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Other Odd Things / What they don't want you to know
« on: January 10, 2010, 07:08:27 PM »
It's odd... I was just about to comment on a post when it suddenly disappeared. Anyway, it quotes an interesting article (thanks to the OP!), which I also read a while ago and found very well articulated! I think it's worth reposting:

"What They Don’t Want You to Know About Michael Jackson

What do you think of when you hear the name, Michael Jackson? Michael? Criminal? Great Entertainer? Businessman? Whatever you think of MJ, throw all your thoughts out of the window and let’s examine some facts.

For years the media has labeled him “Michael Jackson.” What happened to MJ? Wasn’t he the biggest thing in music at one point? When did he go crazy?

All anyone has to do is look when Michael started being portrayed as “Crazy.” It wasn’t during the “Thriller” years. It’s cool being a song and dance man. That’s what they want. DON’T DARE BECOME A THINKING BUSINESSMAN. DON’T DARE BUY THE BEATLES CATALOG. DON’T DARE MARRY ELVIS’ DAUGHTER. DON’T DARE BEAT THE RECORD INDUSTRY AT THEIR OWN GAME. Michael started being labeled crazy when he began making business moves that no one had been successful at doing.

Michael took two cultural icons and shattered them to pieces. All our lives, we’ve been bombarded with 2 facts. The Beatles were the greatest group of all time and Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll. Michael bought the Beatles and married the King’s daughter. (if that ain’t literally sticking it to the man) If I wasn’t a cynic, I’d say Michael did the Lisa Marie thing just to stick it to the people who consider Elvis the King.

The Beatles were great, but they weren’t great enough to maintain publishing rights over their own songs.

Elvis was great, but he didn’t write his songs. His manager, Col Tom Parker, was the mastermind behind Elvis … keeping him drugged with fresh subscription pills and doing all the paperwork.

Michael could do no wrong as an entertainer. “Off the Wall,” first solo artist with 4 top ten singles. “Thriller,” the biggest selling album of all time, with a then record 7 top ten singles. “Bad,” the first album to spawn 5 number one songs (even Thriller only had 2 number one songs). All this is cool. But that is all you better do. SING AND DANCE. Michael wanted to be greater. He bought the legendary Sly and the Family Stone catalog and no one really cared. When he bought the Beatles, people noticed. The Sony merger took the cake. Sony, in their eagerness to have a part of the Beatles catalog, agreed to a 50/50 merger with Jackson, thus forming Sony/ATV music publishing. Now, Michael co-owns half of the entire publishing of all of Sony artists. Check out the complete lists of songs at A sampling of the songs he owns the publishing rights to are over 900 country songs by artists such as Tammy Wynette, Kenny Rogers, Alabama. All Babyface written songs. Latin songs by Selena and Enrique Iglesias. Roberta Flack songs, Mariah Carey songs, Destiny’s Child’s songs. 2pac, Biggie and Fleetwood Mac songs. In essence over 100,000 songs. “What is this man doing?” None of the greats did this. Not Bono, Springsteen, Sinatra. “Who does he think he is? Get whatever you can on him.”

To “get” someone, you have to attack what they love the most. I’ll say no more on that.

The only man who even approaches MJ in taking on the industry is Prince and to a lesser extent, George Michael. They went after poor George Michael, publicly outing the man as a homosexual. Prince fought hard and made his point, but nevertheless still had to resort to using a major company to distribute his materials. There is nothing wrong with that. Prince would get the lion’s share, but the result were years of being labeled crazy and difficult.
The greatest moment for them was the Sneddon press conference. “We got him.” Never was such glee so evident. Who cares if we have evidence?

Michael was acquitted, did not celebrate, went home and left the USA. Best move ever. Now what is there left for the haters to do? He’s gone. “Gone, what do you mean he moved to Bahrain? Well, how the hell can we get him if he’s not here? Quick, get that columnist to write a series of articles on how MJ’s teetering on the brink of destruction. Oh we did that? Well, what can we do?”

On the outer surface, it appears Michael is not doing anything to make money. Don’t even count the weekly sales of his CDs. 15,000 CDs a week is nothing for Michael. The Sony/ATV catalog is money for Michael Jackson every time he breathes. Serious money. The fact that no one reports on the actual amount is proof of that. They would rather you believe he is broke than tell you the truth. Neverland is still owned by MJ. The family home in Encino is still owned by MJ. Michael still owns the Beatles songs through the merger with Sony as well as full ownership of his own songs. But, hey, that’s our little secret.
Michael Jackson is literally walking in the shoes that no Black person has ever walked in before. If he ever writes an autobiography, it will be one of the most interesting ever. A Black man with no real formal education becomes the most powerful man in the industry, DESPITE hatred, racism, enemies in his own camps and a media willing to be bought to the highest bidder.

If Sony had any sense, right now they should offer to continue the partnership. That’s the only way they will make future money off of Michael’s catalogue.
Tommy Mattola did not lose his job with Sony because he was a bad label head. It was a casualty of war. MJ exposed him and Sony had to cut their losses. Companies do it all the time. Notice no one at Sony nor did Matolla himself ever sue MJ for slander. Michael always was loyal to his bosses at Epic/Sony. Back at the 1984 Grammys, he even brought then label head Walter Yetnikoff on stage with him at one point. He’s always thanked Dave Glew, Mattola and others at Sony in his acceptance speeches.

