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Other Odd Things / Link between Michael and Rupert Murdoch.
« on: July 18, 2011, 06:45:17 PM »
It's too late for me to look into this now but I found an interesting connection between Michael and Murdoch. They both went into business with Saudi Prince Alwaleed.

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Michael was in business with him too with 'Kingdom Entertainment'

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I don't know if this means anything at all but worth a look I think.

Coherent Theories ~ Connect the dots / Connecting recent events
« on: May 07, 2011, 07:30:16 PM »
Hello everyone, I wanted to share my thoughts on what has been going on recently and how they could fit together and make sense. There is a common thread running through all these main events which I will explain.

-Firstly we had the trial being delayed which was frustrating to say the least.
-We then had Jermaines anti-hoax tweets on the 4th May which was a response to pressure from people urging him get this site shut down because there are thousands of people involved now and they need to be stopped. (that makes us sound like a very strong bunch, an army maybe!)and this on the day that jury selection was meant to take place.
-Pearl jnr then asks Jermaine to answer questions and asks for an interview, not just denial. This is a major development as this has been a no go zone since day one.
-TMZ then have an article about Katherine saying Michael was no child molester, with poll. (reminder of '93 trial, MJ innocence and wanting to fight and prove innocence).
-Pearl jnr has now put a video out which is an open letter to MJ fans which lays it out for fans in general to see some of the things that don't add up.
-The latest one is TMZ with 'People v Murray where he gives his main arguments on both sides. This has a poll too. Opinions are needed/get you thinking.

The one thing that sticks out to me is they are all connected to the word 'Trial'. This all feels like a trial. Opening statements, arguments, voting, . The trial was delayed due to new witnesses and then the hoax was given major publicity directly from Jermaine. If this is what is happening then we as an army of beLIEvers are a part of this trial with all our evidence and investigations and the result of Jermaines tweets were that this site got massive attention. People have been directed towards the idea of a hoax, even if through denial, which plants the seed. You may think this is a crazy idea but this is what it feels like, that the trial did start on 4th May as planned but it just changed to believers v non-believers, is Michael alive or dead? No evidence to prove that he died so it should be pretty obvious he is alive so hopefully many more people will see now. I can't wait to see what the next 'piece' will be.  


Other Odd Things / Creating controversy
« on: November 15, 2010, 09:29:30 PM »
Hi all,

I have been thinking a lot about everything going on recently and I think there are connections.  I'll share my thoughts and see what you think!

This all seemed to start with the Oprah show where there was a lot of controversy over the family allowing her into their home, considering her history as well as airing a show about peodophilia around the same time caused big controversy. Many people also felt upset and started to doubt the hoax because of the emotion Katherine showed.

I think it was on the same day that the snippet of 'Breaking news' was released. Immediately the authenticity of Michaels voice is openly expressed, the family say it is not him and TMZ and Sony say it is. My thoughts are that the point of this was to get peoples attention and intrigue to nudge them in the right direction and listen to the lyrics and nature of the song. This has created a "State of emergency" among fans on the mjjc site and other sites, I believe. People are divided on who is really singing, when I think it is the message that is the most important aspect. He is practically saying "Breaking News!!! I'm back".

Three days later we get the full 'Breaking news' track for seven days only. The timing could be significant, I will go into that as I go.

Then we get the Kevin Mckenzie interview on ITV. I didn't watch it but it sounds very blatant and  provocative. It has created a outcry, was this what was intended?  ( I don't know anything about Kevin so I have no idea if this is his usual behaviour). The timing feels very deliberate though, people are angry and voicing it. This could be a way of getting our voice heard and to show how we are strong and prepared to stand up for Michael as his army of love.

The other thing that happened recently that stirred things up was the release of a book called "A Paedophile's guide to love and pleasure' on Amazon. It was withdrawn, but it's so unbelievable that this book is even in exsitance let alone the biggest online book site actually agreeing to sell it. This is too extreme and I can't believe that Amazon didn't think they would get lynched for this. It does feel, again deliberate. It is becoming so 'in your face' now that it looks like they could be doing all this for the very reason of stirring us up into taking action. Anger is much more productive than apathy.

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All of the above has created either division or unity and a lot of confusion (Opis none!!!)

 The other interesting thing is the Conrad Murray tweet from the day 'Breaking news was released'.

DrConradMurray When one is confined you cannot be direct with the message you would like to present. Step back and look at the big picture. God Bless

Are people going to focus on the broadcasted controversy or will they 'hear/see' the message? Is Michael clicking his fingers in order to get peoples attention. He has had ours for a long time now and we are the foundation on ground level. Michael couldn't do this without us, all this should start coming together soon, if my thoughts are right. More people must be seeing oddities in all this, not just us believers.

This is a bit longer than I intended but there is more I would like to add.

