview questions and facial expressions? YES.
C) Is it true that Cassandra was really in contact with Michael? This is probably the real BS.
D) Conclusion: whoever this person was, she/he was in the know of Michael's death hoax and informed "at least" the beLIEvers and this information was leaked on Oct 27 2009 that's to say 1 day before TII release.

@sweetsunsetwithMJ -- you broke it down PERFECTLY! Very true, and awesome answer. <3

@Blankie, MaarineBeLIEve, MJonmind -- thank you all SO MUCH ;u;
you have no clue how much it means to me when someone reads my silly little words and not only understands them- but FEELS them, too!

Other Odd Things / Re: Statues returning to Neverland!
« on: October 20, 2012, 09:51:37 PM »
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Jackson’s death, before he could carry out a planned comeback tour, turned the transaction into more of a straightforward real-estate play: Colony is fixing up Neverland and plans to sell it, at some point, for a profit. But after doing the Jackson deal, Barrack and his team began to wonder whether they might have stumbled on a whole new class of investment: the distressed celebrity.
If MJ is dead thus not in control, then Neverland is being spruced up to sell better, or maybe even to be used as a Graceland type property to generate admission income.

Since MJ is ALIVE, and is more or less in control, then I believe Neverland is being prepared for some yet unknown purpose.  I think Colony Capital is in part ownership of Neverland with the Estate, and is holding it for hoax purposes. MJ may or may not be hiding in some bunker there, but he knows the magic is still there for his fans, and will likely use it for helping children in some way---such as a music/arts school for under-privileged children.

Or the "Michael Jackson hospital".. that would be a grand thing...since it was Indian grounds at some point in the past, possibly some positive healing energies.. I could imagine how glorious it would be

Michael always did say how he wants to make Neverland something huge.
Not just for the fans, but for the world, and yes, all the children in it.

No one has Michael's vision. There's something going on- involving Michael AND his presence -at Neverland.
I can feel it.

It's a long LONG shot, but... do you suppose Pete knew something _before_ it all was set in motion?

I know, not likely because as far as we know he wasn't close friends with MJ or anything, but...
It's just a really, REALLY weird thing to say, even all the way back in March, even if Michael didn't leave any clues for us.

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Sorry, THEN it looked like bullshit, same as it does now.

Yup. <3

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Hon, it sounds tabloid because it is tabloid; things you read that we already know= by now, but THEN (article from 2009) it looked mysterious and breath holding news. We don't know   if this is a msg through tabloid or fake person. tiME.

That's true, too.

The only thing I see is just...fakefakefakefake written all over it. >.<

God bless you jujubii....that was a beautiful post.

I agree with everything you should post more often 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

With L.O.V.E. always.

God bless YOU too, BeTheChange!! Thankyou thank you!! <3 <3
I will try to share my odd little thoughts more often! <3

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Wow what a great post jujubii.  I feel much the same as you do.  And it's such an amazing experience to finally begin to understand the world around us and what matters most.

Andrea, thank you so much! ;u;
It IS amazing. Back in the day (post-6/25/09), I was some kind of a WRECK like you wouldn't believe.
I thought it was all over. I'd forgotten everything Michael taught me about how "just because you see it on the TV screen or read it in a magazine, doesn't mean it's factual, actual."

Everything seemed so final, and confusing that all I could do was curl up into a little ball and cry for 5 weeks. (Which I did.)

And then a long time later, I found this forum, and my eyes were opened like... I had this total revelation. The world suddenly looked so different, bright and happy again and full of possibility...

...for miracles...

Just like before, before 6/25.
When Michael was around...

Because he still IS around... <3

And I still haven't forgotten how, for some reason, the first words out of my mouth when I first saw the "Michael Jackson Dead at 50" headlines on TV, and Michael being carried away in a helicopter (and looking strangely surfboard-ish under that sheet) were...

"It's a hoax! IT'S A HOAX!!"

Sometimes we get a huge inkling about something ages before it happens...
Which seems to be alot of what this hoax is all about, too. Inkling by inkling, we're learning more and more about the potential future ahead of us...

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