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TMZ Articles / Conrad Murray Prosecutor Next Move -- Judge
« on: March 19, 2012, 03:46:00 AM »
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File under "Nothing succeeds like success."

David Walgren, the L.A. County Deputy District Attorney who put away Dr. Conrad Murray ... has thrown his hat in the ring to become an  L.A. County Superior Court judge.

Walgren -- who is considered one of the best prosecutors in L.A. County -- has submitted an application to the Governor's office.

Sources connected with the process tell TMZ ... Walgren's application is being taken "very seriously."

If you place a bet that Governor Jerry Brown will send Walgren shopping for a black robe, your money is probably safe.

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El DeBarge
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... his famous incarcerated brother James DeBarge has finally settled his MJ beef with his fellow inmate Conrad Murray ... and all it took was an honest jail house conversation.

TMZ broke the story ... James -- Janet Jackson's ex-husband --You are not allowed to view links. Register or Loginbecause he blamed the doc for killing his friend Michael Jackson.

But now we've learned ... the two managed to have a confrontation behind bars at the Men's Central Jail facility in L.A. in the past few days ... and "squashed the beef."

TMZ spoke with James' wife ... who says the singer was very impressed with Murray and that James "has made peace with what happened to Michael."

We're told James no longer believes Murray is an "evil" man or a murderer ... instead he told his wife Conrad is a "kind man."

So, we gotta ask ...
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Dr. Conrad Murray
just filed legal docs in which he claims his manslaughter conviction should be overturned, on grounds that the judge should have allowed him to prove ... Michael Jackson was so stressed out over his financial woes ... he recklessly rolled the dice by self-administering a fatal dose of Propofol.

Murray is responding to the D.A.'s claims that You are not allowed to view links. Register or Loginpending appeal because the grounds for challenging the conviction are bogus.

Murray makes a number of arguments, but the most interesting is the section titled, "Financial Condition of Michael Jackson."  Murray's lawyers put it this way:  "Mr. Jackson was in debt approximately $440 million and desperately needed to fulfill a contractual commitment at the O2 arena in London."

The lawyers go on:  "He was on the verge of losing his entire estate to foreclosure.  The pressure to fight through his insomnia, to rehearse and be the entertainer he was in his earlier years was overwhelming."

And then the lawyers bring it home:  "His motivation and resulting desperation were relevant to show a likelihood or reason to act in a manner inconsistent with good judgment."

The lawyers believe it was an error for the judge to exclude evidence of MJ's financial desperation.

TMZ Articles / Conrad Murray D.A. Says He's a Danger to Society
« on: February 21, 2012, 11:27:45 AM »
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The D.A. is alarmed that Dr. Conrad Murray is asking the trial judge to spring him from the pokey while he appeals his conviction in the death of Michael Jackson -- arguing Murray is a danger to society.

According to the new docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors say Murray has shown no remorse for his "reckless and criminal conduct that directly caused MIchael Jackson's death."  In other words, the D.A. says Murray just doesn't get it, and he could engage in the same conduct again if the judge lets him loose.

The D.A. also claims Murray is a flight risk, because he no longer has strong ties to California now that his medical license has been revoked.

As for Murray's grounds for appealing the conviction, the D.A. claims they're all bogus.  The D.A. makes mention of the judge's decision to exclude Dr. Arnold Klein's testimony.  Klein gave MJ scores of Demerol shots in the months preceding his death, but the D.A. says no traces of the drug in MJ's body at the time of death.

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There are nearly 4,000 inmates at L.A. County Men's Jail, so imagine the coincidence that Dr. Conrad Murray is in a cell just feet away from Michael Jackson's former brother-in-law.

James DeBarge -- Janet Jackson's ex-husband -- is locked up after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and drug charges. DeBarge -- who was the lead singer of the wildly popular band, El DeBarge -- has been placed in Administrative Segregation -- the place where famous inmates with security issues are housed.

Murray has been calling the Ad Segregation unit home since his conviction on manslaughter charges last November.

We're told they occasionally run into each other, most recently last Monday when they were each meeting with their respective lawyers in the visiting room.

