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Michael Jackson News / Clue from Jermaine
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:52:39 PM »
On LKL Jermaine said the kids were watching the latest animated film!
This is what came up - posted by Michael - not MJ!

Picking up right where the Prophecy ends, the new Karas, Otaha, seeks vengeance against the yakuza that murdered his brother and almost killed him.  Meanwhile the old Karas, Eko, unleashes his wrath and contempt for the pitiful humans infesting the city. Yurine, Nue, and Otahajoin forces for the final epic battle to save the city and protect the will of the peopleā€¦as Prophecy becomes Revelation!

Here is the link...
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 LOVE xxx

TIAI & TS Discussions / Beautiful Film for Soldiers of love
« on: March 12, 2010, 07:23:33 AM »
      With everything getting pretty dark I have uploaded a lovely film that is not just a film.
       It goes hand-in-hand with TS and Michaels message and has a lot of correlations with Michaels message and Awakening and what we are all doing here on the forums etc.
      It is called THE CELESTINE PROPHECIES - it is based on a worldwide best-selling book by James Redfield.It is the story of John Woodson who, through a series of mysterious coincidences, finds himself on an adventure to Peru in search of ancient scrolls, known as the Celestine prophecy.The scrolls predict a new Awakening that redefines the esscence of Humanity and finds that each step he takes and each person he encounters brings him to a new awakening.He is skeptical at first but soon realises that when he lets go he finds his destiny and comes to understand the meaning that eluded him when the adventure began.
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Matthew Settle - U571
Thomas Kretschmann - King Kong , Downfall
Sarah Wayne Callies - Prison Break
Annabeth Gish - The West Wing
Hector Elizondo - Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries
Joaquin de Almeida - Desperado
Jurgen Prochnow - The Da Vinci Code

L.O.V.E xxx

TMZ Articles / Jackson Estate burgled???
« on: March 06, 2010, 12:29:49 AM »
Hi guys,
Just found this article on TMZ - Armed cops at estate on foot and helicopters but turns out it's nothing. They don't know who was at home but call came from 'outside'. Said it ends the mad week for Jacksons - maybe Michael forgot his keys - He-he!!! Comeback???
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Michael Jackson News / Brits - message - please hear me out x
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:28:30 PM »
          I have just seen the Brits & there is a lot of performance art related to Michael.If this is in the wrong section then feel free to move it but I have been looking into the VMAs & Grammys & Brits & to me it seems quite revealing so I wanted to write it down & see if anyone can see what I see.Move if in wrong section but I wanted to get this out there. Please give this a chance whatever you feel I am not trying to upset anyone x


1.Gaga - mind control,breaking out , turning pyramids upside down, monsters revolt(thriller)

2. Pink- freeing herself from control & recovering,healing & feeling safe

3. Beyonce - Protection by Michaels dancers = his army - protecing those who come out

4.L + Russel - Michaels pics - Gilda, house, ancient symbols. twintowers/Isis pillars etc.-showing he is revealing the truth to us - his fans

5.Taylor/Stevie - bringing the truth from the past into the present & bringing back the heart&soul        of music ?

6.Blackeyed peas - The road to Oz is our future but if you take off the mask & stop hiding the truth     future can be stopped.

7 - Haiti - show our love in generosity & action

8. Bon Jovi - Rise up & stand together & turn the darkness on its head.


1. Lilly Allen- sings of looking outside to material/superficial things but she said "I am programmed     to think this way"  .If I'm not mistaken there was a big 'MK'sign  behind her just  before she sang those words . There were also soldiers in pink - which we have seen a  lot of -  pink 'hello kitty' guns,tattoos on soldiers arms,pink & tanks all under this guise - she sings put down the guns...

2. Kasabian - Tribute to Michael - fire all around them - sings something like " I'm gonna get you ,  Bring you down " - makes sense as a tribute if it's the illuminati  they want to bring down - are they also saying they are with/behind  him? Could this be a statement from him to everyone? Odd tribute    otherwise!  
.Missing out some acts here - not all details are probably right I just wanted to get the main        points.
4. Sheryl Cole - Starts dressed in white - jumping up out of the stage ,then her dancers follow = TII
                 Sings about keeping the love(don't quote me on lyrics please!)
                 Then the someone else(can't remember her name) sings "do you believe in me?" - TIAI       also put Lenny Kravitz song - believe in me out  to us - she sings this while Sheryl  etc changes to black & black/red (illuminati colours) all over the background & she sings that we must not be afraid of the dark .
Afterward Phil Kay says"It's about keeping the love - never a truer word spoken" - indeed!

