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First I want to credit Bisquit and Verylittlesusie over at MJHD for the pics.
Second........... :o  :o  :o

Could it be? What do you think? Also notice the birth date is wrong!!!

Michael's features, habits & disguises / A YANA Experience....
« on: June 03, 2010, 03:06:41 PM »
If this has been posted...let me know and I will delete....
I LOVE this story...

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Nov 1996. Australia. The History Tour. I went to 4 History shows, 2 in my own city, and I travelled to 2 other Aussie cities for the others...same with Bad, but that was 3 shows in all. Michael cancelled the Australian leg of Dangerous because of what we now know to be a stint in the time we were told he had a minor stomach by the time History came along I was determind to get to as many shows as possible, despite being a few weeks pregnant with my third child.

At the concert where I got onstage, I was lucky enough to get down the front...kinda leaning towards the right hand side, but right out in front. During the costume change after Smooth Criminal a guard approached me and asked me if I wanted a dance with Michael..he didn't have to ask me twice! He helped me over the barrier, and thinking back, I can't have looked very lady-like at was early summer and a warm night, I was wearing very short shorts and a MJ pregnancy wasn't yet showing. I clambered over that barrier and didn't care how I looked, in case the dude changed his mind. He asked me if I was wearing anything sharp, I said no, but he asked me to turn my engagement ring round my finger, so "it doesn't get stuck in his hair" led me to the little row of stairs and let me go...Mike was doing YANA by then...I just fell into his arms, but was quite calm, because of the baby. He was beautiful, and he smelt of baby powder. His skin was soft, but his arms were strong. He had a tight grip around my waist, and stroked my long hair. I could feel the shiny gold pants on my bare legs. He held my arm up and twirled himself under my arm. When I sensed my time was nearly up, I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him on the lips, he kissed me back, and just grinned that lovely grin at me. I noticed a red mark on his neck and my first thought was "ok...WHO put THAT there..?" realised later it was probably an insect bite, Aussie summers are notorious for bugs, and one obviously took a shine to his neck. Lucky bug.
Wayne Nagin (chief of security), came to get me, and as he lead me away, I screamed "I love you" to Mike about 3 times, and when I looked up at him, he mouthed it back to me..I was too far away by then to hear him, but he seemed to mouth "I love you more".....that was it, I just collapsed in tears in Wayne's arms. He took me just inside the back stage area, asked me if I was ok, and offered me some water. He let me watch the next song (J5 medley), then told me he'd take me back to the audience. I asked him for some help down the stairs "cos I'm pregnant" should've seen the look on his face...he said "What! why didn't you tell us?", I said "are you kidding, they wouldn't have let me up there!" I assured him I was ok but after the show, I stayed back and spoke to some of the crew and apparantly Michael was told I was pregnant, and he freaked out. He was worried he'd hugged me too tight! Isn't that cute....always thinking of others..
Anyway, that's basically it...I've remembered alot over the years, and probably forgotten some too..the baby that I was carrying is now nearly a teenager, and she tells everyone that SHE danced with MJ! I guess she did in a way..
The shirt I was wearing, I never washed..the baby powder smell stayed in it for ages, and these days, since Mike passed away, I keep the shirt under my pillow and hug it while I fall asleep. The baby powder smell has long gone, but I swear some nights, when I wake up and lie there in the moonlight, (I keep my blinds up for my cat), I can smell him on my shirt.
BTW, I asked security about the baby powder smell, and they said he wore baby powder to absorb the sweat.

Hope you enjoyed reading this..

Michael's features, habits & disguises / Check out my new sig!!!
« on: May 28, 2010, 11:43:46 AM »
Make sure your drool doesnt drip on your keyboards ok?

Well, Well............

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Credit goes to MJOne at .net for this find!!! WOWWERS!!!
Here is the link to the thread on .net
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MJOne: I mentioned a while ago that I'd seen some strange posts on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login during the early months of last year, before June 25th.

I went searching for it in March this year. I haven't posted them here yet, but I will now.

One was asking what would we do if Michael died and another was this.. posted on March 17 2009.

'limits if exploitation happens to an artist you are fan of?'

I think that we as fans of Michael feel there are limits to what we allow to happen to the artist we are fan of. When he get's wrongly accused we react. Like when the tabloids made wrong allegations about his skin, fans made youtube films to explain the thruth. When the allegations of child abuse came there were protest all around the world from those believing in his honesty.
But what if he would be to ill to perform while you have already payed. Let's say as a hypothetical situation a similar sort of thing would happen to Michael now as happened to Elvis years ago.
So let's say, we as fans witnessed a pressconference of Michael's bodyguards on television saying Michael is ill and that most of his money is gone. And because there are debts and contracts in which Michael has obligated himself to do a concerttour, Michael feels he has to appear on stage although that means he has to be filled with painkillers or other medicine. Although it is obvious to all people present in the concerthall that he should be in his bed, nobody of the management decides to cancel the show because of the financial consequenses. For those with no imagination to what it can look like, watch the last liveshows of Elvis.

