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MJ Tributes / I have a question, I need help!!!!!
« on: December 27, 2011, 03:03:11 PM »
Hi all!
I need your help, my dear! Some time ago I asked you about MJ's  song "Fall again". My friend and me have done a cover of this song. Tell me, please, will I have a problems with the placement of  my video with a cover on U Tube. If so, how can they be solved.
Thanks a lot  for  your answers and advice.
With Love. confused/

P.S. sorry for mistakes.

Random MJ Talk / You are my Neverland
« on: September 12, 2010, 02:19:12 PM »
Greetings, guys all. Also forgive me for my next off-day.
Today I would like to cry, but I can't. Tears stop somewhere in a throat. I want to cry that I learn human essence in its disgusting embodiment. The lie and treachery surround me and my family. Mass-media writes any muck about me and my husband. The Internet sites collect any garbage and gossips. People spread disgusting rumors about us. Friends use friendship for achievement of the purposes, and then betray. I have ceased to trust. I have closed the heart. I am afraid to have friends. I try to pretend that me it doesn't excite that I'm above all it. But it not so. Each time painfully, as in the first. Each time is blow. All is constructed on money. Nobody wants to create nothing. Only to live for the sake of the stomachs and lust. The beauty around is necessary to nobody, all to spit. Another's problems are necessary to nobody. All for the sake of money. Already almost 2 months I don't sleep. It devilishly exhausts. I drink pills, soporific, but it practically doesn't rescue. I so was tired of mankind, forgive, if it sounds cruelly. But I want, that 2012 has come, I whish, that all this dirt all over the world has stopped. I dream, that Dreaming Dreamers at last could live and create easy.
Thanks to Mo and Souza for this site and for materials which you laboriously collect. This forum - is my Neverland. Here I hide and I have a rest heart. I don't want to believe that MJ is dead, I don't want to believe that harm is so great in the world that is capable to destroy such person as hi. That God hasn't interceded for it... I don't want to believe in it, I can't. Today I with greed looked interview of MJ, searching in its words for answers to my questions. Whence it had so much sincere forces?  Hi didn't surrender. Whence he derived strength? This person inspired me always. But as though I wanted to talk with him, to ask him questions on which I search for answers. Hi has such wise and the kind soul. His councils are so necessary to me.
I know, tomorrow I will find in myself new forces. But it will be (may be) tomorrow. Today I am broken, destroyed by the next treachery.
Forgive me the long message. Forgive bad English.
I love you, my Neverland.

HIStory / Amasing stranger in Moscow...
« on: August 26, 2010, 03:32:54 AM »
Just listen it.
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Sorry if you did hear this.

With love.

General Hoax Talk / Michael Jackson Nomination 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
« on: August 25, 2010, 05:19:29 PM »
Hi guys!
Excuse if I duplicate this information.
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Hoax Videos / New HV :)
« on: August 19, 2010, 04:45:23 PM »
Hi guys!
Sorry if you saw this video.
It's not easy for me to hear some words in this video because Eng is not my mother lang.
So, what do think about it. :?

Pictures & Videos of Michael / I just like this pic's collection
« on: August 18, 2010, 11:43:22 AM »
Perfect man !!!
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Random MJ Talk / This night is too long...
« on: August 14, 2010, 04:57:26 PM »
Kind night all....
I can not fall asleep today...... Again I can not..... But tonight I cry. It's a first time to crying because has understood degree of loss of the most improbable person in life. To me the destiny has presented chance to adjoin to this person in one epoch. It has appeared in my private world 22 years ago. And it is more than it will not leave. I understand all silly attempts not to think of the worst. My brain clambers on showered hills. I search for the reason that it remained. To lose it-is improbable, it is impossible. But I realize more and more that it is possible so. I am afraid to lose faith. I need to be believed that hi is live. But forces for belief remains so a little. The reason competes to heart.
From all theories my reason tends to the murder theory. Someone has killed the child, the most unearthly and perfect child. And it breaks to me heart. Because those who is guilty, go near to us, they round us. It is our world. It would be desirable to cry and tear hair, to howl as a wolf, to be forgotten and not to think. Morning tomorrow will come, I will open eyes and again I will become a part of the world and I will survive in it. How to make that a sunflower has not got under wheels of my life?
My God help me. Enclose love and reason in my heart.
My God store all who appeals to you.
My God, store M.J.'s children.
Sorry for bad english. :cry:

Other Odd Things / Yana Rudkovskaya: “Michael Jackson is alive!”
« on: August 05, 2010, 03:01:57 PM »
Hi everyone! I don’t know, did you discussed this article early.  If you did, delete this post. This is interview of russian famous musical producer Yana Rudkovskaya for newspaper “AIF”. It was published 13.07.2009 and I think this is important. I tried to translate it for you. Sorry for bad English.

