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It’s a long post but bear with me and post your thoughts.

Who introduced Michael to (Dipravin) Propofol?

We have heard stories that Michael had been receiving Propofol every night in six weeks prior to his disappear. But how did Michael know about Propofol and its existence? It is an impossible question to answer. But what we’ve been told by Murray might not be the da troot.

Murray told detectives that he was not the first doctor to administer the powerful anesthetic to Jackson.
At least two unidentified doctors gave Jackson Propofol in Germany. Between March and April 2009, Murray said he called Las Vegas doctor David Adams at Jackson’s request to arrange for Adams to administer Propofol. Murray said he was present at a cosmetologist’s office, where Adams used Propofol to sedate Jackson. Since he began treating Jackson, Murray said he repeatedly asked the pop star what other physicians were treating Jackson and what drugs they were prescribing. But Jackson declined to provide the information, Murray told authorities.
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All in all Murray basically is saying that he was not the first to introduce Michael to his addiction and other doctors are to blame aswell.

Dr Murray’s lawyer has a word about Dr Adams aswell
The insider tells that Ed Chernoff, Dr. Murray's lawyer, plans on calling Dr. Adams when the case goes to trial. "Dr. Adams is clearly relevant, you have a last doctor standing with Dr. Murray, and he wasn't the first person to give Michael Jackson Propofol," the source says.

The defense team also knows that Michael Jackson received Propofol while he was in Germany and Dubai, but the lawyers don't have the names of the administering doctors yet, because they haven't received full discovery from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, according to the source. Once those names become available, "Those doctors would most likely be called to testify for Dr. Murray's defense," the insider reveals.
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The shift of blame is a common tactic and sometimes quite useful. However Dr. Adams is not falling for it that easily this is what he had to say about the situation.

It's doctor versus doctor at this point as Dr. David Adams suddenly found himself squarely in the media spotlight after Dr. Conrad Murray named him to police. Wednesday, an attorney for Adams is saying, the affidavit has got it wrong.
"He's angry," said Travis Buchanan, a Friend of Dr. Adams. "He's like why is my name being dragged into this and you don't want the spotlight on you when the focus is on Dr. Murray - he's wondering."
Buchanan is a friend of Adam's, speaking about the mental state of the Las Vegas Anesthesiologist who's been drawn into the investigation of Michael Jackson's death.
In a police affidavit, Dr. Conrad Murray claimed to have first hand knowledge that Adams gave the King of Pop Propofol.
"That statement is false... if Doctor Murray actually said that, he is lying," said Libo Agwara, attorney for Dr. Adams.
"I told the truth and I have faith the truth will prevail," Murray said in a statement to his patients released on  You Tube statement last week.
But Agwara says that if Murray was trying to insinuate that he had just started caring for Michael Jackson - that's not true either.
"I don't know what Dr. Murray may have told authorities... his relationship with Mr. Jackson goes back years. It's not six weeks before Mr. Jackson's passing. Not only do we believe that, we know it for a fact," Agwara said.
Dr. Adams had a relationship with Jackson that went back years too. In 2008, he reports administering Propofol to Jackson three or four times- each one fo them during dental procedures, each one in a medical office, and never for insomnia.

"This is a great drug. Just because somebody may have misused it doesn't make Propofol a bad drug. My client doesn't go to work any day without using Propofol," Agwara said.
But Dr. Conrad Murray reportedly told police he was worried Jackson was becoming addicted to the drug.
[/b]We wanted to know if Adams had the same suspicion- if he checked to see whether Jackson had been taking too much to make sure there isn't some kind of build-up of medications that could be fatal.
"At the time my client administered.. or actually performed whatever medical procedures he performed on Mr. Jackson,' Agwara said, "he did the normal history and check-ups."
And Agwara says, his client never prescribed the drug to Jackson, only administered it. [/b]
Edward failed to comment.

