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Other Odd Things / Does anyone else find these things odd? Feedback Please
« on: February 10, 2010, 12:18:29 PM »
Does anyone find it odd that:

1. Craig Harvey & Ed Winter seem to jump at the chance to offer explanations to anyone who sends an email questioning their actions. How many times have you known this to happen? To me they are just a little too eager to offer explanations when in all reality they never have to respond and just let their work speak for itself in the end. I just find it completely and utterly odd. Hmmm....

2. I have nothing against the Jackson family. I for one believe they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. I don't know the inner workings of this whole thing so I'm not here to bash them (that's not my style anyway...too vexing to the spirit to thrash around negative thoughts). What I do find interesting with them is that not one of them has ever just blatantly confronted the believers in this whole thing. They address things in a roundabout fashion. It seems like they would just put us all in our places by saying something like "Look we know you all mean well & we wish Michael was still alive too but guys people are misleading you. There is no hoax, never was a hoax, we wish this was the case but Michael died on the 24th. We want you to get closure so it is our duty to let you know this is not a hoax." You know something to that effect, but not one single thing like that.

3.Since TMZ seems to be the go to source for all things Michael Jackson related at the moment. Even though I do not care for TMZ in the least. They profit off of sensationalism and the misfortunes (be it real or made up by the media) of others and make a mockery of people. Anyway, I just find it odd that they have never blatantly made a mockery of believers. They've made fun of us from time to time I believe, but again in a roundabout fashion and never directly. There has never been a "these people are crazy for believing this", "can you believe the delusion of believers". They very well could and to the glee and delight of many non-believers but they haven't.

4. Lastly, I find it odd that so many people are saying Michael was murdered by a bigger ring of people like the mafia or illuminati and such. My thing with this is if he was murdered by them, then why all the theatrics. They could have made this seem like a suicide or freak accident and we would have been none the wiser. If a group as manipulative as the illuminati were in this all coverage or most coverage of this would have ceased months ago. I think it just would have gone more seamlessly, not as many holes in it all. Could be wrong just my thinking?

Does anyone else find these things odd? Do you have anything else to add to the list? Please offer some feedback.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I still believe Michael is alive. On that note, I wholeheartedly believe he is alive but I understand that doesn't necessarily mean he is coming back. I would love, love, love to see his beautiful presence grace my television screen with a message of "I'm alright's why I had to to do this" but I'm completely aware that this may never happen. So don't let people get you down by saying "Michael is gone because this has gone too far, he's never coming back". True he may never come back but that does not in the least mean that he is not alive.

Until proven otherwise or my heart tells me different I am 100% a believer that the man is alive and breathing the same air as you and I.

Other Odd Things / Something confusing about the autopsy report?
« on: February 09, 2010, 10:29:19 AM »
So I was reading a few excerpts some people posted from the autopsy report and I was wondering why did the investigators go back to take more hair samples six weeks after "death"? I mean we know this case has been unusual but why would they wait so long if they needed more samples? I thought all samples were collected during the autopsy. Most people bury their deceased family members within days or a couple of weeks after they die so why would they wait 6 weeks to collect more samples. In most cases the deceased would have been long buried, so that chance would not be taken to wait so long. Also, didn't they say he had more than one autopsy performed? So you mean to tell me that after multiple autopsies these guys still didn't have enough samples to test for toxicology? And why were they taking hair 6 weeks later for toxicology when the big news at that time was how they had taken brain tissue to test for toxicology? Am I making any sense in why I am confused by this, because this just doesn't sit right with me.

Here is where I got this information:
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This is the exerpt:
"The report also reveals how, six weeks after Jackson's death, coroner's officials traveled to Forest Lawn Memorial Park to take hair samples from Jackson's head "for potential toxicology testing." In the presence of Jackson's sister La Toya, "samples were collected by plucking with gloved hands." Jackson, who was viewed in a "secured lobby," was "supine in a yellow casket with blue lining."

Random MJ Talk / Why I'm still a BELIEVER! A word of encouragement
« on: February 08, 2010, 09:21:12 PM »
So I knew this was bound to happen as I have seen it a few times before. Most notably when the 1st autopsy results were released, when the 2nd autopsy results were released, when the “burial” took place, and before/during Janet Jackson’s primetime interview. The boards fell apart with people losing hope & faith, those who were depressed led us to believe there would be a mass exodus of believers because they were done, there was no more hope, the game was over, it was finished.

Well I’ll tell you what happened every single time: the emotions subsided and the clouds began to clear, we started to once again analyze from the beginning, we regrouped and pushed forward, we found even more things, and had more revelations. We’ve had days like this before and by the end of all this we will probably have a couple more.

What I don’t get is for weeks and maybe months I’ve seen people post over and over again: “when are they going to arrest Murray”, “when will we see some action in court”, “when is this guy going to face the music”, “when are they going to put MJ on the TMZ rip list”, “when is the family going to show some real emotion”, and so on and so forth. Well guys do you think we are just posting to the air. People are watching us, we have a captive audience, if you don’t think our reactions and analysis to things is not being taken into consideration by all parties involved then you are highly mistaken. People, everyone knows that the believers exists, they are a lot of us (don’t let anyone tell you that there aren’t), and we aren’t dumb. If we catch their screw ups and slip ups and things they could have perfected to make this all seem more authentic then you best they see and hear what we say and they do it better the next time.

