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TMZ Articles / MJ ESTATE Wade Robson Is FULL OF IT!
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:19:20 PM »
Wade Robson Is

Lawyers for the Michael Jackson Estate are scoffing at Wade Robson's creditor's claim ... saying it's absurd he had no idea for nearly 4 YEARS that the Estate was being probated and there was a deadline for filing claims.

Attorney Howard Weitzman wrote incredulously ... the MJ probate is one of the most high-profile ever, and Wade is very connected in the music biz.  So, Weitzman asks, how could it be he had no idea there was a deadline of 4 months after the Estate proceedings began to file a creditor's claim?

TMZ broke the story ... Robson has filed the claim, alleging MJ molested him for 7 years -- between the ages of 7 and 14. 

Weitzman is asking the judge to reject Robson's claim on grounds it was filed ridiculously late.

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Michael Jackson days before death: 'God keeps talking to me'

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson told his tour director days before he died he was hearing God's voice, a producer testified Wednesday.
"God keeps talking to me,"Jackson said.
Those words spoken to Kenny Ortega and Jackson's frail appearance were so disturbing that it caused Ortega and associate producer Alif Sankey to burst into tears at a rehearsal, Sankey said Wednesday in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother and three children.
Jackson, who was being fitted for his costumes, appeared "extremely thin" and "was not speaking normally" at the June 19, 2009, rehearsal, Sankey told jurors in a trial to determine if concert promoter AEG Live should be held liable in the pop icon's death.
Jurors saw a photo of Jackson at the costume fitting that showed an obviously thin and gaunt man.

Jackson wrongful death trial under way

Mesereau: AEG arguments may backfire

Jackson family takes on AEG in court
Sankey testified that she and Ortega cried together after Jackson left. On her way home, Sankey stopped her car to call Ortega "because I had a very strong feeling that Michael was dying."
"I was screaming into the phone at that point," Sankey testified. "I said he needs to be put in the hospital now."
Autopsy reveals Jackson's secrets
Sankey became emotional as she testified about the call.
"I kept saying that 'Michael is dying, he's dying, he's leaving us, he needs to be put in a hospital,'" Sankey said. "'Please do something. Please, please.' I kept saying that. I asked him why no one had seen what I had seen. He said he didn't know."
Ortega sent a series of e-mails early the next morning that resulted in a meeting at Jackson's house between Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray, AEG Live President Randy Phillips and Ortega.
An e-mail from Phillips after that meeting said he had confidence in Murray, "who I am gaining immense respect for as I get to deal with him more."
Jackson defender files sex abuse claim
"This doctor is extremely successful (we check everyone out) and does not need this gig, so he (is) totally unbiased and ethical," Phillips' e-mail said.
The lawsuit contends that Phillips and AEG never checked Murray out. Otherwise, they would have known he was deeply in debt and vulnerable to breaking the rules in treating Jackson to keep his job, it argues.
Jackson lawyers contend that AEG Live is liable for Jackson's death because the company negligently hired, retained or supervised Murray -- who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.
Jackson's last rehearsal was at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on June 24, 2009. Security camera video shown to the jury Wednesday showed him walking with a blanket wrapped around him as he passed Sankey.
"He didn't look good," she testified. "I asked him if he was cold, and he said 'Yes.'"
Jackson sang two songs that last night on stage: "Thriller" and "Earth Song," she said.
"He did it," Sankey said. "He went through it. He wasn't in full performance mode."
Sankey said she was standing next to Ortega at a rehearsal the next afternoon when Randy Phillips called to tell him Jackson was dead.
"Kenny collapsed in our arms," she said.
The lawsuit contends that AEG Live executives missed a series of red flags warning them that Jackson's life was at risk because of Murray, who was giving him nightly infusions of the surgical anesthetic propofol to treat his insomnia.
The coroner ruled Jackson had died from an overdose of propofol in combination with several sedatives on June 25, 2009.
Murray told investigators he used the drugs to help Jackson sleep so he could be rested for rehearsals.
AEG lawyers argue Jackson, not their company, chose and supervised Murray, and that their executives had no way of knowing what the doctor was doing to Jackson in the privacy of his bedroom.
Michael's creativity
In contrast to six days of testimony mostly about Jackson's death, jurors did hear about the pop icon's creativity during Sankey's testimony
"Michael's imagination was endless," Sankey said. "He would visualize it, and it happened. It was amazing."
Katherine Jackson dabbed tears from her eyes as her son's "Smooth Criminal" video was played in court.
Sankey first met Michael Jackson when she was a dancer in the 1987 video production.
"We got to see Michael's imagination come to life," Sankey said. "That was my first time as a dancer, as an artist, that I was completely inspired by his craft and inspired by his attention to every detail. He was so detailed and he never missed a thing."
Working with Jackson was "magical," she said.
"I dream still to this day that I will be able to create on that level of magic that Michael created," Sankey said. "It was like living a dream of working with an artist like that, and I will treasure it and have it in my memory forever."
Sankey's work as an associate producer and dancer for Jackson's "This Is It" tour put her on the witness list in this trial.
"He shared with me that he was excited to do the show," she said. "He was excited to show his kids, finally to show them who he was, what he was all about; he was very excited about that."
Jurors heard about Jackson's relationship with his three children and their love of their father. Sankey described how they would come with their father to the set each day in early June when he was filming video elements for the show.
"Paris had a purse, and inside her purse, she had all this candy in her purse she didn't want her daddy to know about," Sankey said. "She had these little pictures of her father in her purse that were in frames. She had, like, a lot of them. Her purse was full of candy and pictures of her daddy."
"They loved their daddy," she said.
The "This Is It" concert would have been "a pretty big show," Sankey told jurors.
"It was going to be huge and it was going to be innovative, different," she testified. "From working with Michael in my past, I knew it had to be something that no one's ever seen. It all had to be new and pioneering."
The next witness when court resumes Thursday morning will be Michael Jackson's longtime hair and make up artist, Karen Faye. She was quoted in interviews after Jackson's death saying that the pop star was in ill health weeks before he died.
Spectators in the small Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday morning included Judge Lance Ito, famous for presiding over the O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1995. Ito was there to watch his friend, Judge Yvette Palazuelos, preside over this trial and then go to lunch with her.
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Health professionals getting hooked on Michael Jackson drug propofol

