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Michael Jackson News / Re: Now Fiddes Wants to pursue a DNA test!
« on: April 27, 2012, 05:51:41 AM »
I haven't been following this story, but in the article I am posting below the statement makes it seem that he is worse than he is. His actual words on the video is sort of different, saying he didn't want anyone to know.

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Earlier this month, Michael Jackson's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes publicly announced that he was the biological father of the late King of Pop's youngest child, Blanket. Now the late legend's ex-employee is putting his money where his mouth is, as he reportedly attempts to secure visitation rights with the 10-year-old boy.

Following Jackson's untimely death in 2009, his mother Katherine Jackson assumed legal guardianship of her son's three children, Prince, Paris and Prince II, better known as Blanket. Almost three years later, Fiddes, who has three children of his own, is determined to see Blanket and introduce the child to his cancer-stricken mother. "I want her to see Blanket more than anything," he reportedly told Globe magazine. "All I want is access," he claimed, and is now ready to submit a DNA test to help get it.

While gossip questioning the true biological origins of all three of MJ's kids is nothing new, both Prince and Paris were allegedly fathered by Jackson and mothered by his ex-wife Debbie Rowe. Meanwhile, Michael maintained that he is also the biological father of Blanket, whose mother remains unknown.

Fiddes, however, told Splash News he donated his own sperm to his famous friend in 2001, and that he and his own mother have questioned his striking resemblance to Blanket.

The martial arts professional insists his custody claims are not motivated by money, telling Globe, "I'm a self-made man. I don't want or need their cash."

Don't forget to follow the link because there is a video of him talking about it at the end of the article.
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General Hoax Talk / Re: Who is still here ? ? ? ? ?
« on: February 20, 2012, 06:08:14 AM »
Never here hardly....Just happened to pop over today, so am I counted as here or visiting? 

Hi Souza,

   As I think you know already, I am a web developer by trade so that why I ask about the features etc. Occasionally I will have certain scripts that I have to "tweak" to make things run smooth or turn off a few things. Cache problems and runaway scripts have been an issue on my own sites. One thing I notice is something "loading" when I am typing here. (But the site is much faster today, whatever you did and I thank you)
   With that said, I hope that you didn't think I was "whining" because I wanted to make the site more accessible for my myself.  I would like to think it was a professional question because I am a professional and I assumed whoever put the site up is too. 
I spend a lot of time on the internet because of my work and pretty familiar with different load times. Most boards I wouldn't have bothered asking about the problem I encountered but I felt I could ask that sort of question here. I felt like it was for the betterment of the site and honestly don't know your back end (site back end).
   I don't care about the old forum. Some people dislike change but in my business change is  I think the visual layout on the front page is nice.
   Anyway, it wasn't meant to be offensive but informative and inquisitive.


I don't come and post hardly anymore and one of the reasons is the incredibly slow bogged down pages I get. It is esp. hard to follow long threads because of the time it takes to load everything. So, what I am asking here, is if whoever put the site up again has some suggestions for me to have it load better?
Like is there a feature of this forum that is particularly heavy so I can turn that feature off and have it load properly. I don't really want to turn off all the graphics but if needed I suppose I can do that.


The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo
« on: October 15, 2011, 07:05:50 AM »
There are problems with analyzing  this photo. No one on the internet has a true original. They have the photo that was placed on an overhead that naturally washes out and sometimes even distorts pictures

I am completely in support of the Army of L.O.V.E., but don't know how to join
I suppose I thought I was already in it because I have been trying to spread the word constantly since I learned the message behind "This is It". Guess I didn't know you really had to join something :-). Call me a dufus today.

Questions about the forum and/or website / Re: A selfish plea
« on: February 04, 2011, 12:58:26 PM »
Quote from: "~Souza~"
Oh I get you now. Not being much on the forum doesn't mean your suggestions are not appreciated. Many people on here are visiting for the first time, but that is exactly why I reorganized the forum, lots of info was (and still is) buried in the odd things and breaking news forum. This way it's easier to search for a specific subject.

I agree on the contradictions, I will move it.

Thank you Souza, not only am I grateful, but glad that you agreed.

Questions about the forum and/or website / Re: A selfish plea
« on: February 02, 2011, 05:02:35 AM »
oh...I suppose I mean subforum

Questions about the forum and/or website / Re: A selfish plea
« on: February 02, 2011, 04:52:37 AM »
Quote from: "~Souza~"
Can you explain what you mean exactly? Are you talking about a specific thread, or the subforum? And where would you like to have it?