5.Gaga - wow what a performance - she is wearing a white lace wedding theme like something out of   Great Expectations - I'll do my best here but I'm sure I have missed a lot!
         She says this is for Alex (someone) - sings "don't call me 'cause my love & heart are on the          dance floor" She gets up & does some strange dance ? Then she walks to a cell phone (large   one) on the right side of a guitar - she presses the buttons & in a synth voice says "I am a  Free -B...." - Poison,inject me - I'm free B....,I'm free"  
              She walks towards us and sings a few names "Sylvia "& someone else -  Then sings " what      do you think of that girls?" Don't quote me - only seen it once!
        She mentions Liberace - remember Michael channels him!( I have to verify lyrics on some bits - just in case I'm wrong so removed this bit)
     The victims are Called by phone to come back - she says dont call - I'm FREE!
     When she finishes the other stars said they wished she'd done something they knew - meaning noone   has heard this before?
     As she collected her awards - she won 3 - they said - Gaga wants to change the world season by      season  ....
     Then said Gagas album is MORE than just an album - "it's an ART MOVEMENT" - wow!
     I didn't see all the others but I did see Robbie Williams & he was great. Something has changed
     & he welled up with tears during the performance - it may be me but he seems different.

            Anyway - I just wanted to put this out because I feel that all these performances mean something so I want to give you what I feel MAY be Michaels message from Grammys to Brits;

           The music is being controlled to create monsters on stage & off but the monsters are in revolt & are breaking out. If inside the system you can break free & rid yourself of fear & heal in safety.I have my army who will protect those who need it while you break free & heal.I am getting my message & truth to my fans who are part of this change who will be there to support me & you.If you take off the masks & reveal the truth then we stop our journey on the road to Oz - no more robots,no more controlling secret societies.Show your love through action of giving & saying that you will be there.Then we can rise up together & change this world.Look inside yourself for answers not outside to the false messages of materialism.Put down your weapons & hatred that is still there even if it's pink.Live for love  - love is the only thing worth fighting for.Believe in me.Do you believe in me -  Michael? Then look at the dark and don't be afraid.If we stand up for eachother then love will win out & the darkness holds no fear.
What do you think?

Love x


Hello Everyone,
                       I was really pleased with the reponce to the Gaga thread and I thought that rather than writing it out that I would make a video to show my point properly.Believe777 gave me the idea of including the VMA awards in aswell to put the message Michael is sending us into perspective. I have started with Gaga because hers is the strongest.It does start off dark but the ending is the opposite - so please watch to the end x I have used the TIAI messages and Michaels paintings too.
                     There is more to come on all of the performances and I will post those when I finish them.


Love to you all x

Michael Jackson News / Pics of Michael? Grammys
« on: February 01, 2010, 10:19:30 PM »
       During Zac Brown Band and Leon Russel some pics came up in the back ground. They wouldn't upload my video of it so I don't know if you can see all of it .
On the last pic I think the bottom row looks like Michael and the top left is Gilda-esq?
When I looked at the top right pic the face was looking to the right and Michaels face is next to it - looks like it's from you are not alone?
next one to the left looks like a face but like an optical illusion I can see it also could be Michael wearing shades and a hood?
next to that is also a face but looks also like Michael in black bomber jacket as in TII?

It was easier to make out in the video but as I said it would not upload and the pics are Bitmap so I could't put them on here.
See what you think .....?

[youtube:29afplzs][/youtube:29afplzs]  slightly better !

Listen to her - her lyrics!


I have never liked the imagery of Gaga so I ignored her where possible - silly me!
I believe that Souza and Mo have done a great job in their mkultra/freemason research and have shown the Gaga image and what it represents brilliantly - but - I also think we have missed something big.
Why would Michael want to work with her if she were only a puppet happy to disturb the public?
why would the Jacksons keep saying they love her?
I put this song on for a reason:here they are;

We are a generation twisted by our myth
Confused and ludicrous, holding on to love
Consumed by all the pleasures in our midst
A life without the lips we've kissed
And losing all control

We're gonna start a resistance
So we want independence
We're gonna give the world some of this

Electric kiss
I'm gonna change the world with my lips
One voice forever
We'll live together
Peace, love, solitude and happiness
Electric kiss

Fame is our felony
We're so in love with it
Superstars and masochists
Who don't know where to go
But the poets and the fathers of our time
Put down their weapons in their arms
And know what they must do

We're gonna start a resistance
So we want independence
We're gonna give the world some of this

Electric kiss
I'm gonna change the world with my lips
One voice forever
We'll live together
Peace, love, solitude and happiness

Electric kiss
I'm gonna change the world with my lips
One voice for ever
We'll live together
Peace, love, solitude and happiness
Electric kiss
This is what I believe she is doing . There are articles saying she hates her imagery . She is so over the top with illuminati mind control themes that we cannot do anything but notice them?
She wanted to start a resistance and she is doing so with a little thriller help.

