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Other Odd Things / Stevie Wonder concert in Berlin/ Germany
« on: July 14, 2010, 10:22:44 AM »
i just wanna share this with you all:

i was at stevie wonder's only german concert last nite, together with my 17-year old daughter, who will remember and cherish this great concert for the rest of her life! i am so happy that i could make it  possible for her to see this legend live. not even her dad, who is also a black musician, has seen stevie wonder live concert, so this is really something special...anyway...naturally, they play music over the p.a. while you wait on the main act. so we hear some music while walking towards the stage, couldn't really hear what it was for still being too far away. as we get closer to the stage, practically the second we enter the standing area in front of the stage, they start playing mj's 'butterflies'!!! my daughter and me looked at each other like  :shock: ...of course she knows every michael jackson song by now, thanx to her mom  ;) , but this particular one is extremely rare to be played before a concert! we were in a group and when i said this was a michael jackson song, everybody went like 'what? naaw..'. (i told everybody to buy 'invincible' and look for it! ;) )  nobody around us knew that song and usually pre-concert reels play hits only, so the ppl can practice the 'sing along'-part.

and now this:
i swear by my red hair it was NOT the same version we all know from the invincible cd! this one had some phrasings in there that are definitely not on the studio version! it could just be another take from that session, but why is it in a pre-concert reel and why 'butterflies', of all mj-songs? this song wasn't even a single, we all know that only 'you rock my world' came off this album as a single, so to most ppl, this one wouldn't even be known as a michael jackson song, unless they have the cd or know it. so the question to me is: where does this version come from, why is it being played before stevie wonder's gig? and does stevie wonder always have this same reel before his gigs?  
does anyone here know of another 'butterflies' version than the one from 'invincible'? i don't, and i've been listening to pretty much all versions of all of mike's songs i could get my hands on.
one other song in the reel was 'i want you back' and stevie played an instrumental of 'human nature' on his chromatic harp (i almost cried, so beautiful!). the rest of the songs in the reel was all eighties, from toto to dire straits, steve miller, stuff like that. the security was too tight, so there was no way to find out whether this was a reel stevie always plays before the gi or if it was a random thing. still, it struck me the most to hear this rare song over the p.a..  

has any of you been to a stevie wonder concert lately and heard the same reel or did i catch a soundman with an extraordinary good taste in creating pre-concert song reels?

other than that: perfect gig on a perfect day, stevie played all his hits, the band was supertight and we had the time of our lives! if you ever have the chance to go see stevie wonder, do it! if you have to sell your house, car, whatever. just go!  :mrgreen:

Michael Jackson News / Posted yesterday on YouTube (re: Sneddon)!
« on: May 20, 2010, 12:02:34 PM »
yesss!!! isn't it great that THIS comes up on youtube just before the murray trial?

'he needs to do some HARD time!'  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  exactly!!!  :twisted:
standing o's for william wagener, everybody!



Michael Jackson News / Joey Skaggs!
« on: May 20, 2010, 11:20:47 AM »
i've been stumbling over this guy for a while now. if this has been discussed already, feel free to delete, but i haven't found no reference here to the most professional hoaxster and prankster out there: joey skaggs.
i have a strong feeling that mike either closely studied this guy or possibly knows him personally, if he's not even in on this hoax! what joey skaggs has been doing for the last 40+ years has just too much of a resemblance to what's going on now, especially with the media craziness (like HIStory repeating...).
wouldn't that be something if the biggest hoax of ALL time were conducted by these two geniuses, mike and joey??? and joey skaggs is so totally on mike's page regarding the manipulation by the media! he's using the enemies' weapons to alert people and make them aware to what's going on around them, just like what's going on now with anything mike-related!  

please check this site (2nd article is joey skaggs), featuring a cnn-report from 1995:

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some more:

he also owns this 'company': You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login (a virtual graveyard!...'this is really it...this is the final curtain call...' - mj2009)

he invented this 'tool' called 'bullsh!t detector watch': You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

this is his website: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

and another one: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

...and then tell me there is no connection!?! i think we need to look a lot more into this guy and a possible involvement!

keep michaeling y'all!


Michael Jackson News / Superman Comic auctioned off for a cool Million!
« on: February 23, 2010, 05:59:30 PM »
i am not really sure if this makes sense to anyone, but riding the underground today (they have news screens going), i saw a report that 'someone' paid ONE MILLION $$ (!!!) for a first print edition of the very first superman comic book, dated 1938. the auction was by internet ( and all bidders were anonymous.  :? nooo sh!!!t???
who pays that kinda sum for a comic book anyways? must be someone reeeaaallly eccentric and reeeaaallly wealthy and someone who reeeaaallly loooves cartoons and comic books and maybe is even collecting such art...hmmm...who could that be?  8-)

it was weird that while i was on the train, this news-bit was played twice and i was reading anyway, but everytime i looked at the screen, i saw that particular one, so i read it twice.  

my immediate association was the painting michael had an artist do of himself, sending him a comic book excerpt of: superman (ta-daaa...!) when he turns from clark kent into superman (more ta-daaa...!). with that a note saying: 'can you make me one like that?' it's in the opus book, which also just happened to be published... :roll:

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i know, i'm totally michaeling... :mrgreen: i feel like a tex avery comic character, hitting myself on the head with a frying pan or a baseball bat...dang...dang...dang...(see the chirpin' birds fluttering around my head? no? i see them...they're just sooo cute...)

but i wanted to share this with y'all. i had to laugh so hard on the train, people looked at me like i was a nutcase. i need some encouragement. anyone?  :| (pleeeaase, someone tell me i'm not goin' crazy! and i'm not drunk or anything, either!)

Michael Jackson News / Las Vegas Connection?
« on: February 17, 2010, 06:56:18 PM »
i would like to discuss the following that has not been addressed yet:

i posted before that i found it odd to see tony bennet in the watw-video. plus the fact, that our 'green friend' was hiding behing tony bennet's back, seemingly circled by 3t in the back and two other guys to the left and right.
i was wondering why, of all people, the green guy was hiding behind tony bennet? my first association with tony bennet was las vegas and michael stayed there for a while and also rented a house there (recently sold), in another report i saw that he had planned to buy a house there after his london performances. he and tony bennet also knew each other personally from performances (like an elizabeth taylor event), shows and recordings, since tony bennet is also collaborating with all kinds of other artists. also, michael was always a big fan of the classic entertainers and tony bennet is one of the last living legends when it comes to that. so i am pretty sure that michael made sure they met personally. was tony bennet at the memorial or the funeral? if not, why wouldn't he if he takes part in this video and sings michael's song? is he maybe a closer friend than we all know? (am i losing it???)
on the las vegas craigslist, there is an article (2007) that michael had a production in progress with and prince (!). didn't catch that at all...

now, does anyone know the connections michael might have had in las vegas, i am pretty sure that he had some high-profile acquaintances there (like tony bennet, who definitely is highly connected). is there anything we need to look for in las vegas or connected to that? and isn't las vegas where he met murray for the first time? is las vegas where it all materialized and the whole thing started?    

i would like to have that followed up somehow, since there were also not many news about michael's time in las vegas as he was an 'outcast' then. for all i know, that was the place where he wasn't bothered so much anymore. which i could be wrong about, since i don't live in the u.s.
but i am sure he was busy nevertheless...  

looking forward to y'alls opinions.   :mrgreen:

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