  Propofol (Diprivan) was among the mix of drugs that contributed to singer Michael Jackson's death in 2009, the Los Angeles County coroner concluded. / (AP Photo/Cliff Schiappa, File)

Abuse of the anesthesia drug propofol by health care professionals is a growing problem, a new study says.

Propofol (Diprivan) is used to put patients to sleep for surgery and to sedate them for other procedures. It is widely used because it takes effect rapidly and offers patients a quick recovery time, with fewer side effects than other anesthetics.

It was among the mix of drugs that contributed to singer Michael Jackson's death in 2009, the Los Angeles County coroner concluded.

Researchers analyzed data from an addiction center specializing in substance abuse problems among health care professionals and identified 22 health care workers who were treated for propofol abuse between 1990 and 2010.

During that period, there was a steady increase in the number of health care professionals treated for propofol abuse, which currently accounts for 1.6 percent of all cases of health care professionals treated for addiction, the study authors said.

The patients identified in the study included 13 doctors, eight nurses and one dentist. Most of the doctors and all of the nurses were anesthesia providers and had easy access to propofol, according to the findings in the April issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

The propofol abusers were more likely to be women, and many of the patients had depression and a history of childhood sexual or physical abuse. Most of the patients also had a family history of substance abuse, and a higher-than-expected number had family members with schizophrenia, the investigators found.

Many of the patients started using propofol to help them sleep, but they quickly became addicted to the drug. Most sought addiction treatment within a few months of starting to abuse the drug, while five patients entered treatment after a single propofol binge.

About half began treatment after dramatic events such as car crashes or other injuries. Some suffered injuries when they passed out immediately after injecting themselves with propofol. Five were admitted to treatment after being discovered unconscious, the researchers noted in a journal news release.

"Propofol addiction is a virulent and debilitating form of substance dependence" with a "rapid downhill course," wrote Dr. Paul Earley and Dr. Torin Finver of Georgia Health Professionals Program Inc., in Atlanta.

Some of the patient characteristics identified in this study — including a history of depression and childhood abuse, as well as certain injury patterns — could be used to identify and treat propofol abuse in health care professionals, the researchers suggested.

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AEG Will Not Be Sold After All, Tim Leiweke Leaving Company
News /

By Billboard Staff | March 14, 2013 12:41 PM EDT

Anschutz Entertainment Group owner Phillip Anschutz has taken the company off of the market and president/CEO Tim Leiweke will leave the company, according to a statement released today. Leiweke will be replaced in his roles by CFO Dan Beckerman. Anschutz will take on a more active role in the company.

“From the very beginning of the sales process, we have made it clear to our employees and partners throughout the world that unless the right buyer came forward with a transaction on acceptable terms we would not sell the company,” Anschutz said in the statement.
Leiweke is leaving by mutual consent, the statement continued. “We appreciate the role Tim has played in the development of AEG, and thank him for the many contributions he has made to the company,” Anschutz said.

Ted Fikre, who joined the Company in 1997, will become Vice Chairman of the Company and continue as AEG’s Chief Legal and Development Officer, as well as assume responsibility for AEG’s Governmental and Media Relations, the statement continues. Jay Marciano, currently President and Chief Executive Officer of AEG Europe, will relocate from London to Los Angeles to assume the role of Chief Operating Officer. Todd Goldstein, who has been with the Company since 2001, recently was elevated to Chief Revenue Officer and will continue in that role. Steven Cohen, Executive Vice President of the Anschutz Company, will serve as AEG’s Chief Strategic Officer while retaining his role at AEG’s parent company. Beckerman, Fikre, Marciano, Goldstein and Cohen, together with Anschutz, will constitute AEG’s Office of the Chairman.
“From the very beginning of the sales process, we have made it clear to our employees and partners throughout the world that unless the right buyer came forward with a transaction on acceptable terms we would not sell the Company” said Anschutz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Anschutz Company. “From the very first days of AEG, my vision has been to tie together world class real estate development structured around entertainment venues with premium sports and live entertainment content. In recent years we have developed related businesses to further promote and enhance the performance of AEG’s facilities for the benefit of our partners, including our sponsors, artists, consumers and the communities in which we operate. The Company’s operations will continue to be run by AEG’s experienced senior executive team, most of whom have been with AEG for over a decade. We will continue to set the standards in the industries in which AEG operates, bringing our unique vision and development model to entertainment locations throughout the world.”
“Phil’s active reengagement in the operations of the Company has brought a renewed spirit and passion to the management team’s focus on AEG’s next steps” Beckerman said in the statement. “The Company has a number of interesting business opportunities, and the expertise of the management team and our 26,000 employees around the world will allow us to select those prospects that best enhance the Company’s performance. Priority projects going forward include the development of Farmers Field adjacent to our L.A. Live campus and the pursuit of our plan to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles, our recently announced initiative to collaborate with MGM to build a new arena in Las Vegas, the acquisition of ownership stakes and the associated refurbishment of several major global arenas in Europe and our ongoing investment in, our ticketing and e-commerce platform, as we expand its capabilities for the benefit of our venues, partners, performers and consumer end-users.”
A source close to the situation told Billboard that bidders did not reach the desired number of approximately $8 billion, although a group headed by the Qatar Sovereign Fund with Colony Capital came closest at $6 billion, according to a source.
Sources told Billboard in late January that the final three bidders on AEG were a group made up of Ron Burkle with Patrick Soon-Shiong and Goldman Sachs; Guggenheim Partners; and Colony Capital and Qatar Sovereign Fund, and that a deal could be done as soon as the end of March.

