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Prince, Paris & Blanket / Prince in Daily Mail 19/8
« on: August 19, 2014, 07:07:50 AM »
If he keeps this up he'll be a black belt in no time! Prince Jackson covers sweat-soaked hair with a bright red doo rag following gruelling jiu-jitsu training

Prince Jackson has long been a devotee of jiu-jitsu.

And on Monday, the son of the late, great King Of Pop was seen looking a little worse for wear after emerging from his beloved class at the famed Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills following a gruelling training session.

The 17-year-old was once again seen donning a navy blue tank top emblazoned with 'Gracie University EST 1925' across the chest as he proudly promoted the studio he frequents on a
regular basis.

Michael Jackson's eldest child mopped up his sweat with a bright red doo rag that covered his brunette mane, his face still a little flushed and clammy as he stepped out into the hot summer sun.

A pair of long red shorts with black and white pattern on the legs and comfy black flip flops completed his casual look.

He kept hydrated with a bottle of Fiji Water, while he was loaded down with two rather heavy-looking bags - one a smaller bright blue gym bag, the other a much larger camouflage-style backpack.

He was joined by a fellow martial arts student of a similar age and an older man who appeared to be the boy's father as they left the building, seen chatting as they headed to their cars.

In July last year, it was reported that the youngster had earned himself a blue belt from the prestigious academy - the second tier of a possible five which is hard-earned by demonstrating hundreds of complicated moves.

With Prince and his siblings Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12, having commemorated the fifth anniversary of their father's death on June 25, they are now gearing up to celebrate what would have been his 56th birthday on August 29.

All around the world, fans plan on converging to honour the star's immense contribution to the music industry with dance parties and screenings in his memory.

Oscar-nominated director Spike Lee is also bringing back his annual Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson event, which ran for two years before being derailed by Hurricane Irene, it was announced on August 11.

Held at Bed-Stuy's Restoration Plaza, festivities will include singing and dancing to the legend's iconic songs as played by DJ Spinna.

It looks like Prince's sister, Paris, will indeed be present for the family's private memorial, with the teenager reportedly having returned to her grandmother Katherine Jackson's Calabasas, California home late last month following her stint in a treatment facility in Utah.

The brunette has been living at 'therapeutic boarding school' Diamond Ranch Academy since her failed suicide attempt in June last year as she gets back on her feet.

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Blanket statement: Michael Jackson's youngest child 'creates macabre cartoon series about revenging a father's death'

Blanket Jackson is working on a 'macabre cartoon series' it has been reported.

The King of Pop's youngest child, whose real name is Prince Michael Jackson II, has created and written a five-episode online animated series titled Kill Them All, according to a report in the Daily Star.

An expert contacted by the Daily Star call the four-minute films 'deeply disturbing.'

The project is described as 'a silent stick-man action animation about a nameless boy who witnesses his father’s murder and, 12 years later, begins a one-man crusade to kill the people responsible.'

In 2011 Dr Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the June 5, 2009, death of MIchael Jackson.

A jury found that Murray administered a lethal dose of the anesthetic Propofol to Jackson, who was 50 when he died.

Blanket was just seven years old when his father Michael died and now that he's about to turn 12 next month, perhaps he has found a new outlet for his grief.

New York-based psychiatrist Carl Nelsen expressed concern to the Daily Star: 'Given the unique and well-known circumstances of Michael Jackson’s death, his son’s revenge theme in his cartoon series should be a cause for concern. He clearly harbors the belief that someone should be made to pay for his father’s demise, even though Dr Conrad Murray has served his jail time.

'I would say this young man might benefit from therapy – or more therapy if he has already undergone some.'

It's unclear with whom Blanket teamed to produce the animated series. There is a Facebook page devoted to the series and a YouTube trailer lists the producer as Morphline Films.

A LinkedIn page for Morphline describes the company this way: 'Launched in December 2013 by brothers, Michael and Prince, Morphline Pictures is an independent production company which produces high quality online, television and film content for a worldwide audience. We specialise in scripted content, ranging from comedy to drama.'

On Saturday a source close to the family told the Daily Star the boy's grandmother Katherine Jackson, 83, was 'unaware' of the Blanket's graphic series and didn't know who paid more than $16,000 to produce and uploade it.

'This has caught her completely off guard,' a source told the paper. 'She’s very shaken by the theme. This is a side of Blanket she never suspected was there.'

Last spring, Blanket's older sister Paris, 15, attempted suicide and has since been staying at a $14,000 per month therapeutic private school in Utah.

Blanket and Paris joined older brother Prince in Hawaii for a family vacation over the Christmas holiday along with friends and family members, including cousins Jermajesty and Jaafar Jackson and Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Prince and Paris.

Rowe and Jackson married when she was six months pregnant with Prince, and they went on to have Paris a year later. The couple split a year later and Jackson was awarded full custody of the children.

In 2002, Blanket was born via artificial insemination and his surrogate mother's identity remains a secret.

Michael's father Joe Jackson has vowed to make Michael Jackson’s son Blanket into a star as big as his father - so long as he is ‘trained’ properly.

The 75-year-old family patriarch said that he disagreed with those who said there would never be another King of Pop because Blanket was ready to take his place.