Would you as a fan then feel obligated to do anything about it? I mean do you think going on stage filled with painkillers or other medicine is a price famous people have to pay? Or would you then be willing to let Michael have the ticketmoney to make sure that he could take a rest but then still could pay off the contractobligations?.
I for me think I would not have any problem with giving Michael my ticketmoney if a situation like that apeared. I would not like to go to any show where a performer had to ignore his health in such a matter he has to be filled up with painkillers or whatever pills because contracts say he should appear.

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Before anyone says..I know the autopsy stated he was NOT full of painkillers, in fact there were lots from prescriptions that he hadn't touched. So, not counting that comment, but look at the rest of the post isn't it strange someone was saying something like this in March last year?

I'm not making any statement, I'm just saying, it freaks me out that something of this type was posted at all before 25th June.

Other Odd Things / Something odd about oil spill in Gulf..
« on: May 04, 2010, 11:15:25 AM »
I thought this deserved its own thread.

My sister just emailed me and asked me if I knoew about the media blackout on the oil spill. I said no and asked her what she meant. She emailed me back with the following comment...word for word. Im just going to cut and paste from her email:

Well I was just talking with 1 of our guys here at work. He said there was a ship that sank near that oil rig. No one is talking about the people that died on the ship. That rig is owned by s korea and there is talk that a missle hit it. think about it mary - not one have they mentioned any deaths or anything. Only that's its catastrophic to the environment

Other Odd Things / MJ Bodyguard answers fan questions on FB
« on: April 24, 2010, 09:40:27 AM »
Thanks to MJOne for posting this on the other board!!!!
One thing stood out to me like a sore it did with other members...its in red in the next post of mine....ENJOY some insight into MJs life!!
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Bill Whitfield, MJ's bodyguard who was interviewed along with 2 other bodyguards on GMA awhile ago is answering fans questions on Facebook.
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... JBodyguard

Q: If you were the only people working for Michael at that time who did the cooking? I read somewhere I think it was Teddy Riley or Akon said that Michael would cook for his children when the recorded songs in London.

- MJ did prepare meals for his kids.

Q: So he cooked or opened a tv dinner?

- lol...Cooked

- We called MJ SIR and he would say "you guys dont have to call me SIR" we would then say ok SIR, he started laughing.

Q: Hello Bill, did MJ watch much tv? What were his favorite programs? We know he loved to read also...when he find time in the day (or nite) to read?

- He didnt do Much TV, if at all.

Q: Hi guys, was wondering, did you ever see or hear Michael working on his music or dancing. Either at home or in the studio? Did he work on his music a lot?

- Yes, we built his studio and dance floor in his house. We heard him personice all the time. It was amazing to listen to him, many times at 3am.

- We made the dance studio Sound Proof.

Q: I saw a vid of MJ shopping in moistmen menswear shop on melrose..he comes out alone with no Bguards and cant find his of you guys is waiting in the car i think were you around then? Mj was so gracious do you remember this? Did he often shop alone?

- He would shop alone but security was always around.

Q: Hi Bill! I Have a silly question. Since MJ wasn't surrounded by a large entourage and/or staff, who took care of the small stuff like buying groceries, or shopping for everyday stuff? Did you guys help w/ that? I can't picture MJ shopping for his toothpaste, deodorant, etc LOL Have a good one!

- We did that, we also took him shopping a few times.

Q: Were there any down sides to the job at all?

- Not being paid for 4 Months!

- Not once did we ever think about leaving MJ and his kids, we knew it wasnt his fault. I cant get into who's fault it was right now.

Q: Hey Bill, I was wondering if you guys knew Dr Murray? There are several stories about how Michael got to know him, about when he got to know him and so on. Would you mind share with us about what you recollect (if at all)?

- Im sorry, I didnt mean to skip your question, Yes we know Dr.Murray however we can speak on that matter at this time but I will speak on it soon.

Q: I trust you Bill, but I don't understand why you don't want to answer some of the question here because you'll be talking about them in the book, however you don't mind answering other questions you also will be talking about in the book. To be clearer; why don't you want to answer here any question about his girlfriends?

- Questions such as what? I get questions every 2-3 minutes every day, I can't answer everyone or every question.

- Its not that we dont wanna answer questions about his female friends, its NOT about them, its about MJ. Who they are shouldnt matter.

Q: Did he ever pull pranks on anyone?

- Yes, he did pull pranks and we will mention in book.

Q: The story about the fan in the house and Michael's reaction made me laugh so much...thanks so much for sharing these little stories and bits of info.

- MJ told me this, it happened at Neverland while MJ was away, the fan was in the house while everyone was way.

- No, she couldnt get thru the house cause of the security system, she stayed in a closet in the kitchen area.

Q: Bill, do you know any of Michael's friends like Karen Faye, Michael Lee Bush, Frank Cascio, Omer Bhatti or Shana Mangatal?

- I know frank Casio, I've only heard of the other ppl.

Q: You mentioned about MJ that your book will be heartbreaking due to what you will write and how you will write it.

- It will only be heartbreaking when we talk about how lonely MJ was and how horrible ppl treated him.

Q: I think michael was a sweetheart. being portrayed as something he was not.

- Thats why we are going to clear things up!

Q: I have another one: When does the book come out? I mean are you still working on it? Is there a certain due date?

- We are trying for August 29..We are trying for August but we are waiting to see what mr.halperins documentry is about.

