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Books / What books did you read ---- and your opinion?!!!
« on: November 25, 2011, 04:19:01 PM »
I would like to share any toughts / your opinions on those books I read

Moonwalker (MJ, 1988)
Dancing the Dream (MJ, 1991)
The shocking and controversal exposè of life in the Jackson family (La Toya Jackson, 1991)
Michael Jackson - das Phänomen (only in german, Jochen Ebmeier, 1999)
Das Mysterium von Michael Jackson und Sathya Sai Baba (only in german, Margott Schürings, 1999)
Die Jacksons (only in german, Joe Jackson, 2003)
Michael - the unofficial and unauthorized biography of Michael Jackson (Duane Harewood, 2004)
Michael Jackson - the man behind the mask (Bob Jones, Stacy Brown, 2005)
Conspiracy (Aphrodite Jones, 2007)
Jacko - his raise and fall (Darwin Porter, 2007)
Über Michael Jackson (german edition, Margo Jefferson, 2008)
The Magic, the madeness, the whole story, (Randy Taraborelli, 2009)
Unmasked - the final years of Michael Jackson (Ian Halperin, 2009)
The Michael Jackson Tapes (Shmuley Boteach, 2009)
Michael Jackson - a visual documentary (authorized, Adrian Grant, 2009)
Michael Jackson - before he was king (Todd Gray, 2009)
Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009 (Graham Batts, 2009)
Michael Jackson - King of Pop- 1958 - 2009 (Emily Herbert, 2009)
Remember the time - Michael Jackson, Erinnerungen an den King of Pop (german, Helmut Lingen Verlag, Hrsg., 2009)
Michael Jackson - King of Pop 1958 - 2009 (Carlton Books Ltd., 2009)
Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009 (Stern Verlag, special edition, 2009)
Michael - in his own words -.and notes from those who loved him (Ebony special edition, 2009)
Goodbye, Michael (Sounds, special edition, 2009)
Mixhael jackson - der lange Abschied (Rolling Stone, german edition, special edition, 2009)
Michael Jackson - King of Pop (german, Garant Verlag 2009)
Michael 1958 - 2009 (Life, special edition, 2009)
Geheimes Leben - geheimer Mord (only in german, Ares Einstein, 2009)
The resistable demise of Michael Jackson (Mark Fisher, editor, 2009)
Be careful whom you love (Diane Diamond, 2005)
Dangerous Liasons - Carl Toms, 2010)
The musical life of Michael Jackson (Nelson George, 2010)
You are not alone (Jermaine Jackson, 2011)
Starting over (LaToya jackson, 2011)
Michael Jackson - the man in the mirror (Tim Hill, 2009)
Michael Jackson`s blood brother (Charles Williamson, 2007)
The trials of Michael Jackson (Lynton Guest, 2006)
Backdoor to Neverland (Yves Gautier, 2010)
The Secret - the story of rilliant, beautiful, handicapped Michael Jackson (Patricia Eddington, 2010)
An angel among us (Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux, 2010)
Michael Jackson - the book the media does not want you to read (Shawn Henning, 2009)
Michael Jackson - master of illusion (Mari Hadley, 2009)
Michael Jackson - the early years (Chris Cadman & Craig Halstead, 2002)
Michael Jackson - the legend (Chas Newkey-Burden, 2009)
Honoring the child spirit - Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in conversation with Michael Jackson (2011)
Michael Jackson - Unauthorized (Christopher Andersen, 1994)
Michael Jackson - a celebration (Graham Betts, 2009)
Der Michael Jackson Code (Ares Einstein, 2010)
Michael Jackson - we are the mirror (Juja D. 2011)
All that glitters - the crime and the cover-up (Raymond Chandler, 2004)
Freak - inside the twisted world of Michael jackson (Nick Bishop, 2003)
Michael Jackson - King of Pop (Emily Herbert, 2009)
Jackson Family values (Margaret Maldonado Jackson, 1995)
Michael Jackson - a magical journey to the heart of a superstar (Nelson George, 1984)
Man in the Music - the creative life and work of MJ (Joseph Vogel, 2011)
Michael Jackson - die wahre Geschichte (Dieter Wiesner, 2011)
My friend Michael - an ordninary friendship with an extraordinary man (Frank Cascio, 2011)

and would appreciate answers like:

What (else?) did you read?
What do you recommend?
What do you find wonderful / awful?