He said that the 11-year-old is the ‘spitting image’ of Michael at that age and revealed that he believed a fortune teller who once predicted Blanket would be a sensation.

Joe’s comments evoked memories of how he pushed Michael and his brothers into show business and ruled the family with an iron fist.

He has in the past admitted to beating his children with a strap but was unapologetic and claimed that it ‘kept them out of jail and kept them right.’

The physical and emotional abuse supposedly went on for years and friends of Michael’s have said that he was never able to forgive his father.

Joe made his comments in a forthcoming documentary about Michael’s children in which Blanket speaks on camera for the first time.

The pay-for-view documentary is called Remembering Michael and was made by Katherine, the legal co-guardian of his children, funded by paying fans. It promises to give some of Jackson's biggest supporters a glimpse of the children talking about their father.

In his interview Blanket expresses an interest in his father's career path, recalling how he had an early interest in his dad's skills. 'Sometimes I would go in his room and watch videos of him dancing,' Blanket said.

Blanket also describes his passion for animals which stems from his early life surrounded by exotic creatures at Neverland Ranch.

'We lived in kind of like a zoo basically- (there were) giraffes, lions,' Blanket said. 'You probably heard of it but yeah we had a chimp named Bubbles.'

Meanwhile, a judge issued a tentative ruling Friday against granting a new trial in a negligence case filed by Katherine, claiming a concert promoter was financially liable for the Michael's death.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos did not immediately finalize the ruling after hearing more than two hours of arguments from lawyers.

A jury in October rejected the lawsuit brought by the music superstar's mother, which claimed AEG Live LLC negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray.

Her lawyers argued the verdict form didn't allow jurors to fully consider evidence in the case. Lawyers for AEG Live countered that there was no basis for a new trial.


HOWEVER! it looks like they may have got this all wrong as this is posted under the video....

Kill Them All Show
3 hours ago
Sorry everyone but Blanket Jackson has nothing to do with this series. We are brothers Michael and Prince and we use the pseudonym Prinse Micheal II


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Sorry, can't post that one.

All very strange......................!!!!!  :WTF:

Michael Jackson News / Michael Jackson's Last Hours Channel 5 (UK)
« on: January 04, 2014, 06:19:33 PM »
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In the first of three hour-long documentaries, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd investigates the death of Michael Jackson, 'The King of Pop'. He was the biggest-selling recording artist of all time, but when he suddenly died at just 50 years old, he left $400 million in debts and more questions than answers.

The evidence revealed by his autopsy shows a severely sick man. Jackson was plagued by complications from his many plastic surgeries, suffered from two rare skin conditions and was riddled with arthritis. His lungs were severely damaged, he had an enlarged prostate, and was still suffering the effects of a horrific accident that left him partially bald.

The most startling evidence, however, uncovers the bewildering number of drugs that were coursing through his veins, bearing witness to a number of addictions that had spiralled out of control. It was Jackson's desperate battle against insomnia, however, that would ultimately cost him his life.

Tue 22:00 7 Jan


Michael Jackson News / Documentary Remembering Michael Jackson
« on: December 16, 2013, 05:31:39 AM »
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Michael Jackson’s three children have opened up about the devastating repercussions following his sudden death and their struggle to cope without their father in an intimate new film.
Forthcoming documentary Remembering Michael Jackson will be a candid account of the family’s personal struggle to deal with the void left by the pop legend’s passing at a rented Los Angeles home in June 2009.
The film will see all three children – Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II, commonly referred to as Blanket – open up about life without Michael and share a series of never before heard stories about the reclusive star.

Paris was filmed giving her account just weeks before she attempted to take her own life at the Jackson family estate.
Speaking wistfully of her father, she admits he died before he could fulfill a promise he made to her.

She said: ‘He promised he would teach me how to moonwalk but never got around to it. I really hope his legacy lives on forever. I will never forget him ever. He was amazing.’
Paris also opened up about their detached lifestyle on Neverland Ranchl, admitting: ‘We didn’t know a lot of kids our own age. We never left the ranch that often.’

But while they rarely left the ranch, which was sold in 2005, younger brother Blanket has fond memories of his time on the sprawling California estate.
‘He had like a zoo, basically. He had giraffes, lions. He had alligators and snakes,’ he recalled. ‘You probably heard of it, but he had a chimp named Bubbles.’
In one of the film’s more stunning revelations, Prince Michael, 16, admits his father didn’t tell him his real name until he was six.
He said: ‘He never really wanted to tell us who he is as a person. It took me until I was six-years old to learn his name was Michael Jackson – he was always daddy to me and that was it.’

All three children are keen to work in the entertainment industry, with Paris – currently residing in a Utah treatment facility following her suicide attempt – hoping to become an actress.
But while grandfather Joe admits it’s ‘a lot more work than she thinks it is,’ he believes Blanket has the potential to follow in their father’s footsteps.
‘They said there would never be another Michael Jackson and I say that we already have one,’ he said. ‘But I said he just has to be trained. That kid is the spitting image of Michael when he was smaller.’

