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Other Odd Things / "The Nightmare of Edgar Allen Poe"
« on: March 27, 2011, 09:39:31 PM »
Apparently Michael was going to star as Edgar Allen Poe in a movie about the last week before his death.

But the film ended up being shelved. He had written a song for it and everything.


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and another article that goes more in depth: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

this second article is pretty horrible (the things they say about him) :(

Much has been made of Michael Jackson’s identification with the character of Peter Pan, but the late singer had another literary devotion that didn’t make it into his obituaries: He was an Edgar Allan Poe fanatic and had long planned to star in a biopic about the horror writer.

Called The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Poe, the European-funded vanity project was a dream for the King Of Pop. “Michael says by the time he’s done preparing for this, the audience isn’t even going to know it’s him, with the major makeup,” co-executive producer Gary Pudney told USA Today’s Jeannie Williams in 2000. “The new Michael is Michael Jackson, the movie actor. That is what he wants to devote his energies to.” Jackson pronounced the script as “very scary”, and although the movie was not a musical, he planned to sing a song with lyrics based on Poe’s poetry over the closing credits. Producer Pudney said Jackson had talked to Steven Spielberg about the project, who was enthusiastic and suggested several potential directors, including Tim Burton. Pudney also boasted that the movie, in which characters from Poe’s work came back to haunt the author during the last week of his life, would give Jackson a “great death scene.”

Given Poe’s fear of premature burial, it seemed like more than rote recitation of cliché that the writer might’ve been “rolling over in his grave” at the prospect of being portrayed by Jackson. Indeed, the existence of Nightmares was mind-blowing news, even by the (high? low?) standards of tabloid staple “Wacko Jacko”. It was news that lent itself to jokes: Would he instruct “The Tell-Tale Heart” to “just beat it”? Would “The Raven” be replaced by Bubbles the Chimp?

It was also yet another bizarre turn in the trajectory of Poe’s pop-culture legacy. First an NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens, takes its name from his poem (its raven mascots are named Edgar, Allan, and Poe). Then Poe’s great-great nephew, actor-musician Edgar Allan Poe IV, appeared as the ghost of his great-great uncle on the sitcom Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Later, a fictionalized Poe was also found sleuthing murders with King of the Wild Frontier Davey Crockett in The Alienist-ish novel Nevermore. But I always understood Jackson’s affinity for Poe, perhaps—no, definitely—because I was once a fifth grade kid obsessed with two people: Michael Jackson and Edgar Allan Poe.

Yes, the racial angle of the MJ casting raised questions, among them: How confused would the late playwright August Wilson have been? But, let’s be honest—casting MJ as Poe was not as problematic as, say, casting El DeBarge as Nathaniel Hawthorne. Whether it’s because of the skin disease vitiligo, cosmetic bleaching, or a combination of both, Jackson’s pallid complexion looks even more Goth than portraits of Poe’s pale visage. The issue here is not casting a black man to play a white man; it was casting an alien mannequin drag queen apparently sculpted out of soap to play a white man.

Below the surface, there were connections between the two cultural icons. Both Jackson and Poe are arguably the most popular American export in their respective fields, and major influences on those who followed. Baudelaire was said to make his morning prayers to God and Edgar Allen Poe, and Justin Timberlake and Usher are obviously both Michael Jackson impersonators moonwalking in MJ’s fleet footsteps.

There was also symmetry to their scandals. They both have been accused of pedophilia—at the very least, they shared a penchant for PYTs: Poe married his 13-year-old cousin Virginia, and Jackson has hosted many a sleepover with 13-year-old boys. Thus their respective sexualities have been wildly speculated about. In a posthumous psychoanalysis of Poe, Dr. Maria Bonaparte theorized that Poe was celibate, entertained thoughts of necrophilia, and suffered from a castration complex (her mentor, Dr. Sigmund Freud provided the preface for this study).

Despite vehement assertions to Diane Sawyer, many said the same (well, minus the necrophilia and castration stuff) of Jackson’s marriages to Lisa Marie Presley and, later, to his plastic surgeon’s nurse, Debbie Rowe, even though they had two children together. (I’d also bet in real-life, that the paternity suit of a certain Billie Jean would’ve been thrown out of court in a hurry.)