DeBarge's lawyer, Spencer Vodnoy, tells TMZ ... the singer is "really upset" he's so close to Murray.  DeBarge says even though he was married to Janet for less than a year back in '84, he thought of Michael as a brother.

TMZ Articles / Joe Jackson Hocks Perfume in Tacky Mall
« on: February 03, 2012, 06:37:46 AM »
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2/3/2012 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson must have been having an out-of-body experience Friday ... the man who played the role of marionette to one of the most successful musical groups ever spent the day hocking cheap perfume at a Las Vegas mall.

Joe was the special guest at the Julian Rouas Paris kiosk, which is hocking "Jackson Perfumes."    A famous sketch of Michael Jackson looms large amidst the perfumes. 

And the whole operation may be illegal.

As TMZ previously reported -- Bravado International -- which owns the trademark to all things Michael Jackson -- You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, alleging the company never got permission to use Michael's name or image.

But that didn't stop Joe, although it appears he dozed off during the slow period.

The good news ... there's no line if you want an autograph.

TMZ Articles / Michael Jackson Star Maps Banished from Death Site
« on: February 03, 2012, 12:38:24 AM »
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2/2/2012 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who has made a bundle selling star maps near the home where Michael Jackson died has been ordered to move her operation -- folding chair and all.

Linda Welton had a booming business after MJ died, servicing a steady stream of tourists who created a perilous line on Sunset Blvd. to buy maps from her. 

Welton set up shop just feet from the house where MJ passed, and You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... claiming they couldn't sell the property because Welton had created such a nuisance and safety hazard. 

A judge has now ruled Welton must move her business ... but all is not lost.  The judge said Welton could sell her maps down the block, but the problem is that the new location is not visible from Sunset Blvd. .... which is how she gets much of her business.

The ruling doesn't solve all of the property owner's problems, because convoys of tour buses descend on the estate daily.

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This has gotta hurt.  Dr. Conrad Murray has been ordered to turn over the medical certificate that hangs on the wall of his medical office.

TMZ has just obtained documents filed by the Medical Board of California, notifying the incarcerated doc that his California medical license has been suspended -- something that automatically happens when someone is convicted of a felony and sent to the slammer.

The Med Board is giving Murray 15 days to turn over his medical certificate.

If the wall is too bare, he can always hang a picture of Michael Jackson ...


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Marlon, Tito and Jackie Jackson were so thrilled with the way they performed during a recent concert in Japan ... they've decided to take their show on the road ... TMZ has learned.
 Jackson family sources tell us ... the brothers will be embarking on an 18-20 show concert tour that will span across Europe.
 We're told the idea came together just two weeks ago ... when the guys were performing in Tokyo with a Japanese pop star named A.I.

The brothers had such a good time on stage together ... that when the idea of a tour came up, they all jumped at the opportunity!

Plus, the guys were so impressed with A.I., they've invited her to join them on the road.

Sources tell us the Jacksons are hoping to get the tour launched by next month -- but we're told their team is still trying to nail down the schedule ... so it could be pushed back by a few weeks.

So far, we're told Jermaine will not be joining the rest of the family ... but we're guessing he could change his mind ... if the price is right.

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12/12/2011 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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The contents of the bedroom where Michael Jackson died are now on display at an auction house in Beverly Hills -- and though the actual death bed was pulled from the event, fans have erected a makeshift memorial in the spot where it was supposed to be displayed.

As TMZ previously reported, the bed from the Holmby Hills mansion was yanked from the auction block after the MJ Estate stepped in and asked Julien's Auctions to remove it from the event.

Julien's obliged -- but just about every other item from the house, including tables, chairs and a mirror featuring a message scribbled by MJ himself -- can be yours, if the price is right. 

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It ain't lookin' good for Dr. Arnie Klein ... Michael Jackson's dermatologist is under investigation by the Medical Board of California --  reportedly for pumping the singer full of prescription painkillers -- and now his lawyer has officially jumped ship.

Klein just posted a letter on his Facebook page, apparently sent from his former attorney -- advising Klein that he's been subpoenaed by the Board and has to appear for questioning on Dec. 15.

