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Introduce yourself / Hi!
« on: October 02, 2011, 04:55:30 PM »
Hi, everyone. I'm Stranger in Chi-town (Also known as Bo Peep, or Bo, SIC, Stranger in Chicago, StrangerinChi on Twitter etc.) I'm introducing myself to the newbies here and reintroducing myself to some of the older members on this board. I've been a hoaxer and BeLIEver since August 2009 after I came back in town after staying at another house of my mother's. She moved back to Chicago and I was stunned about MJ's death. Didn't seem real and I was a more avid user of Yahoo Answers at the time and I came across many posts and questions about MJ's death and in one of them a girl named Lana (I think) posted the old Michael Jackson Hoax Death URL in one of the answers and so out of curiosity (and I guess intuition) I followed the link to the old, very first hoax board  typing/

And from started making sense and the rest is history!  beerchug

I apologize for being gone for months at a time...been busy with a lot and doing a lot...still a BeLIEver...and will try to post more often like back in the day...

I owe a lot to the hoax experience and Michael Jackson, I must say. ♥ mj_bad/ moonwalk_/

Other Odd Things / Worthy of redemption?
« on: October 13, 2010, 03:51:23 PM »
Is Oprah Winfrey worthy of redemption after all she had said or implied about MJ not being innocent and not coming to his defense using her show as a platform like she should have? Do you guys think her views about MJ will change after talking with Mrs. Katherine and the children or will her views stay the same? I noticed that a lot of MJ fans are not interested in her show or say that she is a selfish person or something to that effect, because of the 1993 interview she did in Neverland and the interview with LMP she did a few years back.

My thing is that before the hoax I wasn't aware that she did not take up for MJ (I hadn't seen the LMP interview when it first aired) and I always had a high regard for her and her show. Is it possible that she is not what she is in the public eye? Sure people make mistakes but, realizing (when the hoax started last year) that she wasn't in MJ's corner and watching the LMP interview, has left me a bit TORN (although last year's show on MJ, where she reviewed the 1993 interview was a good show in my opinion).
I surely hope that with this upcoming interview with Mrs. Katherine and the kids will change her mind about MJ completely (if it hasn't changed it when she did last year's show about him).

Even if she does not take up for MJ in the future, is she still worthy of forgiveness and redemption?

Thoughts?  :?:

Whoa! Check it out! I just watched a video in my subs on Youtube, and this guy mentions that Alex Jones' organization Genesis Communications Network (GCN) is affiliated with ABC!!!  <!-- s:shock: -->:shock:<!-- s:shock: --> Isn't that odd?

Here's a thread I found on the Google search where a member lists about 10 or 11 reasons why:

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Here's another video, among others, that mentions he and GCN are connected to ABC and Disney:


:shock:  :shock:  :o<

I think this is the right place for this but for months I have been wondering whether or not R. Kelly was framed or not, that it may be a conspiracy Is it possible he didn't make a sex tape or a few with a young teenage girl? :idea:
Cuz for years I would shun him a lot and lost my respect based on the news reports.
And in 2008, I saw he got acquitted from the case. And then when I joined the hoax journey in August 2009, I started to think more about that case along with topics about the Music Industry and NWO and things like that (Of course I started paying attention when I first watched a video about Rihanna's "Umbrella", back in January 2009, 6 months before the hoax and MJ's "death"). So anyway...
I'm soooo CONFUUUSEDDDD!  :?:  :?:  :?  :?  :?:  :?:
Opinions? Thoughts, ppls?  :(  :?

