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Janet Jackson / Happy Birthday Janet Jackson!
« on: May 16, 2011, 12:39:29 PM »
Happy Birthday Janet Jackson, sending you lot's of love. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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He's so sweet in this video.Especially at 3.10 min, so adorable.


This Is It / What about TII the sequel?
« on: May 14, 2011, 04:07:40 PM »
I wonder what happened about the plans of a sequel of TII. Even before the movie TII came out there were several reports about a sequel but now as far as I know we hear nothing about it.Kenny Ortega himself said there was over 100 hour of rehearsel footage.Should be enough to make another movie. mj_dance/ Here are a few of the reports.

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General Hoax Talk / @theillusion777
« on: May 14, 2011, 03:01:30 PM »
Does anyone follow this twitter account? He has sure interesting things to say and has also a blog site. He told that he has worked as an engineering assistant on Invicible.He doesn't know all about the hoax but Michael allowed him to give little hints, so he say's.Here's the link to his twitter page:

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And this is the link to his blog:

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Maybe this has been discussed before but in these video's for me it's sure looks like the O2 conference was staged.




Michael's Reasons to hoax his death / Celebrity Death Hoaxes
« on: April 28, 2011, 09:12:01 AM »
I'm not sure if it's in the right thread but this is what I found.When I was looking on the site of celebrity death hoaxes when I found Michael in the list.It was a surprise for me to see that there were already in 2004 speculations he died of a overdose of sleeping pills.Maybe this is the beginning of the hoax and it was the first test to see the reactions? Here is what was written:

A death hoax involves falsely reporting the death of someone still living. This kind of hoax has been a favorite of pranksters for centuries. Early practitioners of it included Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Swift.

The most famous death hoax of all time was the “Paul is dead” rumor of 1968, in which the claim that Paul McCartney of the Beatles had died swept throughout America and Great Britain.

In recent years, hoaxes alleging that various celebrities have died have become a frequent fixture in the news. Much of the reason for the popularity of this hoax can be attributed to the internet, which has made such hoaxes easier to perpetrate. A would-be hoaxer simply has to produce an email or webpage that imitates the look of a credible news source. Concerned fans will then forward the fake news story to their friends, inadvertently giving the hoax greater visibility.

Some journalists have noted that, ironically, being the target of such a prank has become a mark of status in our celebrity culture. Michael Heaton of the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted that, “It is the zenith of cultural obsession to have false rumors of someone’s death spread like goose grease across the land.”

Below is a list of some recent celebrity death hoaxes.

Paris Hilton. June 2007.
In June 2007 several articles posted online separately claimed that celebrity heiress Paris Hilton had died while in jail. One article, disguised to look like a CNN page, claimed she had been stabbed. Another article, disguised to look like a news release from Australia’s ABC network, alleged she had committed suicide. Paris Hilton was in jail at the time, but she was definitely still alive. See Paris Hilton Death Hoax.

March, 2006: Will Ferrell
An obituary uploaded to the wire service iNewswire in March 2006 claimed that the comedian had died in a paragliding accident “after a freak wind gush basically blew Ferrell and his companion towards a wooded area where they lost control before crashing into dense foilage.”

January, 2005: John Goodman.
An obituary that circulated by email claimed that the actor John Goodman had collapsed from a heart attack.

Rap star Eminem. In December 2000 news reports claimed that he was the victim of a car crash.

Susanne Shaw
Suzanne Shaw of the band Hear’Say. In May 2001 the BBC reported she had been found dead in her home.

Lou Reed
Rock legend Lou Reed. In May 2001 numerous radio stations reported he had been found dead in his apartment. Cause of death: Drug overdose.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. In June 2001 a Los Angeles radio station reported that the couple had died together in a car crash (just like Eminem). It was a really bad year death-wise for Britney Spears because in October her death was reported again. Once more it was an automobile accident that did her in. In this second case a twenty-two-year-old hacker named Tim Fries managed to make it appear as if the report of her death was on CNN’s website, thus adding far more credibility to the story.

Johnny Knoxville
Jackass star Johnny Knoxville. A notice on the internet claimed he had died “while being filmed parachuting from a biplane whilst eating a catering sized tub of Heinz baked beans, when his parachute failed to open.”

Carl Lewis
Athlete Carl Lewis. In July 2003 he was reported to have been killed in a bicycle accident. The fake report was actually written by a biking enthusiast to draw attention to an abutment in a Houston park that he considered dangerous.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. Supposedly committed suicide in April 2004 by “consuming more than two-dozen sleeping pills,” according to an internet report.

Margaret Thatcher
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. A fake news story (disguised as a page from the Guardian) reported the passing of the Iron Lady. As a tribute to her, Stephen Hawking was supposedly going to speak in her voice.