Katherine Jackson funded the new film via crowd sourcing website, a Kickstarter style site that gives users the opportunity to donate money to projects of their choice.
Jackson died on June 25 2009 following an overdose of powerful sedative Propofol,  administered by cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray. 
Murray was released from prison earlier this year after seeing out a 2-year jail term for involuntary manslaughter, but concert promoter AIG – responsible for organising the shows – were found not liable for his death in October.
Without naming names, Paris added: ‘There are a lot of bad people out there.’
A trailer for the new film will be available to watch from 2pm exclusively at

'She was convinced her and Prince were full siblings': Paris Jackson's suicide attempt came days after learning that she does not share same biological father as brother

The truth regarding her paternity has always been surrounded in rumours and theories.
But, Paris Jackson's recent suicide attempt happened just days after she was told that she does not share the same biological father as her older brother, Prince.
The 15-year-old had previously been convinced that she was Prince's 'full' sister.

She believed that Debbie Rowe and an unnamed man were their biological parents.

A family friend told The Sun newspaper: 'Paris has always wanted to believe Michael was her dad, but was aware that wasn't really the case.
'She was convinced her and Prince were full siblings. She always idolised him. Hearing that she wasn't started a downward spiral.'

Paris was told the news to prepare her for what could be released in an upcoming court case.
The Jackson family are currently suing concert firm AEG in a £26billion court battle, who they say is to blame for Michael's death.
However, after learning the truth, many rows broke out between Paris and Prince, 16.

Then, over the days that followed, Paris spiralled into depression and was admitted to the UCLA medical centre hospital after cutting her wrists and taking an overdose of pills on 5 June.
Whilst the teen is said to be feeling better, she could remain in hospital for another month.
Afterwards, she will move back in her mother Debbie, to her ranch in California.

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Another one jumping on the bandwagon for $$$$$$$$$

'The least I could do': Daddy's girl Paris reveals her bedside shrine to Michael Jackson

By Lizzie Smith
PUBLISHED: 18:26, 6 August 2012 | UPDATED: 19:01, 6 August 2012

..It could be the wall of any dedicated Michael Jackson fan, with dozens of pictures pasted up in honour of their hero.

But this is the bedroom of the singer's only daughter Paris Jackson, who shared her  collage of her father on Twitter yesterday.
The 14-year-old tweeted that her artwork took her three hours: 'A whole wall of his pics is the LEAST I could do.'

With a collection of images clipped from magazines the teen covered the wall behind her white wooden bed.
The last fortnight has been a dramatic one for Paris and her siblings, with her family engaged in a highly-publicised dispute over the whereabouts her grandmother Katherine.

But with the return of the 83-year-old matriach to the family home normal service has resumed, and Paris is back to enjoying life as a teenager.
Along with her collaging, the patriotic teen spent yesterday baking blue Stars and Stripes cupcakes in honour of the U.S. Olympic team

The Harry Potter obsessive has been tweeting about her favourite books.
'I don't want someone 2 love me like Edward & Bella or Lancelot & Guinevere or Romeo & Juliet…
'I want someone 2 love me like Severus loved Lily,' she wrote, referring to the love of Professor Snape for Harry's mother.

And she has been enjoying herself with her friends.

'I don't know whether the pain in my sides are from cramps or laughing too hard lmfao,' she wrote.

In the latest development in Paris's feuding family, Katherine has revealed she will not take any legal action against her children after they 'tricked' her into spending 10 days at a spa.

While she was gone Paris and her siblings repeatedly tried to contact her, but access was blocked. Katherine eventually lost custody of her grandchildren, but this has since been reinstated.

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Well, there's no shortage of family drama: La Toya Jackson lands new reality show on Oprah Winfrey network
By Nadia Mendoza PUBLISHED: 14:56, 2 August 2012 | UPDATED: 19:50, 2 August 2012

When your family are embroiled in a high-profile custody battle after the matriarch goes 'AWOL', perhaps it's time to draw the curtains on publicity.
But La Toya Jackson can't resist one tasty little final time in front of the cameras - with a new reality television show.
Indeed, the 56-year-old will now compete with the likes of Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians after she signed a deal with the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) to appear in Life With La Toya.

Centre of attention: La Toya Jackson has landed a new reality show after signing a deal with the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) to appear in Life With La Toya

The cameras are set to follow La Toya while documenting her day-to-day activities, various business ventures and her relationship with her family.

The fifth sibling of the Jackson clan has already sampled fly-on-the-wall living, after she lived in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house in 2009.

In a statement, La Toya said: 'I am so pleased to be working with television legend Oprah Winfrey and to be a part of the OWN family.

Auntie: La Toya poses with Paris, Prince and Blanket at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles for a Michael Jackson artwork donation ceremony last August

'This will be one of the most exciting adventures of my life.'
Meanwhile, the network's co-president Sheri Salata gushed: 'We are delighted to work with La Toya to bring this new show to OWN viewers.'
La Toya has not referenced the show, scheduled to premiere in 2013, on Twitter yet, instead tweeting her support for Team USA at the Olympics.
She wrote: 'Congratulation USA!!! So happy to see that we are winning medals at the #XXXSummerOlympics!!!'
Whether the new series will discuss the family's recent dramas is yet to be seen, as siblings Janet, Rebbie and Randy have been quibbling over the Michael Jackson Estate, accusing the executors of failing at their job.