Also lets look at the Grammy performance -
Sorry but I can't upload pics as they are bitmap and the vid was removed and it won't process my new one.
She is dragged on stage - TIAI pic of victim child in head bandages on floor
Same as Gaga in recent vid covered to nose with white mask
same as Jacksons Torture vid where they have faces with no eyes
Same as Pink floyd - brick in the wall - kids on train with no eyes

It is a circus scenario with Magician - Freemasonry/magi/crowley/ghosts etc

He says ' We Want To See The Real Gaga ' - the 'mind controlled one'
He tells us she has her own Politics?(couldn't get the word) could be policy?
He tells us she 'HAS NO SOUL'
She then arrives in a cage - where her mind is now controlled
Cut to telling us that this is 'mass mind control'
She then collapses and is taken up the steps and dumped in the vat/tube.
After all this she then sits with Elton - back where she originally started at a piano singing Speechless - Michael!
Elton has dirt all over his face - the filthy music industry he has been a part of?
He also says 'Thank God For GAGA'
She is a part of 'The Resistance' and so is Michael and others - she is deliberate in her attempts to show us what is happening - watch the Grammys again - the whole thing is showing us what is happening and what 'our 'future ' will be if this isn't stopped.
ALSO WHEN SHE SINGS WITH ELTON SHE IS WEARING HER GREEN OUTFIT - Green is what she is wearing singing Electric Kiss - back to herself?
Look beyond the obvious - I didn't and nearly missed it.
Love x

The Illuminati Theory / The michael jackson story you never knew.......
« on: December 29, 2009, 11:12:01 AM »
Please watch these even if you don't agree with all of it because I think Michael wants us to really know what he has been through, his good and bad decisions so we finally know him and our lives the way it really is.
Watch all of them in line so that you can understand the references and know what to look for in the future.
They are done sensitively but they are also disturbing on many fronts. Also there is some things I didn't know before seeing this and it makes a lot of sense now that the pieces fit. Also another must watch after these.. 

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login - This is Torture - Jackson 5 and I was too young  to know this but it is really creepy and NOT what you would expect from the Jacksons - Watch for the totally 'in your face' illuminati symbols.

# ex-illuminati talks about the music industry and why its addictive.
Please keep an open mind .......    Also remember illuminous Theo - He did not sell his soul for a contract and they couldn't control him.....

Michael Jackson News / A WAY TO COME TOGETHER-Soldiers of love
« on: December 27, 2009, 12:32:55 PM »
Hello Everyone,
                                                I hope you had a good christmas. I have just made my first video and I wanted to post it here. I just want to help bring the soldiers of love and everyone together, so this is a simple version of an idea that could  have seriously good implications if we all took part. It doesn't take much time, just a little focus and a lot of love.


Michael Jackson News / About Back
« on: December 08, 2009, 06:41:42 PM »
Hello everyone,
                         I don't know if you remember 'BACK' and his news letter about TM? I have his website if you want it. The TM is the key = Transcendental Meditation . He has formed a group to show art that represents our fears. It is our fears and our lack of understanding about how they manifest them on our planet that is causing the suffering of everyone.
                        Please have a look at his site and pass it on to others You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.Called Kymatica.
                   Clue - also do you remember the picture on the horse Michael had commissioned? Well on the JFK video they called him the king of Camelot , I then thought of Project Camelot - an organisation that collects information from whistleblowers and gives the information to us. There are all sorts of videos so I suggest only watching the ones you feel comfortable watching.
                      There is also a connection for the sevens though - this is about our history and our ancestors.In Summeria they have SEVEN tablets of creation,as written up (falsly) in the SEVENTH book of Genesis, made on the seventh day.They have the origins of who we are in them - in detail ! I also found the archaeology site digs where they have actually FOUND the skeletons of our ancestors - 60 GIANT ones in a cave and ALL over the world. They call them ANNUNAKI - fallen angels and their home is NIBIRU which is also called planet X which the government and NASA know about .They have footage of it leaked from NASA- THIS is why we are having environmental upheaval.
                     Remember this- Michaels History is blank for a reason - WE CREATE our own evil acts from our collective fears ( watch Forbidden planet- old movie of a race who created an invisible monster because they didn't understand how their fears worked) and we have the power to change , recreate and create a vision of beauty on this planet- think big , think positive and TM.
         Here is some things to read - very beautiful books:
The Celastine Prophecies- shows you how we relate to eachother
The crystal skulls - 13 quartz crystal skulls that are ancient and act like computers in crystal ball fashion and they are part of the Mayan Prophecies who say that these will also save our planet.
            It is an awfull lot to take in but the youtube vids are so interesting even if that is all you derive from them.Planet X - leaked NASA footage youtube and loads of others- C what U can find.
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login     Peace out x

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