Q: Hi, Was easy to work with Michael?

- Yes, but his managers made hard sometimes

Q: One more question...when you worked for him, did he have a large entourage working for him? Or was it just you guys (security) and the nanny, and his cook? Thanks!

- Just 3 security, nanny wasnt around much, He prepared food for his kids...Differnt things, we'll get into that in the book. FYI there was a cook on occassion but MJ prepared his kids food at leaste 3-4 times a week

- Oh yes, we will have many stories about MJs sense of humor, he laughed alot and joked around. He once gave security some food but before he did he put exstremly, exstremly HOT PEPPERS on the food and watched security run around looking for water.

Q: What was it like working with MJ? I bet it was wonderful. Not because of who he is, but for his personality. I love Michael with all of my heart. He is a true person. He cared about everyone. And I wish he was still here. Sometimes I think he is because I can feel him around me at the times

- I cant answer that in detail because of writing a book, but i will say there was NOTHING like it in the world.

Q: After reading the little story about the fan I want to ask you if you are planning on doing a chapter with short little stories like that? I think that would say so much about his character!

- Of course, that's what it's really about. The true personal side of him.

- Thank you so much for that, I started working for him on December 22, 2006

Q: Yesterday was such a joke at court!

- What did you expect?..You must understand, its a High Profile case, they're going to drag it out....Either way its NOT going to bring MJ back, I also believe more ppl should be held accountable....To me MJs real justice will come from those that Defend his honor! No matter what happens in a courtroom only WE as fans and friends of MJ can bring him real justice by defending his name against those that continue to print stories about him that are 100% false.

- Yes I do. I also have a degree in Criminal Justice, Business Management and my Masters in Security Management. I graduated from the U.S.Secret Service training academy. I've coordinated security for: Grammy awards, Oscar Awards, American Music awards, MTV/VH1 awards, Motown and Bad Boys records. No other security detail compares to working for Mr.Jackson. He taught me alot..... MJ and his kids were in the best of hands. No one has ever breached my security detail, and it would have been a very bad day if someone tried.

Q: Hi Bill, did you know Elizabeth Taylor? You and your team will talk about her, mention her in the book?

- We don't expect to mention her in the book, however that may change. she was one of MJs close friends, we never met but we did speak via telephone.

Q: Bill, you and your team will speak in the book about the hobbies of MJ, his personal tastes, for example what are his favorite books, what he liked to read, what his favorite classic movies, you know what the movie of Elizabeth Taylor that he most liked?

- Yes we will talk about that.

- Hello to all the MJ loyal fan base. I just wanted to give everyone a update on the book, things are being put on hold for a minute so that we can see and hear what Idiot Halperin is going to say about MJ in his upcoming doc so we can clear the air and set the record straight about MJ.

Q: I just wanted to ask if you were going to include the topic of vitiligo in your book. theres a lot of ppl and sadly fans who believe mj wanted to be white and refuse to believe that he really had the disease.....even though the autopsy clearly states he did have vitiligo

- Honestly, we were not going to get into MJ's medical condition, its really not about that....... Everyone Please Understand. The book we are writing is about Mr.Jackson, not the figure the media portrayed. I want his fans to know when he was Happy, when he laughed and sometimes when he did cry. He was a damn good father, a caring and passionate man. I was not privy to his medical condition, even if I was I would NEVER speak of it.

- We were looking to release book around the anniversary of MJ's moving to another life, but since some idiot is releasing a doc on the same day we are putting things on hold to see whats its about so we can cover the false info with the truth. Maybe around his birthday.

Q: Will the Jackson Estate and the family be able to see the book first?

- We will seek Mrs.Jackson blessing when book is finished.

Q: You guys know that Haperin's book is a bunch of crap. Please straighten out the garbage he tried to sell about MJ and night trips out. I think that says enough and you know what I am talking about...

- That BS about MJs night trips is something I'm taking very personal. Not on my watch did anything like that ever, ever happen. I'm looking forward to meeting Ms.Haperin one day.

- I was with MJ everyday while he was in vegas, who ever is publishing that book needs to get a refund.

Q: Any thoughts on the firing of Alberto Alvarez by the Jacksons? We appreciate your insight so much.

- Honestly I do have thoughts and insight on that situation but due to legal reasons I cannot share them at this time

Q: So, i'm just curious about the book you are going to publish.. What will the income of the book go to?

- We have a list of 10 different charities that MJ supported. We also want to build a memorial display of him in Vegas because he loved Vegas....Yes the charities will be listed, as for being descete there is no other way to be in honor of my former boss, he deserves nothing less.

Q: Random question........dont have to answer if you dont want are you gonna talk about romantic interests? just curious who he was cheating on me with lol jk

- He was not cheating on we never said dating two ladies, we said he had two friends that he knew. ppl took that as something else....

- Ok, I see many of you have different feelings on what we should or shouldnt write about in the book. Please understand , his children want this, they want the world to know and see the side of their father the press and media never took the time to acknowledge. Its not about his Love life, its about his being happy and real. He would have loved towalked thru the mall with a "friend" and not be bothered by the media. He didnt put his personal life out there because he couldnt without being hounded by the press. This book is for his fans too, if you beleive and agree great, if you dont we are sorry but I assure you, if your a true MJ fan you will Love this book!