The known musical producer considers that death of singer is grandiose fraud which will bring him much million dollars.  It is unbelievable, but the most fantastic version has all more supporters: MJ actually alive! Here that told us producer  Yana Rudkovskaya: MJ LIVING!
—   When declared death of Jackson, I remembered how did talk with one western musical manager. It was only-only known that Jackson declared a round from 50 concerts. And this manager said me: «No concerts will be. On the eve of their Michael will disappear. And the whole world will shudder from the most grandiose fraud of century!»
—   And in what this fraud?
 — Only don’t be surprised. Death of MJ is advantageous above all things. to him! It is not a secret that the last years life of star rolled under a slope. Debts, persecution, are in the press, stagnation in creation. Do you know that right after announcing death in the whole world the songs of Michael flew up on the first lines of hit-parades? And did his disks dare from shops for one day? He dreamed about it! Dreamed to repeat that fantastic success, when he was torn to pieces and he indeed was king. But simultaneously with it he dreamed and about that he was left alone, broke off to watch after every step. And yet Michael wanted to be delivered from debts. And the best output would be to do so that all thought, that he had died. «Death» would work out all problems of Michael. It is not necessary to work off a tiresome concerto round and think about that, how to pay off with debts. Genius of kreativ and PR — Eventually it is the best chance, to hide anywhere and outside to look after an alarm in the world, after shock which was caused by his death. The organizers of round of MJ blow off enormous cash thus: scarcely people will go to hand over the already bought tickets. They, rather, will leave them to itself on memory. Plus a round was insured. In world musical a get-together in which we with Dimoy Bilanom (famous Russian singer) have many friends, all know perfectly, that MJ — fantastically kreativ artist and most inventive PR. He and invented not such! And version that he just played off the death, all more confirmations find.  — For example?
—   People which was present on the last rehearsal of new show of MJ assure: on the stage Michael was not alike on deeply sick, weak man. But yet pair of months back he did not get up from an invalid carriage, so met the 50-years-old anniversary in it! And suddenly unexpectedly such wave of forces! He danced, as though it was him not 50, but 25! Does not it seem to you strange?
  — Indeed, on these photos of MJ looks fresh.
—   Here exactly! There is opinion, that in that day on a rehearsal was not MJ, but  double! Will he return in 2 years
—   Double?!
 —  MJ had many doubles. And he used them, when did not want to appear. It is therefore talked that there was double on a rehearsal! A man on the stage did not sing any song alive! But danced well. Because counterfeiting dance of MJ is possible, and vocal — no! He is too «brandname». This rehearsal was arranged specially, to provide the world the «last photos” On them he looks not old and healthy. Such MJ and would like to remain in memory of people. Then to return in quite other appearance and again to shock all.
—   But if living he, where hidden? He has a bright exterior. He is known.
—   And from where to the people exactly to know how does he look now? Last throughout the years Michael closed a person glasses and shawls. Fully possibly, that he changed the exterior already a long ago.
—   But as doctors, fixings his death? And dissection?
—   Once again — nobody knows how actually MJ looked the last years! Doctors fully could take any his double for a singer! MJ also could make a bargain with doctors. But the strangest in all this history personally it seems to me conduct of his near. Did you see on TV though one subject, where do his children cry, low-spirited? It is not. But we saw on TV a brother which quite not looked the killed grief! Already in the first clock after death Michael a brother did some statements, gave an interview. So people do not behave in the first clock of death of member of the family.
—   If all of it — true, when will MJ return?
— He will live anywhere in the place forgotten god, will rest, gather strength.
At this time enormous profits will go from the sale of his unpublished songs, and them more than 200(!). Plus books, devoted him. On all of it in the world there will be enormous demand throughout the year. And after a couple of years Michael can return. And to produce the most grandiose furore in all history of music!
—   But will forgive him such the fanaticisms which now cry and grieve?
—   And they will be only happy! He will compliment with them such miracle! Fairy-tale! It so look like him! Certificate of eyewitness: Kevin Mazur: For three days Michael danced to death, as 25-years-old!

A photographer Kevin Mazur did these sensational pictures for three days to death Michael MJ during his last rehearsal in Los Angeles. Here that Kevin told our magazine:
 — When Michael went out on the stage, I thought: «Vau! He returned! The same is former Michael!» He moved, as a 25-years-old fellow, but not as sick man. And danced from the soul, executed difficult motions. I with gladness took pictures his famous lunar gait! Only will look at these pictures! Michael was excited and happy! All was wonderful! If he indeed was sick, never danced so. I was so glad to take pictures him before returning on the stage!

Messages to Michael / The wings of the dove.
« on: July 30, 2010, 06:26:09 AM »
There will be an evening soon. On my balcony a white dove will sit down again. I will hear words from a song "Just cant stop loving you". I will hear them over and over, every day. I will go at night on a sea-shore and will see you there, looking in dark distance, giving up little pebbles in water. Dont be sad. I alongside. I know that you are. There is nothing more frightful than loneliness in crowd of people.  Save itself. Take care.

Introduce yourself / Hi :)
« on: July 30, 2010, 02:05:07 AM »
Good day for everybody !
Im from Crimea (the part of the USSR in the past).
First I want to ask forgiveness for bad English. I listen music of MD from 13 years. When knew that he had died, did not react in any way. Simply not able to accept this information, as true. I trust that he is alive, but doubt that he will go back into our world again. Very much soviet with all of you to become acquainted. To let to take part in your discussions. with kind regards.

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