Also, niece Paris, together with nephews Prince and Blanket, are currently in the care of Tito Joe 'TJ' Jackson after grandmother Katherine (La Toya's mother), 82, lost custody of Michael's three children following a trip to an Arizona spa in which she was uncontactable for 10 days.

Behind the scenes: The new show is said to reveal all about La Toya, pictured here last month out for dinner in Beverly Hills

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The Resistance / Facebook Declares War on Anonybook
« on: July 20, 2012, 05:17:50 PM »
Facebook offers 'settlement' with Anonybook, maneuvers for more delay time, then initiates lawsuit with formal opposition proceeding. Anonybook claims, publicly announces and defends its sovereignty and lack of infringement in Facebook's affairs, asks Facebook to reciprocate.

In a world of rampant fascism, state-sponsored terrorism and draconian, corporate conglomeration, a sovereign network is a revolutionary act. Anonybook holds as a votive one's fundamental right to remain Anonymous in today's world of predaceous, dictatorial and fascist interference in the daily lives of We the People, the 99%. Further, Anonybook recognizes one's inalienable right to retain absolute control of one's Privacy settings, whatever one's personal, financial, social, political, religious, spiritual or otherwise non-disclosed but legal and ethically-correct motivation for remaining private. Accordingly, we shun the shady stuff that other social networks conspire to pull -- like mining your data and selling it, laying claim to your property, spying on you and secretly manipulating your Privacy settings.

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Prince, Paris & Blanket / Prince in Daily Mail UK
« on: July 05, 2012, 07:55:42 AM »
Not sure why 'boy goes to aquarium shop and makes a purchase' is so newsworthy LOL

All grown up! Prince Jackson, 15, stands almost as tall as his bodyguard as he steps out in Los Angeles

Emblazoned in the memory of his father's devoted fans is an image of his eldest boy paying tribute to his dad, the King of Pop, on that tragic day in June 2009.

But since Michael Jackson's death, his son, Prince, has seemingly grown overnight into a strapping young man.

The 15-year-old almost stood as tall as his bodyguard as he went out in Los Angeles today.

That adorable brown-eyed boy that pulled at America's heartstrings as he took the stage next to siblings Paris and Blanket has blossomed - seemingly overnight - into a young man.

Leaving Aquarium City in Los Angeles, Prince was barely recognisable - his face fuller, and stride more confident as he stepped out with his burly security in San Fernando Valley.

Only a few inches shorter than his companion, Prince, who turned 15 in February, appeared relaxed on the outing.

Dressed down in a grey T-shirt with a printed image of an eagle, wings spread, cargo shorts and flip flops he stood broad at the shoulders and at a statuesque height.

He seemed to be in a jovial mood, turning around to laugh with his minder as they made their way back to their car.

His sister, Paris, recently led tributes to their father on the third anniversary of his death on June 25, when he left behind the pair and their 10-year-old brother Prince Michael II, aka Blanket.

The legendary singer passed away from an overdose of the anesthetic Propofol, June 25, 2009, and his 14-year-old daughter said he will always be in her 'heart'.

Last year, the Michael Jackson's former doctor, Conrad Murray, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in his death.
Murray was sentenced to four years in jail and is currently appealing the conviction.

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Nice to see them admit in a UK newspaper that Michael had vitiligo instead of saying he bleached his skin. :abouttime:


Hello, we are p0isAnon.

Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have joined forces to fight censorship in the name of OpCensorThis. There is a new operation that has been taking place over the actions of Banks in response to the Occupy Movement. We have watched our brothers and sisters being refused their hard earned money by the banks on top of being beaten and brutalized by officers during peaceful demonstrations. Congratulations banks, you have gotten our attention.

You ignore your customers and use authorities to censor their voices. Operation Censor This will not stand for such acts and is spawning another operation under Operation Cash Back which already removed well over 500,000 accounts from banks and put them into credit unions. This is the next step. Banks have stolen millions from its customers as well as lacked the security to protect them. We give you Operation Robin Hood.

In regards to the recent demonstrations and protests across the globe, we are going to turn the tables on the banks. Operation Robin Hood is going to return the money to those who have been cheated by our system and most importantly to those hurt by our banks. Operation Robin Hood will take credit cards and donate to the 99% as well as various charities around the globe. The banks will be forced to reimburse the people there money back.

We are going to take what belongs to us. The Banks have thrown people out on the streets with corrupted actions. When the poor steals, it's considered violence, but when the banks steal from us, it's called business.

We have already taken Chase, Bank of America, and CitiBank credit cards with big breaches across the map. We have returned it to the poor (the TRUE 99%) who deserve it.

We have donated thousands to many protests around the world. We have donated thousands to the homeless and other charities. Our government has fallen short in many ways. It's time for the people to step up. We are finished depending on our government to do right by us. How safe can the banks be keeping you when we are easily able to steal thousands already. You have the benefit of us being the good guys.

We are not afraid of the Police, Secret Service, or the FBI. We are going to show you banks are not safe and take our money back. We are going to hit the true evil while not harming theirs customers and helping others. We are not only starving the banks but are ready to start the attack. We have come to take the 99% 's money back. We are not asking permission.