It seem as even though he used Propofol to do dental work on Michael, it was purely for that procedure and never intended to be used as insomnia which Dr Murray was using it as.  Never did he prescribe Propofol to Michael only administrated it during one time procedures.
Discrepancies? Tell me about it! Look like a lot of people is covering their asses. :mrgreen:

But I was thinking, if Michael knew about this drug for a long time, then perhaps this is where he planned it’s use. There are a lot more easier to use Propofol than Demerol for legal and medical reasons. Food for thought…

TMZ Articles / TMZ - The brickman? No I don't think so
« on: January 31, 2010, 03:26:45 PM »
There have been A LOT of talk about TMZ being some sort of key into this whole hoax thing, sure they have acted strange, given out statements which some say are “clues” and being the first paper to report Michael's death. However I don't think they care what so ever about Michael nor do they care about his death. They are simply using Michael Jackson fans to gain traffic to their site which is apparently working

(This is only these past week, but still he is on top..)
If you watch all the MJ related articles you will see that they have the most comments on because MJ fans go to TMZ to find out stuff about they beloved artist and ignorant son of a bitches go there to post idiotic comment about him.
I think TMZ is simply playing their games and they are using the right cards, and the cash keep on flowing.

What are you thoughts about our brickman? Do you follow the yellow brick road?

General Hoax Talk / @jpsnaggs
« on: January 25, 2010, 07:59:32 AM »
Hi people!

I know it kind of slow on the hoax front, but I find something that could be absolutely nothing or perhaps have a deeper meaning.
So I am following Arnold Klein on twitter and I saw that he had retweeted something, it said:  "Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated"
So I checked this guy out (link: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) and he seem legit and know Michael somehow or is a friend of Mr. Klein who know Michael. Anyways I thought it was a pretty strange message to write and at that being retweeted by Arnold...

What do you think? A coincidence or something beyond that?

This Is It / Was this picture taken on the 24th of June?
« on: January 21, 2010, 04:51:20 AM »
Hi, guys!
Have been very busy lately and havent been able to be here, but now I am back. Anywas back to the topic! (If this has been discussed let me know, and delete it)
I found this pitchre on Seeing clues blog it is suoopsed to be taken on the 24th of June and we have no other images/footages/videos of Michael on this day.

The t-shirt is made by a FF who designed and have it to Mike during the rehearsals. I found more pic on this t-shirt

Curls for my girls! Yes he sure wore them for the girls!

EDIT: I search a little bit more and found out that there weren’t only the Conspiracy book available, almost every MJ related books/magazine is online obtainable for you.
J.Randy Taraborelli, Moonwalk, The Michael Jackson tapes, Unmasked (shitbook in my opinoin) and a lot more, check it out!

Link: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Many people don’t have the possibility to buy this book in their countries therefore I am posting this so that everyone interested can read this remarkable book about the truth and the awful conspiracy to throw the King's name in the dirt. It's about what actually happened during the 2005 trials and what went on behind the scene. I advice you to bookmark this link you will be given and then read it on your spare time, I can assure you it will not be disappointing. And it might perhaps have some linking to the hoax, since you will soon find out that situations is not always as it seem and there lays a lot of conspiracy behind it, as Michael often stated.

For those of you who don’t know who Aphrodite Jones is, I can shortly say that she is a journalist/author who searched for the truth and found it. Of course she got slammed for this by the media and others. No publishing company wanted to issue a pro- Jackson book nevertheless she decided to do it herself.

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Ps. she is right now planning to do a documentary about the trials and the conspiracy behind this, but so far she is keeping quiet.


Hi people!
Caring for other who are in need is very important and crucial. Unfortunately this world is filled with injustice but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, please make a difference by clicking to this website daily and bookmark the page so you do not forget. Michael always cares for underprivileged in the world, he is also the one who have donated the most to charity.
This wont cost you a cent just a couple of seconds and you will provide a child with food for the day.
So keep on clicking people and make that change!

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Dont let this be something u remember today but forget tomorrow


Heey people!

