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Michael Jackson News / Guardians of the Galaxy (last MARVEL movie)
« on: August 18, 2014, 12:32:19 PM »
Did anyone see this movie ?
I saw it last week and couldn't post about it because i was on holiday with no internet access.

This movie deserves a "BIG CLUE INSIDE" alert !

There is a character named Groot, which is a tree-man that looks a bit like Ents, from lord of the rings. he doesn't talk much, only 3 words and people think he is a bit stupid, but he is very strong and can make wonderful things like grow a flower (that he offers to a little girl) or create light by giving life to some bugs.

In the end, the good guys fight the bad guy and the space-ship will crash but the tree man grows some branch all around them to protect them, he dies by doing such and nothing remain from him but dead wood, partly burned.
BUT his best friend keep a piece of wood from him as a memory, and at the end of the movie he keeps the piece of wood in a pot and you can see him slowly reborn from the piece of wood that they thought to be dead and the little growing plant is dancing in its pot to the song I WANT YOU BACK from the Jackson 5

I mean, do i have do say more ? :thjajaja121:

Michael, i'm so sure you bought MARVEL, or you surely found a way to set your little toes somewhere in there. That one was obvious and so i love it because holidays are not made to think ! Love you :)

Revisiting Old Stuff / Picture of neverland ?
« on: April 17, 2013, 05:54:42 PM »

I was browsing my own computer and i found this...

i remember i copy pasted it from "someone" "somewhere" but i have no idea who or where anymore.

I don't remember if anyone ever saw it and can tell me if it was really from neverland and if it was debunked or not...

I just know there is something with the letters : if you only consider letters you can "read" (I-E-V-L-A)  it gives you letters to make the word ALIVE

anyone having good memory enough to remember this ?

another image from "same source i can't remember"

Contradictions and all stuff that doesn't add up / 7 days period ?
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:36:28 PM »
I just had this popping in my head while on the chatroom so i thought i'd put it here...

Maybe some of you remember TheIllusion, this unknown charactere claiming to know about MJ's return. To sum up he said there would be a 7 days period that would end by a big event. He talked about press conf also. then he ended to be prooved troll or something.

You maybe heard of the coming press conf from the J Fam on ... july 25th.

here is my point : since the beginning, we all agree to add 25th as 2+5 =7

So this will be 7-7

i told my self, june 25th was then 6-7

and i thought about "what if some 5-7 exists ? and i found :

5-7 / may 25th = Oprah's last show
4-7 / April 25th = Easter
3-7 / march 25th = Liz Taylor funeral
2-7 / february 25th = kids interview
1-7 / january 25th = Murray pleads non guilty

i might be wrong about the facts to point out, i don't know...
we have a 7 days (carrying the number 7) period carrying big events, on a 7 months period and ending 7-7 on july 25th with a press conf...

I need my padded cell, actually !

Charities / Shelter for the smallest
« on: January 26, 2011, 04:31:02 PM »
I feel pretty embarrassed to open thread about what i do, but i think their pain deserve to be known and people working with me deserve that i talk about it.

My organisation is called "Rongeurs en Destress" (Rodents in de-stress) I created it with 2 friends in 2010 and we care for all small domestic rodents (rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, etc etc) and rabbits (dwarf or giant) we are little team of 3 people + few foster families.

We rescued this pets because most of the time people do not care about them. They are small, not expensive, often given to kids to get some 1st experience about "life". Their life is often a drama : locked in small cages, sick and never cured, forgotten and starving, killed by accident...they are just living toys.

We try to rescue as much as we can from different situation : abandonned, mistreated, uncontroled breeding, injured or sick pets in pet shops who prefer to kill them because they cannot be sold anymore, we also try to save pets from laboratories when we have chance to do so (we don't have violent action, we try to convince people to give us unused animals so they can be adopted instead of being killed for nothing)

We rescue the pets, take them to the vet if necessary, and place them in foster famillies until they are adopted. If they don't find a home, they just stay with us and enjoy retirement in their foster house. All our actions are supported only by donations, and by little products we create and sell.

I hope this little thread can change view on those animals and maybe give motivation to other people to help them and make their life better.

Here is little video of the organisation. I'm very sorry that i used MJ song (please Michael, be nice to us  :D ) but i just felt inspired using it for the video.

for non french speaker translation of the texte
"even the smallest life deserves respect...
Save, Care, Inform, Make Happy
Special Thanks to people who support us and inspire us, nothing would exist without you"

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This is a call to investigate this idea :

I don't see MJ renting a house...don't ask me why, i just don't see it. We all remember that the phone call to 911 has been made from beverly hills hotel (even with technical explanations, yet it was written beverly hills hotel...)