Q: Hey...what is your favorite MJ song? I love SMOOTH CRIMINAL!

- We have something in common, again! Best Song Ever!

Q: Hey Bill did MJ ever mentioned he liked more any song in particular, i mean one of his cause i know his fave song is Smile

- He listened to Classical music alot, he talked about life in general, things he wanted to do, healing the world through his music.

Q: Hi Bill. What was Michael's favorite flower?

- Honestly I don't know if he had a favorate flower, however I did buy white and red roses a few times at his request for the house.

Q: What did Michael like to talk about most?

- Healing the world though his music.

Q: I hope that this question doesn't sound too weird or too sad, but Mr. Whitfield, did you ever see Michael cry? And if you did, why did he?

- Yes, when something was printed about him that was false he was hurt.

Q: Was michael very vocal about his feelings. like sharing all his past memories? you don't have to expose much, but was he ever reminisent?

- He didnt talk much about his childhood, we always wondered why.

Q: Did Michael ever go to Disneyland with his children while you knew him? If he did, did he wear a disguise.

- Not while I was with him.

Q: was just wondering if you had any views about MJ before you started working for him and did these views change during your time spent with him? Eg were you a fan of his music and were you nervous meeting him?

- Wow, what a great question, one I promise to answer in the book. Sorry.

Q: Did Michael want to bring out a new album? Did you listen to songs that were not stuff?

- He was always working on stuff, yes we've heard alot of unreleased music.

LOVE your statement about 'defending him in Death as I so proudly Protected him in Life'. It is truly heartwarming to see such loyalty for Michael - I'm so glad he and his kids had you guys - I just know he appreciated it!!

- Thank you, and yes he expressed his appreciation everyday.

Q: What is your most memorable Michael moment?

- many to list. Everything he has ever said to me or did stays as memorable.

Q: Bill, did Michael participate in any recreational sports; such as, swimming, bowling, snow skiing, etc?. Did he like to attend any sporting events under your watch? If so, what were his favorite teams?

- Ive seen him watch golf.

Q: He watched golf? I wonder if he was a Tiger Woods fan? I think I read he had a basketball court, tennis court and Swimming pool! He must have been too busy with his dancing to enjoy any of those. Did you guys ever just kick back, drink some beers and watch the superbowl, NBA Championship, World Series or Stanley Cup?

- He pretty much had every movie ever made (LOL) while we were away in Virginia, somewhere deep, deep, deep in the woods we sometimes kicked back and watched a few movies together....he had the loudest laugh...good times.

Q: I have been curious as to how you three handled coverage for Michael. You all had to have days off occasionally- did you rotate, do shift changes? Two on , one off? How did that schedule work?

- DAYS OFF? We were the only three that knew where MJ was, we were the only three MJ trusted, there was no days off.

Q: Did Michael Have any pets while you were working with him and what were the names? Your interview talked about the cat named Katie

- Chocolate Lab, Kenya.

Q: Bill, I've read before that Michael was afraid of dogs. Is there any truth to that?

- He had no problem with dogs as we knew, The dog was a XMAS gift to Prince.

Q: I have read alot of places that Michael read his bible alot in the thriller era and I was wondering if you ever saw him reading the bible or pray?

- He read the bible daily.

Q: Could you share what MJ's religious beliefs was? Was he a Christian?

- No comment on that. Oh believe me I know where he stood religiously...Im just not getting into that.

Q: Bill, when was the last time you saw and/or spoke to Michael?

- 2 weeks before.

Q: Bill I dont' know if people have done this question before but do you know which or some favorites movies of Michael. Do you know if he liked to see romantic movies?

- He loved action movies, Spider Man, Transformers. He liked special effects.

Q: I know that Michael knew how to drive, but I am curious to know if Michael would drive while you were working for him. Would hope in the driver side and just drive?

- The only car MJ drove (on my watch) was the bumper cars at the amusment park.

Q: Did michael have a favorite song? if so, i wonder what?

Another fan replies: Yes it was the song SMILE by Charlie Chaplin

Another fan replies: Yes the one that Jermaine attempted to sing at his memorial...

- Attempted? wow thats

Q: Please ,can you tell me if Michael always have sad eyes?In "This is it", i saw this, sadness in his eyes ... i'm wrong?

- He was sad alot.

- Now I said he was sad alot, but there were many times he laughed until it hurt. He laughed so loud while watching a movie and ppl were saying "dude shut up" they didnt know it was MJ.

Q: Oh, so did he go to the cinema to watch the movie?

- Yes we took him and the kids to regular movies, though no one knew he was there( thats cause my team is good) He and his children laughed, smiled and played alot.....outside of his children MJ was sad and hurt from being accussed of those things, he had to defend himself, where in the HELL was his so called music & hollywood friends?! Its ok because in my book I'm going to put them ALL on blast!!

Tell it like it is Bill! All of those phony "friends" at his memorial - who did they think they were fooling???

- They didnt fool me, but they will get special attention in my book.

Q: I remember reading in a book that Michael requested Subway sandwiches at times some years ago. Was that the truth or is that incorrect?

- I took him to subway a few times, he loved it.