What I am saying is there is no rule book or manual for situations like this that I am aware of.  I mean I don’t know of a “Hoax Death” tutorial book or how to article anywhere.  In some instances I think we are helping to write the manual as we go, we keep posting and they keep getting better at it all. If anything we are raising the bar really high. I keep hearing people say how this is going too far and MJ would never let this happen. Well since I’m not in the know and have never ever witnessed anything like this before in my life, and none of us truly know the purpose for which all of this had to be done, we really don’t know how far this has to go. If MJ is or was in danger, then for the people who have endangered him this has to look completely real. The purpose of this is to make this seem incredibly real, it has to. I don’t think they ever thought we’d all catch on and catch on so fast. We are on their every move, every step, every word, every article, every tweet, every blog. There is a reason why this has had to stay in the news for 7 months. Someone is working really hard to keep this fresh on our minds and that does not sound like the workings of a cover-up to me (but hey I could be wrong).

What I’m saying is…I don’t believe this is over. I just feel that MJ is alive and I’ve had my fair share of shaky days when I thought all was lost. Maybe I’m just numb now (nah, I'm not I still feel something when I see MJ in gold pants :lol: ) , but something inside of me feels more than ever that MJ is alive & alright and things are happening just the way they have to. Most of us said back in July and August that there was no way we could keep up dealing with this into 2010, but hey we are still here. Still going strong and still supporting one another. Too much has happened in 7 months to make me believe that we were all wrong. Most of us were initially drawn to the original MJHD and other forums for reasons we can’t even understand. All of that and everything we’ve compiled for more than half a year is not in vain.

Keep the Faith guys. We’re a family. I’m still hanging in here and I still BELIEVE!!!!!! So Army of Love unite, soldiers get ready because we still have work to do.  ;)

Sending love, peace, and light to you all.

Other Odd Things / Going to Forest Lawn & what it means...
« on: February 04, 2010, 07:07:38 PM »
Alright so I’ve been thinking…
I think quite a lot already but Murray’s trip to FL has been on my mind a little. I was thinking of all the people who have actually been to FL since the “burial” and something came to mind. Perhaps when it is publicized that someone goes to the cemetery to visit the grave, could this actually be symbolizing their end or in some cases pause in this whole story? Just go with me for a minute with a few people who have gone to Forest Lawn.

1.   Before Michael was “buried” it was said that Latoya Jackson made all of the arrangements at FL. She was said to have made several trips there to make sure things were in order. If you remember Latoya was our 'go to' gal when all this began in June/July. She was in the news every single day. She threw us clues and slip-ups and confusing stories for weeks and after wrapping up the “memorial” and finally the “burial” Latoya took a backseat in this whole saga and the spotlight shifted elsewhere.

2.   Karen Faye famously showed and/or sold the first pictures of the now famous crypt. There was a ton of buzz at one time over what she tweeted or facebooked (along with that TINI campaign), all the attention was shifted her way. It was just her moment in the story, the spotlight was on. She then visited FL a couple of times and has since taken a backseat while the spotlight shifted to another.

3.   Not to mention many of the absent friends at the "memorial" who were present at the “burial” and how they have all taken a seat in the shadows lately. Macaulay Culkin, The TII dancers, Frank DiLeo, and some others whose names escape me at the present. They did their parts, showed up to Forest Lawn, and the spotlight soon shifted.

4.   The Brothers Jackson famously took us to FL on the finale of the reality series. Although it has been found and heavily circulated that they in fact took us to the wrong FL, either way they went to a FL cemetery. Since the start of the publicity for the Jack5on Family Dynasty reality series all eyes were on the brothers. They wore the clues, gestured the clues, and had slip-ups. The spotlight was on big time, but after taking the world to FL with them they have since taken a backseat for awhile and the spotlight has shifted.

5. Now the spotlight is on Murray and boy is it HOT. This has believers and non-believers alike in a tizzy as to what will become of the doc with virtually no history, baby mama drama, and no cash to pay his bills, and about 5 pictures in his whole life. The whole mirage (I don't really like using the word hoax), for some, seems to rest on him and his fate. For this whole week we have had nothing buy constant Murray fever. Today he was conveniently spotted, filmed, and photographed at FL (this time unlike the brothers at the correct place). Does that mean the Murray is about to take his bow from this whole story and exit stage left? Has his time in the whole plot come to an end? If so, where will the spotlight be shifted next?

So my whole point is…I think FL is a symbol in this whole thing. It actually seems to be mentioned whenever we are about to take a shift in the turn of things. It’s like a flashing signal that we are about to go on another leg of the journey. The spotlight will be on someone else, and the focus will be concentrated there. My question is after Murray slides backstage who will the spotlight be on next?

What do you guys think?

Messages to Michael / Michael....You've Got Mail
« on: December 05, 2009, 12:30:33 PM »
Hey Michael,

Well I thought that just in case you are cruising these boards (which I have a funny feeling that you are), and since I really can't just pick up the phone and give you a ring, I thought why not make this my thread to you. I'll just keep a running commentary to you in here. I'll ask you about your day, gab about things, and just communicate to you from here.

To start off I must say that this has been one heck of a roller-coaster we've all been on, you included, but in all reality I think you are the perfect coaster riding buddy so it's okay. I just hope you are getting the rest you need, the peace you deserve, and all the love and laughter you can handle and then some. It really is time for you to take some time for you and just live. I just want you to know that I love you and keep you in my daily prayers. So you know at any given time there is someone out there who loves you, cares about you, thinking about you, and is praying for you. May God truly bless you and those you hold dear.

Well, that is all I have a the moment. I'll be back later to write some more or post a video or give you something. I haven't thought that far in advanced yet but I'll try and keep you entertained.

Sending love, peace, and light your way.

P.S. Kiss the children for me when you get a chance (you can add a big hug to that too), and tell the rest of the fam I said hello. (Okay clearly they won't know who I am, so you can just say a friend said hello or something.)

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