Things seemed to take on a different feel as of 11.11 2010. This is an important date in spiritual terms and also for NWO. I found TIAI redirect from this date to be very important considering the redirect to Orson Wells 'War of the worlds' which was before Breaking news was released.

11.11 redirect:-
 Joshua 1:8
8This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

This could be interpreted as Michael saying "The truth will not be told but you can meditate day and night and you will find the truth within". Michael could be showing us that everything we need is within us. "This will make this journey prosperous and we will succeed.

Joshua 1:9
9Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.  

This sounds like his command has already been made, (past tense). Maybe Breaking news was the command. Jackies song titled 'We know whats going on' could be letting us know that we are ready and there are enough of us now who are strong and united in our belief to carry him forward. "There's no need to be nervous this is a great adventure, I am leading the way and God is with us wherever we go" This is just my humble opinion. There is a further connection as I said earlier about the timing of Breaking news relating to the 72 hour theory and thankyou to bec :)  who connected it to the seven day theory posted by back on 25th june 06. This is getting a bit long so I will just link to the thread where this is discussed (page 3). There is also an interesting connection from the background of joshua, thanks to lilwendy :) , ( I hope it's ok with you both to add your posts here as they fit so well).

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Just a couple more to add as today is seven days after Breaking news release. The whole message and feel has changed since 11.11. The first song Michael wanted on the album is 'Hold my hand'. This is with Akon who we know thinks/knows MJ is alive. This is now available.

'Keep your head up' also has an obvious message.

Just to add that NASA are also supposed to be announcing something tonight,. This is a good thread if you are interested. Things are really happening and I know others are feeling it and seeing it from reading other threads.

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And finally, 'One more chance' video was suddenly available today and it shows the audience on stage and Michael on the floor. Everything is pointing to us, I think it may be our turn now???

Harvey also made a slip up today on TMZ live posted by mjquestions,  :)  "If Michael was dead"!!!

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I wonder what will happen on 14th Dec with Michaels album coming out and Elizas court case.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and I hope I have made sense and not gone too far. It just all just seems to be screaming out, "Stand back and look at the puzzle you have all solved together. Conrads tweet is timed to perfection and is so appropriate. It is the timing and the fact everything that is coming out has two viewpoints, the one we are 'told' is looking at the surface (ie,is it him/isn't it?) and the other one we have learned to see is the message behind it that is not being shouted out as they are given as clues.I'd love to know if any of you can add anything else as I have a feeling there might be more.

Love to all xx

I'm not sure if you need to register to see this link but it has videos etc of lots of news about UFO's and the discovery of a new Earth like planet. I didn't realise there was so much in the space of just 7 days. I think these are the first major steps towards full disclosure.

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As well as this we now have the new series 'The Event' which is apparently about preparing the world for full disclosure.

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It will be very interesting to see how things develop.  8-)

I wasn't sure where to post this or if it has been posted before but I think everyone should watch this as it shows how scary our obedience to authority really is. This is the one thing that is at the heart of our planets suffering. If this can change, the world will change.




I was shocked at these results and It does feel and look like we could be undergoing a global version of this experiment. Even if this is not the case, it's food for thought.

We need to take responsibilty for our own actions. Our world is filled with people who 'do as they are told', from all walks of life. This needs to change and I know it is changing, slowly but surely. A steady structure of strong and independant people is developing, ones who can think for themselves and have the strength of morale character to say "NO" when what is asked/ demanded of them feels wrong. This is a big fear to face for many but together it can be done.

If everyone in the world stopped obeying orders and started taking personal responsibilty, how many would be left to answer for our suffering???

As Michael said, " Them!, THEM who???, it's about US!!!"

Hoax Videos / A brilliant new hoax video for you
« on: August 03, 2010, 05:51:37 PM »
Here is a great new video by stargazerMJ11, enjoy  :D


TMZ Articles / TMZ video
« on: May 21, 2010, 04:41:23 AM »
I saw this on the other forum and although there are a lot of comments that say this is in really bad taste, I think that as long as you believe that Michael is alive, then it is quite interesting. I like the choice of song and lines at the end.

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I wanted to start a new post about the recent news coverage etc because I feel there is a specific message for us here that is not being heard. I know this has been discussed very much but I would like to bring a few things together here and explain my take on it as I think it is important.

On June 25th 2009 Michael planted a seed in the media with his supposed death. Since then he has been watering us with clues. Now this article comes out in The Sun which as we are all aware, the media has been very careful in what they have been reporting on, so now must be a very important time for us and him.
I am aware that this has caused yet another divide between us, but I do believe that this is all planned. nothing else would make sense. They could have done this months ago and without Souzas co-operation. Why I believe that souza was needed here is because this has fueled the knowledge that the media twist things and do not honour what they have agreed to.