Q: did you saw MJ flirting with girls alot? was he a natural flirt or just avoided the whole thing cause of his shyness?

- I was not going to answer this but I'll give u guys a little. Yes, MJ was very charming, he did flirt from time to time. Sometimes he would ask me to get someones number or ask do I think someone is cute. It was so funny to watch dude flirt. I tell women I meet that I have a dog, I would hear MJ tell women he has a Zoo! how do you top someone that has a Zoo?

Other Odd Things / Back to 100 Carolwood.
« on: April 23, 2010, 10:21:45 AM »
Thanks to CAROLHEARTBELONGTOMJ for this. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Apparently she went to Carolwood dr on March 30, a Tuesday...and what do you see? TRASHCANS! She posts this website for proof on trash days: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

I havent tried but you can look up 100 Carolwood and it says trashday is WEDNESDAY.

So...if MJ died on a THURSDAY, then why are the trashcans still there in all the video footage from that day? I know we've gone over this a million times but I think this just proves the "that day and the other day..." thing!! She went back on Thursday and the cans were gone.

Trashday is Wed so those cans should have been gone by Thursday wouldnt ya think?

Hoax Videos / Have you seen this vid yet? I havent!
« on: April 23, 2010, 09:36:02 AM »
Look VERY CLOSELY at this vid.

VERY closely....notice a someone in white pants and white coat...the trunk open and someone in back,,,then switching white coats.............WTF?

There is a good play by paly of this here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login


Other Odd Things / I think you need to see this....
« on: April 21, 2010, 12:22:33 PM »
got this from MJHD about King Tut..........Im stunned....absolutely stunned...

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Other Odd Things / I read something yesterday....
« on: April 20, 2010, 03:03:31 PM »
on MJHD.

Someone had mentioned in a post that there was some hype a few months back that MJ could be either in South or North Carolina???

Does anyone ever remember hearing this? I live in SC and I never heard of that.

Other Odd Things / Are these the people helping MJ pull this off?
« on: April 09, 2010, 01:39:21 PM »
Thanks to Diana Jean on MJHD for this!!!! Verrrry interesting!

I’ve posted about this before, but with more research and findings I decided to look into it some more. The first time I posted about this, people where less than convinced, so I decided to let it go. I was recently emailed by somebody who found it interesting, so I went ahead and looked into it more. The connections are just to big to ignore.

Let’s go back to 2006, a year after Michael’s child molestation trial. He is an emotional mess and his reputation is severely damaged. Though Michael’s true fans know he would never hurt a child, thousands of people around the globe still believe he is a criminal. Michael wants his reputation back, he wants to be the King of Pop once again. But how?

Michael moves back to the United States, in late December (2006), after spending some time in Bahrain.
As stated Michael wants to get his reputation back. "Michael is determined to be a global phenomenon again.”

who does he go to?
Simon Fuller.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... ckson.html
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... -comeback/
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... ew-manager

Why Simon Fuller?
Not only is he the Manager of many sucsessful artists, but he is also the producer and founder of the hit television series American Idol. Which in my opinion is the point of interest.

American Idol
Here’s where the connections come in. American idol has been the number one TV show for a long while. With millions of viewers, voters and talented contestants American Idol has allot of impact.

“American Idol: The Search for a Superstar on the Fox network, the show has since become one of the most popular in the history of American television. It is currently the #1 program in the Nielsen ratings and is one of only three that have been #1 for five consecutive seasons,”

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Michael and the people who worked for American Idol

Bruce Gowers- Directed 3 music videos for Michael including
-"Rock with you",
-"She's out of my life"
-"Can you feel it"

Hosted : -"Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration on CBS"
Directed: - "Michael Jackson Number one's in 2003"
-"Michael Jackson greatest video hits- HIStory in 1995"
-"Michael Jackson NRJ Tribute

Gregg Gelfand- Co Directed Michael Jacksons memorial with Kenny Ortega

Dorian Holley- Backing Vocalist for Bad World Tour
-Traveled with Michael for all of his subsequent world tours
-Served as a backing vocalist, as well as the vocal director for This Is It
-Married to trial attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, who once represented Jackson

Simon Fullers- Michael went to Simon for help in restoring his reputation

Simon Cowell- Signed a contract with Michael for his new British TV show " X Factor"
Paula Abdul- Worked with Janet Jackson and was mentioned in Michael Jackson's opus

If Michael wanted to work with American Idol, clearly he had the connections to do so.

Okay so

Michael wants to get to Simon Fuller
how does he do it?
He knows that Simon Fuller is the producer of American Idol, so he uses his connections to get to him. (Bruce Gowers, Dorian Holley)

Him and Simon have secret meetings, talking about a big project. We don't know what this project is, but it's big.
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A few years later, Michael "dies"
And it seems like the American Idol crew do a good job with that one.
They have a "Michael Jackson Tribute Week"
I wonder where they got the permission to use his music.

Then Bruce Gowers hosts a Michael Jackson Tribute show
Gregg Gelfand helps Kenny Ortega by Co Directing Michael's memorial

And did you know that before Michael "died" he signed a contract with Simon Cowell
to appear on Simon's TV show "X Factor" which hasn't aired yet? will air in 2011
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... 302684.ece
Let's see what that brings us.