They both struggled with financial difficulties despite being among the best at what they did. Many historians say Poe was an opium addict; Jackson revealed he had an addiction to the painkiller Demerol in court papers. They both explored the pull of drugs in their work.

Here’s Poe’s narrator from “Ligeia,” seeing visions of his dead lover: “In the excitement of my opium dream (for I was habitually fettered in the shackles of the drug), I would call aloud her name ...”

Here’s Jackson, from Blood on the Dance Floor‘s “Morphine”:


“Demerol Demerol Oh God he’s taking Demerol
  Hee-hee-hee Demerol Demerol Oh my oh God it’s Demerol
  Hee Oooh”

Then there’s the Vincent Price factor. Price, of course, was the on-screen embodiment of Poe’s work in such Roger Corman films as The Pit and the Pendulum, The Masque of the Red Death, and The Cask of Amontillado. He also provided the rap and maniacal cackle on the title track of Jackson’s Thriller.

But alas, Michael Jackson never ending up playing Poe—at least not in the movie. Sadly, now the haunted figures have another thing in common. They both died young; Poe was 40, Jackson was 50. They were both emaciated, in debt, their bodies abused by chemicals, forever blessed with talent and haunted by demons.

Michael / Numbers in "Michael"
« on: February 27, 2011, 02:32:00 PM »
First off, the songs on this album were recorded in the years spanning from 1982 to 2009 (27 years; 2+7 = 9)

Second, two songs that seem to have a lot to do with the hoax (breaking news & monster) both have 9!

Breaking News (length) = 4:14 (4+1+4 = 9)
Monster (length) = 5:04 (5+4 = 9)

Third, on the back of the album, it says there are 9 unreleased songs on the album (because, at the time of release, Hold My Hand was the only single that had been released).

Fourth, there have been 3 singles released already (at the time of this post). That leaves 7 songs on the album.

Other Odd Things / "Moonwalker" Released in 1988 (ties into 777)
« on: February 19, 2011, 11:40:26 PM »
Okay, so we all know by now that MOONWALKER has various hoax clues:

1) In the Smooth Criminal part, he leaves and everyone is sad. Then, later, he comes back.
2) 93 minutes or 9x3/999
3) Tagline is "A Movie Like No Other" (many people think that maybe Michael is making a movie)

And so on, and so forth.

Anyways, the point of this post is that the movie was released October 29, 1988. And as we all know, 21 is 7x3 or 777.

21 years from 1988 is..... *drum roll* 2009 (the year he "died")!

Coincidence? There are no such things as coincidences  :mrgreen:

Just a random thing I found and thought was interesting.

This is It ~ DVD & Blu Ray / "Turning the Pyramid Upside Down"
« on: February 18, 2011, 12:09:09 PM »
I was watching the video that is included on the Blu-Ray (the prisoners doing TDCAU)...and I noticed something.

Remember how turning the 666 system (pyramid) upside down (999) is a big mission in the hoax?

Well, look at this screenshot:


There is an upside down pyramid at the front of the group! Just something I found that I thought was interesting.


The Movie References / ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
« on: January 31, 2011, 03:01:16 PM »
I was reading a magazine where it had a quote from MJ saying his favorite movie was "ET."

ET = 5+2 = 7

Here is a summary of the movie:

The film opens in a Northern California forest as a group of alien botanists collect flora samples. U.S. government agents appear and the aliens flee in their spaceship, leaving one of their own behind in their haste. The scene shifts to a suburban California home, where a boy named Elliott plays servant to his older brother, Michael, and his friends. As he fetches pizza, Elliott discovers the stranded alien, who promptly flees. Despite his family's disbelief, Elliott leaves Reese's Pieces candy in the forest to lure it into his bedroom. Before he goes to bed, Elliott notices the alien imitating his movements.

Elliott feigns illness the next morning to avoid school so he can play with the alien. That afternoon, Michael and their younger sister, Gertie, meet the alien. Their mother, Mary, hears the noise and comes upstairs. Michael, Gertie, and the alien hide in the closet while Elliott assures his mother that everything is all right. Michael and Gertie promise to keep the alien a secret from their mother. Deciding to keep the alien, the children begin to ask it about its origin. It answers by levitating balls to represent its solar system, and further demonstrates its powers by reviving a dead plant.