Sony can still do right by Michael, but it may be too late. However, they still should make a goodwill gesture, but how many times do businesses do that? If I were them, I’d still want MJ as an ally, not as an enemy. It is/was a mutally profitable merger.
I’d be scared as hell if I was an enemy of MJ while he is with the multi-billionaires overseas. Believe me, they aren’t just over there discussing designer clothing. A conglomerate is in the making.

One last note, these facts that I write here should not be the only times you hear this, but the sad fact is it probably is. I was worried that Michael would go down because of the uncertainty of the jury. That’s playing unfair. If I’m presenting these facts here at EURweb, YOU CAN BELIEVE THE MEDIA KNOWS IT ALREADY AS WELL. They aren’t salivating over everything MJ related just because he made “Thriller.” They know what’s up. Think about it. That’s why I laugh when I see shows like BET’s “The Ultimate Hustler.” We all know who that is. (How can Damon Dash know who the ultimate hustler is anyway? He lost Roc-a-fella to Jay-Z)

In the end, Michael won’t be known for being an alleged child molester. He won’t be known for “Thriller.” He will be known as the man that fought the record industry and won and lived to tell the tale."

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Originally by Christopher Hamilton, 2008

I found that part on Sony particularly interesting! The last bit of it is so picturesque!  :D

No, but on the serious side, it's something to think about with all that buzz around the unreleased tracks, AEG/Sony deal for TII and radio silence on the Sony/ATV catalogue.

This Is It / This is it, or is it?
« on: January 05, 2010, 02:38:53 PM »
Just came across one article and it made me scratch my head confused. Since it was in a local paper, i'll just translate a piece here:

The new circumstances of the late king of pop last 48 hours just surfaced, revealed by an insider who prefered to remain anonymous.

- After the last rehearsal Michael said: "it's cool, but I will not survive 50 concerts. It will kill me".
Singer was exhausted, had problems breathing and sweated a lot. He was no longer used to the extreme physical exercise required for the live shows. He simply wasn't ready to run 50 concerts. And he was aware that a tragedy could happen right on stage.

So he had this idea to arrange one but very magnificent show - the largest and the most spectacular event in the pop music. So that it would then be released on DVD and CD, screened in the cinemas, concert halls etc. And in the same time, with this one show would make him as much money as he would have gained by doing the 50 concerts.  He was in financial dire straits and was haunted by creditors, yet he knew he wasn't prepared to stand 50 gigs. He therefore proposed this compromise to AEG, the tour executive company.

But organizers rejected the proposal. As a result Michael was constantly under stress, suffered from insomnia and, as a result, became hooked on prescription drugs, which killed him.

Well, the article is of 7 July, and as far as i remember there were no talks of TII movie yet back then, especially noone could predict the scale of this project - DVD's, CD's, cinemas, simultaneous worldwide premier etc.... The notion of his single-show plan just stood out for me. Could be BS (printed in one of the 'serious' papers though), but i'll leave it some benefit of a doubt.

Dr. Conrad Murray / Conrad Murray: more questions!
« on: January 04, 2010, 08:23:03 PM »
Ok, that's an old article, so mods please feel free to delete this post if it's a double one, but i find it rather interesting (this is the first time i came across it):

Jul. 19, 2009
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

Cardiologist's link hurting energy drink

Media mention Jackson's doctor


The more John Thomas talked about his friend, Dr. Conrad Murray, the sadder he became.

Just three days before reports flashed around the world that the 56-year-old Las Vegas cardiologist's CPR attempts were unsuccessful in keeping Michael Jackson alive, Thomas had phoned Murray to invite him to the opening of the International MMA Fight Club gym in Las Vegas.

"He couldn't have been happier then," said Thomas, staring at the floor Wednesday in the gym on Spring Mountain Road that also serves as the Southern Nevada office of Pit Bull energy products.

"He was apologetic about not being able to come to the opening, but he said he was busy with Michael."

The Pit Bull business is what binds the two men together.

Thomas, 51, is the regional sales director for the energy drink. Murray invested with a distributorship that brought the drink to his native country of Trinidad.

Thomas said the two met about five years ago through a mutual friend, financier Fabian Vincent, during filming of a Pit Bull commercial.

In his last phone call with Murray, Thomas said last week, it was evident how much Murray "liked being in the limelight, meeting all the celebrities."
And it was clear to Thomas that the $150,000 a month Murray said he was getting from Jackson was helping him through "some of the financial troubles he talked about."

"He sounded great, really upbeat," Thomas said.

Since they last spoke, Murray has become a central figure in a police investigation into the entertainer's death. That has resulted in a media portrait of the cardiologist that Thomas doesn't recognize.

Attempts to get Murray's comments were unsuccessful.

Under the headline, "DOC LIKES TO PARTY," The Sun, a British tabloid, described Murray as a hard-drinking party animal who, when he isn't promoting Pit Bull, chases younger women.

One woman identified as a "promotions girl" said he enjoyed the models he took with him to the Caribbean: "He had a ball with them. He was up into the early hours drinking and having fun and took a particular shine to one ... at least 20 years younger than him."

"He enjoyed posing bare chested with the girls," she was quoted as saying.

On FOX News, Geraldo Rivera described Murray as cavorting with Las Vegas models he flew to Trinidad to help him promote "a very unhealthy" energy drink.

As the investigation into Jackson's death unfolds in the public eye, and Murray is more frequently mentioned in tabloids and on celebrity gossip Web sites, other people associated with him in Las Vegas are trying to square the man they knew with the profile emerging in the media.

Karen Chacon, one of the models Murray helped select for the Pit Bull promotion in Trinidad in 2005, said Murray was "very respectful of the models."

"If he had a relationship with anyone, that was up to him and the model," she said.