Jon Heder
Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder. An email rumor claimed he crashed and died while driving to Oregon. It partially read: “John Heder, lead role in Napoleon Dynamite, died of head injuries after undergoing a highway car accident two days ago. He was riding in the passenger seat on his way to Salem, Oregon with his friend Mike McHill when the driver supposedly saw a deer run in front of the car. Mike overcorrected and drove off a steep ten foot embankment after rolling three or four times.”

William Hung
American Idol anti-hero William Hung. The source of his false death report was a faux-news piece on the site Broken Newz. He was said to have OD’d from heroin, leaving a suicide note that read: “I have no reason of living… my art which is my importance to the best everybody laugh to… I make end here… goodbye world of cruel.”

Here is the link to the site:You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

An interesting video in which the maker of the vid explains how the picture of Chriss Angel could be interpreted.Gave me sure something to think about.


I found this vid very interesting. It explains how the story of TMZ about mister X doesn't make sense.

He is so adorable in this vid, almost more shy then the Japanese guys.


Michael Jackson's children already 'over' his death

Michael Jackson's children are ‘over’ his death, according to their aunty La Toya Jackson.

Far from wallowing, the three kids are thriving thanks to their new way of life which involves attending school for the first time and not covering their faces with masks.

The singer says Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, nine, appear to have come to terms with their loss by listening to dad’s classics and are helping her overcome her own grief.

‘They’re doing very well, children are so resilient, I’m so proud of them,’ said the 54-year-old.

‘They help me a great deal with my brother. I couldn’t listen to the music, I couldn’t listen to the songs, but if they can get over it then I have to too.’

The children are cared for by their grandmother, Jackson clan matriarch Katherine, 80.

La Toya said their situation was ‘absolutely’ better than their sheltered past.

She said: ‘They have gone to school and they really like it, so I’m very happy for them. It’s taught them something totally different about people and life. They’re just enjoying themselves.’

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La Toya said their situation was ‘absolutely’ better than their sheltered past.

How can she say such a thing about her brother? Michael was and still is a very good father to his children.He always did the best he could to protect them and for very good reason as we now know. Even more reason to believe this is all a hoax because to say  this is very offensive.

I don't know exactly where to place this topic or if it already exist, if so please delete or match witch the other topic.
Why haven't we heard anything about his former bodyguards Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon "BJ" Beard? They were planning to write a book called "In Defense of the King",but still nothing is published and I haven't see neither of them for a while?
As I recall they also had a facebook and they answered some questions.
I put them here for anyone who likes to read it again.

Q: If you were the only people working for Michael at that time, who did the cooking? I think it was Teddy Riley or Akon who said that Michael would cook for his children when they recorded songs in London.

- MJ did prepare meals for his kids.

Q: So he cooked, or opened a TV dinner?

- lol... [he] cooked.

Q: When you worked for him, did he have a large entourage working for him? Or was it just you guys (security), the nanny, and his cook?

- Just 3 security, nanny wasn't around much, He prepared food for his kids... Different things, we'll get into that in the book. FYI, there was a cook on occasion, but MJ prepared his kids food at least 3-4 times a week.

- We called MJ "SIR," and he would say, "You guys dont have to call me SIR." We would then say, "Ok, SIR." He started laughing.

Q: Bill, will you talk about Michael's disguises and where he would go in the book?

- Yes.

[A fan replies that even in disguise, Michael's trademark loafers and white socks would always give him away.]

- You are so right about those loafers and white socks -- I told him that many times, but he didn't believe me. I also said, "Sir, people know your walk." It's a big give away.

Q: May we know what [cologne] MJ [wore]?

- Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier, Armani...just to name a few. Black Orchid as well.

Q: What was Michael's favorite flower?

- Honestly, I don't know if he had a favorite flower, however I did buy white and red roses a few times at his request for the house.

Q: I remember reading in a book that Michael requested Subway sandwiches at times some years ago. Was that the truth or is that incorrect?

- I took him to Subway a few times, he loved it.

Q: Bill, it was known in the past that Michael loved to talk on the phone! Did he still talk on the phone for hours and hours?

- $3,000 monthly cell phone bill, What do you think?

Q: Did MJ have a Twitter account?

- No Twitter, he had a Facebook, though. [According to someone else that Bill replied to, the account's been removed by now.]

Q: I know that Michael knew how to drive, but I am curious to know if Michael would drive while you were working for him?

- The only car MJ drove (on my watch) was the bumper cars at the amusement park.

Q: Did Michael read show-biz magazines and newspaper, not tabloids?

- [He read] Rob Report, Wall Street, Mens fashion

Q: Did he ever pull pranks on anyone?

- Yes, he did pull pranks and we will mention it in the book.

- Oh yes, we will have many stories about MJ's sense of humor. He laughed a lot and joked around. He once gave security some food, but before he did, he put extremely, extremely HOT PEPPERS on the food, and watched security run around looking for water.

