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Though I believe that this hoax was planned for years, I'm starting to believe that it kicked off in 2008 for reasons more than one.

5 Brothers Enterprises
If you haven't checked out this website yet, I highly advise you do so.
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"5 Brothers enterprises comming soon"
What exactly is comming soon?
The question I've been asking myself over and over again. I guess where just going to have to wait and see.
I believe that this is going to be big. The definition for enterprise is:
-A project undertaken or to be undertaken
So their currently working on a project. In my opinion I think this project is going to be big.
Why? Because of  this website (posted by sunrise on MJHD  )
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Under Business Entity Information it says "File Date- 2/15/2008"
So this Enterprise went into the works in 2008.
Now I'm wondering, if it started in 2008, why is it comming soon now almost 2 years later?

Reality Show Rumors
I used Google Archives for this one.
2008 is when we heard about a Jackson reality show for the first time

Radio Reports Michael's Death in 2008
"An Albuquerque radio station jokingly
 reported that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died from an overdose"

6 Months To Live
In December of 2008 It was reported that Michael had 6 months to live,
Suprisingly enough 6 months later he was "dead"
December 2008 is also when he started wearing thoughs masks

Jackson Family Looking For House In Devon
In 2008 reports that the Jackson Family wanted to buy a house in Devon England surfaced.
From an article posted April 3rd, 2008:

"Last month, Tito - who also has three other brothers, Marlon, Jackie and Randy, and another sister La Toya - revealed he was house-hunting in the area because the family wanted a hideaway in the idyllic English countryside.

Tito said: "My family love North Devon and the wonderful countryside and friendly people, I'm really looking forward to buying a home here. Michael likes it here too, as no one bothers him."

The Jackson Brothers recently Tweeted that they were going to be in the UK Febuary 1-3.

I Believe that even though this hoax was probably planned for years, everything was put into place in 2008. Which makes sense because that was supposedly Michael's last full year. Everything just fits all too perfectly.

Other Odd Things / William Bratton Backs Down
« on: January 02, 2010, 12:15:22 AM »
Who is William Bratton?
William Bratton was the chief of police of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).  On June 19, 2007, the LA Police Commission reappointed William Bratton to a second five-year term.

Why is William Bratton Suspicious?
 "On August 5, 2009, Bratton announced that after nearly seven years he would be stepping down as chief of police for the City of Los Angeles."
He still had 3 years left, and he's backing down. Why? Notice that August 5th is still in the begining stages of the Michael Jackson investigation.Why would he be backing down during such a huge investigation? (Which the LAPD was involved with) :

"Although they did not immediately suspect foul play, by the day after Jackson's death the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) began to investigate the unusual and high-profile case"

So why would he just back down in the middle of an investigation? A HUGE one.

William Bratton's reason for resigning
"The chief says that when he came to Los Angeles, the department was a "troubled organization" in a "troubled city", but now is the "right time" to leave."

Toubled organization? What could they be doing that's so bad he considers them "troubled"?

Other Odd Things / Michael's paparazzi friends
« on: December 31, 2009, 08:36:27 PM »

Some of you may know the name of the photographer who took this photo. If not, no worries I gotcha covered. The name of the photographer who took this photo is Chris Weissman

Ben Evenstad was a pap who founded a photo agency. Ben and Michael Jackson just so happen to have more than just your average "Pap+celebrity relationship" You could even call them friends.


Ben Evenstad founded a photo agency and hired Chris Weiss as a paparazzo. The interesting thing about Chris is that, he wants to be a doctor. He has a long and impressive résumé of his experinces in the medical feild. Now just think about how handy that would be for Michael to be friends with someone like that.

-Ben Evenstad's photo agency just happend to be the first photo agency to learn the location of Michael's rented mansion on Carolwood Drive.I wonder who told them...
-They just happend to find out the location December of 09 when reports of Michael only having 6 months to live first came out. Some believe this was the begining of the Hoax.
-The morning of June 25th they just happend to of already have a Pap outside Michaels house, before the ambulance was even there.
-When the ambulance came they were the only Paps there.

"Weiss saw an ambulance inside the gates and a fire truck parked on the street. Ibanez had zoomed in through the window of the fire truck with his telephoto lens and snapped a picture of the call screen, which provided a few details about the situation inside. At this point, Weiss’s experience as an E.M.T. came in handy. He read from the digital image: “50-year-old male … not breathing … ”
Why haven't we seen this photo?

"The more time passed, the less serious Weiss figured Jackson’s problems must be. “We were there for 20 minutes,” he says, “and if you’ve got a full arrest”—when a patient really has stopped breathing—“the paramedics usually load and go within 8 to 10 minutes.”"

But they were there for about 40 minutes.

Notice how Chris Weiss's medical experience comes in handy.

