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Sorry I do not know how to post pics of this HATRED at the hands of Nikki SIxx the bassist for Motley Crue and a radio personality for Sixx Sense also he has a clothing line as well, all should be boycotted !!

its all here on my Facebook (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) , sorry I do not know how to post pics and stuff, maybe a mod or  so someone can copy it here   please.

SO its NOT ok to call people racist names or gay slurs , BUT THIS HATRED is ok??? Where is his family??? Where is his friends?? Where is the Estate?? SORRY this from a Celebrity who has a big syndicated radio station?? Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse?  Here I am tweeting all these people to try to get them to stand up for the person they personally loved and knew first hand. They didn't stand up back in 2004 then lets see if all their tears and words are backed up by action against this hatred!!     I am fighting for him and yet I am getting called the most VILE names from Nikki Sixx fans, mind you I use to follow him on both twitter and facebook and then I saw today and realize he has hatred in his heart!! Clear Channel needs to do something about this guy, and I won't stop until they do!!

Sorry but if you call someone a faggot or N***** its enough to lose your jobs in the entertainment industry, BUT this IS NOT???

His bosses should have to answer for this!!! HELP ME FIGHT THIS

heres the link to my facebook and twitter, if I have to I will call Clear Channel and anyone paying Nikki to be on the radio / record label/ clothing line  and ask that he be stopped, this is too far!!!

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login   there are screens shots here of what's being said on his twitter and there is even more on his facebook and he talked about this on the radio airwaves!!!
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I really am curious to see how many fans/believers will stand up about this...... THIS has to stop where is his ARMY?? His children should not see another "artist" attack their father so publicly

Michael Jackson News / Geraldo Investigates FInally Dec 20th,09 10pm EST
« on: December 19, 2009, 05:14:41 PM »
I just say in another topic that Geraldo is going to have a show on the Michael Jackson Investigation tomorrow night Dec, 20th,2009 at 10 pm EST ..

Has anyone else heard about this?

Messages to Michael / Two Video Messages Michael
« on: December 01, 2009, 11:23:53 PM »
Here are 2 great video messages that were made from Hoaxers

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