Chacon said while Murray drank alcohol, she never saw him get drunk.

"He knew when to stop. He was very professional."

Dr. Lydia O'Connor-Sanders, a Las Vegas family practitioner and longtime Michael Jackson fan, said her own experiences with Murray make her eager to read everything about him.

At first, she said, Murray was nice "to someone just starting out," allowing her in 2004 to set up an office in the practice he shared with another doctor on East Flamingo Road. She paid a third of the rent. Repeatedly, she said, Murray tried to get her and her daughter to buy Pit Bull.

"In a nice way," she said.

"I referred patients to him for tests. I found him very pleasant and professional."

But less than a year later, she said, Murray and his colleague gave her two weeks notice that they were moving out.

"I was left holding the bag on that space," O'Connor-Sanders said. "I had to do some begging and quick talking to the leasing manager."

It was that kind of behavior, she said, that made her think that he was capable of running away from debts.

Murray has left a trail of legal and financial troubles during his 10 years in Las Vegas.

Judgments or liens totaling about $450,000 were rendered against Murray from finance and leasing firms and for failure to pay child support and student loans.

Two pending lawsuits against him, brought by Digirad Imaging Solutions and Siemens Financial Services, are seeking judgments totalling more than $366,000.

If Murray was troubled by his legal and financial troubles, O'Connor-Sanders said she didn't see it in 2004.

"I remember how happy he was when he got a new Mercedes convertible and he drove it to the office and showed it to everyone. He got a new white lab coat from his office with his name on it so he could drive around town and show everybody that he was a doctor who made it."

When O'Connor-Sanders went to Los Angeles for a week to mourn Jackson's death, she was interviewed by a TV reporter. She wondered why the man she knew as a competent cardiologist only performed manual CPR, as has been reported in the media.

"You would have thought he would have had much more on hand for an emergency," O'Connor-Sanders said. "There are so many questions that need answering."

Val Dorsey, who runs Val's Cafe near Murray's Global Cardiovascular Associates office on East Flamingo Road near Eastern Avenue, doesn't believe the media portrayal of the physician who often stopped by her eatery.

"He's the nicest man you'll ever want to meet," she said. "He's very polite and friendly."

Vincent, a Bank of George vice president who said he's a longtime friend of Murray, finds it "terribly sad" what Murray is going through.

Vincent said he was part owner of a distribution company that was set up to bring Pit Bull to Trinidad. Murray invested heavily in the company which he said went out of business in 2007, Vincent said.

"Dr. Murray is an outstanding individual," Vincent said. "He's a reputable physician in Las Vegas."

Still, Vincent said he didn't want to talk at length about his relationship with his friend.

Thomas, however, doesn't want to stop talking about Murray, particularly his relationship with Pit Bull.

As he sat with two cans of the energy drink on his knee, he worried that Pit Bull sales worldwide could be crippled by an unfair association with Murray.

"I've already lost two distributors," Thomas said. "And I think the main reason why is because The Sun and Geraldo said Dr. Murray was a big investor or promoter of Pit Bull. It's all over the Internet."

Thomas said Jackson fans don't want to drink something they think is owned by someone who was so close to Jackson when he died.

But Murray didn't invest directly in Pit Bull, Thomas said. "He invested in a distribution company that would bring Pit Bull, bottled water and candies to Trinidad. There's a big difference."

J.D. Michaux, a spokeswoman at Pit Bull's corporate offices in Los Angeles, said the owner of the company is "highly upset" that his drink "is being tied" to Murray.

"It's definitely hurting sales among Michael Jackson fans." She said the company wants "everybody to know" the distinction between investing in the drink itself and the distribution company.

Thomas said Murray's interest in Pit Bull grew after they met during the filming of a commercial for the drink in Las Vegas.

"He particularly liked that our sugar free drink can be used by diabetics," Thomas said. "Being a doctor, he would never promote anything unhealthy."

Often, Thomas said, he would be with Murray when the doctor took the Pit Bull energy drink to other doctors for a taste test.

"And when his son was on a sports team, he took it there, too."

Frequently, Thomas said, he and Murray ate at local restaurants, including the steak house at the Palms and the El Patron on Flamingo Road. He only met Murray's wife once and described her as a "housewife" who took care of the couple's young boy and girl.
"He really liked to eat out more than anything," he said. "Most of the time it seemed he was a workaholic either here or at his Houston office."

Thomas said Murray has a big heart.

"I have high blood pressure, and every time I came by his office he had his staff check it at no cost. And one time, when he learned that the sponsor of the girl who won Miss USA International dropped his financial support for a trip to the Dominican Republic, he gave her $4,000 for the trip and hotel and to cover her gowns and outfits."

Thomas said he wasn't surprised when he found Murray became Jackson's personal physician.

"One time when Michael was in town, Dr. Murray said he helped his (Jackson's) daughter," he said. Thomas said Murray did not detail the nature of this help.

Thomas said he doesn't know what kind of money problems Murray had, only that he mentioned them.

Stories about Jackson having several doctors, as well as a prescription drug habit, worries Thomas.

"It's hard to say 'no' when the man who is doing the asking is also paying you," he said of the relationship between Murray and Jackson. "I don't know too many people who can say 'no' to $150,000 a month."

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Okey... so this confused me.

1. Murray enjoyed the limelight and meeting celebrities?? Was there any celebrity that spoke of meeting him? I mean i understand that meeting Michael alone must have been esctatic but what kind of limelight was his friend talking about when everyone only knew about Murray's existance AFTER June 25?