Q: Was Michael very vocal about his feelings, like sharing his past memories? You don't have to expose much, but was he ever reminiscent?

- He didn't talk much about his childhood, we always wondered why.

Q: I hope that this question doesn't sound too weird or too sad, but Mr. Whitfield, did you ever see Michael cry? And if you did, why did he?

- Yes, when something was printed about him that was false, he was hurt.

- He was sad a lot. Now I said he was sad a lot, but there were many times he laughed until it hurt. He laughed so loud while watching a movie and people were saying, "Dude, shut up!" They didn't know it was MJ.

Q: Hey Bill, I was wondering if you guys knew Dr. Murray? Would you mind share with us about what you recollect (if at all)?

- Yes, we know Dr. Murray, however we can't speak on that matter at this time. But I will speak on it soon.

Q: I wanna make a list of celebrities that actually stood by him during the dark times: Donald Trump, Chris Tucker, Liz Taylor, Whoopi Goldberg, Rick James, Stephanie Mills, Dick Gregory, Brett Ratner...

- You named someone that MJ really hated. I'm not gonna say who at this time.

Q: Really? I know they all defended him, though...

- So you may think!

- He and Whoopi were cool. [MJ and Donald Trump] were cool, too...that's all I'm saying on this matter.


Q: Did MJ watch much TV? What were his favorite programs?

- He didn't do much TV, if at all.

Q: Bill, do you know which are some favorite movies of Michael's? Do you know if he liked to see romantic movies?

- He loved action movies, Spider Man, Transformers. He liked special effects.

Q: Did Michael and his children like the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

- Oh yes, he had the DVD collection.

Q: Bill, did Michael participate in any recreational sports; such as, swimming, bowling, snow skiing, etc?. Did he like to attend any sporting events under your watch?

- I've seen him watch golf.

Q: He watched golf? Did you guys ever just kick back, drink some beers and watch the Superbowl, NBA Championship, World Series or Stanley Cup?

- He pretty much had every movie ever made (LOL) while we were away in Virginia, somewhere deep, deep, deep in the woods we sometimes kicked back and watched a few movies together....he had the loudest laugh...good times.

Q: I wonder if Michael used to go outdoors, if he spent some time in forests, by the rivers...some trips into real nature?

- All the time while in Virginia. Sept 08-Nov 08.


Q: I was wondering, did you ever see or hear Michael working on his music or dancing? Either at home or in the studio? Did he work on his music a lot?

- Yes, we built his studio and dance floor in his house. We heard him personice all the time. It was amazing to listen to him, many times at 3 AM.

- We made the dance studio Sound Proof.

Q: Hey Bill, did MJ ever mention if he liked any song in particular, I mean one of his, 'cause  I know his fav. song is Smile [by Charlie Chaplin].

- He listened to Classical music a lot, he talked about life in general, things he wanted to do, healing the world through his music.

Q: Did Michael want to bring out a new album? Did you listen to songs that were not released... new stuff?

- He was always working on stuff. Yes, we've heard a lot of unreleased music.


Q: Did Michael have any pets while you were working with him, and what were their names? Your interview [with Good Morning America] talked about [Paris's] cat named Katie.

- Chocolate Lab, [named] Kenya.

Q: Bill, I've read before that Michael was afraid of dogs. Is there any truth to that?

- He had no problem with dogs as we knew. The dog was an XMAS gift to Prince.

(A note from Paris to Bill Whitfield about her cat, Katie)


Q: I have read that Michael read his Bible a lot in the Thriller era, and I was wondering if you ever saw him reading the Bible or pray?

- He read the Bible daily.

Q: Could you share what MJ's religious beliefs were? Was he a Christian?

- No comment on that. Oh, believe me, I know where he stood religiously... I'm just not getting into that.


Q: Can you tell us honestly, is it true that MJ was lonely and unhappy and he was looking for a love?

- I can't say he was looking for love, he just wanted peace and to live a normal life.

Q: Random question... are you gonna talk about romantic interests [in the book]? Just curious who he was cheating on me with, lol jk

- He was not cheating on we never said [he was] dating two ladies, we said he had two friends that he knew. People took that as something else....

[For reference: in the bodyguards' Good Morning America interview, they mentioned that Michael saw two women during the time they worked for him, and that when security would drive MJ and one of the women around, they'd sometimes hear them kissing in the back-seat of the limo . . . either that or "chewing gum loudly," lol.]

Q: Did you see MJ flirting with girls a lot? Was he a natural flirt or just avoided the whole thing because of his shyness?

- I was not going to answer this, but I'll give you guys a little. Yes, MJ was very charming, he did flirt from time to time. Sometimes he would ask me to get someone's number or ask do I think someone is cute? It was so funny to watch the dude flirt. I tell women I meet that I have a dog, I would hear MJ tell women he has a Zoo! How do you top someone that has a Zoo?