Did you also know that AEG and American Idol work together for
the American Idol Live tours?

And just as a side note, American Idol is also under contract with Coke-Cola

Michael's features, habits & disguises /
« on: April 02, 2010, 12:07:56 PM »
Thanks to Chance over at MJHD.........take a read.....its pretty long, but there are some things I am really quite shockled about!!!!

Here's the site: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

...and here is some of what youll find on this blog.

Q: How do you feel about kissing on a first date?

MJ: I can dig it! I think that if you dig a chick enough to ask her out, you’re crazy if you don’t want to kiss her. And, if she accepted the date, she likes you and probably wants to be kissed. So, I couldn’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t! I think I’d like to wait ’till the end of the date before I kissed her, though! I think most girls are afraid you’re comin’ on too fast if you kiss them right away. But, if I could tell that chick I was with was just waitin’ to be kissed, I wouldn’t mess around wastin’ time! I’d take her in my arms, bend her face back to rest on the back of her seat, and slowly lean toward her, gazin’ into her eyes and talking in a slow, smooth voice. Then, I’d press my lips against hers, gently at first, then harder and harder until we’re both lost in a soul kiss of true love.”-13-year-old Michael Jackson, Teen Star Magazine, 1972.

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This is a big can of worms-in fact, a topic so big I know one blog will never cover it, so I’m going to be spacing this out over 2-3 blogs the next few nights. Why is it a subject worth blogging about? The answer is, for a number of reasons. First of all, because I think it’s a topic that fascinates most of his fans, whether it be because of the mystery of trying to figure out what “floated his boat” or simply because, since a great percentage of us are female, we simply want to know: What kind of women did Michael like? (The answer: Depends on what kind of relationship we’re talking. If the goal was as simple as a one-night stand, Michael went for pretty much what all men go for…a great body was usually enough to get you noticed. But as far as something more lasting, well, that’s where it gets stickier and much more complex).

But I think a few myths we can safely put to rest. Michael Jackson was most assuredly not asexual. This was a myth that grew out of some reportedly awkward situations that happened when he was only a teenager. Now, if one were to ask what I think personally, yes, I think he had some “issues” and some hangups about sex that were a leftover by-product of his strict Jehovah’s Witness upbringing. At the very least, he grew up with a confusion compounded by his mother, who taught him from a young age that one must remain pure until marriage, and then on the other hand, as a child traveling and touring with his dad and brothers on the road, often witnessing their sexual encounters with groupies. At the tender age of five, he was often performing in strip clubs. The idea of sex as a forbidden thing that grown-ups do but “don’t talk about” became firmly ingrained in him.

But whatever early issues he had, he worked through them. I’m convinced that the adult Michael had a very active, redblooded, heterosexual and quite guilt-free love life, despite what the tabloids and (cough) Ian Halperin would have us believe. For starters, he quit the Jehovah’s Witness church in 1988 (but would be plagued with doubt over the decision for years). Secondly, there’s just too much evidence to believe otherwise.

Next myth: Michael was gay. Well, according to the article I’m going to quote here, there’s at least one young man who can tell you he most assuredly was not, and he would know…because he tried to make an advance more than once, and was rebuffed (politely the first time; not so the second). I am not going to go as far as to say I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was or wasn’t because that would be absurd. And as we all know from listening to the claims of Ian Halperin and Diane Dimond (who evidently must have been peeping through the keyhole when Michael and Lisa Marie were married, since she ‘claims” to know all about their sex life, or lack thereof) nothing is more ludicrous than someone who wasn’t there claiming to know all about what went down. I can only say that what I do know comes from much careful and thoughtful study of the evidence and testimony that clearly exists–things for which any person of reasonable intelligence ought to be able to put two and two together.

Michael knew that he had a lot of gay fans, and clearly went out of his way to remain neutral on the topic. When Martin Bashir asked him this in 2003, Michael said he didn’t want to address the topic on camera. In the Bashir version, we get only this response, and then Bashir commenting: “Clearly, he doesn’t want to answer that question for obvious reasons.” But in the unedited version that Michael filmed, you can hear what Michael’s actual response was, and why he preferred that his reponse not be made on-camera. He said, “I don’t want to answer that question. But if you turn off the camera, I’ll tell you. No, absolutely, I am not gay. But I have millions of gay fans, and if they believe I’m gay, then let them believe I’m gay. I don’t care. I don’t want to offend anybody.”

Thirdly, I think I can pretty safely say he was NOT a pedophile, and that his tastes definitely did not run to young boys. I say this not because I’m a fan who wants to believe that, but as a reasonably intelligent person who has thoroughly researched all of the evidence of both cases, both of which were extortion attempts, and at least one that I remain fairly convinced came about as a result of a very redblooded, heterosexual case of being sprung-for the boy’s mother. (Let’s just say that I’m fairly convinced it was his lust for June Chandler that was at least partially responsible for putting Michael into the wrong place, at the wrong time)

Once one puts all the myths aside, however, one realizes that trying to untangle all the mysteries of MJ’s love life is still…well, quite a web to tackle. In all of his interviews, he always maintained that he was “a gentleman” and not a kiss-and-tell kind of guy. In his autobiography Moonwalk, he states that the only relationships he will ever discuss with the public are the ones with women who were in the public eye-fellow celebs, like himself. Thus, we know about Tatum, Brooke, Lisa Marie, Diana Ross, Madonna (which I DO beleive they had a relationship, however stormy or brief, and which is a subect I’m saving for its very own blog) and even Princess Diana, whom he confessed was “my type” and also confessed to many midnight phone conversations with, during a time when they were both plagued with marital problems (though how far it went beyond friendship is anybody’s guess). But he pretty much says in his book, flat out, there were others…others whose names would never be known, because they weren’t famous and he wished to respect their privacy, just as he would hope they would respect his.