At school the next day, Elliott begins to experience a psychic connection with the alien. Elliott becomes irrational due partly to the alien's intoxication from drinking beer. Elliott then begins freeing all the frogs from a dissection class. As the alien watches John Wayne kiss Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man, Elliott's psychic link causes him to kiss a girl he likes in the same manner.

The alien learns to speak English by repeating what Gertie says as she watches Sesame Street and, at Elliott's urging, dubs itself "E.T." It enlists Elliott's help in building a device to "phone home" by using a Speak & Spell toy. Michael starts to notice that ET's health is declining and that Elliott is referring to himself as "we". On Halloween, Michael and Elliott dress E.T. as a ghost so they can sneak him out of the house. Elliott and E.T. ride a bicycle to the forest, where E.T. makes a successful call home. The next morning, Elliott wakes up to find E.T. gone, and returns home to his distressed family. Michael finds E.T. dying in the forest, and takes the alien to Elliott, who is also dying. Mary becomes frightened when she discovers her son's illness and the dying alien, before government agents invade the house.

Scientists set up a medical facility in the house, quarantining Elliott and E.T. Their link disappears (presumably severed by E.T. to save Elliott's life), and E.T. then appears to die while Elliott recovers. Elliott is left alone with the motionless alien when he notices a dead flower, the plant E.T. had previously revived, coming back to life. E.T. reanimates and reveals that his people are returning. Elliott and Michael steal a van that E.T. had been loaded into and a chase ensues, with Michael's friends joining them as they attempt to evade the authorities by bicycle. Suddenly facing a dead end, they escape as E.T. uses telekinesis to lift them into the air and toward the forest. Standing near the spaceship, E.T.'s heart glows as he prepares to return home. Mary, Gertie, and "Keys", a government agent, show up. E.T. says goodbye to Michael and Gertie, and before entering the spaceship, tells Elliott "I'll be right here", pointing his glowing finger to Elliott's head. E.T. then picks up the flower pot Gertie gave him, walks into the spaceship, and takes off, leaving a rainbow in the sky. The last shot of the movie is Elliot looking up at the sky.

By reading the story, you can obviously see the similarities. Yes, I know that this movie came out before even THRILLER came out, but maybe MJ stating that ET was his favorite movie was his way of hinting to us. IDK

General Hoax Talk / July 11, 2011
« on: January 29, 2011, 03:36:00 PM »
I'd like to thank Souza for pointing this out:

Not so sure. I can't help but think about that written note lately. "See you in July 2011". Mike's trial back in 2005 started February 28, and ended 15 weeks later in June. This trial starts March 28, and 15 weeks later will be 7/11/2011. Murray's licence number is 71169. Turn 6 to 9 on 7/11? Or does the year 1969 have some significance here?

Well, first off 71169 ends up being 6

7+1+1+6+9 = 24 = 6

Interestingly enough, 8/29/1958 equals 6 too

8+2+9+1+9+5+8 = 42 = 4+2 = 6

And if you add up his "death" date, it equals 6 too

6+2+5+2+9 = 24 = 2+4 = 6

Turning 666 upside down is one of his reasons for the hoax! Could 7/11/2011 be bamsday? Who knows? Just something interesting I was thinking about.

And not to mention Murray's license number is 71169

Turning the 6[66] system to the 9[99] system on 7/11?

Also, 7/11 (or 711) equals 9 (number of resurrection)

7+1+1 = 9

Hello all!

I was recently watching "V For Vendetta," for the first time in a LONG TIME. And it got me thinking. So, I looked up information about the movie.

Remember when there was that person named JCC, who was giving out supposed "clues?" And one of them was GERMANY IS THE KEY?

Well, here's the interesting "coincidence:"

V For Vendetta was released in Germany on 3/16/2006. That date, when added up, equals 9!

3+2+1+2+0+0+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

Probably a coincidence, but MAYBE not.

Also, V For Vendetta was made by WARNER BROTHERS, who also own TMZ!

Just a little interesting thing I was thinking about. I am not saying that JCC was real. Chances are, they weren't. Just wanted to point out this interesting "coincidence."