So now another seed has been been planted in The 'Sun', for non believers and those who simply haven't ever questioned his 'death' . Almost immediately LMP announces that Michael has too much empty space around him. I believe that metaphors are used a lot here, so my understanding of this is that Michael needs us to bridge the gap and surround him. With the seed he planted 10 months ago he has grown beautiful flowers, which are us. Now LMP asks us to send him Sun flowers, which I believe means she is asking us to spread his message that we have become so strong and united in. Spread it everywhere, talk to whoever will listen. Comment on pages where our voice will be heard by non believers etc...

In this time also, DD has tweeted for his 'army of me' to revolt. Why he says 'me' is because if you believe as I do that Michael played DD on LKL then he is talking about Michael's army. To revolt means to rebel/ to stand against what is against us and unite in a common purpose, in this case Love and truth and our belief in Michael.

TS has also said that we can influence the hoax and his comeback and I think the time has now come for us to blossom and protect Michael by voicing his message. We need to be the water that makes this seed grow more beautiful flowers for Michael, as he needs major support for his return. This could be seen as a metaphor for parting the seas, carrying him so his return is safe for him and us. And most importantly that people understand why he has done this.

LMP stated 'silk' Sun flowers, and silk is made by the silk worm which symbolizes resurrection and rebirth as well as secrets and illumination.  

LMP also said today on TMZ that her message was falling on deaf ears!

I do understand many people's concern and anger about recent events, but this has to get out there. Piece by piece and DD was the biggest thing that would peak people's curiosity into at least having a look at this video. My husband even said to me this morning that he watched it and he really sees Michael there. The voice especially. I don't talk very much to him about the hoax usually as he finds it hard to believe and thinks I am just going off on one. Not now though!!!, so this could change many others who ridicule us and call us crazy. Maybe 'crazy' is the new 'sane'.

Whatever our personal feelings, lets openly unite for Michael's safe return.  :)  ;)  :)

Other Odd Things / The Mirrored/Invisible man
« on: April 22, 2010, 05:21:30 AM »
I have taken this from the other forum as there are some great coincidences.

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Then I found this with Joe Jackson's (Michael's dad) picture on.

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Then I found the true Joe Jackson video. Why Michael's dad's face on the Metro lyrics page???

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Other Odd Things / Fox news on 14th June ??? MJ cardiac arrest...
« on: April 13, 2010, 06:56:56 AM »
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but if you watch this video and then go to the link underneath it states this was on 14th June. Interestingly there are no pictures or footage from ambulance or of helicopter. This doesn't look like any of the news footage I saw on the 25th.???

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What do you think???

14th June is when Murray is next in court, any connection???

TMZ Articles / Team Jacko -- There Was NO Secret Wife!
« on: March 26, 2010, 11:58:53 PM »
Team Jacko -- There Was NO Secret Wife!

Posted Mar 26th 2010 7:59PM by TMZ Staff

Bad news for the women claiming to be Michael Jackson's secret wives -- MJ's estate just filed legal papers declaring the King of Pop had no official queen when he kicked the bucket.

In the documents, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Jackson's lawyers state once and for all, "Michael Joseph Jackson did not have a surviving spouse. He was not married at the time of his death."

It's no coincidence the docs were filed now -- next week there are two separate hearings about "spousal property" -- presumably filed by women claiming to be Michael Jackson's widow.

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Michael's Reasons to hoax his death / 2012 Awakening
« on: February 27, 2010, 04:56:29 PM »
Hi every one,

I have been contemplating for some time now as whether to post this or not, and I have decided that now is the right time to share my experience with all of you. Due to today’s redirect from TIAI/TS going to the thread about only having four years and the comment about the 911 call being made at 12:21 and this being a clue about the Mayan prophecy. This is causing a big divide among many and feelings are running high regarding this subject. There are so many disasters happening at the moment and to add to them, today there was another earthquake in Chile. My prayers go out to everyone involved.

I think it is safe to say that something major is going on right now and now is the time to wake up and see the truth and do what we can individually as well as a collective to try and bring peace to our world.

I would like to share a soul changing experience I had several years ago that relates to our changing times. This will inevitably not sit with all of you, but this is true and I ask for your appreciation that I am sharing a very profound experience that has taken me some years to come to understand myself. This is not something I do with ease, because I have faced a lot of disbelief from people and I am now very careful who I tell about this. I know there are some of you here who will have an understanding of what this is about and have an open mind, so I ask those in particular, purely for your time to read this to the end.