Which ten books you like  best? Which ones are the worst?

Ideas & Suggestion for MJDHI / Unusual slow forum ... again?
« on: July 04, 2011, 04:14:16 PM »
Just realized how slooooooow the website got .... besides from having to log in every other day (although I chose to "be automatically logged in every visit") it seems to take ages to load a thread. Is it only me?  

Or do all the new features causing this? They are nice, but ...

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It`s a long read, I know, but has tons of information  ... on lots of questions.

Oprah  backwards = harpo (productions)

Own (Oprah news network) backwards = NWO

Any thoughts?

I found this to be the most touching thing: Just Michael, the singer, accompanied by a piano. Pure, rare, emotional (meaningful lyrics) ... Enjoy!

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General Hoax Talk / Amazing audio ... a natural, relaxed MJ in 2007
« on: February 12, 2011, 02:16:38 PM »
I guess we all know his interview with Ebony in 2007 ... but did you ever listened to the audio?

Here he comes ...

... not shy or "rehearsed" as in so many interviews but just so naturally, fluently, openly, in such a good mood - enthusiastic and  eloquent. The true artist, the inspirired musician. True Michael?

Enjoy   :D

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P.S.: I tried to embed but it does ot work for me. But please watch,is worth it!

Others / Dieter Wiesner: a true friend or ...?
« on: January 25, 2011, 12:33:33 PM »
A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a blog entry on a german website (unfortunately can`t find it anymore) but the content is kind of alarming.

The translation (done by google and myself):

"True friendship 

When Mr. Wiesner dreams to himself of his time with Michael Jackson and tells the media about it, he mainly considers himself as an "advisor and friend". 
But this is not completely the case: 

Under Wiesner's influence Jackson terminated his Sony contract on the sale of fan products (merchandising) and founded a new company in Germany (Taunus region, near Frankfurt, Wiesner`s  home). This company held the licenses and was also proprietor of the Michael Jackson logo. Jackson himself was only a shareholder in this company, Chief Executive Officer was another Taunus based businessman; Wiesner himself remained in the background. 

Just 3 years later (2003) the logo was seized in favour of a well-established company (also seated in the Taunus area), because bills for a completely nonsensical business were not paid. Finally in 2006 this company was able to buy the logo for very little money because,   besides themselves, there was only one pro-forma bidder. 

Well, after Jackson's death, this logo is very valuable. Although this is not the official MJ logo anymore, cheap goods from the Far East are stuck with it and sold for valuable amounts to the unsuspecting fans.

And Wiesner is back in with it.

Strictly speaking, Wiesner had been something like "manager of Michael Jackson" only from 2002 to the end of 2003.This period saw lots of „hot-air projects“ that all failed.

In 2003 Jackson had enough of him and parted.

Wiesner waited for the trail and then sued Jackson in 2005. The same day the action was filed US tv broadcasted a recording from the Wiesner`s answering machine, in which Jackson spoke in a non flattering way of his Jewish business partners.

Wiesner later claimed that his American lawyers have launched this without his knowledge. And the lawyer had announced that he had much more of such matters (i. e. tape recordings). 

The question is how answerig machine  tapes found their way from Germany to the US to this lawyer? 

 2007 was the negotiation for the action. During this trial, a video of Michael Jackson  appeared in the media, where Jackson - in another case a year earlier - had testified via teleconference that his memory had been affected by medication in that period. Jackson left a bad impression on this video. 

There has been an out of court settlement between Jackson and Wiesner. The video had served its purpose.

It's true: Because of these extra-judicial agreement a certain business relationship between Jackson and Wiesner had to remain. What guaranteed this „relationship“ were the "up to the 100s“ recorded voice messages Jackson left on his answering machine, properly stowed in Wiesner`s safe."