Other Odd Things / 50 Cent's Rap in "Monster"
« on: December 08, 2010, 01:18:12 PM »
Catch me in a bad mood, flippin' you'll take a whippin'
Animal, hannibal, cannibal addition
Tears appear, yeah, blurring your vision
Fear in the air, screaming, your blood drippin'
Shiver a second, now, now, now, now what is it
Funeral's, cemetaries, don't worry it's time to visit
Broke bones, tombstones, how do you think I'm kidding
Its home, sweet home, the land of the forbidden
All hell, run tell, the King has risen
2010 Thriller, there's nothing iller, it's killer

There vision, the missin' the pack, this is that,
This the bomb, ring the alarm
MJ number 1, it's goes on and on
Its goes on and on
We get to crippin', its running in the early morn'
Keep on dreaming there's nowhere to run
You can drive but you done
I can feel it in the air, here the monster come.

I found the underlined parts interesting, as all of you probably have too. If there is a post about this, please either lock this thread or merge or whatever. :)

Other Odd Things / Proof 911 Call Came From a Payphone?
« on: November 18, 2010, 04:37:33 PM »
Remember how there were 4 different 911 calls that were online? They each were, essentially the same call though.

In one of them, you can hear what appears to be a woman's voice saying "2 minutes" (or something like that).

I recently was talking on a payphone and, when the timelimit is close to being over, a voice comes on and says how much longer you have left (2 minutes, 30 seconds, etc).

Remember how on the ambulance screen, it said the address was the Beverly Hills Hotel? Maybe there is a payphone there.

I know that they said it was because of a cell phone tower there, but in reality...THERE IS NO CELL PHONE TOWER there!


Other Odd Things / Mystery Numbers in TIAI Update 6
« on: November 12, 2010, 04:41:31 PM »
As you all know, in Update 6, TS included a group of numbers:


I tried to "decode" them and here is what I got:

25        [27-2]
-4         [19-23]
-3         [27-30]

Once I got this, I added them together (like an ordinary addition problem, subsituting the "-" signs for zeroes). The number I got was 79. 7 + 9 = 16 = 1+6 = 7

But, ALSO, if you take into account that the section of the update was about the redirect on 6-12-2010, you can go further into this.

2010 - 79 = 1931

You get the year 1931. Here is a list of events that happened in 1931:

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I then took MJ's birth year (1958) and subtracted 1931 from it.

1958 - 1931 = 27

27 years pass between these two years. 2 + 7 = 9 Here is a list of events that happened in 1958:

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Furthermore, if you add 27 to 1958, you get:

1958 + 27 = 1985

Here is a list of events that happened in 1985:

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Specifically, We Are the World is released.

Also, 1985 is a book about a totalitarian government that controls the people. It also has to do with Big Brother. This is kind of what part of MJ's message is about (amongst other things).

BUT, if you add 27 to 1985, you get a very important year:

1985 + 27 = 2012

2012! An important year for the hoax (911 call at 12:21, etc)!

In conclusion, do I believe this is the RIGHT way to decode the numbers? Maybe. But who knows?

Another little bonus "tidbit" about the years:
1985 = 1+9+8+5 = 14 = 1+4 = 5
1958 = 1+9+5+8 = 23 = 2+3 = 5
1985 = 1+9+8+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5
2012 = 2+0+1+2 = 5

Other Odd Things / New album title and release date REVEALED
« on: November 04, 2010, 05:18:43 PM »
The title and release date of the much anticipated Michael Jackson album has been revealed.

RELEASE DATE: December 14, 2010

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Exclusive Teaser and Song to be Unveiled on

New York, NY – The much anticipated album of newly completed recordings from Michael Jackson entitled MICHAEL will be released on December 14 by Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson. Tomorrow, an exclusive teaser for the project will appear on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login on Monday, November 8th the world premiere of “Breaking News,” a full track from the album, will stream on the site for one week only.

The creative process never stopped for the King of Pop who was always planning for his next album; unbeknownst to many fans around the world Michael Jackson was writing and recording songs continuously everywhere from a friend’s home in New Jersey to studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a small group of handpicked collaborators. Now, through the unique stories that will be told about the songs that comprise MICHAEL, fans will get mind-blowing insight into how this artist worked and a chance to hear the songs he most recently created along with tracks that Michael had a desire to bring to fruition.

“Breaking News,” a never heard before song by Michael that appears on the new album was recorded in New Jersey in 2007 and recently brought to completion. Fans can begin pre-ordering the album on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login in the next 24 hours.

The attached image of the album cover of MICHAEL was created by painter Kadir Nelson in 2009. In the oil painting, Kadir – who is known for story telling through his art – takes us on a journey through some key moments and important people in Michael Jackson’s life.