But another source at that time also familiar with the process said discounted that information and said the bidders had not partnered up at that point.
AEG has been on the block since September,  with Blackstone Group directing a sale process that Billboard reported could be high as $8 billion. In a January interview with, Leiweke declined to mention who the serious bidders were, but did indicate that the field has narrowed. 
“We’re getting down to the final straws here,” he said, adding, “the kind of people and companies interested are very good, and they share our vision for the future of the company. Now it’s just trying to get [owner] Mr. [Phillip] Anschutz and [potential buyers] together on the right deal.”
In a comment that now seems prescient, Leiweke said, "It will all work out one way or another, and if it’s not meant to be, I’m fairly certain I will be able to keep myself busy.”
The “no sale" leaves intact the world’s biggest sports/entertainment/venue firm, and presumably its leadership in Leiweke, who recently re-upped key staff including Randy Phillips, president/CEO of AEG Live, AEG's live entertainment arm and the world's second-largest promoter.

AEG Live is in the early stages of a banner year, with tours -- by box office leaders like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney and others either on tap or already under way -- and its festival business, with such events as Jazzfest, Coachella and StageCoach, which rank among the leaders in the most robust sector of the live music business.

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Michael Jackson Agent’s Contract Suit Hangs By Thread

Los Angeles (March 12, 2013, 3:34 PM ET) — A California judge on Tuesday indicated he will likely throw out former Michael Jackson manager Freddy DeMann’s lawsuit over commissions from the posthumous repackaging of the pop star’s work, saying the suit is barred because DeMann never filed a creditor’s claim against the singer’s estate.
At a Tuesday hearing, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff said he was strongly leaning toward dismissing DeMann’s complaint without leave to amend because “the case requires a creditor’s claim.”
Judge Beckloff expressed doubts as to whether DeMann could file a late creditor’s claim, given how much time has passed in the litigation.
California Probate Code Section 9000 requires a creditor to file a claim within four months of the appointment of an estate’s executors. It defines a claim as a demand for payment “whether due, not due, accrued or not accrued, or contingent, and whether liquidated or unliquidated.”
But DeMann’s attorney Stephen M. Lowe said he could not have made a demand for payment at the time of Jackson’s death because the contracts for the video game and other posthumous reuses of the singer’s work did not exist yet.

“You shouldn’t allow a technical defect — if there is even a defect — to block the allowance of a cause of action,” Lowe said at Tuesday’s hearing.
Jeryll S. Cohen, a lawyer representing Jackson estate executors John G. Branca and John McClain, said DeMann “should have put the estate on notice and filed a creditors claim.”
DeMann was Jackson’s manager from 1978 to 1983, a period that included the release of two massively popular albums, “Off the Wall” and “Thriller.” According Jackson and DeMann’s 1978 contract, DeMann was granted the right to a commission from the sales of those two albums, among other things, according to DeMann’s opposition to the estate’s demurrer, filed Feb. 27.
Since Jackson’s death in 2009, the estate has negotiated contracts with Sony Corp., Ubisoft Entertainment SA and Cirque du Soleil to reuse the songs Jackson created under DeMann’s management, according to court papers. DeMann alleges that the estate is wrongfully withholding his commissions since Jackson’s death.
DeMann sued for his commissions, but on Jan. 14, Judge Beckloff dismissed the complaint, ruling DeMann failed to file a creditor’s claim. Nine days later, DeMann filed an amended complaint, which the estate’s lawyers argued merely repeated the allegations in his previous lawsuit.
DeMann Entertainment is represented by Bert H. Deixler and Ashlee L. Hansen of Kendall Brill & Klieger LLP and Stephen M. Lowe, Jared A. Barry and Thomas C. Aikin of Freeman Freeman & Smiley LLP.
Branca and McClain are represented by Howard L. Weitzman and Jeremiah T. Reynolds of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP, Zia F. Modabber of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, and Jeryll S. Cohen of Hoffman Sabban & Watenmaker APC.
The case is DeMann Entertainment Inc. v. John Branca et al., case number SC114598, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.
–Additional reporting by Matthew Heller. Editing by Kat Laskowski.
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Tohme Tohme / Three Agreements between Michael Jackson and Tohme
« on: February 17, 2013, 06:44:54 PM »
Forget the personal comments of the author of the blog and other people, is published to way of information.