"The morning after Jackson’s death, Weiss says, he was “happy because we got the picture. I took the last picture of Michael Jackson, ever. Because we had, as much as a photographer could for the last six months of his life, a relationship with Michael. There were days, like when he went to the doctor’s office sometimes, when we would just put our cameras down and visit with him. It’s weird to say this, as paparazzi, because the world can’t stand us, even though they can’t put our magazines down, but there was a closeness that our photographers had with Michael. If there was any fate to getting the shots, maybe that was it."

The kind of impression I'm getting from the quote above doesn't have a hint of sadness to it. I mean, Michael Jackson was their main focal point and a good friend. He just passed away and their happy?

Why would they be happy about that?

Myabe it's because this whole thing was planned. Maybe during one of their "visits" with Michael they made a deal. It's a win win situation if you think about it. The paps probably made more money on that one photo than any other picture they've ever taken. Michael gets away with step one of the Hoax.

Think about it.

Other Odd Things / Rob Smith Jr.
« on: December 27, 2009, 11:08:50 PM »

Some of you may have seen that picture before, I know I've seen it about a dozen times before I thought anything of it.
Allot of people look at it, smirk a bit, and never think twice.

But finaly it came too me, 2 very important questions:

1. Who
2. Why

So I looked at the photo, and at the bottom right hand corner it was signed "Rob Smith Jr." So I Googled the guy.

Rob Smith Jr. is an artist. Here is some info on him right from his website

"For nearly 30 years, Rob Smith, Jr. has delighted audiences with his insightful caricatures, editorial cartoons, and colorful illustrations. As a popular entertainer, he brings a high-energy WOW! to your event, drawing caricatures with blazing speed and accuracy while a crowd gathers to laugh at the next punch line.

Rob is a member of the National Cartoonists Society (NCS), for which he serves as Education Chair and as Florida Chapter vice-chair. Rob is also a member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), and the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA), and his editorial cartoons are featured on the Glenn Beck Program website."
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How does Rob Smith Jr. fit into the hoax?
That picture I posted at the top of the post. That (to me) raised allot of suspicion towards the guy. So I sent him an email asking him about it.

This is the responce I got:


Jackson is such an iconic individual I thought we would find more people questioning if he actually had died. He had the means, ability and the fascination of questions of whether Walt Disney is being kept in ice.

The question of the death of a celebrity has occurred in the past. Most notably with Elvis Pressley. It was not that long ago that the tabloids had sightings of Elvis. The difference between now and then is that in 1977 there wasn't the probing of the media and the instantaneous abiulity to report goings on. I guess with the immediatcy of things all accepted his death. Though I believe somewhere down the road individuals will appear questioning if he had died and reports of sightings will be reported.


But honestly, I wasn't happy with that. It didn't really tell me anything. So, I went to his twitter page and started reading his tweets all the way to June 09. Then I found what I was looking for! June 27th (I believe, give or take a day) he tweeted this link.

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Ill just quote what I found important.

"The reason: As rumors of Elvis still being alive abounded in the early ’80s, I was hearing all of these odd stories of Michael Jackson. I had also heard the idea of Walt Disney being encased in ice. Who would or could pull off such an act? Someone with a lot of money, friends and a vivid imagination. From what I hear about Jackson, and the impressions when I got to meet him twice, was that Jackson was just the sort to pull such a gag. I watched as he shut down amusement parks just so he could be a customer. I heard the stories of his Neverland Ranch and his fascination with everything childlike. His glove fixation and recreating his skin tone. Reality is something he visited but didn’t dwell.

Since the early ’80s I’ve thought that if Jackson was ever to die early, that I might not believe it"

Then he writes that "he probably has died but...." blah blah blah.

I don't believe Rob Smith is in on the hoax. I don't believe he knows about it but he states that he has met Michael twice. He states that the impressions he got led him to believe that Michael could pull off a hoax such as this.

Once I read that I sent Rob anouther email. But, he didnt answer. So then I followed him on twitter and tweeted him asking to answer my email. Considering he has over 3000 followers and he's following over 3000 people himself, I didn't expect him to see it. Nor did I expect him to respond. But he did. I felt special  (he even followed me back)

 think it could be useful to ask Rob questions like:

-When/Why did he meet Michael
-Did Michael say anything/act suspicious

It's not too often that you see somebody who met Michael being open to the Hoax idea, there had too of been something to make him feel this way.

Michael Joe Jackson ~ Michael Joseph Jackson / Joe vs. Joseph SOLVED.
« on: December 22, 2009, 05:40:52 PM »
The FBI files on Michael Jackson were released today.
I skimmed through them and was more than happy with what I found.

On the FBI website there was a short passage on top
of the page that said:
"Michael Joseph Jackson, a celebrity pop star, was born on August 29, 1958. He died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50."