If this is true, I`d call it blackmail. 

There are lots of older articles and entries or suisse and german sites which confirm the story (all i german, though). A good read is this  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  for example.

What do you think?

Hoax Videos / MJHOAXEVIDENCE - Insider Info ... a theory
« on: December 05, 2010, 03:35:28 PM »
I was thinking about this You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

and posted an interpretion there but unfortunately the thread seems to have dried out already. Therefore I hope you mods don`t mind if I repost it here.

Considering this "insider`s" concept / message, it might be something like this:

1. Sony is well known for it`s copyright protection campaign (for example blocking youtube vids in many countries).
2. MJ was aways super-cautious to protect his music and rights.
3. Sony and MJ share ownership of Sony/ATV music publishing company whose values (= licenses = publishing rights) are quite vulnerable because of illegal copies / leakings circulating the net.
4. This is a HUGE topic not only for the whole entertainment business as it hits economy, politics, and societies everywhere to a major extent (see what damage "wikileaks" could do, not to mention hacking attacks, stalking and threads on the net).
5. The insider says that MJ was on good terms with Sony`s top executives always (true!) but has had his problems only with some heads of sections like Tommy Mottola (remember he was fired because of MJ`s claims back then).
6. Sony at large used to help MJ a lot (also financialwise).
7. Sony`s "make.believe" sounds very much Michael ... and may also point to a common goal.
8. The insider tells us to watch the major news (for 12 months at least) on these topics as I understand
- piracy = copyright infringements
- efforts to protect data and publishing rights on the www
- illegal leakings
- fake and forgeries (sounds and pictures, films and books)
- people responsible (those who do - or let happen - these things) are going to be exposed

So I understand some of these people - at Sony as well as with the estate - are going to be exposed and might lose their jobs ... Exposed for editing footage, remastering and polishing demo tapes and using look- and sound-alikes? To make money by fooling the public and capitalize on the fan`s purchasing power?

A major case of identity theft (using Michael Jackson, the brand)?

It`s not that far fetched to think of an international campaign for net protection purposes for all kind of national, economic, business, political and personal interests of all users worldwide. It`s about time.

Can you imagine the impact it would have? The death of the planet`s most famous person ever - and the aftermath - was "made.believe" to show the world ---- the bigger picture.

What do you think?

Other Odd Things / Frank Dileo and Allgood Contract ... watch!!
« on: May 03, 2010, 04:32:50 PM »
A good one - just watch

Well, guys, "hoaxing" gets truely exciting ...

I`ve been thinking on a meta level - and ... this came to my mind:

In Michael`s and Gotham Chopra`s graphic novel (comic) "Fated" which is supposed to be released in June (25th ?) there is a mega-popstar (Gabriel Star = another arch angel, haha ...) who survives a suicide attempt and turns into a kind of "supra natural status" - being able to watch how fans and the public react ...

This catchy story never got out of my mind ... there seem to be sooo many similarities to the current situation ...

Somehow MJ is alive and at the same time he`s not - nobody knows for sure (we believe, of course, but many don`t)

This reminds me of the "Schrodinger´s Cat"- paradoxon ...
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And I also have a vision how it might come to a BAM: If there will be a tribute (by Jermaine) I am sure there will be a MJ hologram. This highly sophisticated 3 D technique will make it impossible to say wether there is a hologram or a real person. If it will take place on June 8th people might start to ask questions ... for two weeks or so nobody knows for sure but the idea will be planted ...and then, when it will be aired worldwide on June 25th - this would be THE ultimate occasion for BAM ... the whole world would go just crazy!

Tell me what do you think!  :)

Hoax Videos / Maura`s newest ...
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:59:06 PM »

What do you think of this?