Three Agreements between Michael Jackson and Tohme

Just about a year ago, both the Estate of Michael Jackson and Tohme Tohme filed lawsuits against each other.  As the lawsuits near trial, it's important that all Michael Jackson fans, and those interested in the lawsuit, understand three key components to the Estate's claims against Tohme.  There are three main claims; the Finder's Agreement, the Services Agreement and the Indemnity Agreement.  So let's take a look at what the Estate claims on each one of these agreements between Michael Jackson and Tohme.  You can read the court documents for yourself, here. 

Finder's Agreement

1.  In early 2008, Jackson started looking for someone to refinance the loan on Neverland Ranch.  While acting as a consultant for Colony Capital AND as Jackson's business advisor, Tohme and Jackson entered an agreement in which Tohme would receive a 10% finder's fee for locating a company to refinance Neverland.  In addition, the agreement stated that Jackson would pay 10% of the gross proceeds to Tohme if Jackson sold any interest in Neverland.  Lastly, the agreement stated that Tohme would receive 10% of any future profit through any transaction brought to Michael by Colony Capital.  The Estate's claim states "the services Tohme performed for this excessive compensation were simply to introduce Jackson to Colony." 

The Estate also claims that "the final terms imposed on Jackson contained newly created restraints in connection with Jackson's use and control of the Ranch, along with financial terms disproportionately favorable to Colony and inferior to those Jackson would have been able to obtain had he been represented in negotiations at the outside by an independent advisor without any financial interest in the transaction."  The Estate claims that by being a consultant to Colony Capital, while simultaneously representing Jackson as a business advisor AND in agreement with Jackson for a finder's fee, this is a conflict of interest, and therefore should be found legally void.  The Estate also claims that there were other options that were open to Jackson regarding the refinancing of Neverland, yet Tohme utilized his connections with Colony Capital to gain his finder's fee.

2.  Services Agreement

Jackson and Tohme entered into a Services Agreement on July 2, 2008.  The terms of the services agreement stated that Tohme was guaranteed to be paid $35,000 a month, plus expenses regardless of whether Michael made money or not.  In addition, Tohme would receive "15% of all gross compensation received by (Jackson) including live performances, merchandising, electronic arts, recorded and live telecasts, motion pictures and animated projects."  The Estate claims this agreement far exceeds the normal and customary fees charged by a business advisor.

3.  Indemnity Agreement

The Estate also claims that Michael signed 2 power of attorney documents to Tohme in August 2008, which were, like the finder's agreement and the services agreement, disporportitionately favorable to Tohme and inferior to Jackson.  The Estate also claims that Tohme had Jackson sign an indemnity agreement on August 6,2008, which gave Tohme broad indemnities which were beyond customary. 

The Estate gives the example of Tohme giving Michael's artwork to Brett Livingstone Strong as an example.  "Tohme asserts that he had the power to make the gifts pursuant to the  Power of Attorney that were allegedly executed by Jackson."  The Estate claims Tohme has no Power of Attorney to give gifts of Michael's property to third parties, and that the Estate owns all of Jackson's property, not Tohme. 

Other Claims

1.  The Estate claims that within the AEG agreement for the This Is It (TII) tour and concerts, Tohme is given, on top of the services agreement fee, $100,000 a month.  This fee is advanced to Tohme by AEG, but would have been recouped by Jackson had he lived. 

2.  The Estate claims that Tohme is still in possession of Jackson's money and property.  The estate claims not only does Tohme have some of Jackson's money ("in the millions"), but that Tohme comingled Jackson's money with his own.  The Estate also claims that Tohme is still in possession of Jackson's property; and that he may have disposed of some of the property (like Michael's artwork) without having the authority to do so. 

So if we look at Tohme's compensation agreements prior to Michael's death, here's what we have:

Finder's Fee:                                 10% profit of the sale of Neverland
                                                      10% of gross proceeds if MJ ever sold any interest in Neverland
                                                      10% of any profit MJ earned through Colony Capital
Services Fee:                                 $35,000 per month
                                                       All expenses paid
                                                       15% compensation for any work done by MJ
Power of Attorney:                        Power to do what he pleased with regard to Michael's work
                                                       or property
AEG Agreement:                            $100,000 per month

This is, like the Estate has claimed, extraordinarly outrageous and not the customary fee.  The Estate claims that because there was no independent counsel involved in any of these agreements, that they should be declared null and void, and that Tohme should in some instances, pay back double what the Estate has lost. 

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Michael Jackson News / Tommy Mottola presents his book'' hitmaker''
« on: February 04, 2013, 09:20:57 AM »
Tommy Mottola presents his book'' hitmaker''

NASHVILLE, United States (31/ENE/2013.) - Behind Mariah, Michael and the constellation of stars in one of the most successful labels in history there was a man who did not talk much to the press or explained his motivations. now A decade after leaving Sony Music Entertainment, Tommy Mottola, Thalia's husband, tells her story in the book "Hitmaker: The Man and His Music." Similarly, Mottola apologizes for the failure of his marriage to Mariah Carey says the support of his label to Michael Jackson when the singer's life and career became increasingly bizarre and make an arc evolutionary music business as he has witnessed, from Elvis to the iPod.