I don't know why but the feeling came to me that MJ was in this hotel on long stay and never lived in Carolwood drive. That the house was rented for hoax purpose, to get a safe place to organise etc...

things that make me think this

- Never saw a picture of MJ or any leaked video after his death, showing his life in htat house.

- Joe making statement that he could never be allowed into the house to see his son. Maybe there was "nothing/nobody" to see there.

-Only picture for some LIFE inside was this overly staged picture of the bedroom. All pictures we got from the inside were about the house total empty and clean.

- The house being "cleaned" by some jackson people before cops come to it. Could be a way to hide the fact that nobody lived there or remove "hoax stuff" after june 25.

- helicopter landing to Neverland on july 8 makes me think maybe MJ left the hotel after anonymous stay there, using helicopter landing pads from there, while everybody focussed on carolwood/staplecenter/wherethehellisthecoffin story.

I'm not trying to say exactly what happened, but i guess it would have been easy to get to an hotel (where liz taylor spent 6 honey moon) under anonymous identity, use an empter house from the neighborhood to plan the hoax and while people focuss on there, leave the hotel still anonymous.

As i don't like feeling neither right or wrong about something, i ask YOU to debunk me, and find me pictures or videos or statements of fans, of MJ living in Carolwood drive before his death...

Charities / Winter time just behind our doors...
« on: November 26, 2010, 10:42:46 PM »
Most of us are now experiencing winter time. Take a look around. There are surely some people who will sleep outside not far from your house.

I suggest everyone of us have a look in our closet, pick up warm clothes we don't use, and just go outside to give it ! I'm sure you've seen some homeless people somewhere in your town.
You know where they stay, you know it's cold outside.  
Just go to them, with clothes, blankets, gloves, hats, warm socks, whatever...  and just offer them to pick up what they need. say HELLO and smile, be talkative, warming the heart is important too ;)

Some people do not dare to go to winter shelter because they feel insecure in it, have fear to be stolen, even sometime stay outside cause they doesn't want to leave their dog which are not allowed in such centers or are affraid to lose the place they have build outside. It's important to go to them and talk to them, because most of the time they're given money without even a look or a smile... Lonelyness is as cold as winter time...

Propose them some clothes and if you feel you have some good contact with them, tell them to not hesitate to accept help from social center when they need. Tell them it's important NOT to stay outside if they have some chance to be sheltered somewhere else, remind them that some people are found dead in streets, freezing even having some protection they thought to be good...and that you don't wanna learn it happened to them.

It's not difficult to organise : if you don't have some clothes, ring your neighbors asking them to have a look and collect things few days later.

Advise : before you straightly go to homeless people you never talked to, just first have a walk near the place they stay and take a look, if there is some alcohol or if they have strange behaviour, choose another time/day to go... Just pick up some friends (not too many people) not to go alone (don't risk your security going to maybe drunk or drug addict people on your own ! thing is about rescuing some people, not rescuing YOU  ;) )

Here in France we have an emergncy number we can call to say to social center that we saw someone outside, and they go to see him and try to convince him to go to a shelter. Make sure you're aware of this number in your country and that you call them in case you witness such situation.

Link for french organisation about this

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emergency phone number is 115

maybe people from other countries can add link of social center or emergency number  of their own place.

Add this information on your facebook pages so noone dies this year  :|

Charities / Something YOU can do right here for a little girl !
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:13:26 PM »
Here on the forum is a member called "underthemoon" and he/she knows a little girl who has cancer and stays in hospital in very bad shape.
We talked about her on the chatroom, and some even prayed for her for a while.
We cannot ask underthemoon to give his personnal informations here, but we can create little cards, or take a nice picture for Vanessa, 8 years old, in hospital right now fighting her cancer. She is german, so doesn't speak english.

I think if she could get cards from all over the forum, and so, all over the world, Underthemoon could print them and take them to the hospital for her to see that people think about her and wish her well.

This is something we can do, right here, right GO FOR IT !

I've sent a PM to underthemoon, but maybe puting cards here will be much easy for him to pick them up and don't make his pm box exploded.

Charities / "Simple ways to make money" database
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:22:11 PM »
We all have the will to help and we all would like to have money to give. This is not always easy, but maybe we could share some idea about what we can do to raise money for charities

here is what we do in my organization

- create objects to be sold : if you have any skill to do something : jewelry, clothes, sculpture, painting, writing, there is always something you can create to be sold. Think about postcards for christmas for exemple, or christmas is time to start creating some to be sold soon.

- Recycle : you know some people is going to throw away some things he doesn't want anymore ? propose him to put everything for sale on the web and give money to charity. Ask your neighboors if they have things to give to be sold. If you find something thrown on the street, take it home, clean/repair it if necessary and sell it to make money, whether on websites, or flea markets. If it's bound to be destroyed, it's better you try to do something with it. It must sound weird, and you'll have to put your pride in your pocket, but i can tell you, we have created an income of 500 euros doing this last year, allowing us to rescue more pets...