About six years ago I visited a healer for the first time. I had no experience of this before and had extremely limited knowledge on such subjects. I have also never been a religious person. I was at a point in my life where I had a big personal challenge to face and I decided to try this free session that I saw in the local paper, just to see what it was about. The outcome was something I had not remotely envisaged and didn’t even know was possible. I had chakra unblocking healing and the session itself didn’t seem anything to write home about. I sat in a chair and this man put his hands around my head and body, not touching, all I felt was a bit stiff in the neck area, I felt like I couldn’t move. I didn’t think anything of it at the time and came away feeling much the same as before. It was during that evening that I started to feel very different. I felt like suddenly I was part of everything, the entire Universe. The barriers in my mind had gone, my body felt transparent and incredibIy light and was very suddenly connected directly to light. Some people would say God. This energy, which is normally seen as outside of ourselves, was suddenly running through me, it was me. This is not easy to explain in words so please bare with me, I will try not to go on too much. When I have heard people talk of a near death experience and seeing the light, this is what I would relate it to, although most people who have had this come back and have a memory of this, in my case it didn’t leave me, it became me. I won’t go into any more detail of this time right now as it is a very long story, but it as I got nowhere when seeking professional help, I have been on a mission to discover what exactly happened. I have since discovered that it was a very sudden and dramatic awakening of the soul. I have researched obsessively since then, and I have looked into many subjects like Illuminati, spirituality, prophecy etc… The only person I could find who experienced this was the well known conspiracy theorist, David Icke.

 I knew this happened to me for a reason and I found out why. Our entire existence is about energy, we are energy, every living thing is made of energy and energy has a vibration, love energy runs on a high vibration and fear is on a low vibration. The vibration of our world is getting higher and closer to love and light. I experienced this because I was opened up to a very high vibration very quickly and with no knowledge at all of what was going on. I have come to understand very well what is happening in our world on an energy level and I feel that we are entering into a new time, a time of truth. Not end times or Armageddon, but a new beginning and 2012 is about this shift in energy. I feel very positive about this change and we are indeed on a great adventure.

When I first realised that Michael had in-fact hoaxed his death, I knew instantly why he was doing it and I breathed a huge sigh of relief that some-one as genuinely loving as Michael was taking this on from a top level and using the love and knowledge he has received in his very hard and challenging life to awaken us and give us hope.  

My main message here is that we each need to face the challenges within our own lives and our own families. If every-one confronts there own ‘inner demons’, with love, then our world will heal. It’s not easy, but it is the only way. We have to start looking inward rather than outward. We create our own reality and in turn, we can change it. The Law of attraction is the only unbreakable natural law. Lets stop avoiding fear and support each-other with respect for our individual truth. Lets stop judging those who act out of fear and give them love. We all come from the same place and we are starting to realise that we are all connected in reality. In truth, we are not strangers.

Michael is using his strength and the strength of those who hear and feel his message and is trying to awaken those who are lost, and in my small way I am trying to do the same. It has taken courage to post this, as I have felt very alienated from ‘normal’ society since my awakening and I don’t know what sort of response I may receive, but if only one person hears my words then it’s worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I send love to you all. :)

Believe 777. Previously All4love on old MJHD.

Edit, StargazerMJ11 has just made a lovely new video which is very appropriate here:-

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The extent of this is mind blowing and disturbing, but for those with a strong mind and need to see the truth, then these videos are a must see. There are several parts, here is the first one and youtube will give you links to the others.

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Michael Jackson News / TMZ live stream about Grammy's
« on: February 01, 2010, 06:53:59 PM »
Watch from 5.00 and they say how singers stopped to let Michael sing during Earth song...
He also appears quite fidgety and nervous after he said this.
See what you think.

Watch part 1 starting from 5.00

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References & Similarities / Dome project 'comeback' theory
« on: January 29, 2010, 03:57:07 AM »
I think I have my facts right here, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong,

I believe there were 4 mini movies made called 'The Dome project'. Could this be how he will comeback for the world to see.

1. Funeral scene, apparently like Forest Lawn, this has obviously been used now as the 'fake funeral'.
2. Earth song, This will be used for the grammy's. I think this could be a way of making the condition of our planet seem more real and current as it will be in 3D. This could be a real eyeopener and I'm sure will leave many unaware people thinking that something isn't right and could prompt people to look further and end up here.
3. Smooth Criminal is still to be done in full and could well expose to the world that he has in fact hoaxed hid death. I have read somewhere that this will be done in 3D also and bullets will appear to fly into the audience. If anyone knows more about when and where this is going to be shown, could you please let me know. Many, many more would become aware and again end up researching and discover the truth and why he has done this.
4. Finally we have Thriller II. This would obviously be his grand 'Comeback'. Maybe in 4D? :D

To me, this makes sense as the movie only gave us teasers about the Dome project and I feel there is far more to come. This way is how he could show the world the truth and also why he has done this. I don't feel he could safely come back until the world is aware of the big WHY.
So if this theory is correct we can safely say he will not return during the Grammy's but what we can see is a logical sequence of unfolding events.
This also explains how he can now sit back and enjoy the show, as mentioned in the recent 'MJ Awakening' update from Jan 25th, as it is all prerecorded.

What do you guys think?

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