As a record executive, Mottola took seriously the task of keeping out of reporters' notebooks. But as an author, not avoided topics of interest to followers of the industry, but rejected two previous versions of the book I did not like before finding a rhythm that felt more comfortable. "We always try to stay in the background, even with this book, "Mottola said in a telephone interview last week. "'Try to do a good job and the results speak for themselves." That was always my philosophy, but I went against my own philosophy and decided to write this book. " Mottola, a Bronx native, is a former singer led to stardom for Hall & Oates before joining the then future acquisition of Sony, CBS Records. Sony helped guide the recording business and eventually took over the global leadership of the company, which sold 8,000 million albums and won U.S. $ 65,000 million in his 15 years at the helm. Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey are just part of a long list that includes Bruce Springsteen, Destiny's Child, Celine Dion, The Dixie Chicks, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel ... and do not forget the Latin explosion with Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and Shakira. Their fingerprints remain throughout the music industry. "I think it was a genius ... I do not think we can go back to see something like Tommy Mottola definitely made ​​because the business has changed, "said Emilio Estefan, who described Mottola as his brother in a telephone interview Wednesday. "I definitely wrote a chapter in the music business that I can not happen again."

However "Hitmaker" written with Cal Fussman, is no fairy tale. Mottola details their successes and effort it took him to the top of the industry, but also talks extensively about his bad moments. The employer of 63 years is quite unforgiving to the executives that led him to leave Sony. "I had a vision of building all this entertainment company that obviously exists today as public companies Live Nation and many others like it, or AEG, where the company may have participated in all sources of income, "he said. "But there was no one even remotely understand what I was saying at that level." Mottola says that Jackson "broke" when downloaded from the record company and personally against Mottola amid accusations of child molestation and a drop in album sales. Mottola Jackson called the devil and began a public campaign to rid themselves of his contract it. Eventually, Mottola said, both repaired the relationship: "That happened and we ended up being great friends." But as the president of the label, Mottola was in the uncomfortable position of being the only one who said no to Jackson when the expenses for his increasingly extravagant projects began to overindulge. "We tried for him, for his sake, hit the brakes many times, "said Mottola. "And we did the best we could. But at the end of the day Michael was an adult. M was a man of 30 and 40 years when I worked with him and he could make his own decisions ... even when his advisers told otherwise ".

Regarding Jackson's legal troubles, Mottola said he fully supported the seal forming an opinion on the allegations. "We corresponded judge," he said. "We corresponded support Michael and that's what we did. Were there and support Michael as best we could." Further distancing public that Jackson was Mottola's romance, marriage and eventual divorce, with Carey, then a chorus girl of 19 years who helped lead the top. Over the years, Carey has described Mottola as driver, saying the locked himself in his mansion even after becoming the world's most popular singer. In his book, he writes that Mottola was "absolutely wrong and inappropriate" linked to Carey. "I deeply regret any discomfort or pain that inevitably caused her with all my good intentions, and particularly regret that this left scars on my two older children," he wrote in reference to the children of his first marriage. Mottola felt it was important to present his version of the story behind the "hard" and "false" descriptions that for years has given interviews Carey.

Carey said that he asked her to marry her and described as "nonsense" his statement that was restrictive and controlling. Emilio Estefan said the divorce of Carey, who was not available for comment, took his friend to a dark period staff, one who is glad to have helped to introduce him to leave behind his current wife, Mexican singer and actress Thalía, with whom he has two children. "Be that separation between him and Mariah was difficult for both," said Estefan. "I love them both, of course. I witnessed and was a friend of Mariah also agree for years in large parties and celebrations. Sometimes things happen and when this happened I saw him all alone and knew that Thalia was in New York filming a movie. " Suggested they go out to dinner: "You know what? Clicked. He called me that night and said, 'I love this girl." She called me and said,' I love this guy. 'Both are worshiped and have an amazing relationship. "

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How DARE You Sue Us!
You're a Disgrace

Michael Jackson's former assistant is delusional if he thinks he'll win his new lawsuit against AEG -- this according to the entertainment group, which tells TMZ, the guy's a disgrace to MJ's memory ... and doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.

TMZ broke the story, MJ's former assistant Michael Amir Williams has sued AEG, claiming he lost out on a massive paycheck because AEG negligently employed Dr. Conrad Murray for MJ's "This Is It" tour ... the doctor who eventually killed MJ with a fatal dose of Propofol.

But a rep for AEG tells us, "This lawsuit is clearly frivolous; it is literally barred by at least four different legal doctrines."

According to AEG, Williams doesn't have a case because he was never a beneficiary of MJ's contract with AEG Live ... nor can he legally bring a claim for MJ’s wrongful death. 

The rep adds, "The idea that Mr. Williams purports to sue on behalf of the many persons who did enter into relationships with AEG Live and Jackson ... and with whom AEG Live parted ways with the utmost friendship and respect, is disgraceful."

As far as AEG is concerned, Williams' lawsuit is a desperate and shameless money grab ... nothing more ... and he's destined to lose in court.

"This is just the latest wrongful death lawsuit with someone hoping to profit from Michael Jackson’s tragic death in the same way they profited from his life."