Let's see how Banks like paying out money like they made us do. Is it called stealing when one takes what was theirs in the first place? Is it called stealing elections when banks are funneling our millions into paying off congressmen and lobbyists. It's time for the banks to pay for their crimes and corruption. We are not waiting for our government to step up and take action. It's time for the banks to pay for not protecting you and only causing harm. But why feel sorry for them while they make us pay every day? Make us over pay for their services? Make us pay all their little charges? Operation Robin Hood urges YOU, to now move your accounts into secure credit unions, before it's too late while we hit them from the inside.

We are going to make the banks deliver your money back to you with a smile on their faces and hate in their heart. The only fraud happening has been the actions of the banks frauding the people. It's time for the banks to do business with Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN. And one of us is not as harsh as all of us. We are looking forward to start doing business with you pigs.

How loud will you squeal when the same is being done to you? We will avenge every person banks turned down and stolen from. Join us in Operation Robin Hood. Take from the banks and give to the poor. Our actions will be swift. It's time for the people to rise up and the banks to remember who they work for. It's time we fight back. It's time YOU take back your freedom. We are done asking politely.

Banks, you have got the attention of the Hydra of the internet that has grown fangs of poison.
The only question now, is do they expect us?

We are p0isAnon
We are Robin Hood
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

Operation Robin Hood... fully initiated.

Hackers 'steal US data in Christmas-inspired assault'

Hackers with the loose-knit movement "Anonymous" have claimed to have stolen a raft of emails and credit card data from US-based security think tank Stratfor, promising it was just the start of a weeklong, Christmas-inspired assault on a long list of targets.
One alleged hacker said the goal was to use the credit data to steal a million dollars – including, apparently, from individuals' accounts – and give the money away as Christmas donations. Images posted online claimed to show the receipts.

A Twitter account tied to Anonymous posted a link to what they said was Stratfor's tightly-guarded, confidential client list. Among those on the list: The US Army, the US Air Force and the Miami Police Department.

The rest of the list, which the hacking movement said was a small slice of its 200 gigabytes worth of plunder, included banks, law enforcement agencies, defence contractors and technology firms such as Apple and Microsoft.

"Not so private and secret anymore?" the group taunted in a message on the microblogging site.

Austin, Texas-based Stratfor provides political, economic and military analysis to help clients reduce risk, according to a description on its YouTube page. It charges subscribers for its reports and analysis, delivered through the web, emails and videos.

Lt Col John Dorrian, public affairs officer for the Air Force, said that "for obvious reasons" the Air Force doesn't discuss specific vulnerabilities, threats or responses to them.

"The Air Force will continue to monitor the situation and, as always, take appropriate action as necessary to protect Air Force networks and information," he said in an email.

Miami Police Department spokesman Sgt Freddie Cruz junior said that he could not confirm that the agency was a client of Stratfor, and he said he had not received any information about any security breach involving the police department.

Anonymous said it was able to get the credit details in part because Stratfor didn't bother encrypting them – an easy-to-avoid blunder which, if true, would be a major embarrassment for any security-related company.

Hours after publishing what it claimed was Stratfor's client list, Anonymous tweeted a link to encrypted files online. It said the files contained 4,000 credit cards, passwords and home addresses belonging to individuals on the think tank's private client list.

It also linked to images online that it suggested were receipts for charitable donations made by the group manipulating the credit card data it stole.

"Thank you! Defense Intelligence Agency," read the text above one image that appeared to show a transaction summary indicating that an agency employee's information was used to donate $250 to a non-profit.

One receipt – to the American Red Cross – had Allen Barr's name on it.

Barr, of Austin, Texas, recently retired from the Texas Department of Banking and said he discovered last Friday that a total of $700 had been spent from his account. Barr, who has spent more than a decade dealing with cybercrime at banks, said five transactions were made in total.

"It was all charities, the Red Cross, CARE, Save the Children. So when the credit card company called my wife she wasn't sure whether I was just donating," said Barr, who wasn't aware until a reporter with the AP called that his information had been compromised when Stratfor's computers were hacked.

"It made me feel terrible. It made my wife feel terrible. We had to close the account."

Stratfor said in an email to members that it had suspended its servers and email after learning that its website had been hacked.

"We have reason to believe that the names of our corporate subscribers have been posted on other web sites," said the email, passed on to The Associated Press by subscribers. "We are diligently investigating the extent to which subscriber information may have been obtained."

The email, signed by Stratfor Chief Executive George Friedman, said the company is "working closely with law enforcement to identify who is behind the breach."

"Stratfor's relationship with its members and, in particular, the confidentiality of their subscriber information, are very important to Stratfor and me," Mr Friedman wrote.

Repeated calls to Stratfor went unanswered and an answering machine thanked callers for contacting the "No 1 source for global intelligence." Stratfor's website was down, with a banner saying "site is currently undergoing maintenance."

Wishing everyone a "Merry LulzXMas" – a nod to its spin-off hacking group Lulz Security – Anonymous also posted a link on Twitter to a site containing the email, phone number and credit number of a US Homeland Security employee.

The employee, Cody Sultenfuss, said he had no warning before his details were posted.

"They took money I did not have," he told The Associated Press in a series of emails, which did not specify the amount taken. "I think why me? I am not rich."