I talked to a guy on chat and he told me that he had called the LAPD and asked what the hell was with Dr Murray still being able to practise medicine. The officer said: “Well, he hasn’t been charged with any crimes”. So it is as simple as that…

No it is not as simple as this!

“Dr. Murray has DEA registration numbers in Nevada and Texas, but he does not have one in California,” a federal law enforcement official told “You absolutely have to have a registration number to prescribe controlled substances, and there was nothing in California.”

"--Murray was and is not allowed to administer, dispense or prescribe drugs classified as Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances."

Lorazepam (Ativan), Valium, Versed (Midazolam) are all a controlled substances which to my understanding this Dr had no legal right to give in the state of California. Though he is able to administrate Propofol because this is not a controlled substance. As this is enough to withdraw his licence, temporarily and even permanent. But so far nothing has been done and I wonder why, any of you have any answers besides that his screams hoax!


We find “clues” here and there but fail to realise that the truth may possibly be in front of our eyes. We have to go back, back to the horrific day when all things turned. The world stopped for a few seconds before realizing what had happened. What went wrong on June the 25 th and what actually occurred?

Michael was on the 24 of June at his rehearsals as usual and came home late around midnight. Dr Murray had on the 24 managed to put Michael to sleep without using Propofol and instead experimenting with other sedatives, he wanted Michael off that particular drug.
Here is the timeline according to the affidavit:

-- At about 1:30 a.m., Murray gave Jackson 10 mg of Valium.

-- At about 2 a.m., he injected Jackson with 2 mg of the anti-anxiety drug Ativan. (Lorazepam)

-- At about 3 a.m., Murray then administered 2 mg of the sedative Versed.

-- At about 5 a.m., he administered another 2 mg of Ativan. (Lorazepam)

-- At about 7:30 a.m., Murray gave Jackson yet another 2 mg of Versed while monitoring him with a device that measured the oxygen saturation of his blood.

-- At about 10:40 a.m., "after repeated demands/requests from Jackson," Murray administered 25 mg of Propofol, the document said. Murray gave in…

After this moment things get complex and inconsistence. According to the affidavit Dr Murray went outside the room and came back a couple of minutes after to find that Michael was not breathing at around 11 am (however according to Dr Murray's lawyer, the police made this up). He started to perform CPR on the bed (they didn’t put Michael on a hard surface until the dispatcher told him to hours later). He didn’t get any response. He went outside to make three specific calls, remember this he did not mention to the police. He talked for approximately 50 minutes before calling Prince Jackson and the security staff up to try to revive Jackson. Do I really need to point out the inconsistency?
Anyhow at 12:22 they phoned the 911 and the ambulance arrived at Michael’s house and brought Michael to the hospital 45 minutes after arrival. Remember Dr Murray found Michael not breathing hours ago (according to the affidavit), he would have been dead by now if they didn’t manage to revive him, right? Obviously they succeeded although we are once again hearing contradicting stories from the ambulance attendants who clamis that they weren’t able to recognize him and they thought that the man they were reviving had already passed. That is not true since Michael wasn’t pronounced dead until 2:26 pm and doctors will not revive a dead guy for two hours, they will not do it.

“The Los Angeles coroner has concluded preliminarily that singer Michael Jackson died of an overdose of Propofol, a powerful sedative he was given to help him sleep, according to court documents released Monday. “
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So lets go back to the statement Dr Murray was giving through a spokesperson:

“He neither prescribed nor administered anything to Jackson that should have killed him."

Wow,this might be the biggest contradiction! How on earth can he state that he diding give anything to Michael that would kill him but yet he confess to have injecting him with Propofol which eventually killed him according to coroner. Is he claiming that Michael self-injected himself when he was away? In that case why take the blame for him and second why would they rule it a homicide? No I will rule out the selfinjecting part, but what does he mean by saying that he did not administrate or prescribe anything that should have killed Michael Jackson? It dosent make sence does it...this whole case dosent make any sence actually

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