The Murder Theory / Explanation of the charges ....
« on: February 17, 2010, 03:09:43 PM »
Brand new (2 minutes ago from web):  

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Explanation of the charges against Dr. Murray
Because I have had so many requests, and because so many hearts are broken over Michael's death, I will try to explain, the best I can, what I understand about the charges against Dr. Murray and try to address the requests for harsher charges. First, let me be clear, that this is only my opinion, based on the years I have worked with the criminal justice system in the US. Most fans feel, and perhaps rightfully so, that Conrad Murray should have been charged with a crime harsher than Manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson. I myself, being an expert in true crime, wanted to see a charge of Second Degree Murder. But here is a fact we must all deal with: the harsher the charge, the more impossible it is to prove in a court of law. That's the reality. It's the system in the USA. The innocent must be proven guilty. If you bring a stronger charge, such as Second Degree Murder, then you must prove, beyond a doubt, that Dr. Murray acted with "wanton disregard for human life." Now, I myself, feel the doctor crossed the line and DID display a wanton disregard for human life when he left Michael alone for almost an hour while Michael was sedated on propofol, etc. But here's the ugly truth: if ONE juror decided that Murray's actions were not "wanton" -- were not "deliberate" -- the man (Dr. Murray) would walk free... The LADA knows this all too well. The LADA does not want another OJ situation. The only way to make Conrad Murray pay is to charge him lightly and prove that lighter charge beyond a reasonable doubt. It may not seem like justice to MJ fans... but let's face it, will anything help the wounded hearts left in Michael's wake? Will anything be good enough? Isn't what we really want, is to bring Michael back? Let's ask ourselves, seriously, what the best result can be of the Murray trial? Perhaps it is to put that doctor behind bars, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, to strip Murray of his license and his dignity... And BTW, to the many who request that MEZ (Mesereau) get involved, I have asked him about that. MEZ reminded me that he is a criminal defense attorney. He is not the prosecutor and his role, therefore, would be on the OTHER side of the table. He would never stand up for Murray, of course. But Mez also cannot speak for, or add to, the LADA's battle against Dr. Conrad Murray.

I hope this clears up some of the pain and confusion surrounding Michael's death and the upcoming trial against Dr. Murray.


Hoax Videos / I like this one .... briefly to the point
« on: February 15, 2010, 01:02:42 PM »

I like it.

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Just a minute ... thinking of the children!
« on: February 07, 2010, 09:59:40 AM »
Not hoax related, but I can`t help it ...

My heart goes out to these very special kids - in their unique situation.

I guess they are - worldwide - the only extraorinarily rich white children growing up in a huge black famliy ... they will represent a projection screen for all kind of cliches and prejudices in our society - without even knowing anything of it by personal experience.

Their father already had a very hard time to realize eventually how "average society" ticks. And now them ... time will come to face reality - including internet (where they will find more than anybody in this world about their father and themselves).

They can`t be protected forever. And I am afraid they will - at least - have to deal with aggressive ignorance.

This might be a challenge for all of us - WE have to show some responsibilty, respect and love for these kids. Maybe there is a chance for the whole world to learn Michael`s message to recognize and appreciate the innocence of all our children. In one way or the other: he left us his - let`s care for them.

What are we going to face with THIS:

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Jacksons seem to be worried already and kind of desperately ask fans for their future support  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

abstract :

Lawyers for Doctor Conrad Murray want to use old video footage of spaced-out Jacko to demonstrate the depth of his drug habit.

His legal team hope Jackson's appearance from beyond the grave - which sounds like something straight out of his famous zombie video Thriller - will show Murray can't be guilty.

Instead, they will suggest that the King of Pop knew how to self- administer and battled pill addiction for over 17 years.

And in another wacko twist in the courtroom drama, Murray's legal team will also call two of Jacko's three CHILDREN to the stand.

The defence will also show images from 2004 where he slurs his words and appears drunk in rehearsals for a film role at his Neverland home library. Jackson's sister La Toya is furious that Murray is contesting any charges - and has urged cops to push for a murder case.

A legal source close to Murray, who will be charged in an LA court tomorrow, said: "Murray's legal team have quietly but steadily been building a robust defence case. A key element will be on-camera interviews Michael Jackson gave where he discusses and admits his drug use and others where he appears to be intoxicated."

Besides W*cko again  ...   - any thoughts?

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