One member of the hacking group, who uses the handle AnonymousAbu on Twitter, claimed that more than 90,000 credit cards from law enforcement, the intelligence community and journalists – "corporate/exec accounts of people like Fox" news – had been hacked and used to "steal a million dollars" and make donations.

It was impossible to verify where credit card details were used. Fox News was not on the excerpted list of Stratfor members posted online, but other media organisations including MSNBC and Al Jazeera English appeared in the file.

Anonymous warned it has "enough targets lined up to extend the fun fun fun of LulzXmas through the entire next week."

The group has previously claimed responsibility for attacks on companies such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, as well as others in the music industry and the Church of Scientology.

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International Premium 2011 Dec 20 Extract; Benjamin Fulford English Message


These are extracted parts of Benjamin Fulford's message from
International Premium 12/21

6.08 mins "They killed Michael Jackson"

Books / NEW BOOK: Defending a King ~ His Life & Legacy by Dr Karen Moriarty
« on: December 18, 2011, 10:52:55 AM »
Defending a King~His Life & Legacy by Dr Karen Moriarty

A New Book About Michael Jackson

"If you want an eye-opening portrayal
of the real Michael Jackson--
delivered in a rare blend of disclosure, respect, insight, and passion-- this is it!"
-- Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr.

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A comprehensive, in-depth portrayal of Michael Jackson that includes his last mysterious years,
Defending a King~His Life & Legacy reveals new information and unique insights into this "king of a man."

King of Hearts. King of Pop. King of Controversy! During his life, Michael Jackson eluded us. In death, his last hours will remain shrouded in mystery.

During the disturbing trial of Dr. Conrad Murray for manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, the victim was disgustingly put on trial. The very private Michael Jackson was exposed to the public in exploitative, brutal, and lurid ways. Now, in the wake of that sordid experience—with justice achieved, Conrad Murray convicted, and Michael's death confirmed as a homicide—it is time to set aside much of what you think you “know” about Michael Jackson....

It is now time for a paradigm shift in your thinking. It is time to celebrate the man and artist who changed our world, to restore him to his rightful place in modern history. Erase from your memory banks the media's sensationalized coverage, the Murray defense attorneys' desperate accusations, and the distortions, concoctions, and lies that you read for so many years about the incomparable Michael Jackson.

Defending a King~His Life & Legacy discloses facts about Michael Jackson, the man, that you never knew; perceptions that you never heard; and truths that were never shared with you. Fans will learn new things. The skeptics and curious will become fans … or come one giant step closer.

Read about

why what he didn't know did hurt him;
why Michael Jackson was not a recluse;
why he became nomadic after his 2005 trial;
why he wore those masks and disguises;
why he veiled his children in public--the real reason;
why he was tormented after being acquitted on fourteen charges of alleged criminal behavior involving children;
why he became a moving target for lawsuits of all kinds;
why his financial empire was crumbling;
why he always kept millions of dollars in cash within arm's reach.

how he was heterosexual, with girlfriends and secret dates (neither gay nor deviant);
how he really spent his time, how he fathered his kids, and where he went during those last four mysterious years of his life;
how he struggled with insomnia and anguished over his sleeplessness;
how Michael was both rich and poor at the same time;
how he was always guided by a wholesome, committed love for children around the world and how that really played out behind the scenes;
how Michael's defense attorneys, Thomas Mesereau and Susan Yu, discarded the "rule book" at what was the most covered trial in world history;
how the Conrad Murray trial savaged MIchael as the victim and blamed him for his own death even though it was ruled a homicide by the coroner and other experts;
how, especially in America, Michael Jackson was misunderstood, underestimated, and undervalued;
how Michael remains a prophet, missionary, and ambassador around the globe.

The caricature of Michael Jackson, possibly lurking in your mind, will dissipate. The myths and hysteria will be replaced by documented facts and testimony from credible individuals who knew Michael intimately, including his defense attorney, fatherly personal artist, 24/7 security team, and spiritual adviser. Who better to defend a king of a man, a king of kindness and love?

What is important for Michael Jackson's legacy is not only his greatness but his goodness. As the best entertainer of our times, he will be remembered for his musical genius--creative and visionary songs, unique dance routines, electrifying performances, trail-blazing short films, and limitless talent. He should also be remembered as the global humanitarian that he was, tirelessly supporting important causes and secretly helping individuals-the sick, the dying, those in need of hope. Startlingly humble and "driven" to heal this planet, Michael Jackson gave more than $300 million to charities; he also gave of himself in private ways that few people know.

Dr. Karen Moriarty presents, in this unique book, an analysis of the man, in layman's terms. She discusses the three biggest mistakes that Michael Jackson made in his life---one that was a temporary fix; one that proved his child-like level of trust; and one that caused his tragic demise and linked him to eternity. She proposes explanations for the seemingly absurd, for the extraordinary joys and unimaginable suffering of a man who experienced a "pinnacle" life... and it was lonely at the top. Did he know that he would be loved in the end?

"Bizarre behavior is normal in bizarre circumstances." Learn how Michael Jackson lived in more bizarre circumstances than you can possibly imagine.

