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Michael Jackson News / Today everyone speak or write about the hoax
« on: August 29, 2018, 04:38:49 AM »
The First i hear today in the Radio when i take a shower is that Michael can be the newspaper i read was an articel about a possible hoax......then Again in the goes on ? Michael, we Love You !

Other Odd Things / Xscape and the copyright catalogue
« on: June 06, 2014, 02:45:20 AM »
Untill now i could find every song from Michael in the Copyright catalogue, but not the titles from Xscape......only is in....Love never felt so good.....and this song from Xscape is the only one i hear i the Radio here from my favorite Radio Station.

In the US every song, lyrics......Need a Copyright in this catalogue......not so in Europe. Here you have a Copyright when you write something.
So you don't find the Beatles Songs in that catalogue. They are written in the UK, so they don't Need this .

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I am a Little bit confused what that means and don't know the US legal System.

Maybee it's interesting ?

Hugs to the Family  :bearhug:

Michael Jackson News / A truth untold Kickstarter Project
« on: November 29, 2013, 06:43:28 AM »
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Michael Jackson News / Michael mentioned in new german song
« on: October 18, 2013, 03:11:14 AM »
I don't know if it is interesting, but when i sit here in my Office i hear Radio and the last days i only hear one german : und Michael lässt uns nicht allein....Translation : and Michael don't leave us alone.....
I continue my work and every day the same.....i surch what song that is.
It is a new song from Adel Tawil and is named " Lieder " english " Songs "

Funny that he sang that Witney will forever love him and Michael don't leave us alone.....we know he didn't !

Here is a nice Video from the song :

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Much fun and a nice day ! With Love ! :bearhug:

TMZ Articles / Med board says you'll practice over our dead bodies
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:49:10 AM »
Celebrity Justice

47 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF.

Conrad Murray

Med Board Says You'll Practice

Over Our Dead Bodies!


The Medical Board of California will NOT let Dr. Conrad Murray practice medicine again, despite Murray's plan to fight license revocation ... sources connected with the Board tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Murray wants to practice medicine again after he's released from jail later this month.  The Medical Board started the ball rolling to revoke Murray's license, but it's been put on hold while he tries to get an appeals court to reverse the verdict.

Our sources -- which have inside info into the case -- tell TMZ members of the Board believe Murray is unfit to practice medicine based on what he did to Michael Jackson.  One source put it bluntly, "He's not getting his license back."

As for why ... we're told board members have already discussed the case -- the fact that Murray was fueling MJ with Propofol for 60 days straight and allowed him to massively OD just before he died.  They also think it's unconscionable that Murray shockingly abused Propofol by using it as a sleeping aid.

We're told the Board will often give a doctor one pass for misdeeds, like cocaine use or even hurting a patient.  But they believe the circumstances surrounding Michael's death involve a "moral failing" which is unforgivable.


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Other Odd Things / Lions everywhere
« on: June 26, 2013, 02:06:33 AM »
i have now not the time to surch and post all the other Lions...Neverland, on the Shirts and the Twitter account from Prince, but i can't wait to post this to you :

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Lions at the gate of Carolwood !!!! :th_bravo:

There where no lions when Michael lived there. I found it on You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Wasn't the sell late year ? Why should the new owner open the gate for teammichaeljackson ????

What means this lion ? I can't surch now...

Come back later !

Hugs to the family for 4 years together ! :bearhug:

i found this 2 video's on youtube with weird things and dates...
Please watch !
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Love to you !

The Numbers Theory / 999 days
« on: March 06, 2012, 03:08:58 AM »
I am not so good in this numerologies, but very interested.
So i saw that at the 21. March we have 999 days from the beginning. Spring time !

We speak a lot about the 21. December....12.21.2012....there are 9 months between 21. March untill 21. December.

Michael speaks about 4 years.....he rented the Carolwood house at the 22. December 2008. At the 21. December it's exactly 4 years.

I know that's all nothing but coincidences..... lolol/ lolol/ lolol/

TMZ Discussion / When i google TMZ...
« on: March 04, 2012, 02:08:23 PM »
Every now and then i google TMZ. NOt long ago i got results from Michael Jacksons Death...the first article about his death. Now this is gone and i get a result Michael Jackson News !  /bravo/
So much news from him 2,5 years after his " death "  bearhug Thank you TMZ ! Greetings from germany ! lolol/

Court Case & Hearings; Discussion and Articles / Motion for discovery
« on: January 24, 2012, 04:10:38 PM »
Hello, i watched the court news from the Conrad Murray Trial and saw 84 new pages from 09.January....Motion for discovery.
It's real long and i think everyone of you are more able to understand the details....i hope there is some interest ?

From page 14  there is a long long list from the Estate and for what they are paying for the time after June 2009.
I have only take one look at it and when i find the time i have to go in details, but at the first side i saw that there are only 2 months they pay for a Nanny. No cost for home teachers or school of the kids, not for sports....not one position for Neverland, but much for Hayvenhurst and a condo.
A family vacation in 2010.
Must costs fot film...immens high !

The clothes for the Memorial or funeral are named costumes.....maybee normal...i don't know....
There is so much more that i miss and so much i wonder.....but i don't wont to wait with posting...i don't know if i had enough time the next days. /white flag/
It would be great if anyone has interest and spend some time with that long list.
I was one of the biggest believer, but i rearly lost faith in the last time.....i only reading here and was very sad because i have so much problems to understand long text and the translation is even more confusion as the original.... :lol:
I love you all  bearhug

Other Odd Things / Dieter Wiesner's new book
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:33:09 AM »
yesterday i got the new book from Dieter Wiesner...Die wahre Geschichte...means the true story. It's in german.
I am ill and began reading.....but i am not that ill that i don't mention that Dieter Wiesner has two stories we have from everything two or more stories.
In this interview near the end he said  that he was in LA at the 25. June 2009 and drives to the house where Michael lives.....but there where too much ppl and he drove back to the hotel....

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In his book, he writes that he was in his office in germany when he got the phone call that Michael was in the hospital and later that he died.....

I am so tired of all this stories.... confused/

I have read half of the book, it's interesting, but when all the stories are lies......only entertainment !

Nobody who was straight and tells one story ? The only true story ?

I found there is a new document...the AEG contract and they say it was importend to emntion it at the trial.....a little late ???
Can't understand all, so please can you take a look and say if it is rearly importend ?

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PLease, i can be wrong, but didn't judge Pastor said very clear that they start yesterday at 9:30 am. Later as usual because of transporting problems ?

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So 9:30 am in LA is 18:30 pm in germany. The treat about that day and the comments about the testimony of Cherilyn Lee starting in the german forum at 17:30 pm

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That's weird.... /judge/

Here is the testimony of Amir Rubin/UCLA who was at the press conference at the UCLA.
I mention that he official don't say that Michael Jackson was dead....he don't know when, he don't know the details and he don't know exactly who was in the emergency room, but the funniest thing was that he answers on the question if Jermanie Jackson was the brother of Michael Jackson....i think he is....

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At 8:00

I rearly don't have seen much from the trial, but it was weird when i saw Chernoff speaking and he don't speak in the microphone in front of him...he could go around and you could hear him laud and clear everywhere ! He must have a microphone , but i can't find it...
They told us that they had fix camera's in the court room and no media..... lolol/....yes, i believe that there is no media life in that court room. They get what is filmed before.
Please take a look the next time you see ! There are no differences in the audio quality....don't matter where he and the other go. The withness have to speak in there mikrophone.
Sorry, but i can't better explain !

Greetings from germany  bearhug

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