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Messages to Michael / EMOTIONS
« on: December 31, 2009, 01:42:09 PM »
Its 19.24 pm in the UK and soon 2009 will be over, and im sad as i am thinkin about you Michael and what u meant to the world AND to me. My emotions are so crazy right here on this hoax site and all others before and on you tube i have so many MJ hoax and fan subscriptions that one would think i am only interested in you :lol: and yet i just cried like a new born baby at a video of you i just watched on you tube.

I believe, of course i do...but am i clutching at straws hoping you will return and grace us once again with ur beauty...ur mind....ur talents....ur giving!! i know the world is not worthy of ur return, the way that they have treated u.

Am i wrong for believeing you are alive when you are reported as being deceased?? is this disrespectful of me?? I know what my head thinks as its rational and strong and seeing all the hoax investigations u are alive....but my heart is prone to change quickly and my emotions are just as strong as my mind. My heart aches for u...i never met u...i wish i did, i would,ve treasured that moment.....but i have loved u since i can remember...since the in my 30s...and the 80s....90s.....00s and beyond... i will always love you!! and i miss you more than u will ever know...and i hope u read this...i know we will meet someday.

If, Michael u are alive please come back, when u are ready of course, but please come back.
Love MJLover32,

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Other Odd Things / Dangerous Tour and TII
« on: December 23, 2009, 09:14:47 AM »
So last night i was watching MJ live in Bucharest and the set list was exactly the same as TII, minus shake ur body which i dont think was in TII. Anyone got any thoughts as to why it would be the same??
Is MJ trying to direct us to this era for clues?? or to show us what his mindset was at this time??. Im sure this tour was 1997, or correct me if i am wrong.
One thing i appreciated was MJ was slapping the sh..t out of some lucky back up dancers bum!!! how i wish!!

Introduce yourself / GREAT TO BE HERE!!
« on: December 02, 2009, 04:50:06 PM »
Greetings Everyone!!
I got kicked out of mjhd the sequel :lol:. I used to just read the original mjhd 1 that mo and souza used to be on. Its a shame what has happened and i hope it does not happen here!!
Im so happy to be here with all you guys. Im here cos I LOVE MICHAEL J JACKSON!!  :lol:

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