Q: Was it easy to work with Michael?

- Yes, but his managers made it hard sometimes.

Q: Were there any down sides to the job at all?

- Not being paid for 4 Months!

- Not once did we ever think about leaving MJ and his kids, though -- we knew it wasn't his fault. I can't get into whose fault it was right now.

Q: I have been curious as to how you three handled coverage for Michael. You all had to have days off -- did you rotate, do shift changes? Two on, one off? How did that schedule work?

- DAYS OFF? We were the only three that knew where MJ was, we were the only three MJ trusted, there was no days off.

Q: Hey, Bill, how did you ever socialize or date, if you were with MJ 24/7? Did you go on double dates?

- Honestly, me and my team put our personal lives on hold. We enjoyed seeing MJ lead a normal life at times. There was nothing better then to see him and his kids laughing, joking and lighing fireworks. He loved his fireworks! Oops, thats too much info.

Q: Why is that too much info? What kinda fireworks you referring to? LOL

- The 4th of July kind! He was setting them off weeks before and weeks after the 4th of July.

Q: Before you worked for Michael, were you a fan? Did you ever attend any of his concerts?

- I was a fan since the Jackson 5 signed with MOTOWN RECORDS! Honestly, that's the one thing I regret, I've never seen him in concert. I told him that and he promised me I'm gonna love the show in London. It's ok, because I was blessed with watching and hearing him rehearse at home. Nothing can ever compare to that!

Q: Bill, when was the last time you saw and/or spoke to Michael?

- 2 weeks before [his death].


Q: Can you tell us one of your craziest MJ's fan moments ever?

- Ok, I normally wouldn't do this: once, a fan sneaked into MJ's house and stayed in a guest bathroom for 4 days. They were caught by MJ when they were getting food out of the refrigerator in the middle of the night.

Q: What did Michael say?

- They sat down and had something to eat and then security took her home.

- MJ told me this, [she sneaked into] Neverland while MJ was away. The fan was in the house while everyone was away. She couldn't get through the house, 'cause of the security system, [so] she stayed in a closet in the kitchen area.

Q: Did he talk to you about us, his fans? Did he know how much we love him?

- Yes, he spoke of his fans many times in very good ways, however he was (as well as security) very cautious about which fans meant well. Remember, a fan killed John Lennon.

Q: To your knowledge, did MJ ever go to fan forums and read or post under an assumed name? (I'm not asking for the names, just curious if he did this.)

- Ok, yes, he did read a lot of fan posts, [but] not until it was viewed by security. He was not good with reading negative info, that made him completely shut down.


Q: When does the book come out? Is there a certain due date?

- We are trying for August 29 [Michael's birthday]. We are trying for August, but we are waiting to see what Mr. Halperin's documentary is about.

Q: What will the income of the book go to?

- We have a list of 10 different charities that MJ supported. We also want to build a memorial display of him in Vegas because he loved Vegas.... Yes, the charities will be listed, as for being discreet, there is no other way to be in honor of my former boss, he deserves nothing less.

Q: Will the Jackson Estate and the family be able to see the book first?

- We will seek Mrs. Jackson's blessing when the book is finished.


Original ABC interview - parts 1, 2
In Defense of the King website
Bodyguards' Facebook page

Read more at ONTD: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Everytime when I think about why the Jackson family used only old pictures of him at all events I can't find a good answer to this question.Oke, i can invent some like maybe they want him to rembered as a black man and therefor only show pictures of him when he was still unaffected by the vitiligo.Or, till about the end of te eighties, he wasn't so much harassed with all the bad rumors. But on the other hand, I think his children weren't even born yet at that time.Wouldn't they want to remember him the way they knew him? Somehow there must be a good reason for only showing the old pictures and not only because the pictures on the memorial and burial from Liberian Girl are symbolic for the hoax.The book Katherine has written is full of old pictures as far as I know ( I don't have one) and there are other older pictures but no recent ones.Has anyone an idea?

Hoax Videos / Michael Jackson death hoax-Comeback JULY 2011?
« on: March 22, 2011, 04:59:52 PM »

Very interesting video in my opion.

Has anyone seen this vid?


It has some very interesting points especially about Dr. Murrays new lawyer Michael Flannigan.

Other Odd Things / I am alive Nikon
« on: March 07, 2011, 12:21:58 PM »
Don't know if this has ever mentioned before but I was watching tv, not reallly paying attention to the commercials when I saw this commercial with Robbie Williams about Nikon and  I saw at the end the sunflowers .
So i searched on the internet for this commercial on youtube but couldn't find it.I did find another one


and this one is also very interesting with the pyramids.

I hope I posted the url right, because it is the first time for me.
Maybe it is just coïcidence but it isn't the first time Robbie Williams is mentioned in association with the hoax.

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