2. Murray is married and has two children with his wife?? Has anyone heard about it? Why the paps are chasing his girlfriends and never spoke about his direct family if he has one? I mean that would be some spicy detail to garnish the child-support courts, especially for TMZ, they love it.

3. The whole 'party animal' portrait is just weird... The man clearly dosn't look like one, but i could be mistaken here. Anyhow this image along with his huge debts make you wonder why MJ would hire such a doc, who isn't that prominent anyway...

4. ...ah yes, he was treating Paris in the past according to his friend (which we also heard from Frank DiLeo). But he doesn't specify for what illness. I can imagine MJ just LIKING him for no obvious reason (hell knows, maybe he WAS a great guy afterall!), but he must have liked him very much to remember him after several years and in the wake of the great comeback concerts.

5. His former colleague (and a long-term MJ fan in the same time) says she was surprised to read about how Murray was performing CPR. BTW this woman has FB (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login). It's a crazy idea, but if she really knows him personally AND is a fan too perhaps we could contact her...

6. A good cardiologist being in the energy drink business??... i mean i drink that sh*t too sometimes but i know it's poison, and any doctor would say that...

7. Finally, Conrad Murray must be the luckiest man in the world (and i'm not being sarcastic): he managed to drive a poshe car, have a lavish life-style (with models and stuff) and get a job for the most famous man in the world while owing money all over town, and even after manslaughtering Michael Jackson (as the story tells) he's NOT the primary suspect (just a witness), he's broke but can afford a whole legal team of lawyers and spokesmen as well as an amy of bodyguards, he is free to retun to medical practice (despite a clear violation of presciption drug policy) AND is loaded with patients who are freaking happy to see him! WOW!

Ratner / Malnik / Motolla / Brett Ratner 'MEMBA HIM?'
« on: January 04, 2010, 12:07:14 PM »

the guy in the left

I'm not sure if Brett's twitter (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) has been discussed on the board before (couldn't find it). Anyway i've looked it through and noticed he wasn't posting anything from May 18 till July 26, also no a single word about MJ's death, memorial, funeral, but most surprisingly - nothing about This is it - which i would expect him to comment on as a director himself and a close friend of Michael. While his twitter is a lot about movies (and not just his own). Strange isn't it?

He does mention MJ though seveal times, mostly in a very positive and happy way (happy b-day Mike, merry x-mas Mike etc), post some cool pics and home videos of them together and reply to a follower who's apparently MJ fan.

There's an article on his former blog bout his friendship with MJ, but i assume it's based on some old interview with him and published on June 26 on occasion:

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Home video ('interview') with MJ
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For those of you who're not familiar with the man:

He's an American filmmaker and music video director. He is best known for his films such as The Family Man (great movie), Red Dragon, the Rush Hour series, and X-Men: The Last Stand, New York I love you. His recent work is a music video for Mariah Carey called 'H.A.T.E. U' (aaaah those dots again! :lol: )


Random MJ Talk / PADDED CELL (C)
« on: December 26, 2009, 03:35:20 PM »
*******Disclaimer: all credit for the room's name goes to SPAKKLE29FUL!***********

Dear fellows!

After reading the post **Everybody please read this** I thought the time has come for this room to materialize! I personally feel like i do need a PC now  :D

No bashing, dashing, hoax discussion, just chillauxxxxxxxxxxx


TMZ Articles / Forest Lawn "company"
« on: December 23, 2009, 07:11:15 PM »
Just seen this in RSS today:

Brittany Murphy's Body Transferred to Cemetery
Posted Dec 23rd 2009 4:16PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Brittany Murphy's body has arrived at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills -- where she is set to be buried in the very near future.

Murphy will be in good company -- Liberace, Freddie Prinze Sr., Buster Keaton, John Ritter and Gene Autry are among Forest Lawn's permanent residents.

As TMZ first reported, Murphy died Sunday morning after she collapsed in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home.

So either TMZ don't consider MJ a 'good company', or he's not there. I can hardly imagine they'd forget he was 'buried' in this cemetery just 3 months ago...

Also i think we should see when the funeral shall take place, because apparently they are curently running the same toxicology tests on Brittany... something tells me it wouldn't take 2 months to lay her to rest.

Terrible topic anyway... R.I.P. Brittany

References & Similarities / The Money theory
« on: December 18, 2009, 07:40:03 PM »
Wow... I'm actually surprised this post isn't being discussed! :shock: (or is it in another thread?)  

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Dear hesouttamylife, I hope you don't mind me reposting this here!

There are also parts 1 and 2, i think it's better to watch them alltogether:

MJ Will being in question

part 1

part 2

part 3 (posted by hesouttamylife)

I know there are pieces of it that are discussed within various threads, but i believe it makes sense to bring them all in one and discuss the role of these people and their involvement with MJ in a singular time-and-space frame:

John Branca (Sony connection)
John McClain
Thome Thome (AEG connection)
Randy Phillips (AEG)
Frank Dileo (Sony connection)
Tommy Mottola (Sony)
Al Malnik (?)
Jermaine Jackson (Thome connection)
Thomas J Barrack (Colony Capital)

There are things that cannot be ignored, they ARE important in this case, perhaps even more than hidden messages in lyrics, sign language and the three Statues of Liberty all together - sorry, no offence! i love supernatural and am fond of conspiracies - but... there's also:

- The Will ambiguity,
- MJ managers/estate executors muddle,
- Family/estate conflicts,
- SONY/ATV catalogue
- History of prescription medications
- Murray recruitment
- Neverland
- Sony/MJ relations in the period 2001-2009 (after 'Killer Thriller')
- Jemaine's latest activities after all and his obvious separation from the other members of the family (no hints, just possibilities)
 and whatever you name it

And there is an undeniable connection between some of these things (or perhaps all of them) and people mentioned above and between these people. It looks like a spider net to me! Let's work on complex models and scenarios instead of strawing them apart. Perhaps that's gonna work somehow, we should try!