Other things that i think about :

- Volunteer with your neighborhood : propose your neighbor to do things for them and instead of paying you, they give you money for a charity. I'm sure people won't refuse to hire you on such purpose. Even if it's one hour cleaning the garden, it will make money for the charity you wish to help and maybe influence people to give more than what your work is worth.

- create a show : you have any artistic skill ? go to your town office and ask for some help to get a place, some technical stuff and have people around you come to enjoy the show. Benefit can go to a charity. In my town, organisation can borrow technical stuff like spot lights, camera, sound mixing, micro, etc etc... just check with your town if they are willing to help you doing it. Mayors are always happy to be involved in charities, believe me, it give them a good image and so you can use this weapon to have something done in your town.

Charities / Micro-Loans
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:02:14 PM »
What is MicroLoans

Micro loans are small amount of money given to people willing to run a business but having no ways to ever get something from a regular bank.
Those loans are helping people to create activity and create new income for their family. it can be to buy seeds, to buy animals to breed, to buy machines to run a business... It is also often for women who wish to have a job to help their husband and increase the family wealthyness. It allows people to live better, with DIGNITY, and raise their kids in better conditions, allowed to send them to school instead of send them to work for the family to survive.

When i hear about this kind of ways to help, it bring this to my mind : "give a fish to a man, and he will eat for 1 day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat all his life"
This is what micro loan can bring to people. DIGNITY and PRIDE.

I couldn't find link of organisations doing this, because it's difficult for me to give you links about organization i do not know about. Are they trustable, serious, etc etc...I suggest you search for this in your own country because i wouldn't want to lead to the wrong places.

Charities / Galgos in Spain
« on: November 04, 2010, 11:48:56 AM »
Here is something i do wish to talk about.
Galgos are hunting dogs, used for rabbit hunting most of the time. Galgos are wonderfull lovely dogs. Every years, spanish hunters use those dogs to hunt. They raise them in poor conditions, educate them to hunt by torturing them, barely feed them.
Those dogs are used as any other hunting weapon.
When hunting time is over, hunters don't need those dogs anymore. And here is the horrible story of those dogs : good hunting dogs, will be killed quickly, shoot in the head, or any kind of way...Dogs who haven't been good hunters represent a shame for their owner and must redeem their faults in pain and suffering... Any kind of method are used, and the longer it is, the more those men enjoy it. Burned with cigarets, or chemical products, starved until death, hanged to a car and driven all over the place until they die (or not, and will be abandonned on the road, suffering but still alive) hanged to a tree : they put a metalic string around the dog neck and hang him to a tree. This could be quick death, but they pay attention that the dog's legs barely touch the ground. The dog desperatly try to remain on his feet while the sting prevents him to breath and cut his skin while he fights to survive. Men have fun to watch him "play the piano" waving his legs in the air. It can last for hours...When the dogs is finally exhausted, he will die or be taken to another game...
Dogs who have the chance to be abandonned while still alive, are taken to "perreras" (dog center) where they stay without any care and will be killed with gaz 14 days after. 14 day of more suffering, with broken bones, awfull pain...
Those dogs have no rights in Spain and noone adopt them, because they are considered as "hunting tool" and not like any other dog. They get no chance to be adopted.

Please do not watch if you don't want to see images of what i spoke previously, it contains violent images, but this has to be KNOWN

There are organization who try to have a change from the spanish government, and do their best to bring those dogs to other countries so they can be adopted. Try to build shelters in spain for those dogs, organise some trip to get them out of perreras and get them to foster families in different countries.

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Charities / Everyday life, everyday fight
« on: November 03, 2010, 09:29:01 PM »
Ok, here is a list (don't know yet if it will be long or short, depending of what comes to my mind) of little things you can do to help nature.

1 - Reduce your consommation : We produce too much, use so short, and throw away... the amount of things that are built, and wasted is HUGE. you have to ask yourself : what can i do to stop this invasion of garbages sometime made of brand new object. Is it normal that i found music player, perfectly working, on a trash bin ? Is it normal that a friend of mine foudn a plasma tv in trash bin because of one small part broken ? NO.

what you can do for it
- recycle : if you do not use something anymore, then take it to recycle center, or if it still works offer it someone, give it to charities, sell it on the web and give money to charities, whatever.
- use recycle product : before you go to get something new, ask yourself if you cannot give a new life to something that is supposed to remains unsused and destroyed. Furnitures, kids toy, books read only once...all this you can find "second hand" and help reduce the amount of what we create and that will pollute Earth soon or later.
- BORROW/RENT : it sounds stupid, but do you really need to buy and store something you use once a year ? Whether you rent a car only when needed, or join yourself to buy a video game that you can share, or share will be good for the planet.
- stop using "one use" products...little thing i do : buy a lot of towel for cheap price and use them to clean everything. Once a week, everything goes to washing. It allows me to use ONLY THIS and no more disposable.