Hey guys! A saxophonist named Kenny G is dropping a new album soon, this summer and one of the tracks featured is "Fall Again", the demo song, songwriters Glenn Lewis and Robin Thicke wrote originally for Michael Jackson on the Ultimate Collection album! Robin is singing this version!=D
My jaw hit the FLOOR when I heard Kenny G blowing that horn and Robin crooning this song earlier this morning on my smooth jazz station (WLFM 87.7 Smooth Jazz)!
I love this version like I love the original version that MJ did. "Fall Again" is so beautiful and one of my favorites! I'm sure you guys will love it as well, (Smooth Jazz, Kenny G, Glenn Lewis,Robin Thicke and Michael Jackson fans alike)!<333  8-)  8-)  :D


General Hoax Talk / About MJ-inspired or related artwork posting?
« on: May 05, 2010, 05:29:45 PM »
Hi guys. I've wanted to post some art on the forum, but was wondering if I should post it in the General Talk area, maybe? Or one of those sub-forums?
Hope this isn't a silly question, lol. Any suggestions?  :oops:  :oops:  :lol:  :lol:

Random MJ Talk / Alone and cold inside...
« on: May 03, 2010, 11:48:21 PM »
I feel so empty right now... :(  :cry:

...And it has nothing to do with the hoax. I'm a believer 100% (since last August).
It has something to do with my life. Many days and nights I wonder what my purpose is on this Earth (even though my interest and passion is in Entertainment, Music, Arts).
I just feel like I've been thrown away. I feel like an outsider looking in, 95% of the time, I feel like I'm invisible, like I simply do not BELONG. Like I am PUT HERE on this Earth to be humiliated and shunned.
And no matter what I do, at times, it seems as if I cannot get it RIGHT! :cry:  :cry:

Earlier tonight I was feeling great, I was outside talking with the young, neighborhood kids around 4 or 5pm and then my mom started to talk on the phone a around 8 to her sister and then I thought about my family and then I thought about my cousin (a daughter of another sister on Mom's side)who is supposed to be an EVANGELIST, a devout Christian and then I remember how recently she has not gotten in touch with me and when she does get in touch, it's usually as if she is calling or emailing or whatever, just to get some HELP with something. It didn't used to be like this, really. She would get in touch more frequently. I understand she is busy but isn't it true that you're never too busy for family, right? Despite the hanging out I have done in the past, I have found her not too different from other people who criticize, nit-pick and point out everything wrong that I do-i.e. wearing mini-shorts; she hates the mini-shorts I own and refuses to go out with me in those shorts, so then I change, judging little things, even down to the way I talk sometimes (I've been told to be quiet before because I made an error in judgement last year when I was talking to one of the kids associated with the ministry my cousin founded),She seemed cold towards me when there were three of us working on a project and warmer towards the girl (Me, a new girl I met, and my cousin) etc.
I've confronted her about this and she seemed calm and accepted it in a mature, serious manner, but now I barely want to be around her much anymore because of her bossiness and slight indifferences. I guess, I want to start over in a sense, but I don't know if my feelings about our friendship will be the same anymore, because I'm great at holding grudges (Another super trait I have *sarcasm*  :roll:  :| ) and she TICKS me off sometimes!  :evil:  :evil:
I have another cousin (another side of the family) who is sort of estranged. We played together as kids and now she doesn't call or send me e-mails at all! I've sensed that all along she has had her nose high in the air, thinking she's better than some people (including myself).  :roll:  :|

I do often wonder how Michael was so strong in overcoming his struggles with negative press, policy brutality, haters and the like throughout his career without cracking under pressure. He was so strong and kept on loving, even when haters didn't deserve that love. I want to be like him so much: graceful, more loving, optimistic and positive, but mostly STRONG, but sometimes I keep finding myself come up SHORT.  He is my hero. <3

I also often wonder if I were a different person, would some of these same people give me the respect I deserve? What did I ever do to make them shun and judge me so, but be nice and kind?

And this week I have an art competition, I submitted my work and it was chosen by the judge who is a well-known artist in the art world. I should be more focused and happy on that and instead these feelings come at me again like a ton of bricks.
I'm sorry for such a long post but I had to get these feelings off my chest.  
I just don't GET IT.  :?:  :?:  :? :cry:

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