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Thriller / Billie Jean Demo - for those who havent heard
« on: December 10, 2009, 06:23:01 PM »
These lyrics crack me up. I'm pretty sure most of you have heard it but if you havent I recommend you having a listen.

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(More kick and stuff in the phones I need..
More bottom and kick in the phones..)

Tell me what did your daughter say, d-d-dong dong say..?
All of the time
Alright, I see, alright
All of the time
Where we go, in the winds, in the wild
She told me I was a lonely man, and I felt sad
She called my name and then said hello, all them who died
And I sit, in a cup, in a ride*

It seems that you, DUN BER BER BER LEE
Papa say it doesn’t care for what you do
Careful what you do

Billie Jean is not my lover
She’s just a girl who says I am the one
Do you know?
The kid is not my son
Billie Jean is not my lover
She’s just a girl who says I am the one
Do you know?
The kid is not my son

* typical mj lol

Other Odd Things / I HAVE AN IDEA ! To find out where all the "MJ's" are
« on: December 10, 2009, 02:45:05 PM »
You know how dave dave is tracking us. I have an idea!! We set up a website with that tracker thing on it, and give it ONLY to the person who is claiming they are MJ or somebody who claims they know him. We find their city.

What do you guys think?


Reasons it might not work: The people pretending to be MJ are probably from this forum or a diff hoax forum just messing with us  :|

The 911 call / Great find on the 911 call (From MJKIT)
« on: December 09, 2009, 06:21:43 PM »
All credit for the following posted goes to the users seefrom MJKIT and Doll from MJHD who originally discovered this video or something like that. It's like a big chain. Doll > See > Dex.  :)

Watch this:
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What are your thoughts?


I will edit this topic soon, and write why. It's really early in the morning at the moment and I don't have the brain flow to write it out now,  :geek: but I was wondering, does anybody else think this too?

Oh and sorry mods, I didn't know where to put this topic  :( Feel free to move if its in the wrong spot. I looked for a location subforum  :lol:


Here's some of my reasons, there's even more to come when I do a little research, these are off the top of my head :geek:

- Liz has been there for him for decades, big events in his life, the trials, first Christmas etc
- She was the one who lied about him going to rehab when really he just needed a break.
- She is his most outspoken supporter
- She didn't go to the staples centre memorial - She was probably with him. All cameras would have been on her, and if he's alive it would be easier to sound distraught over Twitter than infront of millions on camera.
- The paps caught the children on a late night visit to Elizabeth Taylor's house. This was unintended. Does that mean they were visiting their dad?
- That numbers twitter usually only tweets just before or after Liz has.
- IMO, Liz was the only one MJ could trust. He even said he hated his family. He even said Katherine let him down. He never spoke a bad word about Liz.
- The paps don't camp Elizabeth's mansion like they camp the Encino house where the children are staying.

I think Liz and MJ are soulmates.

General Hoax Talk / @missmilakunis
« on: December 07, 2009, 10:52:52 AM »
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She might give something away? Also, she's not following anyone called Mac so I'm guessing he doesn't have a twitter and the others are fake :D

Just a bit of info I thought we could do with :D

Something interesting =

up nice and early today, im so sorry i haven't been on in a while, its been a rough few weeks, but im going to reply to as many as i can now
6:23 AM Jul 19th from web

Hmm.. that doesn't sound too promising

I can't figure out how to 'work' my avatar. It always says I have to resize it, and I can't figure it out 'cause I'm entirely hopeless with computers XD I had a go at it and failed pretty bad  :lol: So if someone could resize the picture for me so I can make it my avi I'd be very thankful :) Thanks in advance  :oops:


General Hoax Talk / The whole 4832 3847 thing on twitter.
« on: November 30, 2009, 01:02:04 PM »
The whole "text message code number" thing came from one account You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
All of a sudden I've been reading about other accounts doing it. As you can see, the original "text" starter, doesn't message very often. But I have been analyzing the text when he does. (with some help from going through old forums)

Here is what I have come up with

#1 - Today I watched the sun rise with the most beautiful, amazing, wondrous people in the world. My closest friends and family. 4 5683 968 6673.
7:47 AM Sep 8th from web

- Day after the burial

#2 - My heart is warm again, 84265968!
10:50 PM Oct 27th from web

- The day this is it came out (I think? Please correct me if I am wrong)

#3 - Good morning. My dear friend is helping me with Twitter. Thank you for the wonderful "Tweets", God Bless You
7:43 AM Oct 30th from web

- Not sure about this one ? but Elizabeth Taylor tweets too??

#4 - Keep smilin' :)
8:40 AM Nov 27th from web

- A few days ago after thanksgiving. I read somewhere that there was a post about their thanksgiving that was later taken off. (Perhaps too obvious after the photos of the kids came out??)

add to if you'd like
I'm very skeptical about this, and not once does the person say they have anything to do with MJ, but IMO it wouldn't hurt keeping an eye on it. Something tells me if they wanted to play games they would be back more often. Just the fact that Liz Taylor has a twitter makes me think that he might have one, (I also believe that he is with Liz Taylor. She has always been very very trustworthy, and remember that visit the kids took to her house at the early hours of the morning and the paps got them??)

Apart from that, I think all the other ones are not worth paying attention to, or "following". Just because they take time away from focusing on things that could lead us somewhere with their tweets every 2 minutes.


Anyway, I think the other people speaking in this text message form are probably trying to mess with us, for the simple fact that they've picked it up off this account :S also, they are tweeting very often, which in my opinion is not very reliable. I think it may be somebody, trying to waste our time by writing ENTIRE PARAGRAPHS they want us to decode lol.

Just because someone speaks like this - 34958 59073 5923 34001 39432 - Doesn't mean anything :-)!

I'd like to hear your opinions on these twitter accounts.
I personally dont think they are anyone special.

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