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TMZ Articles / bad joke TMZ
« on: October 16, 2012, 08:06:45 PM »
Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyonce is GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL ... to perform ... at halftime. Hooray!

Mrs. Jay-Z has signed on to perform at Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3rd at the Superdome in New Orleans ... so says the Associated Press.

Both sides are expected to make an official announcement about the show sometime tomorrow.

Beyonce will follow in the footsteps of Madonna ... and a slew of old white guys including The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, U2, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

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Conrad Murray looks to Calif. Supreme Court to overturn conviction

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The legal team representing Michael Jackson's former doctor, Conrad Murray, is now turning to the California Supreme Court in their fight to have his conviction overturned.

Conrad Murray has served nearly one year of his four-year sentence after being found guilty of manslaughter in Jackson's death. But his attorneys are asking the high court to allow them to test the bottle of Propofol at the heart of the trial.

They say they can prove Murray did not mix a foreign substance with the Propofol, as prosecutors alleged.

Meantime, Murray's lead attorney says he is *not doing well in jail.

"There's an innocent man in this jail, serving time, being treated like a hardened criminal. We go in and see him they bring him out in chains, they chain him to a table," said Michael Flanagan, Murray's lawyer.

Murray and his lawyers maintain Jackson himself administered the lethal dose of Propofol.

In a statement, the district attorney's office said the proper forum for legal arguments is in the courtroom and not in the streets.

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Michael Jackson News / What I know the mystery of Michael Jackson
« on: August 08, 2012, 07:32:53 PM »
I do not know who is this dude who writes this. :confused:

What I know the mystery of Michael Jackson
Javier Ceriani.

Posted: 07/08/2012 15:05

I was not surprised when Michael Jackson's children were reluctant to follow suit and ambitious wicked uncles. They know exactly what his father thought of his brothers, and a whole set of people, lawyers and others close to the "King of Pop", who always sought his fortune. Michael Jackson was worth more dead than alive.

Did he leave a will of course Michael Jackson?, Is that was his signature? The executors of Michael Jackson today Were you trust or stronger were their enemies?

I'll tell you what I heard, what I know of one man who was close to Michael Jackson before what would be his triumphant return. Peter Lopez, one of his lawyers and

henchmen, who was his friend, adviser and mine. I say "was" because Peter died six months Michael received his last jab in your arm. They say he committed suicide.

I do not think Peter Lopez committed suicide in the backyard, after taking their daughters to school and his wife, actress Christhiam Branch, at home too. My theory is that Peter knew many things, knew too much about Michael Jackson and his enemies.

Many of these things Peter told me the. Peter had such confidence in me that I was number four on the person listening to Michael Jackson material 25, at La Carreta Miami airport, on a scale of Peter to Los Angeles.

Peter told me he once suggested to Michael Jackson had to do a will, and Michael became angry, saying that doing so was bad karma because he was "Peter Pan" and

never die. Jackson also could not sleep because he suspected they wanted to kill. Peter told me that Sony wanted the catalog of songs that Michael Jackson had that he would not sell it to them.

The first thing that made the executors, was to sell the catalog, as soon as Jackson died. Michael hated Sony and John Branca, his first lawyer, who is who now has his will.

Michael Jackson dismissed Branca John for many years, but mysteriously appeared in his life before he died. Peter Lopez told me these things and many more, but a phrase I said over the phone stuck with me forever: "Michael Jackson will give a lethal injection," I take it metaphorically, I thought he meant a betrayal , or deception that would be his last tour of five concerts in London and in the end were like 50 ... thing he could do and never knew it. That was a near-fatal blow to Michael Jackson.

I never imagined that phrase stuck in my mind "lethal injection," I was going to pierce the brain when I saw that Michael Jackson died by injection of a doctor and suspicious situations that were experienced until the doctor appeared.

"Lethal injection" ... Every time I talked to Peter felt his pain and loss that the injection killed him. Peter knew many things, knew how they had cheated on Michael Jackson concert in London. Peter sent me photos of the house in Las Vegas where Michael Jackson was going to retire after his "This Is It."

Why Peter died at six months? ... He knew everything and he suspected that Michael Jackson would be killed. The 911 call from the wife of Peter speaks of someone shooting at her husband.

I knew Peter had many plans, was successful, a beautiful family, a name in Hollywood. I saw with my eyes as Governor Schwarzenegger asked, please, Peter was having lunch with me in Beverly Hills, to sit on his desk for advice in California elections.

Why would anyone want to talk about the death of Peter? His friends do not believe he committed suicide ... What did he mean by "lethal injection"?

Peter knew many things and many more that I know and I can not speak ...

I suspect their children and demonstrated in recent weeks. Watch as they grow more and encourage them to speak their truth and told them his father. If you live to tell ....

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References & Similarities / The Hoax with the Most
« on: July 31, 2012, 09:33:12 AM »
The Hoax with the Most

Posted on November 18, 2010

I’m looking at YouTube and see hundreds of videos devoted to various aspects of the hoax idea.  One of the biggest tendencies I notice is for them to focus on relatively minor issues and blow them up, so as to almost become hypnotic in their obsession to those details.  You know, “anyone can argue anything,” and it reminds me of an old Peanuts strip where Lucy is telling her little brother Linus various “facts” to educate him.   Charlie Brown, standing by, hears her tell him that “snow falls up!” and so he intervenes and tries to correct her.  She responds to the effect that, “the wind comes along and blows all the snow on the ground up into the air, making it seem as though all the little pieces are falling from the sky.  Snow falls UP, Charlie Brown!”  He walks away, shaking his head.