I'd like to repost these links here:

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The blog deals with bunch of this stuff (the will, executors, Sony/AEG etc), it's still a blog, not the Bible, so obviously we'll have to double check everything

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Interviw with Sony producers who used to work with MJ in 90's and were friends with him, apart from being interesting and giving some little inside details about MJ, they also speak about his position in Sony in those years

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Firpo Carr articles, certainly not the gospel, but some straws of possibly useful information

Whatever else you can find on this, please let's pull it all together! It's something real... maybe even too real, but who knows, maybe investigating harder in this direction we might come closer to the truth and it WOULD be what we all expect. But there's always a chance that the truth will be hard to accept. I still hope we'll find Da TROOT in the end of this! That is why i don't wanna name it murder theory (i have a strong feeling MJ's alive)... but rather Money theory... Perhaps it's all simplier (in a way) though much more complicated (in another) than we think... I personally doubt MJ would pull a global hoax in order to save the world without his own rears being safe. And it appears there's a hellovamess in there  :?

Sorry if that's already been done in another place on this forum, i honestly tried to look for it!

General Hoax Talk / This-is-not-it page
« on: December 18, 2009, 03:06:29 PM »
I recently tried to open TINI page to see if there's anything new but the site keeps failing to download.... I was just wondering if anyone visited it recently and if there were similar problems.... Perhaps it's just a server thing... I kinda feel like we're in this together, searching for answers and the truth whatever it may be.

The Memorial / Screen messages at the Memorial
« on: December 18, 2009, 06:29:51 AM »
This is gonna be kinda long post, but i hope not entirely pointless!

Yesterday night I finally got the courage to watch the full Memorial service on DVD for the first time after it was originally broadcasted. Watching it back in July was very hard and although i've seen 'hoax-related' parts of it many times by now, the thought of seeing the whole thing again was painful. Luckily this time I could watch it with a clearer mind and dryer eyes. This WAS an amazing, dignifying and very solid in its message ceremony. And I got a feeling that the words said in Staples Center on that morning did something that sadly MJ didn't accomplish to do via his interviews, movies and public appearences in the past years - to finally prove the world that he is human just like everyone of us and that he is one of the greatest human ever lived with everything he did throughout his life in music, culture and humanitarian field. Perhaps the first part of it was grasped by the audience (or at least by the media) in a better way (judging by the news coverage which followed - reporters voiced as one that Brooke's Shields and 'KFC' stories were greatest revelations: 'he was a person after all!'...). Bitter as it is, Michael's 'death' opened many people's hearts to understand him and love him for who he was. Or so i hope.

What I also noticed, was that throughout the Memorial there were only 3 times that a text message appeared on the screen along with the photograhs. All three were lines were from the MJ songs. And the first two messages appeared during the two speeches given by Rev. Al Sharpton and by Martin Luther King III & Bernice King (children of Martin Luther King, Jr.). I don't think that this happened by pure coincidence as the Memorial was planned and directed by no other than Kenny Ortega. So that sorta reminded me of the text messages we've seen in TII movie.

1. "There's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as one" (from "We've had enough")

Al Sharpton speech was very powerful and if you search the net - many consider it one of the Memorial highlights "because it cut deep to the core reasons why many people love and defend Michael Jackson and for another reason: Jackson represents the growth of mainstream American Culture, where people paid less attention to race and more attention to what they liked regardless of the skin color of the person who made what they liked" (from a blog). So what did he say:

All over the world today people are gathered in love viduals to celebrate the life of a man that taught the world how to love.

People may be wondering why there’s such an emotional outburst. But you would have to understand the journey of Michael to understand what he meant to all of us. For these that sit here as the Jackson family - a mother and father with nine children that rose from a working class family in Gary, Indiana - they had nothing but a dream.

No one believed in those days that this kind of dream could come true, but they kept on believing and Michael never let the world turn him around from his dreams. I first met Michael around the 1970 Black Expo, Chicago, Illinois. Rev. Jesse Jackson, who stood by this family till now, and from that day as a cute kid to this moment, he never gave up dreaming. It was that dream that changed culture all over the world. When Michael started, it was a different world. But because Michael kept going, because he didn’t accept limitations, because he refused to let people decide his boundaries, he opened up the whole world.

In the music world, he put on one glove, pulled his pants up and broke down the color curtain where now our videos are shown and magazines put us on the cover. It was Michael Jackson that brought Blacks and Whites and Asians and Latinos together. It was Michael Jackson that made us sing, “We are the World” and feed the hungry long before Live Aid.

Because Michael Jackson kept going, he created a comfort level where people that felt they were separate became interconnected with his music. And it was that comfort level that kids from Japan and Ghana and France and Iowa and Pennsylvania got comfortable enough with each other until later it wasn’t strange to us to watch Oprah on television. It wasn’t strange to watch Tiger Woods golf. Those young kids grew up from being teenage, comfortable fans of Michael to being 40 years old and being comfortable to vote for a person of color to be the President of the United States of America.