Future generations will be kinder to Michael Jackson. He cared deeply about them and wanted to leave his legacy as a gift to the world. This book is respectfully offered as a template for that legacy.

Major Topics/Chapters
“The Back Door”
Protecting Mr. Jackson
Michael Jackson the Man
Michael Jackson & His Family
Michael Jackson's TSUNAMI: The Trial
The Back Story: Surprises
The Morass of Michael Jackson's Finances
Flypaper: Sticky Lawsuits & Such
Nothing But the Facts ...
Healer & Humanitarian
Artist & Entertainer
“Bizarre Behavior”
The Paragon of Paradox
Michael Jackson & His Fans
The Unwanted Chapter: Conrad Murray
The Legacy of Michael Jackson

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Exploitation of the Jackson Three:
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Exploitation of the Jackson Three: Singer's children are being cynically controlled by man whose greed wrecked his childhood

Even by the standards of someone twice her age, there was a quiet assurance about 13-year-old Paris Jackson’s triumphant first solo appearance before the cameras of a  U.S. chat show this week.

Gone was the frightened and sobbing child who was reluctantly pushed into the spotlight by her aunties and uncles at her father Michael’s televised memorial service a little over two years ago.

In her place was a young woman, sleekly coiffed by the team of stylists and make-up artists who now travel with her, and with the sort of poise you would scarcely expect of a young teenager.

But then, Paris, who had been wheeled out by the controlling Jackson clan to appear on the sofa of TV chat show hostess Ellen DeGeneres, is hardly your average teenager.

For starters, in preparation for her primetime appearance this week, Paris had been trained rigorously for weeks by the Hollywood actors’ agency that has been newly engaged by her grandmother and legal guardian Katherine Jackson to guide the youngster’s nascent acting career.

Meanwhile, the family are in negotiation with top model agency boss and talent-spotter Michael Flutie, who launched the careers of Cindy Crawford, Milla Jovovich and Stephanie Seymour, to oversee Paris’s planned transition from schoolgirl to catwalk star.

‘I think she’s stunning,’ Mr Flutie said this week. ‘I said I would represent her because that’s how beautiful I think she is.’

He is not alone in spotting the rich pickings on offer for those helping to shape the careers of the King of Pop’s children.

Paris is already set to make her acting debut in a film version of the children’s fantasy book Lundon’s Bridge And The Three Keys, which is due for release in 2013.

Nor is she the only one of Jackson’s three children who is being pushed — prematurely, some argue — into the white heat of the media gaze from which their father had so desperately sought to protect them.

Michael’s long-time friend Brian Oxman — who also happens to be the Jackson family’s lawyer — told me this week of his concerns that the singer might not have approved of his beloved children being paraded so publicly.

‘Michael’s way of bringing them up was that he wanted them to have a childhood,’ he explained.

‘He wanted them to experience being innocent young people growing up.

‘Since he felt his childhood had been stolen from him, he didn’t want that to happen to his kids,’ he added.

‘It’s hard to say if Michael would be happy about what’s happening. He just wanted his children to be the masters of their lives.’

Yet the push to make the youngsters stars in their own right appears relentless. And it is Katherine and her estranged husband Joe who, together, are the driving force.

Many believe history could be repeating itself here. They remember how Michael’s father Joe would to drive him mercilessly to perform, bullying him emotionally and physically.

‘If you didn’t do it the right way, he would tear you up,’ Michael said, adding, on the Oprah Winfrey Show, that he was so afraid of his father, he was sometimes sick when he saw Joe.

To coincide with her interview with TV chatshow host Miss DeGeneres, Paris and her brothers Prince, 14, and nine-year-old Prince Michael II — known as Blanket — posed together for a major article on them this week in People magazine.

The American celebrity magazine calls the children ‘The Jackson Three’ — a play on words said to have been dreamt up by Joe, their grandfather, who managed the Jackson Five group in which a young Michael found fame with his elder brothers.

Joe had long been estranged from his most famous son and was publicly accused by Michael of being a controlling and violent bully.

Yet this is the man behind Michael’s children’s appearance before the cameras on the U.S. version of The X Factor two weeks ago.

Sources in the States say the publicity drive being coordinated by 83-year-old Joe and Katherine, 81, is all leading up to an announcement that the children have been signed up to appear in their own reality TV show which will give fly-on-the-wall cameras access to their California home.

And this attempt to turn Jackson’s children into highly bankable stars has understandably led to calls that they are being exploited.

Michael’s official fan club has raised its concerns and one influential website, set up to protect the dead singer’s legacy, has already called for an end to what it calls ‘the exploitation of his children for the financial gain of the Jackson family’.

The Michael Jackson Accountability Network website has published an open letter to the clan warning them to call a halt to the series of controversial money-making schemes they have embarked on since Jackson’s death in June 2009 at the age of 50.

The claims of exploitation have now led to a bitter split within the Jackson family, with some of Michael’s eight surviving siblings turning on each other and their parents in the unseemly scramble for cash.

The bad blood came to head two months ago when brothers Jermaine and Randy and sister Janet publicly criticised a star-studded tribute concert held at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium which was organised by their parents.

While their siblings Marlon, Tito, Jackie and La Toya all agreed to appear on the bill, the event became mired in controversy with claims that although some funds would go to charity, and £64,000 to Michael’s children, the promoters could not confirm how much the good causes would actually receive.