So logic, to any person, usually depends upon his point of view to begin with.  Lucy sees the snow on the ground and then later, snowflakes in the air, and thus her conclusion is born — and Charlie doesn’t have handy any textbooks to refute her.  When we’re presented with a “fact,” without other authoritative information available, it’s easier to say, hey, they might be on to something.

One of the more prolific hoax YouTubers is a person going by the moniker “MagicalXscapism.”  One video addresses “Frequently Asked Questions” about the hoax idea, at: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  So, a few of these items might be worth taking a look at.

It starts off mentioning the supposed suicides that happened in the wake of Michael’s death.  This would normally be difficult to quantify, as victims’ families would not likely offer up this type of information to the press — so the video says there is no proof of this, and this may be correct (and of course, this being offered by someone who doesn’t think MJ is dead, either!).  That doesn’t matter.  An event of this nature could in all likelihood spur suicides, and at least one documented case exists of a Russian look-alike artist who slashed his wrists to attempt suicide.  The bigger issue is, I believe, the RISK, not what actually resulted.  Michael would have to factor this idea into his decision to fake his death, that some of his fans would be deeply despondent.

Then, the question is offered as to whether Michael could face prosecution for faking his death, and the video asserts that this is not illegal if it wasn’t done for financial benefit.  Well, it seems a sketchy area at best, but this is not a type of “proof” that he DID or didn’t fake his death.  It’s a theoretical question, is all it is.  Just because something might not be illegal — should not suggest it’s a good reason to go ahead and do it!  The problem comes from the suggestion.  Well, it’s not illegal, so, he could have!  How many other not-illegal things are there, that we could suggest he did as well?

Then it goes into whether he could face income tax evasion problems.  This is a silly question — where there’s income, there’s tax.  If it’s not personal income, it’s estate income.   It’d be much easier to just put fake information on your tax return — or just not file one — than to fake your death.  It’s irrelevant to whether or not he DID.  Including these types of questions only serves to help “strengthen” the conclusion being offered — well, he wouldn’t be prosecuted, he wouldn’t have tax problems, so — he must have done it!  Bad logic.

Then we have — well, what about all the money the city of Los Angeles gave up for that memorial?  The video makes its case that the resulting inflow of people created tourism income, from which the city receives taxes — so thus the event was GOOD for the city.  That officials would thus be motivated to help him pull off his faked death because it was good for the city’s economy.  Well, the event DID fill the Staples Center — but don’t most events there usually bring in a good crowd?  SOMETHING would have been there bringing income, regardless — certainly not motivation enough for nameless and countless officials to help pull off such a tremendous fraud; not when they could just have the circus there, or Christina Aguilera perform there, or what-have-you.  Besides, the memorial event disturbed far more business than it could have encouraged.  Many businesses exist in the Staples Center, who were NOT generating income while the venue was blocked to the public and the memorial was in progress.  Income was lost!  Most of those in attendance were likely FROM the L.A. area, too — while many out-of-state folks were awarded tickets in the few days prior, it’s quite likely they weren’t able to really come out on such short notice — and if they did, they’d rent a hotel room for a few days.  Hardly enough income generated to justify the conclusion offered here.  This person suggests it was a “Godsend” to the city!  Well, just like any of the other hundreds/thousands of venue-filling events each year, are Godsends, I suppose, at Staples and every other venue around town.   Los Angeles isn’t starving for tourism dollars enough to create this hokey plan to gain them!

Then: Why would Conrad Murray put himself through this?  The answer offered goes on to say he probably will get five or ten million dollars — and there’s a picture of him in a pool, sucking on a drink!  Wait a minute — how would this YouTuber have any idea about that?  He’s trying to answer questions people have, and he offers a supposition.  Well, okay, Dr. Murray could be getting a HUNDRED million dollars then!  Wouldn’t you risk your life and reputation for that?  Well, why not, if you’re making up your own reward!  But, no.  If Michael wanted to fake his death, he wouldn’t need a patsy to take the fall for it.  Suggesting that Dr. Murray, who from all appearances, was instrumental in causing the tragic death of Michael Jackson, is any kind of HERO helping Michael do this — is ludicrous, and disrespectful to the many people awaiting justice in this matter.

The video goes on to suggest that Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, chief coroner, would likewise be offered a handsome reward to help this happen, also aided by the fact that Michael can be charming.  Well, he’d have to be charming enough, and willing to pay enough — to the dozens of people who were also involved with the autopsy (and so many other aspects of his after-death handling) — to convince them ALL to do it.  Not just Dr. Sathyavagiswaran.  They’d all have to be willing to be charmed, paid, and then risk prosecution for fraud and loss of their lifelong reputations — many of whom are duty-bound to uphold and assist the law enforcement process.  Y’know, even if it wouldn’t be illegal for Michael to fake his death — it SURE WOULD BE illegal for all of those people to falsely prepare those extensive reports for legal purposes!