Michael did that. Michael made us love each other. Michael taught us to stand with each other. There are those that like to dig around mess. But millions around the world, we’re going to uphold his message. It’s not about mess, but it’s about his love message. As you climb up steep mountains, sometimes you scar your knee; sometimes you break your skin. But don’t focus on the scars, focus on the journey. Michael beat ‘em, Michael rose to the top. He out-sang his cynics, he out-danced his doubters; he out-performed the pessimists. Every time he got knocked down, he got back up. Every time you counted him out, he came back in. Michael never stopped. Michael never stopped. Michael never stopped.

I want to say to Mrs. Jackson and Joe Jackson, his sisters and brothers: We thank you for giving us someone that taught us love; someone who taught us hope. We want to thank you because we know it was your dream too.

We know that your heart is broken. I know you have some comfort from the letter from the President of the United States and Nelson Mandela. But this was your child. This was your brother. This was your brother. This was your cousin. Nothing will fill your hearts’ lost. But I hope the love that people are showing will make you know he didn’t live in vain. I want his three children to know: Wasn’t nothing strange about your Daddy. It was strange what your Daddy had to deal with. But he dealt with it…He dealt with it anyway. He dealt with it for us.

So, some came today, Mrs. Jackson, to say goodbye to Michael. I came to say, thank you. Thank you because you never stopped, thank you because you never gave up, thank you because you never gave out, thank you because you tore down our divisions. Thank you because you eradicated barriers. Thank you because you gave us hope. Thank you Michael. Thank you Michael. Thank you Michael!
audio with transcript:
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A powerful speech and the message on the screen coming from a powerful and meaningful song:

We're innocently standing by
Watching people lose their lives
It seems as if we have no voice
It's time for us to make a choice

Only god could decide
Who will live and who will die
There's nothing that can't be done
If we raise our voice as one

They've gotta hear it from me
They've gotta hear it from you
They've gotta hear it from us
We can't take it
We've already had enough

So, Michael united us.

2. "They say the sky's the limit and for me that is really true" (from "Bad")

Speech given by Martin Luther King descendants was also very moving. Here's an extract:

And for all of us it is apparent that like our father and mother, Martin and Coretta King, Michael’s life and work was inspired by the love of God. Throughout the ages few are chosen from amongst us to use their gifts and talents to demonstrate God’s love in an effort to bring the world together in true sister and brotherhood. Michael was such a one. He epitomized the words of our father that an individual hasn’t started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of humanity. Michael was always concerned with others with humanity. And I want the world to know that despite being embroiled in accusations and persecutions, as a humanitarian he thought it not robbery to concern himself with one of this world’s other greatest humanitarians, our mother, during her illness just three months before her death.

Here's an audio with transcript:
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Michael is placed next to Marin Luther King and that alone is very significant... the song line perhaps is significant too, however not the one that's been on the screen, but just the following:

But They Say The Sky's
The Limit
And To Me That's Really True
And My Friends You Have
Seen Nothin'
Just Wait 'Til I Get Through...

3. Last but not least we get this picture, which has been largely discussed on every hoax forum

It appears at the end of the ceremony, after the family has spoken. And don't they say the last impression is the one that  lasts (or something like that!)

There's a man
Who plays the game of life so well
Ooh, there's such a man
His thoughts you can never tell, ooh
And it's just the way he
Thought it would be
'Cause the day has come
For him to be free
I'm alive and I'm here forever

This Is It / Could this prove concerts were never meant?
« on: December 17, 2009, 05:34:59 PM »
I'm not sure if this explains anything, but I do think it may be important.

So on March 5 press-conference takes place where MJ announces the first 10 shows. The tickets go on sale and are snapped up in a matter of minutes. They increase the number of shows till 50. Randy Phillips later said the initial arrangement between AEG and MJ was 31 shows and they only threw the first 10 to explore the market, but when they saw the demand was crazy they agreed to put on 19 more shows.

So from TII movie we've learned that the auditions for the dancers were held on ... what.. 19 April or so? The work was in progress, however on May 20 AEG announced that some shows shall be pushed forth, in particular the opening show was pushed from July 8 to July 13, and the other July gigs were rescheduled for March 2010.

What i find peculiar, is that they chose to reschedule some of the July shows for March 2010 and not for some later dates in July 2009. I see absolutely no logic here since the revised concert schedule had 8 concerts in total planned for July 2009. A lot of people complained about it and were frustrated about having to wait for almost a year while they spent nights online just to book tickets for the closest dates.

Could it be that AEG wanted to move the closest concerts to next year knowing that there will be no concerts at all and so with this in mind they made sure as many people as possible rearranged (cancelled) their plane tickets and hotel reservations. Of course not everyone could do that and in an interview below Randy Pillips says AEG would refund those expenses. However, after June 25, AEG stated they will offer ticket refund only:

Q: My travel plans have been disrupted. Will I be compensated for loss transportation bookings and hotel?
A: Unfortunately AEG Live is not responsible for transportation or lodging reimbursement.
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Perhaps, it's a far-fetched explanation, but i really cannot understand how else this reschedule would fit in the hoax in case they knew the O2 shows would never happen.

Randy Pillips and Kenny Ortega speak about coming shows and explain reschedule


In this interview KO says with the previous arrangement they would have been able to move to O2 only 1 day prior to opening show, so on 7 July. Would they not be worried about the tight dates beforehand? I mean it IS a big deal to move the shows of such magnitude.

Also what i noticed in this interview... Kenny speaks in exactly the same manner he did in post-June 25th interviews... Maybe it's my impression, but I really see absolutely no difference in him. I even think Kenny is more relaxed and more enthusiastic AFTER June 25...  :shock:

Perhaps it has been posted before, anyway there's an interesting (and I must say long) interview with 2 men from the industry - Chris Apostle and Cory Rooney, both former MJ's producers from his Sony years. Nothing particuarly new, but yet very much worth listenning.