Stay tuned for the worldwide launch of the official first single from MICHAEL later this month.
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TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI November 1
« on: November 01, 2010, 01:17:49 AM »
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Quote from: "PureLove"
Quote from: "~Souza~"
I hope so too. If it's one of the other options, then I don't know what else we can do. The majority in here supports his message and understands it. Some might still have some doubts because they don't fully understand TS' posts because they are long or they don't speak English very well, and some because they don't think this is Mike's message. Even though I can be harsh on fans sometimes, I know one thing for sure. When he comes back, every fan will support him in any way they can, doubters won't have doubts anymore and those who thought it is not his reason to hoax his death, will realize they have been wrong and already know where to catch up on reading. If he has doubts if he will get enough support from the fans, I think that won't be necessary. His fans love and adore him too much to let him down and they are with millions, if not billions. I also believe that all the money that has been made will be used for the good, I don't believe he is a material person and I am sure he will help those in need with it. That is why I will buy every album and every DVD that will be released.

Those who will oppose when he returns or even spread hate, never were fans or understood what he stands for anyway. You will always have people like that, some people won't even see truth when it slaps them in the face, but I still believe they are the minority. Everyone is feeling something is about to happen. Everyone I talk to say they have the feeling something is changing (without even mentioning the hoax or its purpose). I explained this whole story to a friend of mine who first thought I was nuts, and in the end he said: "Could Michael be the one that will change the world, or at least start the change, leading and guiding us into a new era?" He finally got what I meant, how big this is. That it is to make people wonder what was ever real in this world and to stand up for their rights and to bring back love in this world. He immediately stopped ridiculing this whole thing and was quiet for 5 minutes. Then he said: "I wholeheartedly hope you are right". My mission for that day was accomplished. People will understand, at least that is what I think when I look at the people around me. When I start talking about the subjects we discuss here (not MJ related), they all say they know about it and that something needs to be done, yet many also say that it's not affecting them yet (so they think) so they do not feel the urge yet to do something about it. For that we need a big wake-up call.

Amen to that. I sometimes feel like he is not coming back but will keep on giving himself to us with the new films, CDs, video games etc. But a Thriller without a Comeback would be pointless. And how is the message going to be spread if he changed his mind about the return? We can not do it by ourselves, it is so obvious. I don't believe that Michael would "afraid" to come back because people won't believe it's him BUT probably, he lost his faith in changing people into good and open their eyes. I seriously do not even want to think about the possibility of a non-BAM. That would kill me for the second time and actually that would kill us all if we think about the end of the world! Michael has to come back and lead the army! That's how we can change things.

Other Odd Things / Interesting Thing in "2012" Movie
« on: October 29, 2010, 12:33:38 AM »
I finally got around to watching the 2012 movie yesterday. When I was watching, I saw something that made me go, "Hmm."

No, I am not talking about the Jackson parallels (which everyone knows about by now, thanks to TS :D).

Let me explain:

During the film, there is a scene, where Jackson's ex-wife is at the super-market with her boyfriend. When they are walking out of an aisle, we briefly see a magazine rack. Out of ALL the magazines, only ONE has HUGE letters on the cover.

What do these letters say?


It is the only magazine that has discernable letters on the cover. I don't know how to put a screenshot from my DVD player to my PC, but maybe someone can do it?

It is at the part where his ex-wife and her boyfriend are at the super-market and a big earthquake happens, splitting the store in half. It is right before she calls Jackson to bring the kids home.

I bring this up because of the Jackson parallels. Maybe this was yet another little hint in the movie.

Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley Similarities /
« on: October 26, 2010, 04:30:12 PM »
I was walking around the Wilshire/Vermont area of Los Angeles, and I saw a bunch of posters/ads for a website called

When you go to it, it is an ad for a "Viva Elvis" album. You can preview some of the songs and the others are locked. Just wanted to post this, because it was interesting to me.

I find it interesting that there is a bunch of Elvis news now-a-days.

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TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI October 21
« on: October 21, 2010, 01:31:02 PM »
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Quote from: "lovemj4everandever"
:o  :o  :o

I just had a thought about how Michael's Army of L.O.V.E can really make this article effective.....


Does the American Dream Have to die with Michael Jackson? From childhood education website. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

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