The letter does not explain the nature of the probe -- but according to, officials want to know more about allegations that Klein over-prescribed Demerol to MJ.

The Board reportedly wants to question Klein about the possibility that he self-prescribed narcotics, used false names on narcotics prescriptions, illegally handed out samples of dangerous drugs to his famous patients, and may have committed gross negligence by practicing while afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

Klein has always strongly denied any wrongdoing ... and thus far, has not been accused of any criminal conduct in the death of Michael Jackson.

As for Klein's lawyer, Herbert L. Weinberg -- dude doesn't explain why he's bailing on Arnie ... but recommends a couple of "fine lawyers" who could take over.

We called Klein for comment -- so far, no response.

TMZ Articles / Conrad Murray He Could Get More Time Because He Killed MJ
« on: November 29, 2011, 08:49:22 AM »
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Judges, proseuctors and criminal lawyers who have spoken with TMZ agree ... Conrad Murray should not get the maximum sentence -- 4 years in prison -- but the fact that he killed Michael Jackson changes everything.

It's not supposed to be this way -- the fame of the victim should be irrelevant -- but it's hard to ignore the fame of the victim.

The people we spoke with say the typical sentence for someone in a similar position -- no criminal history, an otherwise unblemished record -- would be a "blended sentence" -- a year or 2 in jail, and then a year or 2 of community service. 

Judge Michael Pastor
made it clear when he denied Murray bail -- he views the crime as extremely serious, possibly telegraphing a maximum sentence.  It's hard to tell what Pastor will do, but almost everyone considers him a fair but stern judge.

The fact that the D.A. is asking for $100 million in restitution shows how much of a difference it makes that MJ is the victim.  The reality is  -- in terms of money -- Michael is worth more dead than alive, so there should be no restitution.  His 3 kids will now get hundreds of millions in a windfall.

Here's the reality ... Murray will not serve a day in prison.  Because of a new California law, any time he gets will be served in L.A. County Jail, and the amount of time will automatically be cut in half.  And, Murray would be eligible for house arrest.

Sentencing is set for 8:30 AM.  We'll be livestreaming.

TMZ Articles / Rapper Too Short I'm Not Dead, Dammit
« on: November 22, 2011, 12:47:25 PM »
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Despite what you may be hearing on Twitter ... rapper You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login insists ... he's NOT DEAD.

The Internet has been on fire with false reports that the rapper died from a heart attack today -- and several pranksters have already attempted to change the guy's Wiki page to reflect his death.

But T.S. just tweeted, writing, "Stop calling my phone. I'm not dead. Been in the lab working on my 19th album."

And just to make sure, we spoke to the guy on the phone -- and we're pretty sure that settles it ... the guy's alive.

Either that ... or ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

TMZ Articles / Heavy D Was On Verge of Major Comeback
« on: November 15, 2011, 02:28:48 AM »
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login was planning a huge comeback just before his death -- and those plans included a new music video.

Carl Thomas, who sang on Heavy D's latest album, tells TMZ, he was in touch with Heavy two weeks ago ... and Heavy told him he was weeks away from shooting a music video for their song, "Still Missing You." Thomas said Heavy had a director in place and had picked a location for the shoot.

Sources close to Heavy D tell us it was all part of the singer's comeback plan. We're told he released his new album on September 27 because it coincided with the BET Music Awards ... and he was hoping the performance would put him back on the map.

As we first reported, Heavy D You are not allowed to view links. Register or Loginafter collapsing outside his Beverly Hills home. He was 44.

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11/10/2011 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
's legal team didn't get any money -- directly or indirectly -- from the Murray documentary that's about to air on MSNBC ... this according to sources directly connected to the Dr.'s defense team.

There are reports out today that MSNBC funded Murray's legal defense, but our sources say it is "absolute B.S."   

We're told Murray's lead attorney, Ed Chernoff, is about to leave the case -- possibly before an appeal is filed -- because he needs to get back to his practice in Houston and make some money, because the Murray case almost put him under.

We're told Murray got $1 for his participation in the documentary.  But the people who are saying he got a buck will not say if he'll share in profits from selling the show.

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