Of corse when I saw that, I got upset. I thought that ment his middle name was
Joseph, no question about it. But as I started reading the files that frown was turned
upside down. :)
Take a look at some screen shots I took of the files:

Time too smile. ^ The FBI clearly states that his TRUE name is Michael Joe Jackson.

Here we have his drivers license app.

His drivers license.



There you have it. His middle name is clearly, as stated by the FBI, Joe.
Now, back too the thing written on the top of the page :
"Michael Joseph Jackson, a celebrity pop star, was born on August 29, 1958. He died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50."
Michael Joseph is a stage name.

Making the Death Certificate for Michael Joseph Jackson INVALID.

Other Odd Things / Person of Interest: Craig Harvey 2
« on: December 17, 2009, 10:31:04 PM »
Does Craig Harvey know Michael is still alive?
well, unfortunatly I dont know the answer too that. But I can provide you with some info too let you draw your own conclusions.

(If you read my last post about Craig Harvey, this might make more sense. )

Okay so I was looking at Craig Harvey's Facebook page and I noticed somthing odd.
He was friends with someone by the name of "Cristiana Jackson". Im aware that
Jackson is a common last name, but this person's profile picture was a picture of Michael.

Strange isnt it? I clicked on this persons name, but there page was on private so I couldn't view it. I was able too look at this persons fan pages, and they seem too be fans of Michael Jackson. I know this doesnt really say much, but this made me want too see who else he was friends with...

When I came across (drum roll please)

Woz mjfd

I dont know who this person is, But I do know that they post links about Michael Jackson being alive...

Okay well, this strikes me as weird. Not the fact that this person thinks Michael Jackson is alive, but the fact that Craig Harvey added them as a friend...

He only has 94 friends (as of right now). After June 25th imagin how many friend requests he must be getting, what made him want too add this person? Why does someone in on the Michael Jackson investigation want too add someone as a friend who belives Michael is alive?

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Craig Harvey / Person of interest: Craig Harvey
« on: December 14, 2009, 10:33:22 PM »
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(Sorry for giving a link, I dont have the photos on this computer  :oops: ) Please read it there^^

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Sorry to give you a link, but its really long and contains lots of pictures that are too big to post here. Please read it above. (Sorry again)

Other Hoaxes / Joey Skaggs "The Final Curtain"
« on: November 29, 2009, 06:32:26 PM »
Joey Skaggs "The Final Curtain"
Who Is Joey Skaggs?
"Joey Skaggs (born 1945) is an American prankster who has organized numerous successful media pranks, hoaxes, and other presentations. He is considered one of the originators of the phenomenon known as culture jamming. "

Joey Skaggs was a prankster. He enjoyed pulling pranks on the media. And only the media.
"refusing to really scam anyone except the media"

How Does This Relate To Michael Jackson?
Well, when I ask people "Why do you think Michael hoaxed his death?"
The answer I get most often is "I think he's trying to teach the media a lesson"
Which makes sense, think about all the Hell the media put him through. Its a logical explanation too me.

"This Is It, This Is The Final Curtain Call"
Sound familiar? That quote was spoken by Michael Jackson himself, at his O2 Press Conference. This quote seems to have been "Stressed". Like they wanted people to remember it. let me explain:

 "final curtain call" is a phrase used long before Michaels press conference. Meaning "last show" or "last act". But now all its being assosiated with is Michael Jackson. Look:

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(sorry the picture was too big)

All I did was type in "Final Curtain Call" into google, and all I got was Michael Jackson.

How does this relate to Joey Skaggs?

Good question. As you now know, our friend Joey here liked pulling pranks and Hoaxes on the media. Well one of his pranks was named The Final Curtain.

"The Final Curtain (2000): Skaggs' creation was a combined funeral company, virtual graveyard and theme park. It was meant to satirize showmanship in places like Forest Lawn cemeteries."

Basicly, he wanted to draw attention to the death-care industry which he described as "a giant corporate scam, exquisitely successful at commercializing death." He didnt like how big cemeteries, and insurance companies...etc. made so much money off of peoples deaths. (notice how Forest Lawn is used as an example, coincidence? I think not.)

Making money off of a persons death, now that sounds familiar.

"He hires actors to play his customers, refusing to really scam anyone except the media. Often the prank is nothing more than a press release with a phone number; in these press releases, Skaggs leaves hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy. Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

He hires people?
Press release?
 Now wasnt Michaels death announced in a press release made by his Brother?
Hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy?

Such as his Death certificate stating the wrong middle name, or The search warrent stating the wrong adress. You know, things like that?

"Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

Kinda makes me wonder...

The Movie References / Gilda comes up again
« on: November 27, 2009, 04:47:31 PM »
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Due to pictures and videos (and possibly laziness on my part)  Please read it there.
Sorry for the inconvenience

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