And clearly, whatever else you can say about the man, Michael was a man of his word in that regard. To this day, those women remain mysterious, shadowy figures, whose names Michael would not mention even to his closest friends except in carefully guarded, cryptic language, including one who has always been referred to simply as “S.” (“S” may have been a girl named Shana, who has been discussed in many circles, but again that is just guessing). One thing was for sure: If things advanced to the stage that he was referring to you by name, or even by the first letter in your name, it was pretty serious. Of course, fans will speculate as we will…and some of us can come up with some ingenious guesses. But until any of these women actually come forward, or indisputable evidence presents itself, any guesses are just that–guesses.

Mostly, it was for their own protection–and occasionally, his own. There was for many years, for example, a rumor of a Middle Eastern princess, already bethrothed to another man, and whose rich and powerful father (so it was said) would have had Michael Jackson’s head had he ever known how many times she was secretly flown into the US for her trysts with him.

“We’d start the song and somewhere in the middle I’d go out into the audience, crawl under the tables, and pull up the ladies’ skirts to look under.”-MJ, talking about his early childhood experience of performing in strip clubs.

The very plain and utterly unassuming Debbie Rowe would have probably been just another one of these anonymous, non-famous women, had it not been for one thing-she got pregnant. And Katherine Jackson was not about to settle for a bastard grandchild.

So…ding-dong, wedding bells! And just as quick…divorce. Ouch. I think Michael was an easy guy to love, but not to live with. Maybe he just never had the fortune to hook up with Miss Right, but for most of his life, marriage and a soul mate would be the two things that would elude him most.

Now speaking of marriage and childbirth…well, everyone seems to have their own opinions about that, too. Another one of the great mysteries: Were the kids his, or not? Well, first of all, it’s not even an issue that needs to be addressed. He raised those kids and they are his children. But if you want to know my opinions on whether he was the biological father, I say yes, absolutely. It’s a subject I’ll address in more depth tomorrow night, but I mean c’mon..all of these far-fetched “theories” about sperm donors and such craziness are far more ludicrous than simply accepting the fact that he fathered his own children.

It seems funny to me that the very same tabloids who will swear up and down that he could not be the father of Prince, Paris and Blanket will then go to great lengths to report about all of his alleged “love children” all over the world. I mean, c’mon, you can’t have it both ways…if someone is capable of being a stud muffin all over the globe, they don’t suddenly become infertile when they marry and have legal children.

To those people I will just say: Unless you have some sort of access to his medical records that the rest of us do not, there is no reason to ASSUME Michael wasn’t in perfect “working order” and perfectly capable of fathering his own kids. I mean, I hate to sound crude about it, but for some, that’s the only language they understand.

“We worked in more than one club that had strippers in those days. I used to stand in the wings of this one place in Chicago and watch a lady whose name was Mary Rose. I must have been nine or ten. This girl would take off her clothes and her panties and throw them to the audience. The men would pick them up and sniff them and yell. My brothers and I would be watching all this, taking it in, and my father wouldn’t mind. We were exposed to a lot doing that kind of circuit. In one place they had cut a little hole in the musician’s dressing room wall that also happened to act as a wall to the ladies’ bathroom. You could peek through this hole, and I saw stuff I’ve never forgotten. Guys on that circuit were so wild, they did stuff like drilling holes into the walls of the ladies’ loo all the time. Of course, I’m sure that my brothers and I were fighting over who got to look through the hole. “Get outta the way, it’s my turn!” Pushing each other away to make room for ourselves.”-MJ, Excerpt From Moonwalk

As for Blankets mother, many will recall that once again, in the Bashir interview, he “appeared” to contradict himself, first stating that Blanket’s mother was a black woman, then stating she was a surrogate unknown to him. I can’t say for sure if this was another case of Bashir’s infamous editing, or a genuine contradiction. But the general consensus that has come to be accepted is that Blanket was born of an unknown surrogate mother. However, there is growing evidence to support that this is a much more complex (though in some ways, far more simpler) story than anyone may have initially suspected. All I will say for now is that it is very likely that Blanket’s mother was known to Michael, that this was probably a real relationship, and that for whatever reasons, he chose to protect her identity. Which again, if you think about it, makes far more sense than all of these far-fetched surrogate and test tube theories. I think that in time, the truth will come out, and that when the whole story is known and people understand his real reasons for protecting the people in his life, a lot of people are going to feel incredibly guilty and stupid.