I am talking about the Contradictions and Things that Don't Add Up forum. I see that both of you didn't pick it up from the word Contradictions even though I just indicated Forum I apologize for not giving the whole name.

As for where i would have put it, I think I would have left the board a little more like it was used to seeing But seriously maybe up a little I don't know, just grasping. Hardly anyone is posting in that  great forum.
 I am a victim of not liking change. Since the board has been pruned and moved around I don't  come here as much. The postings have slowed in my favorites like Breaking News and I haven't really noticed if the others that have moved up have more posts to read (maybe they moved because of pruning) and it feels a little stale on my old favorites..
But I digress.... since indeed I am not coming to the board that much anymore maybe I shouldn't even suggest moving a forum. I just thought it was a great forum to hash out facts.


Instead of looking at this as a theory for the hoax, let's add all the facts up about the contradiction you posted. The contradiction would be a fact so maybe build on that to see where it goes.  I am of the opinion that too many times people right off facts with a statement of belief. I think we should pile up the facts to make a solid case for each piece of evidence.

Facts Posted:

1. TMZ posted Demerol then Propofol (who else did this)
2. Demerol is regulated (scheduled). Propofol is not, but cannot be obtained without prescription (probably not with one either because who writes a script for this stuff?)

Quote from: "MJ_Facts"
Hi guys,

I remember that I read that Murrray said he wanted to "wean" the singer out and that he always used a little dosage help Michael sleep.

So why did he order 250 ml???

Do we have a quote other than the German site? So we could get more than one source?  This is an interesting puzzle you bring up. One could argue he ordered enough for the entire tour but that would be a nightmare to go through customs I would presume.

oh.. I was thinking 3T for some reason. I suppose I was picturing that in my head.
But this says
And Marlon said: "I got a phone call from a friend who said, 'Is your brother all right?' I said, 'What are you talking about?' "As I was calling my brothers, calling my mum, my daughter downstairs said, 'Dad, Uncle Michael is dead.' It was unbelievable."

So Marlon's children was right.
I must have mixed up the phone call. Regardless of who it was, that really wasn't the point I was making, I was just saying does it make sense that CNN reported it before the brothers knew? That should be looked at with  scrutiny to see why if it could have been true or not.

Quote from: "~Souza~"
Quote from: "Sinderella"
Someone on my facebook list-a non believer did a note thing about her operation and her whole drama in hospital(I have no idea why but she did lol)and she said she got given propofol for her op.She slipped on some ice and broke her wrist and the op was to straighten it out so it didn't heal weird.

She also said something about feeling really drowsy when coming round from it and there was no way she could have done anything let alone inject herself with more.

That's strange. I have been put down with propofol once for my knee surgery and I was gone in 2 seconds and awake even faster. Not sleepy and not drowsy at all. It was like I had never been away and I wanted to get out of bed and eat.

 Yea Souza, I think there are a couple of ways they give it and one of them the patient gets a shot of something else first (don't know what that is) and then Propofol will maintain the anesthesia. The other is straight dosing,(which my son had to maintain his coma longer to heal his brain, and yep, soon as it came off after days on it he was wide awake in what seemed like seconds.

Questions about the forum and/or website / A selfish plea
« on: January 24, 2011, 04:51:52 AM »
I really like the "Contradictions" Forum and now it is shoved all the way in the mix, being lost. I would LOVE to see it

   I feel like that is the thread to really prove out facts because when you flatly say contradictions then we will see people post a fact they have seen that is not adding up.

    ok.. plea is over.. Have a great day!

ok.. I just had an empathy or something like Someone may have brought this up before, so if they did forgive me. Now, the subject of how the brothers found out about Michael has been discussed and discussed, but I just realized the most blatant craziness about these comments after reading a thread on the June 25 topics.

  Tito's children heard that Michael was DEAD from CNN? How could that be? Jermaine was already at the hospital and Tito didn't know? Does that sound right? CNN reported he was DEAD before any of the brothers knew?  

   This is a chicken and the egg theory. Which come first CNN's announcement, Jermaine's announcement, or the brothers finding out Michael had died. CNN was reporting Michael was at the hospital as I recall, but did not report he was dead until at least very close to Jermaine's appearance.

    Proceed with caution on this though. The Jacksons use the media to their advantage, there could other reasons they told this story not just a hoax, but nevertheless, it doesn't add up.

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