In 1993, music executive Chris Apostle began his stint as Vice President of Special Recording Projects at Sony Music Entertainment. He would become better known as Tommy Mottola’s – the company’s topper and a music industry legend – right hand man, working with everyone from Mariah Carey to Jennifer Lopez to Marc Anthony.  

For the last 20 years, Apostle has been friends with producer/songwriter Cory Rooney. In 1998, Mottola named Rooney Epic’s Vice President of A&R. VH1 has called Rooney the best kept secret in the music industry. He has written and produced for artists including Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, and Destiny’s Child among others. During his time at Epic, Cory became friends with Michael Jackson.

While working on music with Michael, Rooney had an opportunity to see a side of Jackson few ever did. For example, in one telling conversation in 2001, Jackson told Rooney that he was done touring and if he ever toured again it would kill him.  

Among other things, Cory shares that Michael was easy to work with – contrary to how the media portrayed him. Rooney relates one instance when Michael apologized for being late to a studio session by sending a gift basket with over 100 DVDs and a note that read, “I’m very sorry for not respecting your time.”

Rooney was not surprised when Jackson lashed out at then Sony head Tommy Mottola in 2002. He says Michael felt nobody was in his corner, that he wasn’t getting the love and respect he deserved. Apostle clarifies that stars at that level are often under extraordinary pressure and may say things in the heat of the moment. Both men were major players during pop music’s peak

Most importantly, Rooney and Apostle hope people remember Michael Jackson’s contributions to music and as Apostle says, recognize the musicologist he was.

You can listen and read the transcript here:

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There's an interesting phrasing by Chris Apostle somewhere in the middle of the interview:

On my thoughts with Michael Jackson regarding anything else, I just hope that the landslide is going to come out in the next couple of weeks (the interview is dated 8 July). I hope that some people start discussing all the good that he did because if you weigh the good against the bad, he’s the most famous person in the world. It’s been on TV 24/7 for six days. That’s just my hope. God bless him and let him rest in peace and we’ll all see him someday later in our life and I’m sure he’ll be singing and dancing his ass off.”[/[/u]quote]

He meant it regarding future MJ appearencs on TV, i suppose... coz it doesn't seem he's talkin about our afterlife... besides not everyone goes to heaven  ;)

I also noticed the rather sharp way of addressing MJ's family:

Stepping back a minute and talking about what’s out there now is I’m horrified to think of the Michael Jackson tributes that’s gonna come out. I’m horrified to think of what his family may attempt to put out. I’m horrified to think of what records the labels are gonna attempt to put together.

They also speak of Michael's dealing with the industry and about the music industry itself (which i found xtremely interesting), the trials, health issues and more. Highly recommended!

James Brown / James Brown Funeral vs MJ Funeral. Feel the difference
« on: December 12, 2009, 08:34:40 PM »
Just would like to share some random observation. Me and my aunt (who appears to be the only person I can actually talk about the hoax, thank God i have her!) recently watched a coverage of the James Brown public ceremony and... learned from it. We realized that we had underestimated the cultural differences regarding such occasions... Indeed, in our cultural environment, it is very much 'tears and snot' thing. And i mean it sincerely! I believe these customs are very deeply-rooted in history of each nation, but we often mistakenly (and subconsciously) extend our own vision of ethos over the other people who happen to share our same religion and (or) historical tradition.... anyway, back to James Brown funeral, it was a great tribute and... a great show with people singing Soul and dancing, some random smiling (greeting the guests or else), neither did i see any tears. They said it was just what James Brown would wish it to be. MJ was there and gave a short speech. Things were pretty hectic and spontaneous (people moving around the casket, talking amongst themselves etc), huge crowd of people, live coverage by CNN...  
Our first thought was 'wow, we must've been wrong saying MJ ceremonies (Memorial and Funeral) were off because of people not crying'... but at a second thought i was back to my original feeling... it was OFF, exactly because it was NOTHING spontaneous or hectic and seemed totally staged. The difference (in spirit) is screaming. Here's how the Memorial for James Brown was organized:

Brown's public and private memorial ceremonies were elaborate, complete with costume changes for Brown and videos featuring him in concert performances. Brown's body, which was placed in a gold casket, was driven through the streets of New York to the Apollo Theater in a white, glass-encased horse-drawn carriage (it was said they planned the same for MJ...). In Augusta, Georgia, the procession for Brown's public memorial visited Brown's statue as the procession made its way to the James Brown Arena. During the public memorial at the James Brown Arena, nachos and pretzels were served to mourners, as a video showed Brown's last performance in Augusta, Georgia and the Ray Charles version of "Georgia On My Mind" played soulfully in the background. Brown's last backup band, The Soul Generals, also played the music of Brown's hits during the memorial service at the James Brown Arena. The group was joined by Bootsy Collins on bass, with MC Hammer performing a dance in James Brown style. Former Temptations lead singer Ali-Ollie Woodson performed "Walk Around Heaven All Day" at the memorial services.

Maybe i'm over-looking into things... it's just a feeling that i get, that it was not the proper way... it would be speculation to talk about MJ wishes for this matter, as he never clearly spoke them, but it is yet strange that none of the closest to him knew about such and confirmed that they did it the way he would have wanted it!