Some family members were also angry that the event coincided with the trial of Jackson’s physician Dr Conrad Murray, who was jailed last month for four years for administering a fatal dose of the surgical anaesthetic propofol to the star.

The show also fell foul of the official executors of the singer’s estate, who have had a running battle with Michael’s parents over a series of stunts the Jacksons have dreamt up to cash in on their late son’s fame.

Indeed, the Cardiff event — at which Michael’s children were once again on public display — is said to have taken place in Britain only to get around  U.S. intellectual property law.

Even so, the singer’s full name and picture were noticeably absent from the official concert promotion material.

Jackson’s children have been served up for public consumption by their grandparents on any number of occasions.

Earlier this year, when their grandmother was promoting a coffee table book she has written about Michael, Oprah Winfrey was granted access to the compound where they live with her in Los Angeles.

About the same time, the children appeared on the TV show Good Morning America to talk about the death of their father.

Both interviews led Michael’s brother Randy and his sister Janet to criticise their parents for exploiting the children for personal gain.

And the point is Joe and Katherine are rather keen on personal gain. They are currently fighting a lawsuit issued by Michael’s executors, who accuse them of trying to flog unauthorised tacky Jacko memorabilia, including a crystal-encrusted leather belt signed by Jackson’s children.

Earlier this year Joe, who lives for the most part in Las Vegas, was even said to have offered fans the chance to have their pictures taken with Prince, Paris and Blanket in exchange for cash.

Joe, who was left out of his son’s will, has launched a series of court actions to try to win damages over Michael’s death, including actions against Dr Murray, the concert promoters AEG Live, who were bankrolling Michael’s planned 50‑date London tour when he died, and the pharmacy which supplied the drug that killed him.

Meanwhile, Katherine, who along with Michael’s children stands to inherit the singer’s fortune, complains that the £50,000 his executors grant her each month to care for his children is not enough.

Family lawyers are also furious that the estimated £500 million earned by Jackson since his death — including a posthumous £166 million album deal signed with Sony and the £194 million earned by This Is It, the film of Jackson’s rehearsals for his proposed UK shows — has not yet filtered through to his heirs.

But John Branca and John McClain, the entertainment lawyers appointed as executors of the estate, say it could take years to unravel the troubled star’s financial affairs and pay off more than £300 million of debts Jackson had when he died.

Even so, the children and Katherine — who was declared bankrupt in 1999 — are hardly living in penury.

Since March they have been staying at a rented £16,000-a-month estate, complete with its own golf course, in the upmarket LA neighbourhood of Calabasas.

They have moved into the house on a gated community, where neighbours include Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian, while the family home in nearby Encino is being refurbished, with the bill being paid by the executors.

This week Paris said on the TV chat show that she felt ‘stupid’ in the masks and veil her father made her and her siblings wear to protect their identity.

Yet she insisted she and her brothers have a regular childhood.

As her grandmother Katherine has said: ‘They have their friends over. They ride their bikes.’

In reality, it is anything but normal.

Each morning, a slow-moving cavalcade of vehicles transports Paris and Prince to the private school they attend on the edge of California’s Santa Monica mountains.

Several bulky bodyguards, sporting Secret Service-style ear-pieces and lapel microphones jump out of the vehicles to usher them into school.

Throughout the day, armed close protection minders shadow the children as they attend lessons at £21,000-a-year Buckley School. The bodyguards eat lunch in the school cafeteria and swim in its indoor pool.

Ever since Paris and Prince enrolled at the school in September 2010, the presence of the hulking security men has been causing complaints from other parents who say they terrify their children.

For his part, Blanket, who is said to be very withdrawn and shy and is the only one of the singer’s children who looks even vaguely like him, is still taught by private teachers in the kitchen of the family’s seven-bedroom house, where he has his own constant bodyguards.

The children are occasionally visited by former nurse Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s former wife and the mother of the two elder children, both of whom are said to have been fathered by a sperm donor. (While Michael Jackson was alive, she was not involved with the children; he paid her off so that he could bring them up himself, with the help of an army of nannies. But when he died, grandmother Katherine agreed that Debbie could have supervised visits.)

The identity of Blanket’s mother and father has never been revealed — Jackson adopted him soon after he was born, and there has been endless speculation as to whether he fathered the child as a sperm donor.

The Jackson family insist that the security presence is very necessary, given that the children, who will inherit their father’s fortune when they reach 30, are at constant risk of kidnap.

The King of Pop’s children are, to put it crudely, very valuable commodities indeed.

Lawyers are expecting to set a trial date on January 31 for the children’s own separate lawsuit against promoters AEG Live.

The Jackson family’s lawyer Brian Oxman told me if they win, the damages could eventually reach up to $1 billion.

He says AEG employed Dr Conrad Murray — a claim it denies — and that this astronomical sum is based on what Jackson could have earned had he lived.

‘The children are the youngest plaintiffs for the largest amount of money in our memory,’ Mr Oxman said.

‘I don’t think there is anywhere that could rival the size of this legal claim.’

Is it any surprise, then, that the children Jackson tried so assiduously to protect have had to grow up so quickly?

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