It then goes on to say that Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray will be proving a major point about “the media and racism.”  Now where, in any palpable sense, is “racism” any factor in all of this?  THAT would be the message to follow this massively detailed and constructed plan?  Altering perceptions around the world?  Well, do you think ANY racist is going to somehow be moved to change his views because Michael Jackson faked his death?

This makes me wonder — really, WHAT message could be delivered that might make any global impact once Michael Jackson emerges from his little “vacation”?  The biggest one that comes to mind, to me, is that: Michael Jackson is one crazy dude.

The idea that he is lying in wait to emerge when the time is right to deliver ANY message — is ridiculous.  His true fans would listen to him without him having to do that.  His detractors would find nothing more than further evidence that they were right about him.  I don’t see many minds being influenced by ANY potential ”message,” and the more troublesome part of this whole thing is how some seem to see his “return” as the coming of a new Messiah.  Now, if that were the case, he’d just rise up from the dead — one moment, dead, the next moment, not — in order to be taken “seriously.”  If he made the whole thing up and lied to the world — his credibility is mostly shot right there.

The video makes a general assumption about the return of Michael Jackson being good for business.  Well, yes, it could be in its odd way — but as we’ve sadly seen, his death in itself has been “good for business.”  His return would maybe make some money from various ways — but the people who would be disgusted by the fraud would probably more likely never buy his records again.  How is THAT good for business?

Anything postulating that the world will be moved by his return and thus it is beneficial — is a screwball conclusion.  Ask anyone, if you like — if Michael Jackson suddenly returned after faking his death, what would your feelings be?  Many would be relieved and “happy” to know he didn’t really die — but quite likely, once that initial feeling fades away, most people will be rather pissed that he did that.

If your brother did that?  Yes, you’d be happy to see him again, for sure — but then you’d stop and realize that he caused you and the family and all the friends so much unnecessary pain from grieving.  You might be glad he’s alive, but you might also never want to trust him, or even talk to him, ever again.  Unless it was a really damned good reason.  Making a point about the media and racism — isn’t one.  Delivering a message of peace and goodwill around the globe — isn’t one.  Being hunted by mobsters though — maybe that would be a good one.

So is Michael in danger somehow, thus prompting the need for him to fake his death?  If ANYone came to you and told you they needed your help for that reason — you’d say, let’s get the police involved to protect you.  Let’s get bodyguards.  Let’s get you out of the country.  The first suggestion to cross your mind just wouldn’t be hey, I know, let’s fake your death!  We’ll get a doctor to lie, we’ll have a fake funeral and get many other people to help and lie — and no, I’m sure your secret will be safe with everyone, that none of them will ever say a word.   When the mobsters are all gone, then we’ll bring you back out!  (Now, how do we get rid of the mobsters so we can eventually do that?)

How legal it theoretically is or isn’t, how much money someone could theoretically be paid to help, how much it might theoretically help commerce, it’s all theoretical.  When your answer is theoretical and based on nothing but your own assumptions or presumptions — you have no kind of convincing “case.”  But that’s the thing — these videos are being made to CONVINCE people.  So — what in this video do you think is really convincing?  That this or that COULD or MIGHT happen, as reasons to support a conclusion that defies so much heavily documented actual evidence with tremendous anecdotal eyewitness support?

What would you stake your own reputation upon?

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TMZ Articles / SAGE STALLONE Sylvester's Son Dies Of Overdose
« on: July 13, 2012, 07:53:08 PM »
Sylvester's Son Dies
Of Overdose

UPDATE:  5:15 PM PT:  Sylvester Stallone's rep, Michelle Bega, tells TMZ, "Sylvester Stallone is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son Sage Stallone.  His compassion and thoughts are with Sage's mother, Sasha.  Sage was a very talented and wonderful young man.  His loss will be felt forever."

Sage Stallone -- Sylvester Stallone's son -- has died and sources tell us the cause was an overdose of pills.

The details surrounding the death are still unclear .. but we're told he was found in his L.A. apartment by either a maid or his girlfriend. Paramedics were called to the home and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Sources tell us authorities are trying to determine if the death was intentional or accidental.

We're told Sylvester is a "wreck."

Sage famously made his film debut alongside his father in the 1990 movie "Rocky 5" -- playing the role of Rocky's son Robert Balboa.

He went on to act and direct in several films ... including the 1996 film "Daylight."

Sage's mother is Sasha Czack

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Symbolism in cartoons, and in Disney

No comments

Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Or some of them, the  that more  draw my attention,...... that shit is this? :WTF:

This photoshoot from Bulgarian fashion mag 12 Magazine features models mutilated in all kinds of sick ways. While the photoshoot is supposed to showcase “makeup”, it is mostly another way of glamorizing violence and dehumanization in mass media, especially in the fashion world. This model has a black eye which is also a way to flash the one eye sign.

This one has a creepy smile carved in her face, as if she was tortured by a sadistic torture guy.

Her was face apparently burned by acid or something…these are the of kind of mutilations that purposely leave lifetime scars to send a message to someone.

She got her neck slit…And look at that fabulous eye shadow!

Star Photographer Terry Richardson has been featured a few times on this site due to his disturbing, degrading and symbolic photoshoots. A recent example is this photoshoot featuring the troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. In this pic, she is holding a loaded gun to her head. The most unsettling thing about this pic is Lohan’s expression – she appears genuinely not well.

I guess that’s another way to do it.

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