People say, "you don't bring material belongings with you when you're dead" THIS IS TRUE ! It remains on Earth, and pollute it.

2 - Do something in your home

- turn OFF you electric things. Just do not let them stay on "sleep" all night. It uses electricity for nothing.
- get some energy saving bulb to light (up your face with gladness...lallalala)
- turn off the lights of rooms you're not staying.
- if possible have a dish washer : only 14 liters of water to clean...much less than hand wash with water running during the whole time.
- you can reduce pollution by using only few natural products to clean your house : here my exemple will stand in one word : VINEGAR. Believe me, it does not smell good for few minutes but it's the BEST cleaning product EVER (make some research to get some "cleaning recipe" about vinegar) 100% many other things, and so much cheaper.

3 - Think different, move different

Try reduce your transport pollution : i will set up my exemple because i lived without a car for long time.
we do have a car, that we use only for long road or to go to the mall. Rest of the time, i walk or use a bike. Whenever i need to move away, i take train. But i also use a new way to travel which is car-pooling. I know it may not be possible in every country but i know that here there are websites where people organise themselves to make travel together. It's cheaper than train here, it helps nature and make people unite. Of course it has to be done SAFELY and in good ways. But it really works and i also move to Paris this way whenever i need. It's good solidarity and good way to reduce pollution.

4 - Make a change, make a CHOICE

You are the one to make things change. you are the one having the power of MONEY. Never forget that. If you don't want something to be sold, stop buying it, let copanies KNOW what you want, and what you do not want. We are the one (to make a better place lalalala) to INFLUENCE that. Because companies only want one thing : OUR MONEY. Be concerned about what you buy, what you feed by buying it. Tropical woods out of uncontrolled wood-companies, products being produced on places where wild nature is being destroyed for it, products coming from the oter side of the planet, causing big transport pollution.
Exemples : it takes 25kg of cereals to produce 1 kg of beef...those cereal need more and more space to be produced. And this space is being stolen to wild nature, destroying ecosystems...Knowing this, do you still want to eat more and more meat ?
Palm oil production is also concerned by this problem. More and more is produce and it makes people destroy forest, burn everything to get more and more land to work on.

This is all that come to my mind at 3am, but feel free to had what you do so we can get a bigger list and get more ideas  ;)
Sorry for mistakes, if you find some french inside it mean i really need to go to bed, i tried to read twice but hmm... :oops:

Français / 100% mag sur Joe Jackson (M6) en ce moment
« on: October 07, 2010, 11:52:24 AM »
100% mag aujourd'hui prévoit de parler de Joe Jackson, si ça vous tente  :roll:

Français / Video en français sur les rumeurs ?
« on: June 23, 2010, 11:27:27 PM »
Je cherche une video à diffuser qui reprendrais un peu les trucs les plus bateau sur Michael (procès, vitiligo, enfants, etc etc...)
Je voudrais diffuser ça mais je trouve pas de trucs bien fait pour le moment ou alors c'est super ciblé, et je cherche un truc assez général, qui permette d'inciter les gens à se renseigner ou au moins leur montrer que tout n'est pas vrai dans ce qu'ils ont pu surtout la majorité de ce qu'ils ont entendu !

Hoax Videos / Music for videos ("WHY" inside)
« on: June 13, 2010, 07:26:31 PM »
Can someone PLEASE tell me why all people making videos about the hoax use the same music again and again and again ?
I mean, I just can't stand it anymore  :lol:
NIN NIN ! NIN nin NIN nin.... NIN NIN NIN NIN ! NIN nin NIN nin NIN nin NIN NIN NIN....

Anytime I see a new video, I'm afraid to find this music, and ....there it is ! like an old monster noone can kill !


Does it has a true meaning, or is it just that all people think it' s a theme song for the hoax ? Did I missed something about this music ?

I don't wish to be rude, but it just drives me mad to see all people doing the same thing without understanding...

Random MJ Talk / Need to scream ?
« on: April 22, 2010, 07:37:44 AM »
Ok, sometime I just read all this, I just can't stand it. We have clues, we have personnal convictions, our hearts are just SURE Michael is somewhere...and we just can't find the truth, and we just have the feeling that someone is playing with us, that we are the only crazy ones or Earth to believe Mike is alive, and we have no way to know if we are wrong, and it drives you mad, feeling like insane, lonely, searching anything that could proove you're right ? Want to get one of the Jackson's and shake him until truth comes out of him ? Want to dig a tunnel with a spoon up to Neverland to see who's hidding there ?

This one is for you ! Just get a HUGE scream !


Help yourself ! :mrgreen:

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