Totally random: i remember when i first heard of James Brown being dead i didn't believe it because at the same time they started to play songs titled "James Brown is dead" and "James Brown is still alive"! Those however have nothing to do with JB, they were sampled in 1991-1992 by various electronic dance groups from his most famous tunes. But makes you think doesn't it? Tried to find JB's reaction to these sngs but couldn't... he just didn't give a heck!  :lol:

James Brown is Dead
I checked up on the late great J.B.
His death is said on national TV
Now memory, man are you with that
James Brown is dead
Total chaos, man it's resurrected
I'm confused that things are gettin' hectic
In my brain, what is happenin'?
Could this be a big misunderstanding? It is
The hardest working man in show biz is alive so
Don't be misled, cause the newsman said

James Brown is Alive
James Brown's down
Who the funk do you think you're fooling?
For me the man's still ruling
Stop the nonsense
Stop telling lies
James Brown is still alive

Okay... i must do this!

Stop the nonsense
Stop telling lies
Michael Jackson is still alive!!!!!!

References & Similarities / Michael said goodbye
« on: December 05, 2009, 09:36:50 PM »
So it is my turn to join those who think Michael is not coming back. As much as it is painful to think that we lost him or better say - lost a sight of him, I find strength and hope in thinking he’s free now. Free from the pressure and spotlight, free from idolizing love and irrational hatred, free from being haunted everywhere he goes, free from being larger than life and free to finally have a life. He gave all he could give, he was performing for over 40 years of his life, for most of his life he was the undisputed King of Pop, legend and superstar, he reached the heights no one ever reached before and he paid an enormous price for that. I truly believe he enjoyed this life as much as he could, doing what he loved most: creating, perfectionizing, helping other people, giving them hope, sense of awakening, taking them to the land of dreams and magic and speaking to their hearts. He really had it all… and he really made the world a better place.

I think the answer was in front of us all along, given by Michael himself. He said goodbye in March, I really think so now…

“I love you so much. Thank you all. This is it. I just want to say these, these will be my final show performances in London. This is it, this is it and when I say “this is it” it really means this is it because erm…I’ll be, I’ll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. This is it, I mean, this is, this is the final curtain call okay? And, erm…I’ll see you in July and … I love you. I really do. You have to know that, I love you so much, really, from the bottom of my heart”.

And it explains so many things… The movie made ‘for the fans’ instead of R.I.P., Michael’s messages throughout the movie (heal the planet, it’s all for L.O.V.E. – the movie was made out of love as a final gift), TMZ knowing significantly before what was going on back on June 25, family and kids acting too calm (they obviously know Michael is alive and it was his decision to leave).

And he really thought of everyone: his family and children would be financially safe (as they come first), and his fans, ho come second, would hear the songs they wanted to hear and see him performing again, and not just some thousands of lucky ones who could go to the London shows, but millions of people around the world.

That is really the Final curtain for the King of Pop, who he is no more (he still is for the world though). 50 years… is a significant date and an appropriate time to start a new life. We probably would never know what his life would be like from now on... unless he changes his mind one day!
And this particular  hoax… in Dave Dave’s words  - is just a hoax, a necessary technical means to realize and formalize the plan. People may have different opinions on that. Some would find it ‘unnecessary’ (like Kenny Ortega), to some it would come as a 'surprise' (like to Michael’s brothers) and some may just refer to it as a ‘sad occasion’ (as Lionel Ritchie). But after all it was HIS decision, and he always did what he wanted. As for us... it's an adventure, a great adventure, isn't it? :)


This Is It / Burbank vs Staples Center
« on: December 05, 2009, 01:26:54 PM »
Came across this article from Los Angeles Times:

Michael Jackson rehearses near Burbank airport
The erstwhile King of Pop has a lot riding on his upcoming 50 sold-out shows at London's O2 Arena.
May 12, 2009
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In short, it says MJ reguarly attended rehearsals in a nondescript building near the Burbank airport... not Staples Center...

It also says "the two-day casting call drew 700 dancers to downtown Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre", again not SC.

Has anyone heard about that before? Did we see any footage of those rehearsals in TII?

I also found a vieo of Michael watching the dancers' audition, never seen that before! :) Looks like this is from Staples center because this was in TII. It's very cute and close-look, though!

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« on: December 03, 2009, 07:46:38 PM »
Sorry, ppl, this is not hoax-related. I just feel like crushing my computer from indignation.... I'm so angry I wanna cry!  :cry:

I used to follow TMZ because they were one of the sources of information related to MJ. They were the first to announce the news of his passing ahead of all the other media and they kept feeding us stories, some of which i found useful for investigation. We even thought of them as a YBR. But soon i realized that they only use people for their dirty benefit and are ready to dehumanize, redicule and disassemble their own mothers to sell them out later. They released a load of cr*p about MJ, now they found a new victim - Tiger Woods.

Apparently MJ still remains a hot topic for many of the visitors of this site according to comments poll. Today i've seen some of those comments on an article about Michael's children spending Thanksgiving with their grandparents. I could only follow for 2 pages as i felt so sick and mad i couldn't read more! OMG, those are so sick, dispeakable, terrible, evil comments!!  :evil:  And TMZ allow that! And i'm sure they carefully picked the photographs to unleash all the hatered as they knew how many mentally-challenged people are visiting their site! This is beyond any limits! I only wish Michael would never see those comments because... because they are just heart-wrenching!! :cry:

I hate TMZ from the bottom of my heart! They are worthless parasites, Terrible Mean Zombies! TMZ must be stopped from doing this to people! To innocent children! I will never ever read them again, even if they will be the first to announce MJ is alive! And that Harvey-scum even spoke on CNN of how innovative they are  :x

I never read tabloids before June 25... how ironic and sad  :(

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