I’m going to leave you with this article from one of Michael’s former associates, Frank Cascio (whom he apparently confided in, a LOT). The article was written while Michael was still alive (hence, the use of present tense). It’s an article that has been passed around quite a bit on the fan forums, and has been quite controversial, mainly because, I think, some fans have a problem with the notion of Michael as a “womanizer.” And some simply have a problem with so-called “friends” who are always too ready to spill the beans…if the price is right.

But I have to say, I love it. I love it because I think Frank is telling it straight, and because I personally prefer to think of MJ as a redblooded man than some weirdly asexual being. I mean, I can SEE him going to other women just to spite Lisa Marie. He was hurt; he did what a lot of hurt people in a bad relationship do. It doesn’t make it wrong or right; it just is what it is:


“Anybody who genuinely knows Michael (which is none of you), knows that
Michael is straight – almost to a fault of himself, considering that he
doesn’t look like the most masculine of brothas. You’re so quick to
believe Scott, which is hysterical because if you knew their history,
you’d know how weirded out Michael was by Scott’s advances. Michael’s not
overtly homophobic, but he is old school and isn’t completely
comfortable with it. However, given the nature of his profession, he has tried
his best to be accepting and because he tries to be a good Christian, he
does not judge, he leaves that to God. He still gets incredibly
uncomfortable by advances by anything remotely male….which brings us to
Scott. Scott made a pass at Michael. Michael ignored it, initially. The
second time, Michael told him to back the #### off (in more polite
language, of course…Michael was still quite young and sweet and innocent
back in the ’80s, if a dude tried something similar NOW, he might get
punched in the face). They haven’t spoken since then. The closest he ever
got to Michael after about ‘84 was that his boyfriend was friends with
Priscilla Presley’s makeup artist. The two haven’t spoken since Scott
tried to get all up on Mikey.
One may ask themselves, if his motive for coming forward now was out of
some sort of moral obligation and a desire to crush MJ’s “strategy” of
declaring himself heterosexual, why didn’t he come forward in 1993?
Maids, cooks, ex-guards, everybody and their momma was coming forward with
“claims,” why not then? Or, if the motivation behind this is genuine
concern for the welfare of children and not money, why not go to the
police with the things you’ve seen (i.e. Scott claiming to have seen child
porn on Michael’s nightstand)?
Simple, none of it happened and Scott was still livin’ the life with
all of Liberace’s dough. Poverty brings forth all sorts of “memories.”
Isn’t it convenient that just as soon as his cash stash is running dry,
he tells the world he had sex with Michael Jackson?
Let me break this down for you people and pay attention because I don’t
like doing it more than once. Michael Jackson is thoroughly
heterosexual. He does not like men. He does not like boys. He likes women over the
age of 18. Shiiiiit, even before he was 18, he liked women well over
the age of 18. It’s no secret within certain circles that Diana Ross was
his first. The poor guy thought he was going to marry her but she @#%$
him over with Gene Simmons and Arne Naess. He was pretty naive back
then, so he chose not to see the obvious. Then he was celibate for about 3
years, before becoming involved with a pretty, blond employee of his,
an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom, a singer that nobody
cares about anymore but was the ish back in the day, some
groupie/secretary, June Chandler (the mother of punk @#$%$ Jordan who got jealous
of mommy’s relationship with Michael) and, of course, Lisa Marie. Lisa
Marie was the only one he allowed himself to become more than just
sexually involved with since Diana, that boy was sprung. Lisa Marie,
however, led him to believe they would have a family of their own, but stayed
on the pill anyway because even if she said she was a rebel, the little
@#$%$ didn’t want mommy dearest to get mad at her for having a lil
black child. Mike found the pills, split, messed around with a couple of
other women with the goal of getting one pregnant just to hurt Lisa (he
can be an as.shole sometimes, true) and eventually knocked up Debbie,
which, (if I didn’t love and adore his children and think think they
saved his life) I would say was probably one of the biggest mistakes of his
life. He was never faithful to Debbie after they married, never even
wanted to marry her but Mike doesn’t like to break his mother’s heart. He
and Lisa continued having sex until 1999 (they weren’t “together,” they
were just @#%$), until he met his third child’s mother, fell very much
in love with her, but he is his father’s son, so he wasn’t entirely
faithful to her, which is why they split up shortly after she found out
she was pregnant. From that time, up until right before these new
bullish allegations broke, he was pretty much a dog. No attachment, just sex.
He has no time to get attached to somebody and then depressed again
after they part ways now that he has his children. I doubt he has time for
anybody other than his children and his lawyers now.

There, you have it. Take it or leave it, but it’s the truth. Mike would
hate me for putting his business out here like this, but at least it’s
accurate, unlike all of the other trash going around now. He ain’t my
boss anymore, so he’s just going to have to put up with it.

Summary: Scott is full of ish, Michael isn’t gay and he sho’ as h.ell
ain’t a pedophile.”-Frank Cascio

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UPDATE: As a follow-up to this piece, there is an interesting post on IMDB that sheds further light on this article (which, as it turns out, may have been falsely credited to Frank Cascio). It may have actually been an associate by the name of Bob Jones who then allowed Frank to take the fallout for it. There’s also some additional interesting background info about what transpired with Scott, who appraently had tried to sell his “story” to the National Enquirer. I’ll keep you posted on any new revelations regarding this matter.

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